Sexy Miranda Comes to Stay


The home of Brent and Cynthia Anthony was lit top to bottom, their son Mark switching on every light to welcome his aunt being brought from the airport by his parents.

It was the first time in twelve years Miranda Tosland, a TV actress based in London, had returned to home to Auckland.

The car lights flashed and Mark, standing on the front veranda, gave a shy wave.

“Try to inject some life into your nephew, Manda,” Cynthia said, falling into using the nickname she’d given her much younger sister when she was twelve and Miranda two – that was thirty years ago. “Mark’s hesitant and extremely shy of women.”

“Pussy shy?”

“Just generally shy,” coughed Cynthia to hide her mirth from her straight-laced lawyer husband who would be cringing enough after hearing Miranda’s immodest query.

Miranda jumped from the 4WD wagon and kissed the startled Mark on the mouth, not holding anything back. She’d hugged him, burbling, while his arms continued to hang uselessly at his sides, missing any chance of feeling over the body of his curvaceous aunt.

“Say something Mark,” she commanded.

“Welcome home, Aunt Miranda.”

“I’m Manda to you from now on – I’m only ten years older than you.”

“Twelve,” corrected the second-year law student.

“Mark Anthony – you have a lot to learn about women,” she said, not liking being caught out lying about her age. She took his arm. “Come, show me to my room; is it next to yours?

“Yes but the shared en-suite is between our rooms.”

“Oh good, I’ll be able to sneak in and watch you shaving you penis.”

“Aunt Miranda…”

“That was a joke, Mark. Let’s loosen up a bit, huh?

A fellow student of Mark’s, also twenty and doing law, arrived for late supper to meet the guest. Mark was helping his father shift the bed for Miranda because she wanted to sleep facing east ‘to improve her complexion’.

“Christ, she’s here for six weeks,” moaned his father, who almost never used profanity.

Mark figured house standards were already slipping as his mother had predicted they would.

Cynthia introduced her sister to Jasmine.

“Oh you gorgeous creature with a complexion, hair and body to die for,” trilled Aunt Miranda, capturing Jasmine’s allegiance in a flash. “Are you sleeping with my nephew yet?”

Jasmine hurried Aunt Miranda into the dining room thereby denying Cynthia the chance to learn whether or not – well, were they doing it?

“The truth is Miss Tosland…”

“Oh please – call me Miranda.”

“The truth is Miranda, he really only wants to use it to pee.”

“Does he go down on you?”


“Well, does he?”

The truth was, said Jasmine, the family cat could do a better job.


They giggled. Miranda promised she’d try to encourage Mark to loosen up a bit and would coach him about techniques.

“Live or theoretical coaching?

“What would you recommend Jasmine?”

“There’s no question – it would have to be hands on. Mrs Anthony whispered to me the other day that the only things about sex on which you’re not an authority haven’t been invented yet.”

“My sister always has over-sold me.”

Mark was showering next morning when he heard Miranda ask could she join him. His mind went blank and his mouth said, “Um.”

She joined him.

“You haven’t any clothes on,” he charged.

She asked who he knew who wore clothes in the shower.


“You’re well hung?”

“Oh God, Manda.”

She asked could she touch it. He yelled “No!” but she went ahead and grabbed it and soon had it growing in her hand.

“Do you like my boobs?”

“Yes,” he said, face beetroot red, eyes closed tightly.

“Suck them, see how soft they are.”

Mark’s voice went up an octave and he said he was leaving.

“Attempt to move from here and I’ll whack you, Mark. The girls at university think you must be gay, leaving poor Jasmine untouched.”

“She told you that?”

“Well, not quite but I could see it in her eyes. University people who are having it off left, right and centre can be so cruel. Now that we have managed to get you stiff, may I suck it?”

“Oh God. I suppose if I say no you’ll whack me?”

“Yes, I’m almost lethal with a head butt to the jaw.”

“But it’s incest. According to the law…”

“Don’t you ever quote law to a woman when you are in the middle of sex with her Mark.”

“I cannot believe this; as they say in theatre, this is my worst nightmare.”

“I don’t wish to take you by force, Mark. Are you offering your dick to me?”

“Oh, this is one of the worst moments of my life. Yes, suck it but go easy with your teeth. I’ve heard that some women when they suck have the idea that it’s done like paring cheese.”

Shamed and feeling he was a loser in not repelling his stroppy aunt, Mark leaned against the shower wall. Gradually a feeling of serenity, warmth and absolute nerve-tingling bliss came up – from his toes it seemed – enveloping him like a fog until she brought him into a mighty ejaculation.

