Jack’s Golfing Partner Ch. 03


The next day Jack cleared all belongings from his apartment, there wasn’t much as he had rented it furnished. The lady who owned the apartment block couldn’t have been nicer; she had several people looking for apartments. Jack and John spent the day at the golf club, in four weeks the qualifying rounds for the Tournament started.

Jack phoned the Hotel they would stay at for the Tournament and booked a room for them for the next three weekends, Friday until Sunday. Jack had checked, he had full access to the two Golf Courses that were hosting the Tournament. They had Dinner in the Clubhouse then went home.

Jo had messaged Sue, telling her that she and Jack were lovers. She told Sue that she wanted to be honest with her, Jack was a lot younger than her, but they got on so well together. It was a bit difficult for Jo to write what she did, but Sue would be with them soon, it was better to forewarn her.

That morning had been good, Jo had wanted anal again, it took a while to get enough cum to lube her ass, but they managed it. Their lovemaking on Sunday morning was so natural and free-moving, Jack was happy that he had pushed Jo a little last night. After breakfast as they drove to the Golf Course, Jack noticed that a chemist shop was open, he stopped and got a couple of bottles of lube, that would save time the next time Jo wanted anal.

That evening Jo and Jack were watching a television programme that Jo wanted to see. Jo was wearing a crotchless Basque with no panties, as always her perfect sex slit looked so appealing. Jack’s mind was on the golf. He remembered seeing videos of a Major Tournament that had been played on the same course that he was playing on. He googled it on his smartphone and found the videos. Then Jo’s phone rang; it was Sue. Jo was very apprehensive about this; she wondered how Sue would react to her message. Jo said, “Jack, I’ll put this call on speaker, if Sue is angry or annoyed then interrupt us that way I don’t need to listen to her at the moment, Sue can be unpredictable.”

As Jo answered the phone, Jack topped up their wine; Sue said, “Hi mum, I’m so happy for you, you’re doing the right thing. You are in your fifties now; you are not getting any younger. How did you meet Jack? Does he enjoy spending time with you?”

Jo gave Jack the thumbs-up sign then told her that it was the golf competition they had played together in and how she had put her name down to play with Jack, she had told Sue that they were playing together but not the background as to how they had met. Jack knew that there wouldn’t be a problem with Sue. He spread Jo’s cunt lips open, out popped Jo’s huge clit, Jack went down on it. Jo said as Jack was sucking her clit, “We spend a lot of time together, he takes me places that I’ve never been before, Sue, with your father, I didn’t have a lot of fun sexually, but now it’s so different, Jack looks after me in every way.”

Sue replied, “Mum, that’s super, you shouldn’t have a selfish lover, I’ve had a few of them, but I quickly got rid of them. Mum, if he satisfies you, then that’s all you need along with him spending quality time with you.”

Jo spread her legs even wider, as she pushed her hungry cunt against Jack’s mouth. Jo amazed Jack when she said, “Sue, I love it when Jack goes down on me, your father never did oral with me, but I love it when Jack goes down on me, I love to cum in his mouth then we cum kiss, I’ve never done that with anyone before.” antep escort bayan

Sue answered, “Mum, good oral is wonderful; do you suck him off?”

“I haven’t yet, but I want to, our foreplay is wonderful, he always makes me cum before he goes inside me, I love it when he penetrates me, his cock is so long and thick, he stimulates my cervix when he fucks me, it’s amazing.”

“Mum, that’s amazing, long cocks are great but long and thick are very rare, you must look after him and keep him on a tight rein. He sounds like a dream guy. You must send me some pictures. Mum, I’m going out with a girlfriend shopping in twenty minutes. I’ll need to get myself ready; I will give you a call later in the week. Look after your young man and have lots of fun. Bye.”

Jo came off the phone, then said, “Sue has taken it well. I was so worried; she could have gone either way, I think that she’s accepted you. I will watch my program on catch up; I need a good fucking now, I’ll get the lube as I want ass fucked first.”

The next three weekends flew in; they stayed at the Hotel. Jack played the course twice a day apart from Sunday.

