Handy Andy – One and Six Ch. 05



Andy was sitting in his large comfortable chair and reading a fishing magazine in his small home office when the telephone rang. Two other magazines, delivered with yesterday’s mail, were still not opened.

“Hello. This is Andy.”

“Hi, Andy. This is Kaye. You fixed a leaking bathroom faucet for me about a month ago.”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Could you come by some afternoon and repair another faucet. I have one in the backyard that is leaking.”

“Yes. Let me look at my schedule. — — — — Would Friday afternoon at 5:00 pm be satisfactory?”

“Yes, that would be an excellent time. Possibly you could also do some service work. Repair and service work is what I like to do!”

“Yes — — both could be done. Thanks for calling.”

“See you in several days — late Friday afternoon. Thank you. Good by, Andy.”

Good by, Kaye.”

Andrew put down the telephone and started reading again a recent magazine about one of his favorite hobbies: fishing. Two other magazines had arrived in the mail yesterday but were yet to be opened — one contained articles on vacations and travel, the other on golfing.

He had owned a successful home repair business, but now his retirement and enjoyment of life was important — even more so since his divorce. But several days a week, he still did small home repairs for people living in and near his community. Andy did not really need to supplement his retirement income, he just wanted to keep active and meet a variety of people. He especially wanted to meet women.

Specifically, Andy wanted to meet women who were available and interesting — — and willing to be partners for mutual sexual satisfaction.

Andy’s hair was primarily white with a little black. While there was snow on his roof — he still had fire in his furnace. The fire — of his desire — was warm. And could quickly become hot, hard and large!! A hot rod — ready for penetration!!

Many of his customers where women, living alone, their spouses had passed away. Typically they did not have the skills or the equipment to do the repair work around their homes. In time, some of his women customers became Very Special Lady Friends ( V S L F ) — both repair work and service work was done on a regular basis. Frequently, he did not charge for the repair work, the only charge was for any parts needed. The service work was companionship — mutual consensual sexual pleasure, stimulating conversation, and possibly a shared meal.

Andy had adjusted to being divorced — his male equipment was well serviced.


Andy stopped his compact SUV at Kaye’s ranch style home, got his tool box, and walked to the front door.

He had been in this house several times, and also in Kaye. After the faucet repair was finished, Andy fully expected that the two of them would become as one — in many ways.

Before he rang the door bell, Kaye opened the door.

“Hi, Andrew. Thank you for coming so promptly.”

“Hi, Kaye. I am glad that I could come.”

They embraced tightly and kissed. Tongues met and explored deeply. Her hand touched a slight bulge under Andy’s belt. His hand cupped a breast and pinched a teat through the fabric of her shirt.

Kaye was wearing sandals, very short blue shorts, and a yellow short sleeve shirt. The shirt was open at the top slightly exposing her breasts. Her nipples pushed against the shirt’s fabric. She was not wearing a bra. The shirt was tied above her waist, her navel and abdomen were exposed.

“Would you like a piece of cherry cake with chocolate icing? I just baked it this morning.”

“Now, Kaye, you know my policy. Work before any pleasure. The repair job will not take too long. Then we can share many things.”

“Yes. We have many things that can be shared.”

“What do you want to share, Kaye?”

“Conversation. Friendship. Companionship. — — — — Intimacy.”

Kaye lead Andy to the back yard and showed him the leaking faucet that was attached to the house. Kaye sat outside, near the center of the yard, getting some late afternoon sun. Buttons and tie had been undone, her breasts were completely exposed. She already had some tan — the tan color of her breasts was somewhat lighter then the tan color above her waist.

In less than a quarter hour, the rubber washer in the faucet had been replaced — the tools returned to a storage box. Andy turned; their eyes met, both smiled as he looked at her exposed breasts. Andy walked toward Kaye and sat down in a chair facing her.

“Would you like that cherry cake with chocolate icing and a glass of ice tea?” Kaye asked.

“Later. Let’s just sit and talk.”

Many minutes passed as they talked about a variety of subjects. Kaye continued to get some sun on her bare upper body and legs. Andy continued to looked — — at her upper bare body. He appreciated the opportunity to enjoy looking at her ample boobs and her nipples. His covered penis stirred slightly.

As the sun light Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort hit her body, it made some interesting shadows. Her nipples created two small shadows on her areolas. Her boobs created two curving lines and shadows below her mounds of female flesh. The valley between her breasts was in sun light and shadow.

