Nasty cleaning lady at the boarding school

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I was assigned a room that turned out to be on the last floor, which would have been extremely hot during summer. The student name was attached to each room, so I figured to look for the room in a basement which was not occupied. It turned out that the basement had all available rooms due to the recent flood, which is why some carpets were still damp. The janitorial staff used industrial fans to dry everything out.

I decided that I could simply take any room and turn off the fans at night. It was better to be cool than hot and sweaty on the third floor.

The first morning in my basement room, I was woken by running fans. I assumed someone had turned them on. I had to pee, and I had a serious case of the morning wood. Every floor had its own bathroom and shower, so I was able to visit it quickly. As soon as I reached the urinal, I took a hard cock out and began to pee. Someone walked into the bathroom, but I didn’t think much about it until I turned my head. Based on the bathroom layout, the janitor was just a few feet away from me looking at my erected peeing cock. It was a female janitor, to my surprise!

“I’m sorry,” I said, attempting to cover my dick with my hand.

“It’s okay,” she mumbled and walked away.

My morning class was a waste of time because I kept thinking about the janitor looking at my erection.

When I was lunching in a cafeteria, I saw her with other women having lunch. She was wearing a blue lab coat and Crocs. I can only assume that female janitors were given blue coats as an uniform instead of blue overalls. As soon as she saw me, she started to talk louder and more confidently, as if she wanted me to notice her. She was around 45 and had a beautiful face. When she got up, I could see her body. The woman was slim with a large breasts and tall. She looked like a sexy Amazon in a hideous outfit with the deep voice of the man who smokes two packs a day. She winked at me as she went out of the cafeteria. I turned bright red, because I still had an image of her looking at my cock.

All day, I thought about her sucking my hard cock while I was peeing. Because her dirty lab coat was not fitting to the way she looked, I could only think of her as a nasty and dirty bitch, but I wanted her at the same escort gaziantep olgun bayan time.

Evening was a blur since I got drunk with the friends and arrived at the dorms late at night. I took a quick shower and crashed.

I woke up because someone was banging on the door. When I got up to open the door, my youth erection was sticking out of my boxer briefs. I cracked the door open while concealing my semi-naked body.

Nasty janitor lady was right in front of me and she started to push herself into the room before I said anything. I was still confused and sleepy. The next thing I knew, she began to berate me.

“Why fans are off,” she said.

“Why are you in this room.”

“Why are you walking naked in a public area.”

She was head taller than me and looked right into my face looking down. I was scared shitless. I don’t know why, but my defense mechanism was to put both hands on her butt and bring her closer to me. She just pushed the door closed with her arm, hugged me, and started to kiss me.

Oh heaven, she smelled so good and her mouth tasted better. During kissing, I had gained my erection back after losing it during berating. She felt my hard bulge, so she pushed me closer to herself to feel it more. After the test hump, she dropped to her knees and began to rub her face against my underwear and junk inside. While she was on her knees, she put her hands on my butt, and put her face into my crutch. I could hear her moaning in ecstasy as she smelled everything. She enjoyed the overnight musk.

Then she looked up at me, smiled, and pulled my briefs down. She simply continued to smell my hard cock and balls, occasionally licking and kissing booth packages. After some time, she grabbed my cock for leverage, tilted her head and started sucking my balls. Her technique was different from anything else I’ve experienced. She would vacuum one of my balls into her mouth, and push her head down with enough pressure around her lips to tug it along, but make it pop when the scrotum length was at its maximum. When she considered my testicles sufficiently clean, she began to lick my shaft and penis head. She was slobbering her saliva all over, but she escort bayan gaziantep oral yapan still didn’t suck my hard cock.

I grabbed her head and pulled hard.

“Yes,go on” she insisted.

I impaled her head through her mouth all the way to the base of my cock because I was desperate for my cock to be sucked. The cleaning lady didn’t even flinch. She actually pulled her self deeper. I could feel her tonsils tickling my dick head. She pushed my hands away from her head, grabbed my butt, and began to throat-fuck herself. It was perfect, I could feel her wet lips around and my cock hitting back of her throat.

She lowered her mouth all the way into my cock. I felt the back of her throat, I was unable to hold it any longer and I started to cum. Every spasm out of my dick made her pump her head slightly, it felt incredible. She was holding her breath all the time, and eventually, she lifted her head and looked at me. She opened her mouth wide, took her tongue out, and started to shake her head. She had saliva and sperm all over her face. It appears that she received what she wanted.

She positioned me in front of the bed, faced me, and started to unbutton her dirty lab coat. She was standing naked in front of me, wearing only hideous orange Crocs. She pushed on the bed and while standing in front of me she started to masturbate. Imagine super fit, tall, full breasted women standing in front of you masturbating. That was the sight. But to my surprise nasty lady had the biggest bush I have ever seen. Her private area have never seen a razor. It was not a bush it was a blob of hair. The amazonian look gave me instant hard on, I kept stroking and watching her masturbate in front of me.

She moved closer to bed, moved hips forward and showed me her large clit hidden behind hair.

“Suck it, the way I sucked you,” she said.

I lifted my torso off the bed and did the sniff test. At a close look, that hair was brushed, washed, and conditioned. I just could see the red button sticking out of the black bush. I was ready to pounce.

I grabbed her butt with both hands to get her clit closer to my mouth. I dove right in. My mouth felt that her clit otele gelen gaziantep escort bayan was getting larger, and I continued to sucking and licking it. In response, she grabbed my head with both hands and began to hip thrust her clit into my mouth.

The woman was essentially mimicking what I was doing to her. I could feel her soft bush rubbing all over my face, as she increased her fucking tempo. I could sense that she was ready to come, as she was moaning so hard. She pushed me away and started to squirt all over me while having wild orgasm.

The hot liquid was all over my body and boner. I probably had a facial expression similar to that of the guy from the Enzite commercial (search YouTube).

She laughed at me after seeing my face and said, “Oh you dirty, nasty boy.”

“It’s time for me to ride you,” she said excitedly.

She sat on top of me and I slid into her without any effort at all. I’ve never experienced a ride like that before. She was getting off my cock and slamming back in with great speed. I would have penetrated her ass or broken my cock if one of the strokes went wrong way.

“I’m ready to come,” I screamed.

“Not like that,” she replied quickly.

She grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. The floor was empty and nobody was around that early in the morning .

The lady janitor sat down on the floor, and propped her body up with her hands.

“I want your squirt all over me,” she announced.

She stated again, probably of my confused look on my face.

“Don’t worry I will clean up”

After a moment, I realized that she wanted me to pee all over her.

Since my morning fantasy is about to come through, I had to figure out my options first. I decided to jerk off and cum first, and then pee later.

I started to stroke my hard cock, looking at her with her mouth wide open.

My bladder was super full from the night and I was very close to come.

So, I did the impossible: I came and peed at the same time. I think that was probably the most painful and orgasmic experience at the same time. The pain was similar to when you pee with a urinary tract infection, but with orgasm and spasm.

When I got to my senses, I saw that the lady was covered in cum and pee from head to toe. She saw something she didn’t expect.

I was reevaluating my life choice while holding my junk. In the future, I would never try to pee and come at the same time. I couldn’t believe what I had just done!

But from what I could tell, the nasty lady was very happy and I knew that I would fuck her every day for the rest of my stay.

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