Humiliated and Fucked

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The deal with Sarah was simple; I’d have to humiliate and degrade myself fully and of my own free will. We often used each other for pleasure. It wasn’t a relationship, it wasn’t friends-with-benefits, it was just convenience.

Sarah lived in the flat next door. She was a petite girl around 5’5 and had a sweet, innocent look. You’d never imagine her to have a filthy mind or be interested in some of the things we got up to. Our orgasm trading began when we’d both been single for 6 months. Drinking and watching a film the topic arose of not having a good fuck in a long time and it somehow developed into her bent over the sofa and me entering her from behind… and then it ended. She attributed my short burst of sexual virility to the alcohol and long drought in my sex life, got me to eat her out and went home satisfied. She shortly discovered, however, that my smaller-than-average cock and short stamina meant I wasn’t going to satisfy her by fucking her and an arrangement was made. We would take it in turns to get our orgasms. On my turns I could fuck her as long as I could last, but on her turn I was reduced to eating her out. She trained me well in how to please her with my mouth and hands but no matter how many attempts were made my cock could never give her the pleasure she needed. She never complained. She never laughed. She just let me fuck her and then got me to finish the job orally.

One night it changed. We went out drinking with friends and upon our return Sarah requested her I let her have her turn. We entered her flat, she removed her thong from under her dress and lay down on the sofa. I climbed up and got to work. That was when she made the comment that changed everything. “This is more like having a girlfriend than a man pleasuring me”. The first true indication that I wasn’t “man enough” for her. We both knew it was the case, but it had gone unsaid and that wasn’t the problem. The problem was me drunkenly blurting out my fetish to be dominated, humiliated, feminised and fucked as a response to the comment.

The agreement had been simple: exchange orgasms. Fetishes stayed out of it. Simple, clean orgasms to avoid the monotony and dull nature of just masturbating. I had broken the agreement and as a result the agreement stopped. For another 2 weeks after this I heard nothing from Sarah, then a simple message.

“Prove to me you will go all-in. Fully humiliate yourself and submit yourself and show you belong to me – Your place, 7pm”.

I was excited and nervous. I wasn’t sure what to do at first. Finally I snapped into it and went on a shopping spree. I spent a couple of hundred getting prepared for the evening on an exciting shopping spree.

First I left a necklace with a key and a strapon harness on the table by the door. A note for Sarah explained that these were gifts for her when she entered the flat and that she should make herself comfortable with a drink and watch TV until I was ready. I left the door unlocked and headed for the bathroom to finish getting ready.

I began the long process of making myself more feminine. I lathered myself with sweet, fruity shower products; ridding myself of any manly odours. I shaved my face. Then I moved downwards – my chest and legs. Finally I used my clippers to remove most of my pubic hair before shaving and waxing my balls (the discomfort from wax seemed appropriate and left them feeling silky and smooth).

I showered again to remove any residual hairs, feeling the smooth and feminine skin beneath my hands as I scrubbed my body. The excitement of what was to come caused an erection. I reached for the bowl of ice I had prepared for this eventuality and used it to calm myself before entombing my cock in the plastic cage of the chastity device I had bought. The empty space at the end of even the smallest available cage reminded me of the inadequacy of my penis and how I had ended up in this situation. A situation that was once an enticing özbek escort fantasy and was now all-too-real.

With my cock trapped I had committed to the scenario. I took out a makeup bag to make myself beautiful. By the time I was done I had full eyelashes and moist, red lips. I’d decided to make it painfully clear I was wearing makeup, without looking too much like a child had got into her mother’s makeup. I had made the conscious decision to buy cheap makeup to ensure it’ll smudge and run and make me look like the slut I am by the end of the evening.

It was finally time for my outfit. I had chosen a matching set of lingerie – red satin with black lace details. First was the garter belt and stockings, which I slowly rolled up my leg. I loved the feeling against the freshly shaven skin. Then the thong. I knew my place and that the thong would need to be easily removed. Finally I added the matching bra. I admired myself in the mirror and thought about how much I’d love to have Sarah in this costume. My cock strained against the walls of the cage in excitement as I added a black, mid-thigh dress to the outfit. The finishing touches were a pair of red heels and a pale-pink wig.

Fully dressed in my outfit I prepared one final surprise for Sarah. A gift box containing items for her to use should the evening head in the right direction. The pink box, topped with a shiny stick-on bow, contained everything she would need to continue owning me, should she desire.