“God, karataş escort bayan that’s far better than when I do it,” he groaned unthinkingly.

“I daresay it is.” Miranda said, sounding very British and slightly peeved as if her administration had been under-appreciated until she sped into her finale.

Mark opened his eyes to see her standing, grinning at him; his cum was dripping off her tits. She wouldn’t dare…

“Lick me clean, Mark.”

He fled.

Mark hid in his room until his mother called for the fourth time, “Breakfast Mark” with a rising edge to his voice. He walked shame-faced into the dining room thinking his mother would be looking at him, her eyes a mixture of sympathy and hurt; Miranda would be gloating and his father looking angry ready to kick his son in the butt. But amazingly the three of them were in animated conversations and barely acknowledged his arrival.

Mark ate silently wondering why he’d been pushed to the side in the jet stream of the rush of his contemporaries to leap into adulthood – emotionally strong and accelerating their sexual experiences and ability of dealing with the opposite sex. He felt extremely sorry for Jasmine joining him in the wayside, being soft and endearing but missing out on high sexual gratification each week, or perhaps daily. Hourly? Not Jasmine, not hourly.

He realized he was achieving erection and looked accusingly at Miranda, but she was in deep conversation with his father. Then he was aware of very light stroking of a foot in his crotch. Asking his mother what they would be having for dinner he reached down with both hands and jerked the foot. Miranda shrieked and grabbed the table to regain her balance, sending her coffee flying.

“Manda, what’s wrong?”

“Cramp, just cramp, Cynthia.”

“Can I rub it for you,” Brent asked, earning a glare from his wife who was leaving the table to get tissues to mop up the coffee spill.

At last Mark felt brave enough to eye his aunt. Instead of the ‘wait-until-I-get-you-alone’ look she winked at him. Oh God, he father probably spotted that wink. Mark wanted to run from the table but not with this erection – it was pulsating!

Half and hour later Mark was about to mount his racing bicycle when Miranda came up, kissed him on the lips and thrust something into his shirt pocket.

“What’s that?”

“A condom – wear it when you come to me tonight.”

Mark looked at her fleetingly; she didn’t appear to be joking. He looked at her boobs – far too much flesh was showing for a woman of her age unless being on the beach or beside the pool. He felt his cock indicating an interest so said, “See you tomorrow; I’ll stay tonight with Steve and Tubby Ritchie.”

“Mark, if you’re not here tonight I will punish you.”

He cringed as he heard himself say, “Yes Manda.”

Half a mile from home Mark stopped and took out the package to see what a condom really looked like. Girls had sometimes offered him one but he’d jumped back as if they were offering him cocaine. Inside the package was only a folded note: ‘Mark, please understand that I love helping you become a man. Jasmine is desperately in need of cock and I feel she’d rather get yours filling her rather than some other guy’s. Please keep on fighting me as I adore the challenge. I love to fuck Mark.’

It wasn’t signed. He placed the note against his nose wondering is she’d sprayed some of her exotic perfume on it. He grinned: that fragrance was definitely more like under-arm scent than French perfume. Then his smile collapsed when the truth hit him. The foul bitch. A little farther along the road his face creased into a huge grin. Wasn’t his aunt something!

After dinner Mark was in his room reading up on contract law when Miranda came into his room. “I’m going to shave – come and look.”

He bit back the comment “Shave what?” Watching adult videos with the guys had armed him with knowledge so he didn’t have to guess what she was on about. Mark gave her a minute and went into the bathroom. She wasn’t there but the door to her bedroom was ajar.

Miranda was nude, on her bed, with a battery shaver between her legs. The legs were spread incredible wide, like a gymnast doing some kind of splits. It seemed to push her pussy upwards and he felt sure if her back was subtle enough she could, well, lick it.

“Are you used to seeing pussy up close?”

Mark shook his head and she put down the shaver and invited him to take a close look. “You’ll become use to the distinctive fragrance in time; with luck you’ll come to adore it.”

Mark completed a very close up inspection and was fascinated when Miranda pulled her lips apart.

“It looks very wet.”

“It’s become juicy because you are here; you very presence under these circumstances is exciting my pussy so it’s cooperating in anticipation. Go now – your mother could come bursting in at any time. Come back after they’re gone to bed and I’ll teach you how to lick pussy.”

“That won’t be necessary. karkamış escort bayan I’ve done that a couple of times with Jasmine when she lost control.”