“I have a crock-pot meal cooking that is almost ready to serve. Let’s eat on the patio, then have dessert.”

“Yes. And after we eat, we need to do some service work. Correct?”

“Yes. Always.”

Both walked to the kitchen, and took their plates of food and beverage to the patio. Kay’s yellow shirt was around her shoulders — her breasts exposed. Andy removed his shirt. Dessert followed: cherry cake with chocolate icing, vanilla ice cream, and a glass of red wine.

“Thank you very much, Kaye. That was an excellent meal.”

“You are welcome. And thank you for the repair job. Let’s go to the bedroom. I want to show you some clothes that I recently purchased.

In the bedroom, sandals, shoes and socks were removed. Kaye pushed the shirt off Andy’s shoulders; it fell to the floor. Then she removed her yellow shirt — her mounds of female flesh were visible and tanned.

“Your boobs are really nice.”

“Thank you for that comment. They are yours to enjoy.”

“I will enjoy your boobs. I will enjoy your entire body!”

“You may have me, Andy. I want you to have me — — completely.”

Almost at the same time, both sets of hands were removing pants and shorts. She unfastened Andy’s belt, unzipped his pants, and hooked her thumbs into the sides of his pants and pushed his pants over his hips. Andy’s pants fell to the floor. He hooked his thumbs into the sides of her shorts and pushed them over her hips. Her shorts fell to the floor. Panties and underpants were pushed over hips and fell to the floor.

They embraced tightly — her breasts were flattened. Lips met, tongues explored deeply.

“I want to change into my new dress.” Kaye said as she moved toward the walk-in closet.

Andy sat down on the small sofa and looked around the room. On one wall, he saw several pictures — he walked toward the pictures for a closer view. For Andy, the pictures showed that Kaye is a wholesome and glamorous lady — — but also showed that she could be very sexy, erotic, and seductive female. For Andy, the pictures showed that Kaye could be a lady in public — — but a slut in private. A woman who would be very willing to use her body — or have her body used — in any manner to please a man.

In an 8 x 10 picture, Kaye was standing in the shade next to the trunk of a large tree. A red sweater and black slacks cover her body but her female curves are evident. A black scarf with red trim is loosely fastened around her neck. Her lipstick is a bright red.

In an 8 x 10 picture, Kaye was standing in an erotic suggestive position — — her legs were slightly spread, her boobs were almost pushed together in order to hold a dildo shaped like an erect penis. She was completely nude.

Another 8 x 10 picture, showed Kaye sitting naked on a bed — — her hanging boobs were completely exposed, her legs were spread wide, the tip of a penis shaped dildo was touching her pussy lips.

In the fourth 8 x 10 picture, Kaye was on her back with her legs spread, her ass was elevated with a pillow — a man was starting to penetrate her vagina with his large bare erection, the penis head was hidden in her love tunnel but the shaft was completely exposed. Her pussy lips were devoid of any hair. One of his hands was grasping a breast, but its nipple was still visible.

As Andy looked at the four pictures, a smile came across his lips. He started to massage his slightly erect manhood. Fingers of his other hand started to rub his chest and nipples.

In five minutes or so, Kaye appeared wearing a dark gray dress, sheer skin colored hose, and dark gray shoes. The dress just touched her knees and was somewhat loose but still suggested the curves of her breasts, hips, ass, and upper legs.

“Do you like the 8 x 10 pictures, Andy? I can easily see that part of you is enjoying those pictures.”

“Yes — — I do. Possibly I could take some similar pictures”

“My husband took those pictures before he became sick. He was an excellent amateur photographer and very good using his computer skills to modify and print his pictures.”

“I thought that could be his work.”

“Actually, he took a number of semi-nude and nude pictures of me and of us before he became ill and passed away — — some were in color, some in black and white. Pictures were taken inside the house and outside in our backyard. He even took some very personal pictures in secluded areas of parks. I stored the pictures and only recently put up several of them.”

“I like his photography and I especially like the way you are posing. Very suggestive but tastefully done.”

“I wanted you to see the pictures. Also, I guess that I wanted my deceased husband to be looking at us as we made love. Hope that you do not object.”

“No problem — I appreciate looking at excellent photographs. And I would like to see more of his work.”

“You will.”

Kaye and Andy looked at each other. He was naked, his penis slightly erect. She was dressed. Their eyes meet, both smiled.

Kaye turned several times, and said: “Do you like my new dark grey dress?”

