High School Harem Ch. 02


(Author’s Note: All characters, whether described as such or not, are all over 18 years of age. This is a continuing series of fantasies harbored since my own high school years. Enjoy.)

Amy, Leanne, Beth

Rick Thomas slunk through the halls of his high school, glancing at each clock he passed, willing time to speed up and rescue him, at least until he had to do it all over again on Monday. Since the beginning of his senior year, the brown haired teens’ days had marginally improved. As it was, he kept to himself, eating his lunch in the farthest corner of the cafeteria, bolting from class to class and fleeing the premises as soon as the dismissal bell rang. There was no sense tempting fate.

Over the summer, his rail thin frame had filled out considerably, helped by Mother Nature and his labors on his uncle’s landscaping crew. He hadn’t been tripped once in the hallway by the football jocks, though their insults and jeers still chased him down the hallway as he scurried like a frightened mouse looking for cover. The biggest improvement seemed to be with the girls in the school. Gone were their sneers and teases, replaced by something akin to acceptance. He still saw them whisper and giggle to their girlfriends while looking his way, but it had a different air to it. He wondered if it had anything to do with what had happened between him and Mindy Cain and Sheri Stilson a week before school started.

Since that glorious night, Rick had filled countless tube socks late at night with re-enactments of his first time with a girl, much less two girls! He spent the first couple of weeks afterwards snatching up the phone at home every time it rang, praying it would be one of the beautiful coeds calling for a rematch. It soon became clear to him that it was a one time occurrence and they had gone back to their lives as college students with nary a thought of geeky little Ricky.

The fact of the matter was that the night of passion had a big impact on the two friends, especially Sheri. She had wanted many times to pick up the phone and call Rick, if not for a blatant hook-up, then just to talk to the shy young man. She had felt a connection with Rick and not just through his big cock. Sheri however, had used all her powers of resistance, honoring her promise to her younger sister Amy. Upon limping home, fresh from getting fucked by the big dicked kid, she had regaled her sister with tales of the prowess of the bashful boy. Amy had made Sheri promise to keep the information to herself. Part of Amy was mortified that her sexy older sister had slept with Rick, but the other part of her was curious as to what could have been so captivating as to compel her to do so. Amy had gone to school with Rick since grade school and the thought of fucking him was beyond repugnant, but to hear Sheri talk…

Amy was currently leaning against her locker, scanning the hallway for her timid classmate. Eighteen years of age, Amy was of average height, thin for her frame, with long brown hair. She shared her most interesting attributes with her older sister, Sheri. She had big blue eyes and a sensuous mouth, her lips full and pouty. It had taken her almost a month to work up the courage to approach Rick and she had waited until just before last period to do so. She spotted him creeping his way through the crowded hallway, his books clutched to his chest and his eyes glued to the floor. She took a deep breath and reached out to tap his shoulder as he shot past her.

“Can I talk to you a minute, Rick?” she asked.

Rick whirled around and took a defensive step backwards. His reaction was understandable given that the only time anyone talked directly to him at school it was to harass or tease him. He relaxed slightly, seeing that it was Amy Stilson. He had known Amy forever and had to admit she had never openly abused him like most people. She just acted like he wasn’t even there. He took a deep breath and gulped.

“H-h-hi Amy.” His first thought was she might be contacting him on Sheri’s behalf. But why would Sheri go through her sister? Could there be something wrong? What if she was pregnant? She had said she was on the p…

“How’s your week been Rick?” Amy said sweetly. He could smell the spearmint gum she was chewing and he lost himself for a moment watching those full, poufy lips work. He snapped back when he heard her sigh dramatically.

“Uh, I’m sorry. What’d you say?” he stammered.

“Never mind,” she said.

Amy flipped her brown hair about her shoulders and cut quick looks up and down the hall. Most of the students had filed into their classes and it didn’t appear anyone was taking an interest in her conversation with Rick. She leaned closer to him. Rick reflexively leaned away, but when Amy cocked an eyebrow in exasperation at him, he hesitantly leaned back.

“Can you keep a secret?” she whispered. He nodded. “My parents are out of town tonight and my dad just stocked up the fridge with beer. You wanna come over and Starzbet knock back a couple? Maybe watch a movie?”

Rick was totally flummoxed at her request. “Why?” he asked.