By this time Sarah had let herself in and I could hear the TV. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm my nerves as I unlocked the door and walked as sexily as I could along the hallway to the living room. She took no notice of me as I stood in the doorway. I leant against the doorframe and admired what I could see; she was simply wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Through the fly of the jeans protruded the erect strapon cock and around her neck the silver chain and key shone.

It was just an “Average Joe” dildo in the harness, but it far outweighed my own, now locked, cock. She continued to ignore me until the programme she was watching stopped for adverts. A look in my direction, a smirk on her face and a glance down at her hard cock told me what to do. I walked over and dropped to my knees. A kiss to the tip of the penis before I began to softly lick around the head whilst my hands because to tenderly stroke the shaft.

“No hands!” A simple instruction. She stood me up, spun me round and unzipped my dress. It fell to the floor and revealed the lingerie I had spent so long choosing for her. I spent so long trying to decide in the store that the sales assistant had asked me a number of times if I needed any help, enquiring about the sizes and styles I needed, whether it was a gift and so-on.

“Very sexy, looks like somebody was expecting to get laid tonight.” She removed her belt and used it to tie my hands behind my back. With one hand she groped my breast and with the other slapped my bare ass cheek before pulling up the thong into a wedgie.

I was spun back round and pushed down onto my knees once again. Sarah repositioned herself on the sofa as I took the head of her cock into my mouth. With her hand on the back of my head to control me, my head bobbed up and down as I gradually took more and more of her cock into my mouth. With each movement up I flicked my tongue around the head and bobbed back down, attempting to please and pleasure the silicon in my mouth.

Soon the advert break was over and Sarah’s attention moved from controlling my head to watching the show. My attention remained on the blowjob I was giving. I was now ready to push all the way down and begin deepthroating her. A brief pause at the tip of the penis before I pushed my head all the way down to Sarah’s groin. I felt the head slip past the back of my mouth and felt my gag reflex go. I gurgled as I held the cock mecidiyeköy escort in place, wiggling my tongue over it as best I could to give it pleasure. My mouth filled with slimy, glistening saliva. It poured over the cock in my mouth and dribbled down onto Sarah’s jeans.

I felt a hard slap to my face.

“If you’re going to do that at least do it quietly!” she stood up and removed her jeans, revealing nothing underneath but the erection protruding from its harness. “And avoid making a mess of my clothes.”

Sarah sat back down and I continued my work. I held off my audible gags, spluttering slightly with each thrust down my throat. It must have been another 10 minutes before Sarah acknowledged me again. I heard the credits rolling on the TV, and then silence. The TV was off and Sarah was staring down at me with a huge grin.

“You certainly seem to be good at this” she said as she stood up. Drool coated her entire lap and a long strand of it connected my mouth to her penis. “Looks like you got it nice and wet for me.”

I was pull up off the floor and inspected. Thrown onto the sofa on my knees and my face buried in the cushions – unable to adjust myself with my hands still tied. She grabbed my thong and ripped it down to my knees.

“Oh, so that’s what the key is for.” Sarah chuckled at me as I felt the warm, slippery dildo move up and down past my asshole. She took little time in teasing before thrusting it in. I groaned in shock as the head slipped in. I felt lucky I had experimented with buttplugs in the past. In. Out. In. Out. She toyed with me, using only the head to stretch out my sphincter.

“Are you ready?”

She slid back out

“Three!” back in and out again.

“Two!” back in and out again.

“One!” Back in and ou… straight in the whole way. I yelled into the cushion that was smothering me.

“Sorry, I didn’t want you to tense up too much when I got to zero”

With Sarah’s cock embedded fully in me, she began to slowly pull back out until just the head was still inside me. From there she began gently and tenderly fucking me, grabbing hold of my breasts as leverage to pull herself closer on each thrust. This continued for a short while until I heard a beeping from behind. Sarah pulled out and the beeping stopped.

“That’s how long you managed to fuck me when you lasted for the longest time. Now I’ll show you how real men fuck me and make me cum.”

I was flipped onto my back, my thong fully removed and tied around my cock’s cage. Sarah held my legs up over my head, stared straight into my eyes and plunged back into my ass. It was clear she was going to show me the true meaning of a hard fucking and she expertly thrusted in and out, never taking her eyes off mine. I groaned continuously in a confused state of both pleasure and pain, unable to affect Sarah’s domination of my ass. My cock straining against the walls of its confinement in its excitement.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck!” I groaned as cum began to dribble out of my useless, locked cock and trickled into the thong wrapped around it.

