I want to Feel Your Throat

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“How fast do you need to be home? I can suck your cock before you go.”

“Hmm I might be able to make that work.”

“I’ll put a plug in and have nipple clamps for you to put on.”

“Ok omw”

I hurried to get the plug in and ready myself for his arrival. Knowing he is already on his way meant that I only had about 15 minutes before he walked through my front door. I knew what I had to do and as quickly as possible I prepared for our playtime. I slicked up the glass plug and slid it in my ass. It went in smoothly and quickly. The base was flared so I knew it would stay in place with whatever activities that took place.

Knowing how much he loves toys, I also slipped in my wireless bullet. It was small and black with a small wire antenna. It’s perfect for close range play and small enough not to be noticed unless it was turned on.

Turning it on, it buzzed inside my pussy. Smiling I quickly turned it off as to not get too worked up before he arrived. Having him control my orgasms always makes me wet and the bullet just intensifies that.

On the living room floor I knelt waiting for him. I could feel the plug firmly in my ass. I was levent escort holding the remote and nipple clamps in my hands. My nipples already reddening as the suckers pulled them in the small tubes. He preferred my nipples sore when the clamps went on. The suckers were a quick way to ensure they were sensitive when he arrived.

“Good girl,” he said as he opened the door to find me ready. “You sure do look naughty like that. Too bad I don’t have more time. You should be punished for distracting me at work.”

He reached down pulling the sucker on the left nipple off firmly and quickly. I squealed as it released the nipple that was already swollen and squeezed inside.

“These should be tighter. Stand up.”

He took my tit in one hand and grabbed tightly as he placed his mouth on my already plump and sensitive nipple. Tugging, licking and biting he rolled it around in his mouth before replacing the sucker. He pulled firmly and it stayed in place.

“Much better. Now let’s check this one.”

Off the right one came with a tug and I squealed again.

“Hush or the neighbors will hear you,” he scolded mecidiyeköy escort as he placed a finger to his lips. “Now hold still. This one needs some work before it can be replaced.”

Again he focused on my nipple taking his time to make sure it was ready for the sucker to be replaced. With a tug and pull of his teeth, he sucked on it before reapplying the sucker. When it finally had a good seal, he pushed me back down on my knees without a word.

I looked up at him and opened my hands. On the palm of my right hand lay the clamps and the remote for him to take was in the left. He took the remote and with a puzzled look asked what it was, leaving the clamps in my hand.

“It controls a bullet. It has different speeds like the wand. It is already in my pussy. I was hoping you would make me cum while I sucked your cock.”

Pushing a button, I jumped and my body shuttered.

“I can see that you felt that. We will see if you get to cum or not. Now take care of my cock. You have to earn it.”

Unbuttoning his pants, his cock is already hard and ready for my mouth. Taking a seat on the couch, he pulled me toward him by the suckers. kağıthane escort I gasped.

“Where are the clamps?” He asked and I held my right hand out. He chuckled to himself as he held them up by the chain.

“These? Or should I leave the suckers to torment you while you suck?” The clamps dangled in front of my face.

He let go of them grabbed my ponytail. They fell to the floor as he pushed my head toward his cock. With a low growl he tells me he badly he wants to feel my throat. I take his cock in my mouth and slide down toward the base.

“Keep going.”

I push my mouth down farther. My eyes begin to water.

“Good girl. Almost there.”

He pushes me the rest of the way. Holding me there, he turns on the bullet.

Fuck, fuck, fuck…

He hits the button again. The vibration increases.


And again he increases it.

Holy fuck.

Time stops as I am unable to move or think. My body starts to shake and my eyes are full of tears.

He pulls my head off of his cock by my hair.

“You can’t cum until I cum. I will tell you before I cum. You are to swallow it all. Do you understand?”

I nod with my mouth still on the tip of his cock.

“Good girl. Do not take your mouth off my cock until I’m done. You may use your hands if you would like. But you know that I prefer just your mouth. Now tongue out and suck my cock like the cum slut I know you are!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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