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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Today she had arrived home before Him. Given how infrequently she got the chance, she decided to take extra special care to welcome Him home. Luckily for her, they’d been grocery shopping only yesterday. She had everything she needed to cook Him a perfect dinner. While she chopped vegetables and prepared sauces, she danced to her favourite music, and when the centrepiece of her meticulously prepared meal -a thick, tender cut of perfectly seasoned porterhouse- was ready to be cooked, she slipped away to the wardrobe to put on something He would find a little more enjoyable than an old track suit. she decided to keep it classic. A simple but elegant swing dress. Not too much makeup. Like something from an old movie, she thought to herself.

His timing could not be more perfect. As he turned from the hallway, His look of surprise made her heart sing.

“Welcome Home Daddy. How would You like Your steak?”

He smiled but didn’t answer her question. Instead, He came behind her, wrapped His strong arms around her waist and buried His face in the warm crook of her neck.

“Someone’s been a busy little thing today.” He whispered into her ear, “surely this can’t all be for me?”

Without waiting for an answer, He spun her around to face Him, guiding her arms up to rest around His neck. He cut off her delighted laughter with a deep kiss.

For a little eternity they stayed like that, losing themselves in one another before the now forgotten steak. Eventually He pulled His face away from hers. He held her chin between his thumb and forefinger to otele gelen escort keep her from her rather determined attempts to continue kissing Him.

“Are You hungry Daddy?” She asked breathlessly.

Mmmmhmmmm. He made a low noise as His gaze moved down her body. His left hand wandered from the small of her back to the curve of her ass. He squeezed appreciatively, turning her soft giggle to a low moan of arousal.

“As beautiful as this looks princess, I’m afraid you’re going to have to leave it for a few moments. your attention is needed elsewhere.”

She smiled and nodded, but He hadn’t waited for any kind of affirmation from her, and he had already begun to lead her to the bedroom.

He was rough in His urgency. This would only be quick, he had decided. That dinner really did look good, but so did she, and He wanted her now.

He pushed her forward onto the bed. She bent over with her ass high, waiting for Him eagerly. With one hand tangled in her hair, He used the other to lift her skirt to expose her bare ass and dripping pussy.

But His feverish movements suddenly stopped. She heard a deep sigh and a soft swear, and felt a finger run gently the length of her labia and over her asshole. At first, she was confused, but then, with horror she suddenly realised what had caught His attention.

She’d forgotten to shave.

Pulling her by the hair, He forced her to flip over to lie on her back. He leaned over, so that His face was very close to hers. In a soft, calm voice, He asked her

“Do you think you are entitled to my attention?”

“No Daddy! Never! im mecidiyeköy escort sorry i—”

He cut her off with a slap before continuing, just as calmly,

“Do you think that being lazy and wasting my time are acceptable ways to repay me for what attention I choose to give You?”

“No Daddy!” She was become frantic now. He placed a hand over her mouth before asking His final question.

“Do you deserve to be punished?”

She nodded and looked away from Him in shame.

He moved away from her, but she didn’t dare move. He pulled out His ropes from beneath the bed and made short work of securing her in His desired position. her movement was restricted almost completely. He had tied her legs from both knees and ankles to the headboard, spreading her legs as far as they could go and completely exposing her to Him.

“This is not the first time I have had to deal with you failing to take proper care of my pussy. I’m beginning to think you’re too much of a stupid slut to trust with even the simplest task of shaving.”

With that, He left the room, and returned moments later with a towel and a box of wax strips.

her fear broke her, and she began to struggle.

“Daddy no! Please. Please!! Daddy im sorry please don’t!”

He gagged her unceremoniously, simply with the balled up corner of the bedsheet.

“Your actions have given me limited time, and frankly you don’t deserve the patience it would take for me to shave you. Instead of using this time to enjoy you, I have to clean up your disgusting mess. I will allow you to beg for my forgiveness once we are done.”

She continued to struggle türkmen escort away from the first wax strip, but all it earned her was a hard, painful smack across her cunt. He applied each strip quickly and efficiently, ignoring her muffled screaming and not allowing her time to recover between each application. When he stepped away, her cunt was angry red and perfectly smooth. He considered letting her up then but decided against it. Having to discipline her had delayed His pleasure. It was time for Him to take what He wanted, and He saw no reason why she should get to enjoy it.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass now pet. I don’t have time to waste to get you lube, so it’s going to hurt. Try to keep quiet.”

She began to cry in earnest as He unrelentingly assaulted her tight hole with His fully erect cock. Her sobs became louder as he pushed in deeper and faster. Soon her gag was not enough, and so He pushed a pillow onto her face as well. The deliciously tight feeling of her hole mixed with the exquisite sounds of her muffled screaming made short work of Him, and it was not long before he came deep inside of her.

As soon as she was free of her bondage, she scrambled to the floor. she knelt before Him but it wasn’t enough. she wasn’t low enough. she leaned forward until her tear stained face rested against His feet.

“P-please—please forgive me Daddy. im so so sorry. ill never n-neglect Your pussy again Daddy i swear! i swear! please…please.”

she repeated the word over and over into His feet until He gently pulled her head up by the chin and looked her in the eye.

“I believe you darling, and I forgive you. Now come. I’m starving.”

He left her to kneel by His chair while He finished dinner Himself. He prepared only one plate, but occasionally He brought down His fork to offer a small bites to her. She accepted them gratefully, happy to be left to float away in the mindless peace that only He could bring to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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