“Looks like you’re enjoying this. I’m glad someone here can fuck until they make someone cum.” She had stopped thrusting fully inside me. “Now stay quiet, I’m not done yet.”

My cum soaked thong was thrust into my mouth as she began again. My tightened muscles feeling every thrust with greater intensity as she got back into her rhythm.

“I won’t be stopping till I’ve been satisfied” she declared, and true to her word I endured what felt like an eternity of fucking until the constant grinding finally gave the two of us relief – in her case sexual relief and in mine the relief that the torment was over.

She slid out of me and I slumped down onto the sofa. She unbuckled the harness, dropped it in the sink and went to the bathroom to clean up. I was left, still bound, panting and recovering until she finished. She was still azeri escort bottomless when she returned to untie me. I groaned and stretched out my arms, picking out the thong from my mouth. No trace of the cum remained as I had sucked it all off.

I wandered to the corner of the room and Sarah dropped down onto the sofa, looking almost as exhausted as me from, what was in my experience, a monumental fucking session. I switched off the camera I had set up and removed the SD card.

I grabbed the gift box and inserted the card before dropping to my knees and presenting it to Sarah with the message that it is in case she wants to repeat tonight’s events. Inside she would find the video of my humiliation, photos of me at various stages of preparation for the evening and the spare key to my chastity cage.

“Oh how sweet. You did an excellent job of humiliating yourself. I was going to say you hadn’t quite done enough to satisfy me but this wonderful box of evidence has earnt you a reward.” She pulled out a nondescript carrier bag from beside the chair. “I bought these in the hopes tonight would be this fun.”

The first item out was a ball gag connected to nipple clamps by a chain. She slipped my still soaking wet thong back into my mouth, buckled the gag around my head and pulled each cup of my bra away just enough to attach the clamp before letting it pop back into place. I winced as each was applied.

Next up was a black, leather dog collar with plastic gems. This was placed around my neck with the nipple chains underneath, pulling them tighter and restricting my ability to move my head without pulling on the clamps.

“In case you’re a little loose tonight” Sarah joked as she pulled out a fairly large buttplug. She walked round behind me, bent me over and pushed it in.

Sarah dragged me to my bedroom. I could see she had already prepared leather cuffs to bind me to the bed, which were promptly put to use. Soon I was spread-eagle on the bed, still clad in the sexy lingerie I had chosen (minus the thong).

Sarah looked down at me with pity in her eyes. “I hope I don’t end up feeling too sorry for you…” she paused and ran out of the room. A few minutes later she returned with an envelope in her hand. She removed the key from her neck and picked up the spare, dropping both into the envelope. “I hope one second class stamp will be enough”. A feeling of dread washed over me, even if the postage was sufficient it would likely be a whole week before the key made it to its destination. The destination that I hoped was mine, or at least Sarah’s.

Sarah was gone again. This time for almost 10 minutes – just long enough to get to the post box at the end of the road and return.

“At least I won’t give in and release you. If you become desperate enough we can just have a repeat of tonight to drain your balls.” She stripped off her jeans and t-shirt, standing naked before me. “Before I put you to bed, I want to make sure you’re nice and horny.”

Sarah climbed on top of me, sitting on my chest, and began another 30 minutes of torture for me. She played with herself and made sure it was great to watch. It was something I could have sworn came directly from porn and caused my cock to nearly explode in the cage. Her moans as she finally came almost made me cum myself, but I was finally safe from her for the night. A blindfold was slipped over my eyes as Sarah explained the alterations she wanted to make to our relationship.

“We’ll still take it in turns, we fuck then you eat me out. The only thing that needs to change is that I’ll be fucking you rather than you fucking me. After today I’m sure you’re actually looking forward to it.” She tried to hide the elation in her voice. “Oh, but we don’t need to worry about if you get to cum or not. It’s all about me now and you’ll have to do some serious begging if you want me to fuck you until you cum.”

Sarah slinked down onto the bed, curling up next to me. I felt her soft breasts and still-erect nipples press against my side as her leg folded over the top of me, nudging the chastity cage. The last thing I heard as I drifted off to sleep was her softly whispering in my ear “I can’t wait to spit-roast you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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