Not Every Cloud…

Dani Jensen

This is my first attempt to write, please post comments…


It was mostly always cold, from October to May in some years, Ireland can be a wet, cold, dreary place, John was a tall forty one year old man, at 200lbs he was well built, kind of rugby large build with a beer belly that comes and goes with the seasons.

Having had a rough childhood some might say, he settled down with his wife and had a family, good job, typical kind of man, but not every cloud has a silver lining…

First day of school was his earliest memory, the pain and anguish of his mother’s pending departure from the classroom, Class no. 4, screaming kids all in the same boat as him, but he couldn’t see them.

Miss O’Brien was his new class teacher, tall — a lot taller than his mother almost giant like to him, she had long black straight hair, tall and skinny is how she could be described, wearing a long chequered type skirt and a purple jumper, she immediately put John and some others to the calm place where she needed them to be, there were still a few inconsolable little boys and girls scattered about.

Anyhow as the week progressed it wasn’t long before he had made new friends and school was a doddle, low babies then high babies as it was called back then went in a flash, the next big memories were making his first communion, a pale blue suit with horrible double breast pockets and flared trousers that would have enough material to have two pairs of trousers in today’s standards.

The usual travelling around to neighbours and aunts and uncles followed that to be handed 50p of in some cases like his uncle tom a tenner (Tom was a taxi driver and had the very strange ability without him doing anything that when he passed in front of the Ferguson TV the picture would go all black and white dots).

Following the communion he went to third class where the bubble of his old classmates disintegrated and a new teacher Gaziantep Escort İlanları ‘Mr. Sorensom’. A small man with massive acne and who smelled of BO each day as his clothes seemed never to change, Sorro as they all called him after a while (but not to him) was a good teacher, spent time getting each kid involved where he could, confirmation happened in sixth class where the similarities of communion were pretty much the same except that John received eighty four pounds which was a lot of money back in those days, it was at this age when John started to find an interest in girls, and it has to be said himself.

That summer school finished and was a break before entering the secondary level school or college as it was referred to.

The summer was unusually hot, and most days were spent out doors with a group of friends on bikes and playing football, that’s when John met Tina, a beautiful and very quiet girl from the other side of the town, she had black hair always with tons of gel or hairspray and rock hard to touch, by accident, John fell in love instantly, and she the same, summer went and they both started college in the same class, the two were inseparable on a daily account, they had only kissed during the start of the year, later in the year it went to touching outside of their clothing and in third year touching underneath the clothes , they were the perfect school couple,

At the year before the Deb’s they split up , this was harrowing for John, not knowing the reason, although his parents had called to hers to put a stop to the relationship a few months before, they met in secret wherever they could.

The Debs — John had gotten asked by Amy Keogh to go so they did, when they arrived the first person he saw was Tina with her new boyfriend, John got drunk and forgot about her.

Later that year John got a job with his dad as an apprentice electrician, earning money for beers with the lads was great and the craic was typical for a lad of his years, He met Karen who used to be in school with him and shared similar friends, Karen was chubby red haired and very funny, after a while they messed around and became pregnant, John was 20, the baby came and lots of his time was spent with her and the new baby at her mam’s house.

When after about 2 years John was collecting Karen from her Christmas do he spotted her outside with another bloke, dragged her into the taxi and brought her drunken hole back to her mams and left.

John was 22 when he met Ann working in the bank where he was working, Ann also had red hair, was intelligent and seemed to come from a good background,

A date was organised and they met in the square a good pub, from there they went to the yacht to go to Johns best friends farewell do as he was leaving for the states later that week,

The two dated and got engaged, married and started a family.

All was well, John decided to go out on his own and start his electrical contracting business, during this time they had moved to the country and John was mostly working in Dublin , that when one day John and a work mate went for brekkie in a café close to where he grew up, he bumped into quite literally Tina, wow she was much more beautiful than he had remembered, she was pushing a pram with a baby girl, they talked only for a few minutes, exchanged mobile numbers and left, left feeling empty and confused, from that week John returned to the same café at the same time to get a glimpse of her to no avail as his mobile had lost all his numbers when it fell from a scaffold the following day!.

John was about 30 at this stage and life continued more kids more worries, more shit.

On Johns birthday when he was 39, when his wife and kids went to bed he did a Facebook search for Tina, it didn’t take long to find her, she had long black hair and her recognised her instantly, he posted a ‘how’s things, blast from the past mail, within seconds there was a reply, they continued to mail for an hour or two exchanged numbers and he went to bed.

The following day Johns mobile rang, It was Tina, it was like they were kids again having never parted, they talked for ages and later mailed each other on Facebook mostly all of the day, and the following day, John and his wife had won a cruise and flew to Barcelona the following day for a week, every available chance they mailed each other John and Tina had on the day he flew back organised to meet.

They met in an underground car park close to where she lives and instantly all the hormones and feelings erupt, their first hotel meet was set up days later, the lovemaking and sex was out of this world, as Ann was not adventurous, Tina was so experienced and for hours they enjoyed all forms of sexual loving, oral, anal, and straight, she was amazing in the bedroom they both came endlessly for hours, so much lon awaited anticipation, he cried….she was perfect in bed and other department.

They spoke daily, mailed and met very regularly sometimes every day, they got daring and made love in Tina’s house on the floor with her kids upstairs, her husband suspects something but is not aware, things were hot.

Things were going well until last year a text message was found by Ann with the message’ love you more’, questions , scrutiny ensemble for weeks and months, John and Tina were in love again, they kept the contact , but the meetings were slowing down as he was working in Spain these days and only got home once a month.

Things in the bedroom improved for John and Ann, she became more adventurous and started to do oral which she had never done up until this in their 16 years of marriage, to day John and Tina still mail, talk on the phone but meet about once a month for quick meets or sex…………………………..what will happen next…….

Read part two…………………….explicit and intimate details of what went on

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