Trust Me


“Trust me” you hear me whisper softly into your left ear.

Nervous you lick your lips and nod your head, you can see nothing through the blind fold which makes all your other senses sharp, you smell my cologne and the scented candle that I so often burn, you hear the music I put on, a flute, a fiddle, some others you don’t recognize some Irish melody from my computer. You feel me get off the bed and the soft restraint of the neck ties that I have used to bind you face down on the bed, your wrists test the restraint, and there is no escape.

Your on your knees, if you weren’t blindfolded you would be looking down onto the bed your hands are resting on the headboard tied so that they can’t go far. It’s hot in my bedroom, we have been making out for some time, it was wonderful, but different, something seemed strange about me. Then I asked you if you trusted me and you said yes through your heavy breathing.

Now here you are, but I walked out of the room you’re almost certain of it, you couldn’t hear footsteps over the music but you don’t feel me any more. Seconds seem like hours then you feel hands on your shoulders, they have lotion on them, they rub your shoulders deeply massaging them it’s relaxing, but your nervous that you can’t see.

“I love you” you say as the hands start to work their magic down your back.

“I love you too” my voice comforts you. It always does.

You feel the hands work down to your ass, they start going lightly over your swollen pussy lips, you spread your knees a little further, but my fingers just keep rubbing the outsides, teasing. Your getting so met you can feel your juices on my fingers. A moan of complaint escapes your lips as you move your hips back to meet my fingers. Another hand, my left one strikes your ass cheek hard, leaving a hot pleasure pain feeling behind and you moan again.

“Please baby I want it so bad” you whimper.

“Really” there is playfulness in my voice, the hands leave your body and you can feel me climbing all the way onto the bed, up by your head, a hand is under your chin, lifting your head, you feel something, yes it’s my cock, harder then you have ever felt it at your lips your lips part, allowing it into your mouth.

Slowly I work my hard cock into your mouth, deeper and deeper until your nose touches my abs. you feel fingers running through your hair, nudging your head forward and backward while your tongue swirls around my now throbbing cock.

“Oh baby I love that so much” you can hear my heavy breathing as I half moan half speak the words. The fingers leave your hair and you continue to bob your head up and down the cock, such a good adıyaman escort little cock sucker you are, using your tongue to play with the cock in your mouth. You feel me leaning forward.

SMACK! A hand lands squarely on your left ass cheek and the heat of the pleasure pain that it causes makes you moan around my cock. In your heightened sense of arousal you almost didn’t realize it, not until you heard the noise, a noise you didn’t expect, a noise that causes you to freeze in terror, Terrified as you are at this new discovery, you can now feel your juices running down your inner thigh. As soon as the sound registers you realize it, the hand on your ass, the one that just sent the jolt of pleasure straight to your clit, does not belong to the man you love, or for that mater to a man at all.

You stay frozen with my cock halfway in your mouth as you feel the soft, feminine hand on your as, squeezing it gently you can feel her nails lightly scraping against your skin. Her other hand was suddenly on you, lightly her fingers run up your lower back, grazing your back ever so gently to your shoulders, your neck running into your hair. This delicate woman’s hands one gently kneading your ass cheek the other wrapping its fingers through your hair.

“Suck!” It’s not a request, a female voice you don’t recognize, it’s an order. You hesitate unsure, she starts pushing your head down towards the base of my cock, her other hand moving to your inner thigh. You take me into your mouth, the feeling of my cock in your mouth, and this mystery woman forcing your head to bob up and down my shaft, along with her rubbing you, teasing you, is making you so wet so horny.

She starts rubbing your outer lips, already slick with your juices her fingers spread the sweet nectar all over your soft lower lips. A strong hand, a mans hand, your loves hand replaces hers in your hair as you pick up the pace and start really sucking my cock. She traces her way down your neck around your shoulder to your ribs, then your belly, then your tit, it feels so good, then she moves so close to your hard nipple and stops.

You moan in disappointment, how can she have you so hot, why does she still tease you, you can since that I am close, almost ready to come. You increase the attention on my cock moaning around it and playing with it with your tongue.

A combination of a scream and a moan of pure lust and excitement escapes your lips, muffles by my cock, oh it feels so good, this woman that you have never seen… Her finger slamming deep into your hot wet pussy as my hard cock explodes in your mouth, that cum you adıyaman escort bayan love so much spurting down your throat, my hands wrapped in your hair, holding your head, her finger twisting as she slams it in and out of you as you cum all over it, moaning around my cock.

