Trish’s Place… Ch. 04


Author’s note to the readers:

Yes, I know it’s been a year since my last chapter…I apologize and can only offer up the fact that this past year has been ‘full’. Both my professional life and social life has had a year unlike any other, but, in the end, it’s all good. All of that being said, let’s get back to Trish’s story, shall we? I’ve missed her also…


No answer…

It was the third time that Trish had tried to reach Bobby’s ‘friend’ in Erie. Cruising at three over the speed limit, Trish was entering the western suburbs of Cleveland and would soon be in Erie, and, not a bad time to stop for the night.

“Vicki, this is Trish, Bobby’s friend,” she began her message, “give me a call if there’s a chance that we might grab a bite to eat or a drink tonight, will you? I’ll be staying in or near Erie tonight and just hate to eat alone,” laughing after she had said it.

Ending the cell call, Trish kept her eyes on the road, Bonnie Raitt doing her thing from the car’s stereo system, while reaching for her ‘road roach’, jumping a bit when her cell rang.

“Damn, that was quick,” Trish said to herself, and the empty car, when the caller I.D. showed it to be Vicki.

“Hey Vicki,” Trish said by way of greeting.

“Hey, yourself,” Vicki’s soft voice replied, “I’ve been waiting for your call but had to run out for a few hours; sorry I missed the earlier calls, but I’ll make it up to you.”

“Don’t be silly,” Trish responded, “I don’t expect you to put your life on hold because I’m on a road trip,” laughing a bit.

“Bobby told me to take good care of you, so for starters, cancel your reservation, you’re staying at my place. Secondly, I have a small dinner party scheduled, so you’ll eat and drink here, with a couple of my friends and I. Third, Bobby said you’d try to give me an argument and that I was not to accept your lame-ass excuses, understood?”

“Crystal clear,” Trish said, liking the voice on the other end of the call.

“Do you have a Garmin or some such?”


“Punch in the address I’m about to give you and I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

Address given, they ended the call and Trish lit her doobie, inhaled deeply, and smilingly, slowly, let the pungent smoke seep from her lips.

“Yowza,” She said aloud as the smoke ‘hit’ her. “Well, alright!”, letting the Maui herb carry her eastward into Pennslyvania, the Erie welcoming signs beginning to appear on the roadside.

“Thanks for the directions, Bitch!” Trish said aloud to her navigation system. She had named the on-board system’s female voice, ‘Bitch’.

Yes, she was stoned when deciding to do that.

“Vicki?, My reliable GPS system ‘done fucked up again'”, Trish teased into her cell, “I’m at the end of some country lane, at a dead end, staring at a grove of Maple trees…at least, I think they’re Maple trees.”

“Look to your right,” Vicki replied, “See an old, rickity-looking gate and fence?”

“Yeaah,” Trish said, dragging out the word as her eyes swept to the right, spying said gate and fence.

“Back up, turn to the gate as if you’re going to run through it…the gate should open automatically”, Vicki said.

“Well, fuck me running,” Trish said as the gate swung open smoothly, revealing a well-worn path with tire tracks into the surrounding grove of trees.

“I’ll meet you on the porch,” Vicki said, disconnecting afterwards.

The ‘driveway’ was approximately a half-mile long, winding path, through the beautiful trees and opened up to show an older, Federalist-style, two story house with a porch that surrounded the house on three sides. Standing on the porch, waving, was a very attractive, no, make that, ‘extremely’, attractive woman of mixed race; Clearly, a bit of Afro-American blood flowing through her veins, coupled with some European genes, as well.

Parking, Trish got out of her car, stretched, and walked towards Vicki who was approaching her, the two of them greeting in a ‘new friend’s’ embrace. Trish quickly judged Vicki to be ‘near’ her own age, somewhere between thirty-five and forty, she had judged…and, she was very fucking wrong.

Vicki, as it turned out when they exchanged brief introductory bios while Vicki gave Trish a quick tour, was forty-eight but looked nowhere near that age, Trish had decided. Good for her!, Trish thought. Vicki and Bobby had known each other for several years, their common connection, it turned out, to be a woman that they were both ‘seeing’ when Bobby lived in Erie, years ago.

“The bitch played us both,” Vicki chuckled to Trish as she told the story, “So, B and me paid the bitch back by starting to see each other,” laughing, then finishing her glass of excellent Merlot.

“The rest, as they say, is history,” Vicki opined as she handed Trish a freshly poured glass of wine.

Vicki was a tall (5’9″), willowy (130-ish), woman that looked 10 years younger than her age. She was an artist, and, the head of the Fine Arts Department at a smaller, private Liberal Arts college near Erie. “Where the really wealthy send their kids who can’t cut it at the Ivys,” referring to Brown, Yale, and the like. Her 200+ year-old home stood on about 10 acres, mostly woodlands, with a small pond, and also had a carriage house that had been remodled to use as her studio. She worked in many mediums but preferred the textures of oils as her favorite.

