Hot Handling

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*NOTE* If you like slushy love-making rather than slutty tit-fucking, this is not for you


Driving home from work normally takes me an hour. It’s a good chance to unwind from the stress and hassle of the day. I plug my iPod in to the stereo, pull the band out of my hair and relax.

I love driving. I love being on the open road with my favourite tracks playing. I love my car too – it’s my baby. The hefty loan payments on it take a good chunk of my salary each month but it’s worth it.

I work in a very corporate environment, with a lot of guys in suits who seem to think I am sat in the boardroom – not because I have worked hard to get in there – but because I am there for decorative purposes. I would never fuck anyone at my company but I cannot deny that it makes my pussy wet when I see a grown man staring at my tits and arse, imagining what he would like to do to me. Thankfully, I have someone I can take out my sexual frustrations on.

I live in a rural cul de sac around 50 miles away from the city with my fiancee, Matthew. Although we have been together for almost 8 years since we were just leaving school, we’re very much in the honeymoon stage of our relationship – and that’s the way I would like to keep it. Family are forever asking when they will ‘hear the patter of tiny feet’ but we are quite content, fucking our way through out twenties.

On the way home, I generally tend to pick up something to eat for dinner (along with the obligitory bottle of vino) pausing to call my gorgeous fiancée to ask what he would like to eat. On this occasion, the answer was simple; my pussy.

Driving home -on a journey I can practically do with my eyes closed -is also a chance for me to fantasise; and quite often, by the time I pull in to the drive, my pussy is wet and my nipples are poking through my work shirt at the thought of my fiancée and what nasty things I want to do to him – and him to me.

As I go through the door, Matt is waiting for me. Tall, dark, handsome and broad, Matt is my idea of a real man. I love that he can lift me up into his arms, with my arms wrapped around his strong shoulders. His strong physique also means that he can hold me up and bounce me on his cock with no problems at all – naked, sweating, panting and moaning together against Betist the bedroom door – a frequent occurrence in our house.

As I enter, I am enveloped in his embrace, his lips find mine and I am pushed against the staircase in one of the most passionate kisses I think we have ever shared. Without a word, Matt pulls off my high heels and opaque tights as I sit back on the stairs, opening my legs. He looks good. He works on a construction site, and I can still see a faint outline of dirt around his neckline. Mmmm, he hasn’t showered. His hair is ruffled and dusty. I love the way he looks right now. For the sake of the fantasy, I should probably say that I am wearing suspenders and no panties, but that was not the case. My pussy was definitely ready and waiting for him though. Freshly shaved just the night before, I could feel my wetness dripping down to my ass, as I felt his hot breath on my waiting-to-be-eaten cunt.

“This is a nice welcome home” I say, as Matt looks in to my eyes from between my legs. I readied myself for a nasty fuck – I could tell he was in the mood.

“Oh god you fucking dirty bitch…. you are so ready for this baby…look at this wet pussy. My wet pussy” Mmm I love it when he calls me names. I love it when he gets nasty.

It was true; my pussy was literally aching for his tongue “Get that tongue in my pussy Matthew, oh…. my god, I am so horny for you right now. I’ve been thinking about this all day long.”

He pulled my pussy lips to the side with his fingers, and while looking me in the eye, took long, wet, deliberate strokes from my asshole, right the way to my clit. He did this several times, which drove me absolutely crazy, before settling on tonguing my clit. Licking and flicking my clit with his tongue. I know he loves the way I taste. He loves my pussy. I watched as he hungrily ate me, swallowing every drop of tasty juice, pausing only to look me in the eye “you fucking love this don’t you; mmm I love this wet pussy”. It turned me on to see him so completely in to tasting every inch of my cunt.

