Her Last Day of School Ch. 03


The energy transfer between the flesh of Kim Dudley’s wrist and Matt’s right hand was nearly atomic as the 18 year old student surveyed his teacher’s naked body. His cock soaked in Anna’s vaginal juices, it jutted angrily out from his crotch, its head pointing like a balled up fist straight at Mrs. Dudley’s gleaming cunt.

Kneading his fingertips into the soft and clammy flesh of his teacher’s lower arm, Matt could look down and see the older woman’s feet quiver as they dangled over the edge of the desk, her entire body seeming to wither under the strength of his virile stare.

With Anna still crouched by his feet, Matt stepped around the girl he’d just fucked and took his place directly between Mrs. Dudley’s parted thighs as she sat anxiously on her desk. Like a starving animal that had stumbled upon another man’s feast, Matt paid little heed to the fact that this woman he was about to fuck was his teacher, his happily married teacher. And the fact that the whole class was seated behind him preparing to witness the act only added to the indecency of the act he was about to commit.

Releasing his grip from Mrs. Dudley’s right hand, Matt quickly reached down and grabbed each of his teacher’s knees, spreading them all the way apart as his fully erect and imposing cock extended straight out towards the pink and shiny orchid of Kim’s vaginal bloom. With one rousing lurch forward, Matt pushed the upper third of his thick manhood into the married woman’s soupy womb.

A lurid, hawkish grin illuminated across Matt’s face when he felt the way Mrs. Dudley’s body jerked the instant he penetrated her. He was use to that reaction with the young schoolgirls he fucked, but to see and feel his pretty teacher’s body twist and shudder on top of her desk when he entered her did nothing but fill the 18 year old boy with an obscene amount of searing confidence.

As much as Matt might have wanted to tease the teacher with a touch of foreplay and sensual build-up, he sensed under the circumstances his sole purpose was to simply fuck her brains out right there on the desk. Whatever it was that was causing Mrs. Dudley to quit her job and go out in such a perverse manner wasn’t any of his concern, at that moment all she needed from him was the pulsing slab of manhood he’d rammed deep inside her.

With everyone else in the room holding their breath as they stared on, there were only two real sounds in the classroom; the moist and hallow echo of Matt and Mrs. Dudley’s crotches crashing together and the four legs of the teacher’s heavy desk screeching a little across the floor each time the young stud plowed forward. Cinching each of his hands into the meat of Kim’s thighs, Matt pushed her legs all the way apart as he ruthlessly pounded his weight down on top of her.

Matt also found himself marveling at the older woman’s ability to conform her vaginal sheath to the daunting task of accommodating his above average girth. The neurons inside his brain fired like popcorn kernels in broiling oil when he felt his teacher start squeezing him back with her well trained vaginal muscles. So many of the girls he’d fucked, not to mention quite a few of the more mature women he’d been with, had done all they could do to simply manage having him inside them. To actually have a woman fucking him back with the same ferociousness he was fucking her with was uncharted territory for Matt, and the overdue release boiling in his sagging balls started a rolling, lava-like boil to the surface.

Leaning down on top of his teacher’s chest as he stabbed his cock ever deeper, Matt could feel the swell of Mrs. Dudley’s breasts bouncing against his upper torso each time his dick smacked hard into the bull’s-eye of her cervical wall.

The only thing the students clustered in the center of the room could see was Matt’s muscular asscheeks flexing as he rammed his groin forward between the teacher’s legs, her socking clad feet becoming two black blurs bouncing through the air as she writhed on the desk beneath him. The other students could also hear the visceral report of Matt’s cock drilling loudly into Mrs. Dudley’s moistened snatch and by then what boys hadn’t already jacked off had their cocks in their hands, doing just that. Even a few of the ones who’d already blown their loads, through the blessed recuperative powers of teenage hormones, found enough mojo to squeeze off a second nut during the class. If Matt had turned around at that moment, he would have also seen more than half of the girls in the room had allowed their hands to drift inconspicuously under their desk and between their thighs as well.


There wasn’t anything preventing Anna from standing up and returning to her seat, but instead, she continued to kneel there in front of the desk with her pants pulled down to her knees, her face mere inches from Matt and Mrs. Dudley’s genitals crashing together.