Jo had sent some pictures to Sue; she had liked them. She had told Jo that she should be so proud to have such a good looking boyfriend, if she ever got tired of him then she would happily take over from her. Jo made changes Jack’s and her diet; she had researched it; they both felt much better. The Hotel at weekends was excellent in providing the food that Jo was ordering. Jack was watching the videos that he had downloaded every day; he knew the course backwards.

The Tournament started on Monday; Jack was ready for it. On Monday and Tuesday, they played on two different courses; there were over three hundred golfers taking part. The sixty-four that had the lowest scores would move on to a match-play competition, player against player with the victor moving on to the next level. In the stroke-play rounds, Jack was equal first; he and an American had the lowest scores.

Sue arrived on Tuesday evening, Jo had managed to get her a single room with a shared bathroom. Sue would use their bathroom in the Suite. Jack had played in the morning yesterday; he had played well on the more challenging course, this was the one the Tournament would be played on. He had a late start on Tuesday on the more straightforward course. Sue had arrived when Jack was playing the sixth hole; Sue was like Jo, a beautiful woman. Yesterday, Jack had been leading the Tournament, he was six under par. His nearest competitor was three-under; Jack had a clear lead. On the seventh tee, Jo introduced Sue to him; they shook hands. Sue wished Jack good luck. The seventh was a long par five, the wind was behind him, Jack hit a very long drive which just kept rolling. His second shot finished twelve inches from the hole. Jack sunk the putt, on the way to the eighth tee, Jack said to Sue, “You have brought me luck.”

Before the Tournament, Jack was just a low handicap golfer. He was now leading a tournament with the best amateur golfers in the world. This afternoon, there were at least thirty members of the Press following him. There were also two television cameramen filming him. Jo said, “Jack, concentrate on every shot as every shot is being scrutinised; it’s unbelievable the attention that they are giving you.”

Jack kept his head; at the final hole, there was a massive araban escort bayan crowd. Jack finished with a birdie. As he walked off the green, Sue came to them, she hugged and kissed Jo then kissed Jack on the lips, the cameras were clicking. Jack had to check and sign his scorecard. Sue’s ticket allowed her access to all parts of the Clubhouse, she went with Jo to the locker room. Jack checked his card, signed it then joined Jo and Sue in the locker room. Sue said quietly, “Jack, you’re a star, the Press is asking who this guy with the beautiful caddy is? I kissed you on the lips to take the pressure off mum; you are hot news, they’ll want to know everything about you, what you have for breakfast. They won’t stop, if they find out you and mum are having an affair, that’s not good for you or mum. My suggestion is that I say that I’m your girlfriend, but I’m studying in America. Mum and you play golf together, and she offered to caddy for you. My advice Jack, keep it simple, you’re a naturally talented golfer, you are also a lawyer, answer questions as a lawyer would answer them, I’ll create the illusion for you, trust me, I’m a lawyer too.”

It hit Jack what Sue was saying immediately, he didn’t have a problem with Jo, but she could be his mother. What Sue was suggesting was good thinking. They then went back to the Hotel; they were approached by the Press as they left the Clubhouse, Jack was leading the Tournament by nine shots, the players on the course had no chance of getting anywhere near him. Jack and Jo just kept walking. Sue spoke to the Press; she was terrific. She told them Jack couldn’t believe that he was leading the Tournament. He was looking forward to the Match Play tomorrow. He now just wanted to relax for the evening. Sue told them that she was his girlfriend; she had arrived from the States this morning and was suffering from jet lag. Her mum had been caddying for Jack as they were members of the same Golf Club, then Sue thanked and left them.

That night, Jo, Jack and Sue had Room Service, they stayed in the Suite, Sue was fishing for snippets of information so she could feed the Press the next day. The General Manager phoned to congratulate Jack; he told him that the Press was all over the Hotel, he offered room service to give them some privacy. Jack thanked him.

The next morning the headlines of every newspaper had Jack as the headline. The man with the beautiful caddy. There was even a picture of Jack, Jo, the Captain and his playing partner on some of the newspapers. Sue’s illusion was standing up to scrutiny. Sue handled the Press beautifully during the next three days. On Friday night, Jack was playing in the semi-final on Saturday. None of the matches he had played in had gone past the fourteenth hole; he had won every game easily. He was spending more time practising on the range than on the golf course.

