My Little Angel


My Little Angel Charlese Le’Push July 2010Characters:Jasper: 24 buzz cut short dark hair, square framed glasses, chiseled bodily features; medium build, thick built torso, strong thighs and legs, brown eyes; unassuming and outgoing.Angelica: 37 jet black hair; steel blue eyes; long legs; newly divorced self deprecating and shy.APOV Jasper and I were celebrating our first year together.Um uh…uh…. uh I groaned. My leg draped over his shoulder he slid in and out of my warm wet center while he lifted me off the ground with every controlled smooth and firm stroke of his rod. I licked my fingers and slid them down to my clitoris and circled it in a rhythmic fashion.He reached down and grabbed my other leg while still inside me and walked me over to the edge of the bed. He knelt down and lifted my other leg over his shoulder. All the while I was applying pressure to my hot wet clit.He got pleasure watching his shaft slide in and out of my pussy. He bit his lip in enjoyment as he observed the motion. I licked my lips watching his pleasure. He slid his hand to my breasts and caressed my nipples the way he knew I wanted it.Jasper was uninhibited as he came nearer to his climax he began to growl and groan. Hearing his animalistic groans made me want to come. I moved my fingers faster and faster over my juicy center.Knowing I was approaching my climax he got louder and louder. Breathless and desperate he begged “Come on baby you first …You first.”His begging sent me over the edge my pussy pulsed hard and long. I felt his cock explode inside me at the same time I threw arm to the bed and clutched the sheets.He moaned…uh…uh…uh…uh….uh…. in a deep rough growl with each stroke of his hot hard cock inside me.He knew me well….after he came he pulled out and began to lick my pussy with long lapping strokes within my folds stopping to swirl his hard tongue over my clit.My hips undulated with deep desire as I groaned. “Um…. Yea baby” I screamed “I’m coming again oh…oh…oh…oh ugugugugaaaa” I breathed “Please… please.” I begged for more I’m still coming.REWIND Author note It makes more sense to go back to the beginning of the story between Angelica and Jasper.APOV It started like this. I was recently divorced and had suffered unknowingly for 15 years only engaging in sex once a week in the missionary position. I don’t know if I’ve had an orgasm or not but my friends tell me if I don’t know then I haven’t.My girlfriend Jessica invited me to a ladies pleasure party ay her house. I was nervous to go but I went anyway out of sheer boredom. When I got there were pink balloons Champaign and a display of sexy items on the display tables. I looked, some things were common but others, well, and I didn’t know what they were much less how to use them. Some of the dildos made me feel fluttery and wet between my legs.Jessica led me to the couch and a group of women some were my friends and others I didn’t know gathered around. Jessica began by thanking everyone for coming. She went systematically through each item and described them, as well as, what they could do for you and how they were used.I was smiling and trying to be casual on the outside, but inside I was nervous and giggling. My stomach was fluttering and my center was throbbing. I looked around nonchalantly to see if any of the other women were adjusting themselves in their seat as often as I was, just to alleviate the pulsing.After most of the guests left my girlfriends introduced me to a variety of their favorite sex toys and encouraged me to explore myself. I was embarrassed and curious. I shyly took Jessica aside and asked her to sell me the butterfly a medium sized dildo and a small vibrator to start.APOV My juices porno were stirred from my frequent sometimes multiple times daily explorations of myself. My vibrator and butterfly were good even great. I gave myself the best orgasms I’d ever had.I quite liked getting out my hand mirror and looking at my pussy.I looked at it before masturbation and after. The difference was amazing. Before masturbation it looked shy and withdrawn; my clitoris tucked within my maidenhead. After it looked exposed, eager and reaching out for more all wet with my juices, hot pink, and pulsating.My favorite position when giving myself pleasure is standing up. I take my butterfly and press it on my pussy with my legs slightly spread. I feel my juices begin to rise and stir as I begin to get wet. I slide and rotate the butterfly pulling my wetness to my clit.My pussy begins to burn and beg for penetration. I stir the butterfly on my pussy until I can’t handle it any longer.I become totally titillated.I stop and grab my dildo and while standing, I slowly penetrate my throbbing pussy. With the dildo deep inside, I sit high on the stool in my bedroom my legs extend and dildo completely inside me as I rock my hips back and forth, round and round. I grab my breasts and push my nipples up to my mouth and lick and bite