My Parent’s Neighbors Pt. 03


Spring Break and Beyond

The time between breaks crawled by. My parents called just before Spring break mentioning they had something important to discuss with me when I came home. It wasn’t life-threatening, but we needed to make some time to talk.

When I arrived home dad made a big speech. Apparently, the Carmichaels who had sold their house next door had an accident. Mr. Carmichael wasn’t expected to live very long. That had gotten dad thinking about how short life can be. He had already discussed the plan with mom; she was all for it. They were going to sell the house, buy a townhouse or something smaller; he’d retire, they’d give me mom’s car then start traveling and doing the things they’ve always wanted to do. They’d also pay off my college loans since the house was nearly paid for and had tripled in price since they bought it. I was happy about the loan thing, but I was wondering where I was going to live if they had no room for me. They looked at each other, and that’s when the other shoe dropped. They had mentioned their plans to Marion a few weeks before. About a week later she came over to talk to them. She suggested that I work at the gym as a PT and masseuse, she’d pay me, provide insurance as she did with her other employees. Until I could find a place to live, I could stay with her. Sam was going on some pre-college internship thing all summer so Marion would be alone. I could stay in one of the two guest rooms.

My parents were delighted with the offer; I was shocked. I told them fine; I’d talk to Marion. I asked where they planned on moving to and they mentioned they had been looking more downtown so they wouldn’t be too far away when they weren’t traveling. They wanted to be sure I was okay with their plans, not that they would have altered them just for me. I told them of course I was. It’s their life; they should be happy.

After their little revelation, I went up to my room and called Marion. She said she wanted to tell me, but she didn’t want to ruin my parent’s talk. I told her it was fine and we should get together to discuss the details. She purred, asking if we could do it in bed. I laughed, telling her I’d love it.

I got a text from Sam welcoming me back. She wanted to know when I’d be available to talk. I told her I’d just arrived so, after the jet lag thing I’d be available. We made a date to work out the following day. She said we could talk, work out, and if I felt like it, I could give her another massage. I laughed and asked if she were sure and she replied, yes. She’d gotten over the shock, and it did make her feel great afterward. We set the time for late in the day, that way she could close up the gym to let the regular closer go to her son’s baseball game. She’d pick me up at home just after seven.

The next day I slept later than usual. The changes my parents told me about didn’t affect me as much as the previous bits of drama with Marion and Sam. I spent most of the day boxing up my things into two categories, keep and toss. After dinner, Sam walked over to get me for our gym ‘date’ and massage. She greeted me with a hug telling me she’d wanted to talk to me, but emails and texts weren’t her thing. I told her it was fine, I’d be around all week. I brought the oils along with water and my gym bag putting them in her car. We drove to the gym catching up on my school work along with her bikini competition thing. When we arrived the place was practically deserted, two ladies were Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort gabbing on the treadmills, walking extremely slow, and the regular closer was reading a book. We said our hellos and let the lady leave for her son’s game waiting until the gossipers left. Sam shut and locked the door. We did modified workouts so we wouldn’t be there too late. Sam turned off most of the lights then we went to the massage room. Sam stripped down as I laid a towel on the massage table top so it would be a bit more comfy for her.

We went through the routine, her on her tummy, me working from foot to head using the eucalyptus oil. When I had finished her backside, she flipped over so I could start the front side routine only this time not getting close to her groin. When I skipped that part, she noticed sitting up on her elbows. That’s when she started the serious talk.

“Casey, I’ve done a lot of thinking since you massaged me last.”

I stopped working, listening to her, “Oh? What about?”

“To be honest, the way you touched me ‘down there.'”

“Sam, I’m still sorry. I didn’t know it was going to affect you that way.”

“Oh, no. I hate to admit it, but it did feel terrific. I don’t know if you could tell or not, but I had this anxious feeling down there until I showered.”

With that, her face turned the cutest pink. I figured she’d masturbated after I left. Now she was practically confessing to me in the most polite way she could think of.

“So, you masturbated after I left in the shower, Sam?”

She looked down, embarrassed to admit it, “I did Casey. Don’t think I’m a pervert or anything, please.”

“Sam, it’s perfectly natural to do that. I do it on occasion also. Don’t worry about it.”

I started to work again, but she kept on with her confession. We continued talking about how it felt, how she’d never experienced that feeling before. That she was shocked at herself because another girl had made her feel that way. She went on to tell me she was afraid that liking it would make her a lesbian. I laughed asking her what’s wrong with being a lesbian. That stumped her. She asked if I was a lesbian. I told her no, I don’t label myself; I like the human body, some more than others, I admitted. Everyone is different; you can enjoy the female touch as well as the male touch. It’s a personal choice, and part of the fun is discovering what you enjoy.

She thought more; I could almost see the gears turning in her head. Her look changed from contemplation to a small smile. Then she told me to go ahead with the groin massage like last time. Now that she was aware of it, and what it did to her she could deal with it. I smiled, then returned to my delightful task.

I modified the first groin massage since she was on the table and I didn’t want to climb up on it. I started on her right side, using both hands to work her inner thigh. I didn’t use both with the circular thumb motion on her groin. Instead, I used one index finger rubbing her up and down slowly and firmly. When I finished the right side, I moved around the table to duplicate the motions on her left.

The ‘Harp Player’ thing I did standing also, left side then right. When I’d almost finished her right side, she sat up, hooked me about the neck with her arm, and drew me face to face with her. Her eyes had that now familiar lusty MacArthur look to them, kissing me deeply.

I stood there enjoying it, what can I say? Her passion rose as our tongues played, saliva dripping from our mouths, our breathing accelerated; the girl was getting into it. When she released me, she turned away blushing.

I was flush, my heart racing, “Wow! What was that for?”