On Thursday evening, Sue was transferred to a connecting room to the Suite, Sue was happy about this, as she had found the single room uncomfortable. Sue was now becoming a celebrity herself; she was being asked when they would marry? Sue told them that she was still studying in America; she would wait until she had finished there.

Jack won his semi-final match on the twelve hole; the other finalist won on his twenty-third hole. The final was thirty-six holes; Sue would caddy for Jack in the morning, Jo would caddy in the afternoon. Jack gaziantep arap escort bayan was the bookmakers favourite. Jack and Sue were flirting a lot; Jo was encouraging them. From Thursday evening, Sue was wearing some risqué outfits for Dinner, and so was Jo. Jack and Jo were having incredible sex twice a day. This was relaxing Jack, on the course, his mind was always clear. Jo and Sue had given him so much support.

Sue left for her room; she wanted to be fit for her caddying in the morning. Jo then locked the connecting door; she then took off her mini-skirt and blouse, she was wearing a crotchless bodysuit, no panties, self-supporting stockings and three-inch heels. She looked so sexy. Jack was already naked, his cock standing to attention. Jo said, “We will be in our bed tomorrow night, I’ve enjoyed this week, but I’ll be happy to be home. Tomorrow night we will have champagne, Jack, you haven’t had a drink all week, tomorrow night we can get a little tipsy.”

Jo then kissed Jack; she was stroking his massive cock as they kissed. She laid Jack on the bed as she took a bottle of lube out of the bedside cupboard, she left it beside the bed then went down on him. Jo soon had his cock rock hard. She then opened the bottle of lube and started lubing her ass; Jo lubed it in such a sexy way. When her ass was ready, Jo lubed Jack’s cock.

Jo then squatted over Jack, she centred his bulbous head on the middle of his ass hole then pushed down on his cock. Jack’s cock slid deep inside Jo’s tight ass. Jo then started to ass fuck herself in the cowgirl position, it felt so good, Jo had popped her tits out of the bodysuit, they were bouncing. Jack was stroking Jo’s huge clit as she rode him, Jo said, “This feels so good, you are hitting my G-spot. I’m going to cum soon.”

Jack then felt the warmth of Jo’s cum on his fingers; he kept stroking her big clit as he knew that she loved that. Jo then moved, so she was squatting on Jack sideways, he was still deep in her ass. Then she went up and down on his erect cock; she was riding him sideways. Jo soon had a powerful rhythm going. A couple of minutes later, she had her second vaginal orgasm, Jo said, “I love cuming like this, now I’m going to try something different.”

Jo then made a quarter turn, Jack’s cock still in her ass. She was now in the reverse cowgirl position as she started to ride him. Jack was amazed to see his massive going in and out of Jo’s tight ass; it filled her ass thoroughly, Jack said, “Jo, this is great for me, how’s it for you?”

“I love it, I love how you stimulate my G-spot, I googled it, and it’s true, a long cock can stimulate the G-spot and can give a vaginal orgasm, I’m so lucky that your cock is so thick as well, darling, let me ride you then I’ll make you cum in my hungry cunt.”

Jo started to pound Jack’s cock; she soon had her third vaginal orgasm. She came off Jack, turned around and started to ride him in her pussy; she was in the cowgirl position. Jo was riding Jack hard; she took her left breast and put the nipple in her mouth; she was sucking her nipple as she rode him. Jo was teasing Jack’s cock with her gripping as fucked him. Jo said, “I think my baby is close to cuming, I want to feel you squirt inside me, we can’t do it tomorrow morning as you’ve to be at the course so early but tomorrow night will be good when we get home. Cum for me, I need your cum.”

Jo was going so fast and deep; she was doing everything to make Jack cum then they both climaxed within seconds of each other; they both had powerful orgasms. Jo leaned down and kissed Jack. She was so tender and loving with her kisses, Jo said, “Jack, I believe that tomorrow will be a great day for you. Concentrate on your golf tomorrow, and you will be fine. Win or lose; I’ll make tomorrow night special for you.”

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