Still coming to terms with her own burgeoning sexuality, Ankara travesti the raw combined scent of masculine and feminine sex that permeated Anna’s senses was so intoxicating to the bi-sexual young woman, she found herself yearning to crawl directly between the carnal pairing. Reaching behind Matt with left hand, Anna cupped his swinging balls softly between her fingers and could instantly feel the rage building inside them. With her right hand, Anna extended her palm upwards and caressed it around Mrs. Dudley’s warm left breast, massaging the soft, jiggling orb as Matt ruthlessly pounded the teacher on top of the desk.

All the complexities of her teenage lust enveloping her, Anna found herself drowning in delirium as she knelt there, openly touching both Matt and Mrs. Dudley as they pushed each other to the very limit.



Neither Matt or the young teacher were in any condition or position to look up at the clock on the wall, but somewhere in the tatters of their rational mind, each knew the end of class bell would ring shortly, leaving them undressed and conjoined on top of the desk like two animals in blind heat.

Intensifying the violence of his thrusts, Matt bled every bit of power out of his 6 foot 3 inch, 220 pound frame until his cock was barreling like an out of control freight train inside Mrs. Dudley’s straining womb. He could also feel Anna’s fingers kneading his balls softly from behind and his powerful legs began to show just a hint of quiver as he drove his body forward, causing a shriek of inhuman joy to rip from Kim Dudley’s throat each time the granite shaft of his manhood hit its mark.

Just as men do millions of times a day across the world, Matt Troutman answered that primal call by laying his body down on top of his thrashing teacher’s, then extending his hands out and taking both of Mrs. Dudley’s into his and pressing them flat down on the desk to each side of her head as his seed began to burst from his loins.

“AAARRGGHHHH,” the young stud groaned, his chest grinding down on top of Kim’s as her legs wrapped like two stocking clad tentacles around his back, forcing his groin all the way down on top of her’s.

At that point it didn’t matter if she was married or not, his teacher or not, or if there was a room full of his fellow students staring on. At that moment Kim Dudley’s pussy belonged Matt and his body did what infinite generations of primitive hardwiring told him to do. He fucked her until she cried for mercy and came for him as well.

The ferocity of it all was too much for Anna to bear and the young girl found herself slinking backwards on her knees until she was a foot or so away from the desk. Nibbling nervously on several of the fingers she’d placed in her mouth, Anna felt chills racing down her spine for the sound of Matt’s loud gravely grunts as she watched his body coil and fire on top of the naked teacher.

“GRRAAWWAAHHH…GGRAAWAAHHHHH,” Kim could hear and feel the vibrations of Matt’s voice rattling in her ears and his cock seemed to become a grappling hook inside her cunt, punching and ripping endlessly against the battered patch of her G-spot.

The instant his blistering cum started coating the walls of her screaming vagina, Kim could no longer withstand it and succumb herself to orgasm, one that had been building inside her since the first time she watched Matt walk into her classroom back in August. Grinding her crotch back at Matt with everything she had, Kim was startled by the force and duration of her release. On and on it seemed to go, fueled partially by the young stud’s virile prowess, her own wanton desire, and perhaps even the depravity of the moment and location. By the time her needle was finally on empty however, Kim was forced to face the realization that she’d just came harder for Matt than she’d ever done for herself, or even her own Husband for that matter, perhaps even ever. And that caused a brief moment of depressed desperation to sweep through Kim as she felt Matt’s chest raise up from her’s then his manhood slip like a spent serpent from her womb, knowing she’d never feel him there again.

Even though he wasn’t a mind reader, or the sharpest knife in the drawer when it came to emotional perceptiveness, Matt could look down and see the way his teacher’s eyes basically became pinballs in their sockets when she came that he had made quite a profound effect on her. The adrenaline rush that always seemed to mask his senses right at the moment of sexual release gradually subsided as he withdrew his cock from Ms. Dudley’s cunt and it wasn’t long before Matt could smell the musky scent of their shared act hanging heavy in the air.

Once he’d finally steadied himself upright, Matt took a deep breath as he looked down at the pasty white froth that encased his still twitching penis, the gleaming mess coating it matching perfectly to the swollen pink opening of Kim’s Konya travesti vaginal fissure.