them.To add to my sumptuous concoction of bliss I reach for my beautiful butterfly and press it to my clit and thrust myself into undulating orgasms; wave after wave of beautiful orgasms.Six moths of masturbation have been fabulous and I always want more but it was not the same as having someone else share to my pleasure with.APOV I met Jasper at a coffee place that I frequent. He had a great body so I gave him my number. We dated a few times and he was a gentleman. He was younger than me but he was mature and we related well on issues that mattered.I didn’t really know how to approach it but I wanted more than just a goodnight kiss after the third date. I thought he might be a little prudish. We had gone to a swanky restaurant and blues bar called the Blue Palace. I asked him if he’d like to come up to my place after drinks. He was agreeable to that. I bit my lip and looked at him with desire. His eyes sparkled at my expression.After some kissing and petting under the table. We decided it was time to go; we looked at each other knowing what the other wanted. We went to the coat check out to get our coats. I told him I needed to go to the ladies room. He followed me to the door and waited.I came out of the stall, or rather the oak paneled and marble floored bathroom stall, into the washing and waiting area that had couches, chairs and baskets of free goodies on the counters and a warming oven for warm washcloths for your hands. I realized that Jasper cared about me because this was no dump.I was rinsing my hands with the warm hand clothes at the counter. I looked into the mirror to reapply my lipstick and Jasper was there. I bit my lip and raised my eye brow. He smiled closed the door behind him and jammed the door closed with the door prop. I blushed hard sensing what was coming. I stayed still facing the mirror.He approached me slowly with his mouth pursed and slid his hands up my skirt from behind and pulled my panties down. I leaned over the counter he widened my stance. He got on his knees and buried his face in my pussy. I gasped. I was stunned. As I thrust my head up I saw myself in the mirror I was slightly embraced my I gulped upon feeling his tongue lapping at my clitoris from behind I was clearly enjoying this moment.I quivered with sparks of pleasure.He stood up and swiftly slid his cock into my now dripping pussy. He had to go slow because anime porno I was so tight he moaned “Are you a virgin?.” He gripped his words as they fell out of his mouth. I shushed him and urged him to keep going.He had to stop and put on a condom.He slowly slid back inside me I pressed my hips back tentatively he sensed I wanted more of him now! He slid in and out gently offering me a quick upward snap of pressure at the end of each stroke. I moaned at the sensation of a real warm pulsating cock inside me. I pressed my hips into him over and over my pussy was begging to feel him. Each stoke he rushed into me made me respond with a silent pause. My moans rose and fell in volume with each stroke.He licked his fingers and slid them in the folds of my hot throbbing clit. OMG I was going to come. I was going to burst with creamy sweet juices. . I was trying to stay quiet but his trusting made me moan in a raised tone, “I’m coming” I whispered. He responded in a pressurized grunt “commmming” as he continued to slowly jolt in and out of me slightly lifting my feet off the ground.We both released ourselves at the same time. He slid his cock out slowly I looked up into the mirror and he looked into the mirror from behind me and said “That was beautiful.” I looked back at him and smiled shyly hardly believing what just happened. I looked at him and said ‘Shall we go to my place?”JPOV She’d invited me to her house after the Blues bar and gave me a “look” that indicated that I would be staying the night. We sat close in the booth while we drank our last drink. We kissed and I couldn’t help but wonder what her beautiful juices tasted like. She put her hand on my thigh shyly. I slid my finger up the slit in her dress. She swallowed the last of her drink and said well “Shall we go?”I escorted her to the coat rack. We got our coats, and she excused herself to the restroom. I waited for a moment in the lobby.I wondered what it would be like to be with her. She’s so extremely shy. Would it be awkward and fumbling? Would she be too nervous? I wish we could just get the first time out of the way so we don’t have to feel uncomfortable most of the night.So I walked in the restroom lounge, closed the door and jammed it closed behind me. I caught her off guard. There was no time to be nervous, to over think or fumble around. Her pussy tasted so good. The feeling of her tight core almost strangling my cock I wondered if she was a virgin. All the elements came together to elicit the perfect explosion; her surprise; the mere thought of her being a virgin; the deep pressure of her pussy gripping my cock as she came; the