“I guess I got aroused again.”

“You did? You say that like it’s a bad thing, Sam.”

“Yes and no. I thought I could control it. That’s the bad thing. The yes thing is that it feels so good. Kissing you felt good too. Can I ask a favor, Casey? Well, maybe a couple.”

I had a feeling about what she was going to ask, so I said, “Sure, ask away.”

“Don’t tell my mom.”

“Of course not, what happened is between you and me.”

Smiling, she thought for a few more moments. “Would you give me an orgasm?”

My heart was at full capacity as I smiled at her. I leaned in, looked her in the eyes, “I’d love to sweet girl.”

She blushed, “Really, you don’t mind?”

“Seriously? I’ve wanted to do that since we worked out the first time.”

“Would you mind if I stripped down and joined you on the table?”

She giggled, “Not at all.” I did just that as she watched me undress. I climbed up the foot end of the table, slipping in between her legs far enough so I could kiss her. I held the back of her head with one hand as we repeated our first kiss, wet, sloppy, and delicious.

I released her when I moved to her breasts. Circling her nipples with my tongue, I waited for a reaction to each of my various forms of stimulation. She seemed to enjoy me sucking her smaller boobs in my mouth then releasing them then gently biting and tugging her nipples. Since this was her first girly experience, I went very slow. When she enjoyed something, I made sure I did it longer than I usually would. I fulfilled my fantasy of licking her taut abs then moving down to her aroused vagina. I moved back on the table, so my head was in the perfect spot to lick and kiss the other part of my Sammy lust.

I rubbed her sweet lips with my thumb; small gentle circles delighted in the moans and sighs she emitted as I did. Still rubbing, I placed my tongue flat on her now swollen labia passing over it from bottom to top, over and over again. My sweet Sammy was in another state of mind when I parted her lips to move my tongue gently between them. She had been sitting up on her elbows until I made that little move. After that, she laid flat on the table, her legs splayed wide letting me in as much as I desired.

I paused briefly asking, “What is it you want me to do sweet girl?”

Shocked that I would stop at such an inopportune moment, she looked down at me, “Give me an orgasm.”

“Say it again, sweet girl, use the magic word.”

“Casey, would you please make me cum.”

I smiled, “That’s my sweetness.”

I took her to the edge of her first real orgasm several times. My tongue returned to her sweet pussy, licking, probing, lapping and arousing her to heights she’d never experienced before. I didn’t want to do too much to her, so I only used my tongue and a finger to stimulate Sam to her first girl given ‘O.’

Her body responded with tremors, undulations, along with a rush of sweet nectar that I gladly sucked up. When she’d peaked, I eased back and watched, proud of my accomplishment and happy to have satisfied such a sweet and delicious young woman.

When she’d calmed, she looked down at me, a lovely smile on her face. I didn’t rush to kiss her because I didn’t know if she’d like her juices in her mouth. She didn’t offer to reciprocate, and I didn’t mind. This whole episode was a surprise, and I was glad about that.

She thanked me, complimented me on how it made her feel then suggested we shower. I accepted the invitation following her to the locker room. We showered without her saying a word, toweled off, dressed, and then headed home. She pulled into her driveway and let me out. Before doing so, she asked again not to tell Marion. I promised not to. She thanked me again for the massage and the orgasm. I said it was my pleasure anytime she was in the mood. I noticed the grin on her face as I closed the car door. I figured it was her first time, chalking her reaction up to inexperience. I went into the house, said hello to mom and dad, then up to my room. I laid in bed thinking about Sam and Marion. Marion, the more experienced lover, pleased me the way I had hoped I pleased Sam. Maybe with time and experience, Sam could become one too. I would love to be her mentor, if not I wish someone who cared for her would. The only problem was whether or not to tell Marion.

The remainder of the week Marion and I played a couple of times. We talked about her plans for me when I graduated. I liked the idea along with the terms she offered in private to me. She’d make it easy for me to get more experience. I’d be able to build a client base and at some point go out on my own. She’d help with the business model and guide me so that one day I could leave the nest so to speak and maybe buy a home of my own.

When I did graduate in June, my parent’s house had been sold. They moved into a condo putting all my things in storage. When I returned home, I went through the storage unit again tossing things I didn’t need. Sam didn’t go to her intern thing until July. I was living in the midst of potential drama should Sam or Marion find out about the other and the liaisons with me.

It did get a little hectic at times when I didn’t have any early appointments, and Marion had left the house. Sam would slip into my bed; we’d spend the morning making love with me the worldly teacher and her the enthusiastic student. Eventually, she got the courage to go down on me. We took it slow at first until she got used to the taste. We also played with a few toys and perfected the art of tribbing. Her endurance was terrific.

On occasion Sam would be out socializing and Marion would arrange a private place at the spa or we’d head home and make love. I was burning the candle at both ends, loving every single moment of it.

When Sam left for her thing, I moved into Marion’s bed. I still had a majority of my things in one of the spare bedrooms, but I was Marion’s lover, and I liked that. I’ve never told Marion or Sam I was playing with the other and never will.

I’ve met quite a few people with my work at the gym which is now a ‘spa.’ Marion still caters to Vets which I am helping with and enjoying immensely. It’s very satisfying work, and I met a guy while working there. He’s in the process of stealing my heart. He’s a para-Olympic runner. My parents love him, Marion thinks he’s perfect for me also. We’ve discussed long-term things, and I like the thought of that. I’ve told him of my sexual desires but not who I’ve slept with. He’s fine with it and one of the reasons I love him so. He’s never asked to join in even though Marion has been my only lover since graduating. Someday when I find the right woman, I’ll set it up. For now, I’m not really looking because he makes me very happy and I still have Marion.

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