“Our dinner guests, tonight”, Vicki said as they walked back to the ‘big house’ after the fifty-cent tour, “are colleagues, both professors in their respective fields, both insanely smart, and somewhat unconventional in their lifestyle.”

“How so?”, Trish asked, curious with that last remark.

Chuckling a bit, Vicki stopped and turned to Trish, saying, “Theirs is a marriage of convenience, the draw for both of them, their intellect, but they also quickly found that they both had the same tastes when it came to sexual gratification…” Vicki’s voice trailing off teasingly.

Raising an eyebrow in questioning, Trish simply stared at Vicki, waiting for the punch-line.

“They both like young men,” Vicki finally said, turning to continue the trek to the house, “Both for their own reasons, and neither, jealous of the other.”

“Whatever works,” was Trish’s only comment, stopping at her car to grab her overnight bag, following Vicki into the house, bag in hand.

Shown to her bedroom, with it’s own bathroom, Trish showered, mused over the conversation with Vicki, dressed, and joined Vicki downstairs, helping with the final prep for dinner.

The Olsens were in their early fifties, attractive in a ‘quirky’ manner and incredibly witty in a dry sort of way. Dinner was fabulous, Vicki’s wine selection even more so, and much too soon, the evening was over and the Olsens on their way.

“Join me for another glass or two, and an after-dinner toke or three?” Vicki asked with a smile.

“Yep.” was Trish’s simple answer.

Okay, the glass or two turned into a bottle or three, and the tokes, well, the tokes they lost track of amidst the shared laughter on Vicki’s porch, the sense of fall coming in that late summer night’s air.

They had the same sense of ironic humor about them, both self-assured and strong women in their own worlds. Before they said goodnight-NO!Don’t get ahead of me here-it was decided that Vicki would join Trish on the trek into New York’s Wine Country. A quick phone call the next morning secured one of Vicki’s grad students and her boyfriend as house-sitters for the two or three nights that they’d be gone.

“You still sitting here?” Vicki asked smart-assedly, the next morning, when she buckled her seatbelt, “Let’s get this fucking show on the road, girl!”

“O-tay! Buckwheat,” Trish replied, pinning Vicki into her seat when she floored her new sport-sedan. And off they went, quickly crossing into New York State on the interstate, then dropping off to pick up local roads towards Auburn, Elmira, and the rest of the Wine Region.

Finding a quaint, quiet B&B that was ‘roughly’ centrally located among the vineyards, they explored the smaller vineyards, finding several ‘gems in the rough’. They laughed, they sampled-boy, did they sample-and returned to the B&B after dinner to sit on their private second-story porch to enjoy the herbs that both had with them.

The more time they spent together, the larger the elephant in the room became. They both knew it was there. They both felt it’s presence as they got ready for bed after wine-filled days and smoke-filled evenings. They both felt it but neither did anything about it. Not until their last day, and night, together back at Vicki’s home.

It had been decided that Trish would spend another night as Vicki’s guest, then start back west to return to Colorado, possibly with Jil as a co-pilot. Trish didn’t know about that yet but would call Jil tomorrow as she drove back towards South Bend and Chicago.

“It was a great three days with you, girlfriend,” Vicki said after she had taken a toke, passing the doobie to Trish, afterwards.

“Back at’cha, sweetcheeks,” Trish simply replied.

“Got a question for you,” Trish said in the pregnant silence on the porch.

“Shoot,” Vicki said.

“How do you stay so fit, look so fucking good at your age?” Trish brazenly asked, “I mean, I saw you in your underwear and all, girl, and damn, your body is ten years younger than your age.”

“Good genes for the most part,” Vicki answered honestly,”and I like being around younger people, feeding off of their energy and all.”

They were quiet for a small while, enjoying the coolish night air, enjoying the sense of commonality between them.

“And,” Vicki said out of nowhere, “There’s something to be said for the rejuvanating qualities of eating the pussies of nineteen year-old art students,” laughing afterwards.

Laughing with her, Trish extended her closed fist for a ‘fist-bump’, telling her afterwards of her romp with Jil, of her romps with Margie and Beth, back at her place.

“Ready for bed?” Vicki asked, yawning a wee bit.

“Yeah, I am,” Trish replied, “though, I don’t think I’m ready for sleep,” her eyes staring at Vicki’s face for a reaction.

Standing, Vicki held out her hand for Trish to take in her own.

“Then, let’s go to my bed and see if we can get you tired enough to sleep well tonight,” Vicki said as she moved towards Trish’s lips, leaning down to kiss Trish.

“Let’s,” Trish replied before opening her mouth to Vicki’s tongue.

Walking up the stairs behind Vicki, still holding onto her hand, her lips still wet from their long, sensuous kiss on the porch, Trish admired the firm butt on Vicki, admiring her taunt cheeks in the shorts she was wearing, admiring her long legs.

This would be a first for Trish; not the fact that Vicki was Afro-American, no, she’d fucked black men, before, when she was fucking guys. Damn, that’s been a while, hasn’t it, she thought to herself as they entered Vicki’s bedroom. No, this would be her first taste of black pussy and, she’d have to say, she was sort of excited by that.

