Ellen and Eric


“So,” Ellen said. “Are you sure you want to see mom naked?”

“Yes,” Eric said after a while. He was eighteen and very shy.

Ellen started opening the buttons of her shirt. The bra she had one was a supportive one, but it still caught the boy’s attention. He swallowed nervously as he watched his mother reach behind her back and open it. Then she looked at her and took it off.

Her breasts were heavy and they had large areolas. She knew how the boy’s eyes were on them watching the way they hung under her when she took off her skirt.

There was only one more step, and she took it. Her bush was a thick and dark triangle which reached to her stomach, and her son tried to pretend he was not looking at it.

“Do you really want to do it with mom for the first time?” Ellen asked again for a confirmation.

“Y-yes,” the boy said, and his eyes were constantly drifting down from her face.

“Fine. Take off your own clothes and come on.” Ellen sat on the bed and waited for Eric to get undressed. He was a bit shy about it too, but soon he came to sit beside her and took his hand into her own.

“It’ll go just fine,” she said.

“I know, mom,” Eric said and smiled a little.

Ellen lay down and set a pillow under her head. The boy blushed when she opened her legs wide.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed of,” she reminded him and kept them wide open.

“I know,” he shyly said. Mom’s thick bush was probably different from what he was used to seeing in the internet. Not to mention it being her mom’s to begin with.

“Come on now,” Ellen said. “Come here, between my legs.”

She waited for the boy to do so. “You’re hard already. That’s good.”

“Um, yeah…” Eric said, embarrassed.

Ellen opened her labia a bit with her fingers and said: “The vagina is here. Take your penis in your hand and put it there.”

Eric bit his lip, but he did as he had been told.

“Let it slide in, all the way, and lean here on top of me,” Ellen instructed. She heard how the warmth made the boy sigh, and added: “You like that feeling, don’t you?”


“It’s perfectly natural,” Ellen said and brushed her son’s hair. She looked her in the eyes and said: “You can try to start thrusting when you feel you’re ready.”

He tried it a few times awkwardly and took a deep breath.

“Now you know how that feels. Keep going. The vagina is warm and comfortable so it can make you ejaculate. That is the most important moment. “

The boy was sighing and groaning as he moved, and Ellen had her legs wrapped around her son, trying to do her best to help him with the motions of her hips. The boy’s erect penis could be seen moving in and out of his mother’s warm, hairy vagina.

“Don’t try to talk, I know you’re getting close. Just look how mom’s breasts are bouncing.”

The boy groaned: “Mom, I’m gonna – Nnn-nn!” and fired several long and warm spurts into his mother.

Having your own child shoot into you is a very sensual feeling for a parent, and it made Ellen sigh.

She didn’t know until later that the first time had made her pregnant with her son’s child, but that was all right. It was just one of those happy coincidences which happened in life.

Now that the baby was on its way, the boy’s testicles had to serve a different purpose and offer nourishment and nurture to the mother and the new child.

Ellen was in bed rize escort with her son, and she was naked, pregnant and pretty. Eric caressed his mother’s silky hair as she sucked slowly. He knew would have to shoot as much as possible to nourish the baby growing inside her in the way nature had intended.

Ellen felt her son gently touch her shoulder and softly sight to her: “Here it comes, mom.” He groaned hard and ejaculated in long spurts, which Ellen swallowed carefully while stroking the boy’s testicles with her sensitive fingertips. Her pouty, suckling lips were latched halfway down the shaft of the penis, and her cheeks and throat were pulsating with the warmth her son, and the father of her new baby, was giving to her.

After making sure she had received everything, Ellen laid her head down on her son’s thigh and let him brush her dark hair with his fingers. They would continue soon, when he was ready to ejaculate again. They knew how important this was, so they had to find time for it every day despite Eric’s studies and his father being around.

Ellen was kissing her son’s penis until it started throbbing and hardening again, and then she looked at him questioningly with her big dark eyes.

“It should be OK now, mom,” the boy softly whispered to her, so she took his penis in her mouth and started sucking again. The boy opened his legs a bit, and Ellen again started stroking his testicles with her fingertips because they had learned it helped.

They couldn’t speak now, because this was careful work. Eric was holding on to his mother’s hair to make sure she would not move away at the wrong time. “Nnh! Nnh!” he moaned as he came, trying to give as much as he could to his own mother who was carrying his child.

Ellen swallowed everything yet again, and gave her son’s testicles a little kiss as a sign of appreciation. It was often said that pregnant women glowed, and Ellen most certainly did as she was carrying her own child’s new child. Soon her head had started moving rhythmically again, and the boy could only let her swallow whatever he could still shoot.

Eric was looking at his mother as she was kissing his testicles and looking at him with a pleading look in her big and shiny eyes.

“A few more. Pretty please. Think of the baby,” Ellen said.

Her son touched her hair and sighed: “I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything at this point.”

The boy groaned hard as he came in his mother’s mouth again, giving her what she had wanted, all of it. Her soft lips stayed around the hard shaft, and she made little sounds “Mm-hmm, mm-hmm,” as she swallowed all the rest of his warm semen.

Afterwards mom hugged him and put his hand on her belly. He gave it a nice little kiss, and then bent down and gave another one to her hairy vagina. Everything would be fine again until tomorrow, and they were happy together.

Ellen looked at her son with her dark eyes and asked: “Is the same time okay tomorrow? You said you were going to see that rock band, whatever it was called.”

“I’ll skip that if I have to, but at five would be better. Dad won’t be home then yet.”

“Sure, okay, that works for me.”

When Eric was about to leave, Ellen said to him: “Remember to eat your vegetables. The vitamins in them are really important when you shoot them for me and the baby, and they help in making more sperm too.”