“I’ll teach you how to lick pussy like a pro, Mark; you have to learn to walk before you can run.”

“What’s to learn about pussy licking?”

“Tonight, Mark.”

The next evening Jasmine picked up Mark in her mother’s car and they went to a concert. Afterwards they parked overlooking the harbor and went through their usual routine. But as Jasmine warmed up to the kissing and breast rubbing he began to whiff pussy and fifteen minutes later Jasmine screamed to her biggest climax ever.

They lay at rest, Mark gently still moving two fingers deep inside her as Jasmine slowed her breathing rate. Just as Miranda had said, some women like fingers and a much smaller number like being fondled after the big release. Jasmine was groaning as he fondled her. Then she said just one word: “Manda?”

Coloring, Mark nodded.

“Will she teach you how to fuck?’

“I hope so. She said she was going this for you.”

“I bet.”

Mark could see Jasmine’s big grin in the faint illumination from the stereo light.

“Slide it into me now, Mark. I’m protected. I can’t wait until Miranda gets to those lessons – I need it now. I’m not fussed about technique right now. I just need a big fat cock inside me, stroking me with lovely sensations.”

“Where do I fire my cum?”

“Oh, do you think you’ll be able to ejaculate?” Jasmine said innocently. “Just leave it where it is and fire.”

It was a small car, difficult for Mark to thrust with precision. But Jasmine was hugely cooperative and athletically active. She grunted into two small releases before she squeezed and screamed Mark into a very impressive ejaculation – he sweating quietly, eyes bulging.

The somewhat experienced Jasmine confessed to having never felt a cock pumping inside her with so much vigor. Mark became aware his erection was returning so he enquired about an encore and a tongue thrust into his mouth answered him silently

After resting, Jasmine led him off on a walk and giggled: “I can feel our discharges dripping from me.” Mark was glad she couldn’t see his face in the dark – he suspected it looked horrified.

When they returned to the small car, Mark sniffed and embarrassed Jasmine when he said her mother would find out in the morning that the car had been used for more than transportation.

“We best drive home with the windows down to freshen up the interior,” she said, then smiled, picking up her panties from the floor. “That was the first time you’ve dicked anyone, wasn’t it?”

Mark nodded.

She handed him the panties and suggested he keep them as a trophy. He then melted her heart, saying, “I’ll treasure these for the rest of my life.”

“God, you’re so sweet, Jasmine said, rubbing her tears of happiness into his shoulder.

Next day Mark came home just after 2:00 to do some required reading. That morning his mother had gone to his father’s office to reorganize their filing system – she was a qualified librarian – and Miranda had said she would be lunching with friends. He changed into just baggy shorts and took the three books with marked chapters to the side of the pool which is where Miranda found him when she arrived home a little tanked up.

“Oh goodie, sex,” she said and began stripping right off. He breasts appeared swollen and her pussy was puffy. “I was thinking about you riding home in the cab.”

Mark was ordered out of his shorts and instructed on how to work her up even more until finally she lifted her legs on to his shoulders and told him to get going. “Nice and gently, stroke at a steady pace to start with – don’t even try to sink completely in. Did you know most of a woman’s intense sensations from a normal fuck are generated just inside her vagina – or cunt to you?”

Her language made him thicken.

“But women still enjoy the feeling when a man bottoms out.”

At that he thudded his dick right in and she gasped, “Oh my,” making him feel very proud.

Miranda finally squeezed, triggering all the signals that he was about to cum. “Slide right up over my tits, darling, and shoot down my throat.”

She sucked and jacked him until Mark felt his balls tighten and his vision began to blur. He looked up right into the eyes of his mother, bent over the kitchen bench, her chin resting in cupped hands, watching the action. Her smile broadened and she placed a finger in the hush position over her lips. Mark bellowed in horror unable to look away, emptying himself down Miranda’s throat. She pushed him away and sat up gasping – “Where did all that come from; you almost drowned me.”

“It’s because of your sensitive tuition,” he smiled, looking back to the kitchen window to wink at his mother; but she had disappeared.

“Fuck and talk like that Mark and you’ll be able to have almost any woman you want,” Miranda said. “Next we do doggie.”

Mark found his mother in her bedroom, putting kilis escort bayan something away in the bottom drawer. Her eyes were unusually large and she kissed him on the mouth, appearing in no hurry to pull away. He placed a hand on her right breast which was bigger than Miranda’s and felt very firm, the nipple really hard. Mark – feeling less inhibited as a result of Miranda’s confrontational tuition and confidence building – allowed his hand to wander down to touch his mother between her legs. She pushed his hand away and said, softly but firmly, ‘Don’t Mark’ but not before he became aware that she was not wearing panties and her dress front was damp. Christ, his mother had been masturbating after seeing him and Miranda going at it like animals.