Feeling something rustling against his right leg, Matt shifted his gaze that way and saw that Anna Schweigert was still kneeling there, her doe-like almond eyes locked on the cum-smeared slab of flesh dangling from his crotch. Reaching down with his left hand, Matt grabbed the base of his cock and swung the rubbery and slick girth towards Anna, smacking her in the side of the cheek with it. Using his right hand to steady the base of her skull, Matt fed the length of his dick between the 18 year old girl’s lips and allowed her to cleanse the combined fluids of his and Mrs. Dudley’s coital act from it.

Looking down at his teacher still laying flat on her back, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she tried regaining her breath, Matt could see Mrs. Dudley’s dizzy eyes trying to focus on the image in front of her of Anna kneeling there nursing the mess from Matt’s manhood. It was then the genesis of yet another idea sparked inside Matt’s head.

Pulling the head of his cock free from Anna’s lips the same way an adult would remove a lolli-pop from a greedy child’s mouth, Matt used his right hand to twist Anna’s face in the direction of Mrs. Dudley laying prone, with her legs extended off the desk. It took a few seconds for everything to develop like an old Polaroid in Anna’s mind but when it did, she along with Matt could clearly see the river of milky white semen that, with gravity’s help, was now draining out of the teacher’s stretched and gaping cunt.

Nudging Anna’s head forward gently with his right hand as if to say, ” there’s plenty more right there if you like the taste of it”, Matt’s dazed eyes lit up when he saw the young girl begin crawling forward on her knees.

Once she was close enough, Anna first extended her tongue and ingested the seminal drippings that had found their way down to the shiny canvas of Mrs. Dudley’s jet black stockings, swiping her tongue side to side rapidly across the ultra soft silky material until Matt’s semen had been replaced with nothing but a trail of her own saliva. Without hesitation, Anna swept her mouth further up her teacher’s left inner thigh until her mouth closed around Mrs. Dudley’s spasming vulva.

A few seconds was all it took for Matt to hear the wet, lapping sounds of Anna’s mouth slurping up the evidence of his orgasmic release from the teacher’s crotch. He stood there and watched as the young girl’s head bobbed side to side, straining to work her mouth over every inch of Mrs. Dudley’s saturated sex. Matt could see the way the teacher’s shoulders and chest heaved each time Anna grazed her tongue over the still throbbing bud of her clitoris and could feel his balls start to tingle and his cock start to harden once again.

Before he could even start to think about doing anything with either woman again however, a moment of benevolence swept through Matt’s core. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of one of his fellow students rubbing his crotch under his desk. It was Steven Holcomb.

By then, the unmistakable odor of male ejaculate was evident in the room and Matt guessed correctly that most of the boys had shot their wads in their pants at some point during the class. When he saw Steven still trying his best to conceal his masturbatory efforts, Matt had an idea.


For his part, Steven was so focused on the image of Anna’s face darting and weaving between Mrs. Dudley’s trembling thighs, he had no clue Matt had turned his attention to him until he heard his name called.

“Hey Steve,” Matt’s rough and hurried tone broke the silence in the room. “You still got a hardon….get up and go up to the desk….don’t just waste that nut in your pants!”

Steven was equally stunned as he was mortified. He and Matt weren’t exactly friends, barely even acquaintances even after 12 and a half years of being in school together. And now here he was being singled out. While Steven did feel a twinge of pride that he hadn’t cum yet while most every other boy in the class had, he was suddenly confronted with the peril of being in the spotlight.

Sensing correctly that time was of the essence, Steven tried edging his body out of the seat but instantly found it difficult because of the embarrassing tent-like bulge in the front of his jeans that he just knew everyone in the room was staring at. His only salvation was being able to keep his focus on Mrs. Dudley laying flat on her back, naked and sprawled out on top of her cluttered desk like some sort of sacrificed sexual goddess, with Anna’s face nuzzled hard against her steaming crotch.

The first step wasn’t easy considering the erection pressing between his legs but thankfully the teacher’s desk was only 6 feet in front of him. Once up there, Steven was at a loss over what to do next. Still a virgin, he scoured the depths of his porn driven imagination trying İzmir travesti to think of what to do. He’d been up to that same desk dozens of times during the school year to ask Mrs. Dudley a question or pick up a paper and each time, as subtly as possible, tried stealing a peek down her blouse for just a glimpse of the teacher’s bosom. Suddenly there she was laying flat on her back below, her breasts completely exposed and swaying beautifully across her chest for everyone, including Steven standing directly above her, to see. And Steven’s knees were shaking.