Amy got a semi-hurt look on her face and turned to leave. Rick scrambled to stop her.

“No, no, no. I mean, why me?”

Amy’s face relaxed and she shrugged. “Sheri told me she talked to you at the movies a few weeks ago and I thought it was about time we got to know each other better. She said you’re a pretty interesting guy,” she said stretching the truth. Sheri had said he was interesting, but Amy edited the part about her knowledge of his fat dick.

Rick’s first thought was, “Would Sheri have told Amy about their liaison? Surely not.” His next was that he was overanalyzing the invitation. He definitely didn’t have any plans for the evening and it would be nice to spend it with someone his own age and not his overbearing parents.

“S-s-sure! I’d like that! What time?”

“Say about nine,” Amy said. “And keep it to yourself. I don’t want a bunch of people raiding my dad’s fridge.”

Rick grinned and mimed zipping his lips and throwing away a key.

Amy had to struggle to keep from rolling her eyes. She smiled back and headed for class, Rick’s eyes glued to her tight little ass as she walked away. He then turned and headed in the other direction, a definite skip in his step.

Out of sight to the two conspiring teens, Amy’s best friends, Leanne Walsh and Beth Rierson, had curiously watched them, wondering what had gotten into their friend. They looked at each other quizzically and rushed to catch up to Amy.

“Hey Ames! What the hell was that all about? You and Rick the Dick got a hot date tonight?” Leanne teased; bumping her round ass against Amy’s hip when they caught her. Leanne was slightly shorter than her friend and curvier. She had the type of body you knew she would have to fight a weight battle with later in life. As a teen though, she carried it well, her hips and rear arced away from her body deliciously and it was generally accepted throughout the male students that she had the best ass in school. Her upper body couldn’t keep pace with her lower, though she sported a nice handful of chest flesh. She was blue eyed and blonde, often times keeping her hair in a long braid, as it was now. She toyed with her hair as she waited for Amy’s explanation.

“Yeah,” Beth parroted, “Is that your new boyfriend?” Amy and Leanne rolled their eyes at their friend. Beth was definitely the third wheel in the group, following Amy and Leanne’s lead in everything. She was the same height as Leanne, but heavier, carrying all of the extra weight in her chest, which she tried vainly to cover up with bulky sweaters and voluminous tops. She was painfully aware of her big tits, each the size of volleyballs, and it was the rapid blossoming of them that led to her dropping out of cheerleading in high school. She couldn’t endure the hoots and whistles of the boys when she ran across the gym at pep rallies or games, their calls of “Hey, nice jugs!” burning her ears. She wore little makeup as one more way to not distinguish herself, but in reality, she didn’t need it. Her complexion was milky white, with long black hair and blue eyes. Picture a chubby Snow White and you’d be dead on.

“Cut it out guys,” Amy said defensively. “Rick’s a nice guy.”

“Since when?” Leanne guffawed. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you exchange two words with him and now you’re inviting him over to watch movies and drink your dad’s beer? What’s really going on? I thought we were going out to the lake tonight? Somebody said Scott’s got a keg.”

“Maybe some other time,” Amy said, rushing towards her class as the tardy bell began to sound. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

Leanne and Beth just stared in wonder at their friend.

“Something’s up and were gonna find out what it is,” Leanne said to Beth as they turned and headed to their own class.

Rick’s mentioning at dinner that he was going over to a classmate’s home to watch movies quickly became the center of the Thomas’ dinner conversation that night. His parents were thrilled that he might be coming out of his shell and urged him to stay as late as he wanted.

At precisely nine o’clock Rick stood on Amy’s front step, awkwardly clutching the 2 liter soda his mother had insisted he take. He turned and waved his mother and dad away furiously as they sat in their car at the curb, eagerly watching their son. They waved and pulled away before he turned back to ring the door bell. He had assured them he would call for a ride or get Amy to bring him home later.

As the bell echoed inside the home, he conducted a breath self-test and checked to make sure his fly wasn’t open right before the door opened.

“Hey Rick! Come on in!” Amy chirped, leaning out to pull him bodily into the foyer before he was spotted by any passersby. She was looking on this night as kind of like having a vibrator Starzbet Giriş in your bed side drawer: it was nice to have it there when you needed it, but you really didn’t want to advertise its existence.