fear that someone could try to open the door at any moment all made me cum with a hard and glorious fury.APOV We arrived at my home after driving through a dreadful snowstorm. That night we mostly talked. I told him I was not very experienced in the matters of the sexual kind. He seemed surprised that I shared that with him. I told him I thought he was an exciting lover based on our escapade in the bathroom at the Blue Lounge earlier in the evening.I told him that my husband had been a rancher that we’d lived in Wyoming. My family owned the ranch in the next county and that our families pressed us to get married. I got married to him at age twenty two after I returned from college. I had always wanted to get out of that hell hole and I had my chance to never return after I graduated but I always did what others wanted me to do.Jasper made me feel comfortable.I continued that my x-husband was more committed to the sheep, cows and horses than me. His idea of sex was lay down under the covers with the lights off on Tuesday arap porno night and climb on me to do his thing until he was done.He cupped my face and told me that I was beautiful and my lack of experience turned him on. But that he regretted, for me, that I had not had someone in my life that wanted to please me. He kissed me his tongue softly danced with mine.Jasper told me he’d been with an older woman fro 2 years and she treated him well sexually that is.He was confident and relaxed. He made me feel worthy.We lay on the living room floor in front of my fireplace while the snow fell in a swirling blizzard outside. He gazed into my eyes and asked if he could please me. I blushed “Why yes” I said. “But I didn’t know how” I thought to myself. He asked me “How may I please you my love?I stammered “Uh…er”. He noticed I was struggling so he took the lead. He stood up and said “Well, let’s start with some music”. He pulled his iPod from his coat pocket and connected it to my iPod station. He decided on a smooth ambient kind of music that sounded a bit exotic. I asked him who it was he said Peter Gabriel, US. I approved.He knelt down next to me and began kissing me on the lips and neck then my ear. He pulled my shirt off and laid me back. His hand under my hair behind my neck he led me down slowly as he kissed my neck, chest then between my breasts.My core was warming, my nipples erected as his mouth and lips passed them by. He licked my belly button. I felt a whish of tingles radiate out from my center. I could feel my clit harden my canal wetting and my nipples became more sensitive. He pulled my panties off from under my dress. He pushed my dress up to have full access.Then he kissed my inner knee then licked downward just a little and nibbled and kissed my inner thigh. My eyes rolled back and I moaned quietly. His mouth still kissing my thigh ever so close to my throbbing and pumped up pussy, he mumbled “It turns me on when you moan, let yourself go.”Then I realized that until now he was just giving me a small taste of the full ramifications of being his lover.He continued down my shaking thighs closer and closer to my wet center I moaned louder.He muttered “Your thighs are so sweet” His words sent shivers to the top of my head.He moved to the other thigh and slid down with his tongue and nibbled my inner thigh. I moaned again my pussy was aching and begging for his steamy tongue pressing down on my now hard clit. I was holding my breath my pounding pussy hurt. I wanted to be licked so badly. I moaned even louder. He continued on my inner thighs until I could handle no more and lashed my hips upwards so he would lick my clitoris. I finally breathed and we moaned together.JPOV She’s so vulnerable. I thought to myself as she shared her history. I felt angry that her lame husband had so much lack of appreciation for her.She is and angel. Steel blue eyes, jet black hair, sweet and shy.I wanted to please her in ways she didn’t know she could be. This would be my mission. To help her realize what an angel she is, to help her fulfill her namesake.Sweet Angelica.She lay with her black hair sprawled on the creamy white lambs wool throw.Her thighs were like virgin silk her essence was so sweet. The moment I caught a whiff of her I grew hard.She moaned as I took my time pleasing her I encouraged her to let herself go. To be loud and ask for what she desired.She began to let go by moaning louder and louder she told me what she wanted when her hips thrust upward. Her desire made my penis pound. I found some relief for my begging rock hard rod held tight in my jeans providing the pressure I needed to relieve the pain of my desire to slip inside her.She began to press upward higher and higher, I applied more pressure with my tongue. She told me to find her sweet spot with my finger. I slipped just inside her creamy pussy and pressed my finger side to side.She moaned and rocked in my mouth.

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