Taking Trish into her arms almost immediately, Vicki kissed Trish, her hands slowly undoing Trish’s clothes, teasing her with touches and kisses as she did so, ramping Trish into hyper-sex drive, as she did so.

After she was naked, Trish did the same to Vicki, sucking slowly on Vicki’s larger breasts, teasing Vicki’s hard nipples with her tongue as she unzipped, then, unsnapped Vicki’s shorts, letting them drop to the floor. Bending, then kneeling in front of Vicki, Trish slid Vicki’s panties from her body, laying them to the side afterwards, and moving her mouth to Vicki’s trimmed-landing strip, she let her tongue find, then, toy with Vicki’s clit. Peeling Vicki’s pussy-lips aside, Trish licked her pussy for a very long time, her own pussy becoming wetter as she did so.

Pulling Trish to her feet, Vicki led her to her bed, and in the time it took to lay their heads on the pillows, they were all over each other in a frenzied manner, the stored-up lust of the past few days finally being released.

With sameness of mind and intent, they were quickly in a sixty-nine with each other, Trish’s head buried between Vicki’s legs, her mouth and tongue busy as if she were eating a last meal. For her part, Vicki let her tongue do the talking to Trish’s tasty snatch, her tongue deeply buried into Trish’s pussy. They couldn’t tell you who was first to pop her nut, but they could tell you that they both climaxed repeatedly, again, and again, one after the other.

Yes, they stopped, took a break, the whole while busily kissing and touching the other in all the right places until once again, they fed each other in another sixty-nine.

Trish fell asleep as she suckled on one of Vicki’s breasts, snuggled against Vicki’s taller body. She awoke the next morning just as Vicki crawled between her legs, just as Vicki’s tongue snaked into her pussy, itself, now awake and wanting.

Round two, or was it fourteen? No matter, it was wonderfully satisfying for both of them, ending with Trish, on her knees, in the shower and with her head buried between Vicki’s legs and her tongue buried in Vicki’s tasty pussy.

Afterwards, drinking coffee on Vicki’s porch, the two of them with shit-eating grins on their faces, Vicki asked Trish if she could be tempted to stay another night or two.

“Yeah, I could be tempted, hell, I am tempted, but I have a business to get back to,” Trish’s voice betraying a ‘bit’ of sadness at that fact.

“I understand that, girlfriend”, Vicki responded with a small nod of her head, “still, I’d sure like to have some more playtime with you sometime…damn shame we live so far apart.”

Nodding her head, Trish agreed.

“It’s definitely been fun, sweetcheeks,” Trish finally said, turning and looking at Vicki when she said it.

“Oh yeah, it’s definitely been that,” Vicki replied, returning Trish’s gaze.

Looking as if the proverbial light bulb turned on above her head, Trish suddenly asked Vicki what her plans were for the first semester break at her college.

“That’d be around Thanksgiving,” Vicki said, “and, usually, I entertain with a home-cooked meal for some of my students and graduate assistants who don’t go home for the break; it’s been somewhat of a tradition for me to do so.”

“I close the bar for a couple of days at Thanksgiving,” Trish responded, “and, if I were invited…” letting her voice trail off.

“Consider yourself invited,” Vicki quickly said to Trish, “and you can help me entertain, okay?”

“O-tay!” Trish replied with a smile on her face and a smile in her heart.

One final, long kiss and waving to Vicki as she drove away, Trish smiled to herself as she worked her way back to the quaint country lane that would take her to the main roads and onto the interstate highway.

Settling into traffic on the interstate, Trish lit a road-roach and picked up her cell phone.

“It’s you!, you really did call!” Jil’s excited voice said when she answered.

“Well, yeah, I told you I would,” Trish replied, laughing as she did so.

“Yeah, I know you did, but, well, I thought you’d just forget about it…” Jil’s voice still a bit excited.

“Nope, I didn’t…so, do you want a ride back to Boulder with me?” Trish asked.

“I’d love that,” Jil said, her voice betraying her eagerness.

“I’ll call you when I check in to the hotel in South Bend and we’ll take off tomorrow for the trek home, okay?”


“Jil? Did you hear me?” Trish asked after a pause.

“Yes, but if you’d like to pick me up at my sister’s dorm before you check in, I could stay at the hotel and we’d be able to get an earlier start in the morning.”

“Missed me that much did you?” Trish teased into the phone.

“Yeah…yeah, I did,” Jil’s voice finally replied.

“I’ll call you when I’m about ten minutes from your sis’s place, okay?” Trish responded, disconnecting the call after Jil’s acknowledgement.

Sucking a hit from a road-roach, Trish mused about this turn of events in her life, mused about her finding satisfaction and solace in the arms of other women these days, mused about the fact that she now lusted after women, not men, as was once the case.

Thinking about what Vicki had said a couple of nights ago, Trish agreed that there were definitely recuperative aspects to eating the pussies of nineteen year-old coeds…

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