“I, uh, brought a drink,” Rick admitted sheepishly, thrusting the bottle towards her. Amy smiled at his awkwardness. He had gotten kind of cute over the summer, she admitted to herself and if what Sheri had told her was true, then tonight should be fun. She had threatened Sheri with bodily harm if she was lying to her about Rick’s dick and was eager for some confirmation before investing too much time entertaining the geeky teen boy.

In order to get the ball rolling quickly, Amy had purposely dressed in as little as possible. She wore a thin, white T shirt, two sizes too small for her. It clung tightly to her chest, accentuating her apple sized boobs. Right before opening the door, she had pinched and twisted her nipples, instantly hardening them. They jutted out in sharp relief against her shirt and the fabric was so thin, you could see the brownness of her nipples. The shirt ended inches short of her tight, baby blue wind shorts (sans panties of course), exposing her belly button. She shamelessly stretched her arms over her head, further exposing her flat stomach and drawing Rick’s widening eyes down her torso. She noticed him nervously shuffling his feet and set the hook further by turning and beckoning him to follow her into the living room. Amy could feel his eyes burning into her twisting ass as she walked over and gestured to the couch.

“Make yourself comfy. I’ll get us a couple of beers,” she purred and walked out to the kitchen.

Rick’s cock had been at half mast since he’d been invited over by the nubile girl and her blatant clothing and stretching had only exacerbated the situation into a full blown lumber mill in his pants. He reached down and positioned his hard pole straight up, under the waist band of his shorts and made sure his shirt would cover the pulsing head before he sat on the leather couch. “Could lightning strike twice?” he excitedly thought, “Or was this simply just an innocent invitation to hang out?” He eagerly awaited Amy’s return.

Amy sashayed back into the room, stopping just beside him, her bare leg contacting his. Rick reflexively pulled away, but she stepped forward, bringing them back in contact. He left his leg there this time, hesitantly looking up at her as she extended a long neck beer towards him.

“I hope light beer is ok,” she said, smiling broadly down at the red faced boy, a thin line of perspiration visible on his brow. “So, my little parade is getting to him,” she thought as he reached up and took the beer, nodding his head. Amy sat down on the couch, cocking herself on one hip, her body pressed tightly against the lean, wiry frame of her target.

Rick could feel the softness of Amy’s firm left boob pressed against his right arm, the hard nipple boring a hole into his bicep. She was sitting so close to him that her left shoulder and arm were lodged underneath his arm and he could feel a trickle of sweat from his forehead begin to make its way down his temple. He licked his lips nervously. The two teens merely sat there in silence for a few long moments, until Amy kicked off her flip flops and began to run her manicured toes up and down Rick’s right calf.

“Uh, Movie?” he ventured. Rick usually never spoke unless spoken to, but Amy’s proximity to him had made even the waist band technique uncomfortable. He was hoping she would have to get up and retrieve a remote, allowing him the opportunity to re-readjust himself, though he didn’t know where to.

Amy was in the process of curling herself around him like a snake and his question caught her off guard. “What?” she said looking up at him. He nodded towards the dark TV screen.


He felt like a mono-syllabic Neanderthal, but Amy’s lush, warm body was overriding even his usual two word sentence structure. He cut a glance at her face and thought he detected the same lustful look he had seen in her sister’s eyes when she was jacking his big cock. Lord knows he had replayed the scene enough times, but he wondered if his imagination was getting the better of him.

Unbeknownst to him, it wasn’t, as Amy could feel her crotch heating up and getting moist just from rubbing against the lean muscled youth. She got her bearings and spied the remote on the couch armrest past Rick. Rather than ask him to retrieve it, she leaned her body over his lap and grabbed for it.

Rick sucked in a lungful of breath as Amy’s midsection sunk down on his throbbing stake. By now, his cockhead was protruding above his shorts and he was certain that she had to feel its spongy hardness rubbing against her tummy. Thankfully his shirt still covered the tip.

Amy definitely felt the big lump pressing into her abdomen as she picked up the remote. “Jackpot!” she thought. “Wow! Sheri wasn’t exaggerating!” Starzbet Güncel Giriş Rather than sit back up, she swung her legs onto the couch and lay across him on her stomach.

“I’m not hurting you am I, Rick?” she asked innocently as she directed the remote and cued up the just released VHS of “Sixteen Candles”. When he didn’t reply, she turned her head to look up at his beet red face. She smiled sweetly, her big blue eyes sparkling mischievously.