I pull my softening cock from your mouth at the same time your mystery woman removes her finger, you feel us both get off the bed, you can still taste my cum on your tongue and feel it at the corners of your mouth. A familiar sweet smell, travels beneath your nose, it’s your smell, you feel a finger at your lips, they part and a long soft finger slides between them. You taste you cum on what must be the finger she was just fucking you with. She pulls it out. What seems like an eternity goes buy then bolts of pleasure, like an electric shock, you can feel lips touching yours, to soft to be mine, you can taste your cum on her lips, you must not be the only one to have sucked that finger! Whats more you know she can taste my cum on your lips!

Slowly she kisses you passionately, then she offers you her neck, ever so slowly moving her body up, the possibilities race through your mind. You continue to kiss what ever is offered to you, hungrily, her neck her shoulder, then finally her breast. You kiss and lick with uncontrolled passion, this same fantasy having run through your mind a million times, now so close to being a reality.

You feel something enter you, long and hard, my cock, slowly sliding into your soaking pussy, I lean forward over your back, and the breast, that was at your lips moves away , just before you get to the nipple you so wanted to suck.

“Go ahead suck it” It’s my voice whispering sweetly into your ear, at that moment the hard nipple of this woman you don’t know is at your lips. Your tongue snakes out from your parting lips and touches it, licking it. You suck the nipple into your mouth as I start moving my cock in and out of your pussy. You hear the woman moan, her fingers now in your hair pulling you to her and pressing her tit into your mouth, they aren’t as big as yours but they are firm and feel so wonderful in your mouth.

“I can’t take it any more!” Wait! You recognize that voice, who is it you can’t place it but you know you know this woman, this woman who is pulling her breast from your mouth her fingers still in your hair, pulling your hair to move your head back. She moves a little, then roughly pulls your head down, down to smooth, hot, wet, skin, you can smell her sex now it’s the only thing you can smell your face buried in her apparently shaven pussy, instinctively you escort adıyaman lash out with your tongue licking your first pussy.

You can hear her moan, you can hear me moaning, and you moan into her sweet folds, your pussy full with my hard cock and your mouth full with this pussy. The smell and taste are so sweet, you can’t get enough your lick her pussy like some kind of starving kitten, sucking her clit and sliding your tongue into her wet hole.

You feel me reach around and start rubbing your clit, as you suck on hers, you can feel your orgasm building, building like nothing you have ever felt inside you. I slam my cock into you hard and fast, making wet noises against your ass and thighs, and foceing your face against her pussy. You feel a gush of her juices start pouring over your face, the realization hits you that you have made this woman cum, the added excitement causes your back to arch and you moan as your pussy clenches around my cock and your clit suddenly gets more sensitive as your orgasm rushes over you like a tidal wave.

I pull my cock out and start finger fucking your as you go through the folds of your orgasm with this woman cumming on your face. Then a new sensation hits first on the middle of your back, then stringing down to your ass as you feel hot globs of creamy cum landing on your burning skin. The feeling prolongs your orgasm, and your ecstasy is complete when you feel those loving feminine hands start rubbing my cum all over your body.

Suddenly you realize that your hands are free, you collapse onto the bed, on your stomach her feet on either side of your head and me kneeling between your thighs, a single womans finger, presses your lips, they part seemingly of there own free will and you can taste my cum on her finger.

Exhausted and lost it post orgasmic bliss you drift off to sleep. The last thing you remember is a head on either side of yours, two voices whispering.

“Merry Christmas”

You drift off into a blissful sleep. The alarm clock wakes you and you shoot out of bed to turn it off, looking eagerly you are suddenly disappointed. You search the bed, the entire room with your eyes, I am the only one there, you see no woman in the room. We get up I fix you coffee and a quick breakfast before you go to class. The morning goes by like nothing happened; maybe it was just a dream, oh what a dream it was though!

Your mind keeps wandering back to that amazing dream, to the smells sounds and feelings, so real that you can still feel them if you close your eyes.

“Excuse me? Are you ok? Class is over you can go.”

With your eyes closed it hits you like a brick, you know the voice, the voice last night, the voice that said all those things last night, the teacher that you have fantasized about. You open your eyes and she looks into them, you blush deep red and you can see it in her eyes, you know, she knows you know, you both smile sheepishly and you leave the classroom and your last class of the semester.

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