“Do you masturbate?”

Her eyes widened and she said something about Miranda bringing him along in leaps and bounds.

“Answer me.”

Mark almost walked away, accepting his mother was still too strong mentally for him and besides, had no desire to get intimate with him. But the sigh told him to wait.

“Do you know what a vibrator is?”

“Only what I’ve seen in porno films.”

“I’ll educate you on the condition you don’t touch me Mark – you must not touch me. Promise?”

“Yes, sure.”

Mark sat beside his mother on the bed. She pulled out her green waterproof vibrator and showed him its three vibrating speeds, three pulsating speed and an escalating speed.

“What hole do you use it in?”

“I don’t do anal anything, Mark.”

“Show me how it works.”

“It’s best that I don’t.”

“Use it and let my smell your pussy. I’ve promised not to touch you.”

Cynthia turned hot and bothered: “You’re really turning me on Mark. I am your mother.”

“We’re not going to fuck, if that’s what’s worrying you.”

Without another word Cynthia scrambled around Mark and lay on the bed, knees drawn up. Slowly she pulled his dress up to reveal her light brown thatch and pounty pink-edged lips.

“It’s beautiful mum.”

Cynthia’s blush deepened but she was unable to hide her delight at being spoken to like that. With increasing confidence she inserted the device into her already lubricated pussy and demonstrated its flexibility.

“I’ll have to stop now.”

“Take it away and let me see you ejaculate.”


“Just do it mum.”

Her face absolutely crimson, Cynthia obliged, her son watching in awe, her pussy smell hitting his nostrils and his dick hard and fighting to break through his zip. She began moaning, fingering her clip and then breathed heavily, as if expiring. She held her pussy lips apart, eyes closed.

Mark leaned forward, concentrating on keeping calm. He saw the soupy white liquid appear and looked up to see his mother staring at him intently. Hesitating, thinking about asking her to allow him to taste it – to taste any liquid coming from her pussy – he decided against it. Suddenly two of her fingers were up against his mouth; he opened his lips and tasted mummy.

“Ohmigod, never in my life did I think I would be doing this for you.”

“I regard it as a great honor, mum. Will you allow me to watch you and Miranda?”

“The cow – she told you…”

Cynthia could tell by the stupid grin he’s tricked her. “Don’t you dare talk to her about you and me. It’s best you mention that you’d like to see her with another woman. If she nominates me, pretend to be astonished.”

Mark left the bed and Cynthia said: “I’m surprised you didn’t ask to see my tits.”

“Some other time, mum. I don’t wish to be given all the treats at once.”

They grinned and she blew him a kiss.

Mark turned at the door and whispered loudly, “Mum, if you ever feel like a fuck just call me, okay?”

“Okay,” she said, looking appalled.

Mark returned to the pool, removed his shorts and dove in. He swam to the side and looked keenly at Miranda.

“Where have you been?” she yawned.

“Catching up on some study. You best get some clothes on. Mum’s home.”

“I’ve nothing she hasn’t seen.”

“I bet.”

He grinned catching the bemused look on her face, which changed to a seriously thoughtful look. Come on Miranda, he willed; think about showing me how two babes get their action.

Jasmine’s parents were out at the movies and Mark undressed her and she unzipped him and they played for a while.

“Has Miranda taught you anything more about satisfying sex,” Jasmine asked almost coyly.

He grinned and led her over to an armless chair. He sat down and she looked perplexed: “What?”

“Sit across my knees, facing me.”

“Don’t be daft; it will be uncomfortable and I’ll unbalance and fall to the floor.”

Mark didn’t move, holding out his arms.

“All right, but I’ll be mad at you if I fall and get hurt.”

Jasmine straddled his thighs, his erection, pointing parallel to his belly, was squashed between them.

“Ohmigod, it’s almost up me already.”

“That’s the idea, lift and I’ll push it out under you and then you sit down gently.”

“Ohmigod, Ohmigod – it’s filling me, feels so tight. I think I’m going to orgasm.”

Mark urged her to rest for a moment, to get used to the intrusion.

She said she felt more comfortable.

When she was relaxed he pushed his hands under her ass to lift her and lower her; she responded immediately, pushing up from her feet and easing off, catching his rhythm.

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