“Erm, no. Fine,” he grunted. She boldly winked and rolled back, facing away from him, resting her head on her left hand.

They stayed this way through the opening credits, no sound in the room except for the movie, before Amy took the next step, laying her warm hand on Rick’s right thigh. His eyes got even wider, feeling her idly pet and stroke his upper leg. Curiosity was overwhelming what little restraint Amy had left and her hand drifted higher, pushing the bottom of his T shirt higher and higher until the bottom edge of his waist band was exposed. Both of the teens already rapid breathing sped up, Rick knowing what she would uncover if she continued, and Amy eager to find out. She audaciously grasped his shirt between her fingers and lifted it, exposing the purplish pulsing head peeking above his shorts. The head was broad and fat, flexing rapidly as his heart pounded.

“Oh my!” she breathed. “You are a big boy, aren’t you!?” She brazenly wet her forefinger in her salivating mouth and teased it over the tip. Rick groaned deep in his chest and his head dropped back against the couch.

“What’re the odds?” he blearily thought, not even contemplating that this was a set-up. He could feel Amy’s finger idly trace the shape of his mushroom knob. His cum swollen balls gave a lurch, coughing up a creamy glob of juice at the tip. He watched as if in slow motion. Amy lowered her head towards the exposed bone and began to drag her wet, pink tongue over him. She gathered up the salty output and savored it on her tongue. “Yummy!” she thought and began to poke the edge of her tongue into the blooming slit. Rick’s balls began to give her a steady supply of his salty goodness which she eagerly consumed. Her soft, slippery tongue felt so good on his overheated cock. Eager to feel more of her mouth, Rick lifted his hips and tried to push down his shorts without dislodging her, but Amy swung her body to the carpet between his legs and reached up to assist.

The movie droned on in the background and Amy thought, “Now THAT’S a Long Duck Dong,” when the fat shaft cleared his shorts. She wrestled them off his legs and flung them over her shoulder, pegging the sleeping cat that fled the scene with a screech.

Rick pulled his shirt off and sat back against the couch, opening his legs wider as Amy rested her palms on his legs and simply stared in awe as his drooling scepter hugged his stomach, hovering over the belly button. Below, his full balls sloshed in their sack, eager to unload their creamy contents. Rick had wisely drained himself before coming over, “Huh, huh, I said coming”, he thought, not thinking he was going to get this lucky, only wanting to stave off anything that might inadvertently arise.

Amy leaned down and blew a stream of warm breath over his crotch, her eyebrows knitting in amusement at his excited reaction. “Now what am I supposed to do about this?” Amy naively asked, looking up at him. Rick gulped.

“Suck it?” he volunteered.

Amy seemed to contemplate the request for a second, her eyes drinking in the sight of the meal that lay before her. “Okay!” she said brightly before dropping down to suck one of his ponderous balls between her lips. The big orb filled her mouth and she rolled her tongue over the crinkly skin of his sack as she tenderly sucked on it. She closed her eyes and moaned. She dropped the now glistening sphere and switched to the other, repeating the act. Once she had his low hanging sack slathered in her spit, she pressed her face into his crotch, her nostrils flaring as she inhaled his male scent. Amy then pulled back and took his cock in her hand, lifting it alongside her cheek and smiling demurely at Rick.

Rick took pride in the discrepancy between the hugeness of his long prong and Amy’s face. It stretched from where her chin rested on his balls to halfway up her forehead. She positioned it in front of her mouth and flattened her tongue out on the underside, wiggling it enticingly.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to take all this big old cock in my little mouth,” Amy whispered, fluttering her eyelashes seductively.

“Th-tha-that’s ok,” Rick managed as her saliva oozed off her snaking tongue and dripped down the shaft, further coating his balls. Amy pursed her lips and tilted her head, skimming her full, wet lips up the tube until the fat head rested on her chin.

“Can I just suck on the head a little?” she implored. Rick could only nod enthusiastically. Amy leaned over and took a deep breath, opening her mouth wide and extending her pink tongue out. She eased her lips over the thick head and closed them at its ridge and began to suck enthusiastically upon the iron hot knob. Her hollowed cheeks bulged around the thick mushroom, her tongue whirling about the spongy flesh.

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