A funnel cloud of options swirled through Steven’s head, the most appealing of which was to put an end to his virginal status right then and there by taking his place between Mrs. Dudley’s legs and fucking her like Matt had done, right there on the desk. There were a couple of factors putting a crimp into that plan however. Anna was still kneeling on the floor nursing the mixture of Matt’s cum and Mrs. Dudley vaginal stew from the teacher’s pussy as Matt stood above, as if proudly surveying his conquest. Even if Steven had an open lane between Mrs. Dudley’s legs, he still worried that he might blow his load before he could even manage to push himself inside the waiting woman.

Instead, Steven reached down with his two shaking hands and fumbled to unzip his zipper. His crotch instantly felt some relief from the slight release of pressure but once he was able to slip his fingers into his pants, Steven realized as aroused as he was, fishing his dick out was going to take a little work. Struggling to work the slick and warm, throbbing cylinder of flesh over the elastic band of his underwear and through the unzipped opening of his jeans, when he finally had freed it, Steven took a long deep breath as the sound of his knees rattling against the side of the teacher’s desk echoed faintly through the room.

Much the same way he found it difficult making eye contact with Mrs. Dudley when she first began undressing at the start of the class, Steven really struggled now to look down at her laying flat on her back below, staring patiently right back up at him with her crystal blue eyes as his modest endowment jutted from the fly of his pants.

Taking his cock between his fingers, Steven prayed he wouldn’t accidentally shoot his wad straight across Mrs. Dudley’s face before he was able to actually do something productive with it. The pulsing log jerking in his hand, Steven did his best not to look out at the assembled audience in the room for fear of being struck with a case of pre-coital stage fright. As long as he kept his eyes glued on his teacher’s bare breasts, lean and tanned midriff and the smoothly shaven mound of her cooch, his erection seemed to cooperate. Leaning forward on his tip-toes, Steven watched as Kim’s mouth opened with seemingly cosmic timing to give her student a place to put his straining phallus.

“Holy Shit..she’s really gonna suck my dick..Mrs. Dudley’s really gonna suck my dick,” Steven repeated in his head, his feet pattering on the floor as he stared down at his cock hovering above the naked woman’s parted lips an instant before it disappeared between them.

From the moment Steven’s dick slid over Mrs. Dudley’s tongue he could feel the vessel of energy transfer she’d essentially become. Each time Anna’s mouth dipped and scoured through the teacher’s quim, Steven could feel the residual reaction in the way the older woman’s mouth spasmed and constricted around his embedded manhood.

Reaching down cautiously, as if still believing what he was seeing was all a dream, Steven rubbed his right hand through Mrs. Dudley’s beautiful blonde hair as it sprawled out across the cluttered mess on top of her desk. Fireworks exploding in his head each time the teacher twisted her tongue around his throbbing shaft, Steven was sure he could see Matt lean down and whisper something into Anna’s ear as she knelt in front of the desk, eating Mrs. Dudley out.

Boundless energy swept through Steven’s body as she stood there absorbing the shameless blowjob his teacher was giving him and by the time she’d nearly deep-throated his entire rock solid girth, the pubes that were sneaking out of his unzipped fly were grazing softly across Mrs. Dudley’s cheek.

Any attempt to prolong his pleasure would have been fruitless. Steven needed to cum and cum he did, shooting the milky and bubbling froth of his reproductive seed straight down his teacher’s churning throat.

Of all the places Steven ever thought (and dreaded) he’d temporarily lose control of all his bodily functions was at the front of a high school social studies class, with an entire room full of fellow students staring on. The only saving grace in the entire equation was the fact that his erect virgin cock was now being gobbled up by the same school teacher every male student and faculty member had lusted after for years. Steven’s arms and legs twitched involuntarily and his trim, teenage frame shimmied against the edge of the desk as he humped his crotch straight down on Mrs. Dudley’s beautiful face.

“AAHHHRRGGHHH..AARRHHAAHH,” Steven felt his voice rip from his burning lungs but he barely heard it from the violent way his blood was whistling now through his ears.

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