“I know, mom,” the boy said and smiled. bostnews.com He was a nice kid, so he did like mom told her.

Weeks and months passed, and now Ellen was naked and on her knees. Her belly was much bigger now, her breasts were veiny and hanging, and the areolas were huge and dark. They were in the bathroom, because this was much more difficult now since her husband and his father was home. They had just gone in the upstairs bathroom and locked it, hoping he wouldn’t notice anything strange. Eric was leaning against the sink for support and caressing her hair as her head was bobbing at a steady pace.

“Oh, mom… Nnhh!” the boy grunted as he came, giving her a mouthful of warm sperm which audibly struck her palate, and Ellen could only hope the groan could not be heard outside the door as she swallowed and kept suckling with her eyes closed. These were important moments for both them and the baby, since at times like this they could be together not just as a mother and son, but as expecting parents.

After swallowing everything he had ejaculated, Ellen kissed both of her son’s testicles and looked up at him with shiny eyes and smiled warmly.

Eric returned his mother’s smile, and she hugged him around the waist. He asked: “When did they tell the time was?”

Ellen touched her big belly and said: “It should be only about three weeks from now.” She felt her son’s fingers caressing her hair. She knew she was more beautiful to him now than ever before.

He said: “It’s all right. Dad won’t notice anything.” He had hardened again, so he was offering his penis for his mother, and his child’s mother, to suckle on.

Ellen naturally accepted it, and her pouty and moist lips started their work again for their common goal. Warm and tender slurping sounds echoed in the bathroom as the beautiful pregnant woman’s head kept moving in the natural rhythm of life until her cheeks suddenly bulged when the boy powerfully came again for their baby’s sake.

A shout came from outside, although luckily not right beside the door: “Where are you, honey?”

Eric quickly reached to turn on the shower, and Ellen shouted: “I’m in the shower!”

“Okay, come down when you’re done!” her husband and his father said.

Ellen looked up at her son with big eyes as she gently brushed his fingers through her hair and said: “We have to do it once more, mom. We just have to take the risk. Our child is more important.”

She knew he was right. He couldn’t empty his testicles in less than three goes, and they had only had the time for two. The baby in her belly needed more of his warmth. She nodded and agreed with her son and her baby’s father: “I know.”

Despite the situation, they knew they couldn’t rush it. When Eric indicated he was ready, Ellen started blowing him, gently and lovingly, like only someone who was both his mother and his child’s mother could do.

Eric could only sigh, and the shower kept running. It was taking a long time, because mom knew that only slow enough performance could make him shoot everything.

Ellen kept glancing up at her son with big pleading eyes, hoping he would shoot soon. Her husband would start to wonder sooner or later, but it all went fine in the end. When their adoring gazes connected once again, Eric’s hips shuddered with a thunderous orgasm which made his knees buckle. Ellen had to slurp several times when thick white goo was about to dribble out from the corner of her mouth. The spurts were so powerful and there was just so much of it. It would be very healthy for the baby.

After kissing Eric’s balls for a quick thank you, Ellen opened the door and peeked out. Her husband had indeed stayed downstairs, so she hushed Eric out of the bathroom and stepped into the shower for a few seconds so her hair would be wet. He didn’t even comment about the long shower in the end, so their fears had been unnecessary.

The day Ellen had given birth she had been sitting on the couch with her legs wide because her belly was so heavy. She had made an excuse for her husband to leave and go buy some food she said she craved. Although he would not have wanted to be away from his pregnant wife’s side, he could hardly refuse her either, so he had gone.

Eric was looking at her with the proud gaze of a soon to be young father in his eyes., and his hands were tightly gripping his mother’s hair.

Ellen could feel her son’s warm, hairy and sweaty balls hanging against her chin, and it gave her a tender feeling of closeness. Eric was thrusting his hips against her face and groaning as he was ramming the erection into her throat which felt like tight vibrations around it. Ellen was holding her thumbs and trying to avoid gagging too much.

The boy was groaning hard, and soon he shot his slime right down his mother’s and new child’s mother’s throat, causing her to make a loud gurgling and gagging sound.

Ellen jerked a few times, but she managed to take it all, and soon Eric pulled his softening penis out and touched her cheek gently.

He wondered with a worried voice: “Are you sure you want to continue it like this, mom? You didn’t seem to like it as much as usual.”

Ellen licked her lips to give them more moisture and said to the boy: “This is at least a little faster. Your father can come back at any time, you know that.”

“All right, mom,” Eric said, and after a while he brought his erection back to his mother’s lips.

They were working together again. Ellen was trying to relax her throat as much as possible, and her son was thrusting patiently and rhythmically. They knew the importance of this situation, and managed to bring it to the finish once again. Ellen didn’t even gag as bad as she had the first time when the warm goo from her child’s testicles shot into her throat.

“Once more,” she said, looking at her son with determination in her pretty and dark eyes.

“I know, mom,” Eric said, caressing her hair. When he was ready he took a tight grip of it and entered her warm mouth again. It took longer this time, and Eric had to thrust hard and fast. Ellen had to usher him on with her tender gaze when he almost stopped because of her gagging, but finally he slammed so hard her nose sank into his pubic hair and fired his balls completely dry, despite her struggling and the desperate sounds she was making.

That was good, because immediately when he pulled out, they could hear the front door opening. Eric quickly zipped up his pants. Ellen’s hair was very messy, but she was about to give birth, so dad probably wouldn’t notice it among all other things.

Just when her husband returned, Ellen felt her stomach and said to him: “We have to rush to the hospital immediately!”

“Can I come too?” the actual young father of the child shyly asked, his eyes lingering on the beautiful mother.

His father seemed to think about it for a while, but it did not seem that weird. “Sure,” he said, and they all left to have a long and happy life together.

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