Since he was looking at me so intently while his tongue flicked across my pussy, I decided to put on a little show for him. I could already see his cock was straining through his jeans, but I took off my short pinafore dress and blouse, allowing him to see my tits Betist Giriş spilling over my bra. I know how much he loves my tits, so I released them from my bra and started running my hands across by large areolas and hard nipples, squeezing them and pushing them together. Matt is very much a titty man, and I saw him close his eyes a couple of times with lust. “Yeah get those big tits out baby, I want to taste them”. He inserted a couple of fingers in to my pussy, which was the wettest I had ever known it by this point, and then rubbed them up against my big straining tits, slathering my cunt juices all over them, mauling them with his hands as he went.

“Baby I love these fucking massive tits” he mashed them together violently, against each other – I looked down at my big bouncing tits, knowing how much he loved the sight of my full plump tits in his hands. I love the feel of my titties against his manly, large hands. I love the feeling of being completely owned by him – my tits are his tits. I love when he hurts them a little. I love the look on his face while he plays. He has often told me in the past that he can’t wait to get me pregnant “MMmm I can’t wait to squirt and suck milk out your huge tits, they’re gonna get even bigger” Mmm I can’t wait either. I want my sexy man to nurse from my big, full tits while he squeezes and slaps and fucks them.

“Matthew squeeze my fucking tits, I fucking love it”

“MMMmm yeah you like that? You like me bouncing your tits, up and down? You like showing me your nipples and being my dirty, big tit slut?”

“I love it, do whatever you want to my tits I love it when you hurt them, I love it when you squeeze them and pinch my nipples”

“These are my tits baby, you look like such a dirty slut with your tits covered in your pussy own juice” and with that I came, I came all over his face, gripping the back of his head and rubbing my cunt in his face – I could feel his stubble against my pussy lips. He took one last victory lick from my asshole up my my clit- which sent a lightnening bolt between my pussy and large, solid nipples- and playfully rubbed his finger around my ass – something he knows drives me crazy. “I’ll come back to this later”

By now I was dying to be fucked. As Matt took his position on the stairs, I stood in front of him and put my heels back on. This made me a little taller to help me manouvre on his dick – as well as making me feel that little bit sexier. I lowered myself on to his big cock. Not once did he take his eyes off my tits. I knew he was dying to get his hands on my big titties. And I was dying for him to abuse them like only he can – I was sure to come again all over his cock.

As I bounced up and down, my pussy filled with his cock, he rubbed his index finger around my arse. I felt wonderfully exposed, bent over with my asshole on display, with my breasts in Matt’s face. He started to work the nipples with his tongue, hungrily sucking, licking, and nibbling my nipples. I pushed my tits together, offering them to him, pushing them further in to his mouth.

“MMmm I love these big perfect tits” Matt moaned as he squeezed one with both hands. “I love these big tits, they feel so good”. He was pulling at them, grabbing my nipples and twisting. I love it when it hurts. “Hurt my fucking tits, while I ride this cock”

“Let me see you rub that pussy while you’re bouncing, oh baby you’re suck a dirty slut, I love you”

I was sat on Matt’s hard cock bouncing up and down, while he twisted, mauled, and grabbed at my tits. He couldn’t take his eyes off them, couldn’t get enough

“Hold them out for me”

I grabbed both tits and offered them to him. He began slapping my left breast with his right hand, lightly at first, then harder. I watched as my tit wobbled and bounced with each blow. Matt moaned for me to slow down on his cock, he was close to coming. He loved slapping my titties almost as much as I loved the feel of his hands slapping against my sensitive nipples.

I reached for my right nipple, bringing it up to my mouth to suck on “yeah bitch, oh you beautiful slut, sucking your own tit” he slapped the other harder and harder.

“Slap my tits come on, you can fucking do better than that make them hurt” my tits were getting redder and redder as he mashed them together with his hands and watched as they bounced and wobbled. I could see the lust in his eyes as he continued sucking and nibbling and grabbing and pulling at my tits.

“You’re gonna make me come again, I love watching you play with my titties Matt, I love it when you slap them, slap my tits harder. Harder” I sucked at my left nipple as Matt watched

“MMM you dirty bitch, sucking your own pussy juice covered nipple while you ride me with a finger inside your arse. Do you want this cock in your arsehole?”

TBC – if you’d like!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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