“Yes. I like the dress and the shoes. You look real nice.”

Kaye takes off the shoes — and slowly removed the dress. She is not wearing a bra — she is not wearing panties. Andy looks at her boobs and her genitals — his manhood grows larger. She is now stark naked, except for the thigh high skin colored hose.

“I enjoy seeing the contrast between your bare flesh and your hose covered legs.”

“You can enjoy all of my body — and I will enjoy your body. I appreciate seeing a nude man — — — but I really enjoy feeling his manhood deep inside my body.”

“Yes. Sexual pleasure for both of us.”

“I want to feel your cock in all of my openings.”

“You will, Kaye. You will.”

Andy is sitting on a chair, Kaye straddles his right leg. Then for several minutes, Kaye rubs her pussy lips on Andy’s upper leg. With one hand, he caresses a breast as he pulls and pinches its nipple. The other breast is licked, its areola and nipple sucked repeatedly into his mouth.

Kaye stands, straddles his legs, and sits on his legs — facing him. Andy spreads his legs apart. The pink treasure between her legs is spread wide and readily available. For several minutes, Andy rubs the stainless steel jewelry that pierces Kaye’s clitoris. It is a short curved metal rod with small metal balls on both ends of the rod. Then his fingers slide across her pink treasure and slowly rubs her smooth pussy lips.

Finally, two of his fingers slowly enter her cunt — as deep as possible. In, and almost out. Often! His fingers move from cunt to clitoris — back and forth. Often! Kaye sighs. She becomes damp as her natural moisture starts to flow.

“Do you like my finger exploring your vagina?”

“Yes. But I want something bigger.”

“What would be bigger?”

“I believe you already know — — I want you erect manhood inside my body. Let’s go to the bathroom and wash our equipment.”

“You want my Hot Rod inside your body?”


She faces the bathroom mirror as Andy puts some liquid soap and water on his hands. Her breasts are rubbed with his soapy hands until her female mounds are covered completely with soap. Then one of his soapy hands washes her ass and enters from the back, gently rubbing her ass hole. The other hand rubs her pussy hair and lips. His fingers touch; the washing of the flesh between the juncture of her legs continues. Many minutes later, a wet wash cloth is used to remove the soap.

“Thank you. I love your soapy hands stroking me.”

Kaye puts water and liquid soap on her hands – one of her hands washes his erect penis, her other hand covers his balls and ass hole. His erection grows — completely covered with soap. His soap covered balls become firm.

“Wonderful. You are turning me on. Please continue.”

“I want to turn you on. I want to feel your hard manhood inside me.”

“And I want to be inside your different openings.”

“Yes! All of my openings — using your fingers, tongue, and hard cock.”

Kaye continued washing his erection, then removes the soap with a wet wash cloth.

“I want this outside.” Kaye reaches down and grasps Andy’s clean erect cock. She pulls it toward the patio. Andy quickly follows.

Outside, Kaye lights several scented candles, then sits on the swing next to Andy. He has an arm around her shoulder — his hand is gently holding and caressing a breast. Kaye has put some flavored lubricant on Andy’s manhood and is rubbing the penis head and rim with her fingers. Than she starts caressing his shaft, his manhood grows.

“Let me give you a blow job in a slightly different way.”

“I love having a woman giving me a bare cock blow job.”

“And I enjoy licking and sucking a man’s penis as it grows larger in my mouth.”


“Because it gives the man pleasure. And when his manhood is hard, he will use it to explore my body and to enter my body — — and provide both of us with pleasure.”

“I love hearing those words, Kaye.”

Andy remains seated on the swing, Kaye is on her knees between his spread legs — her mouth open. But she does not move. Andy moves the swing only a few inches – back and forth. His cock head and shaft going into her mouth as Andy swings forward. Then the shaft is partially withdrawn as Andy moves the swing back. But the cock head remains in her mouth — — most of the time.

“That is a different way to get a blow job — I like variety, but I think I prefer the normal manner for receiving a blow job. Let the woman do the moving.”

“Yes. I agree. Several times your cock was completely out of my mouth. Let’s lay down on the air mattress in the 69 position — side by side. Genitals to mouth.”

“Yes. We can both obtain mutual pleasure at the same time.”

In only minutes, the couple are head to genitals. Kaye is stroking Andy’s balls with one hand. Her other hand is grasping the base of his erection — squeezing and releasing pressure. Her tongue is licking the tip of his penis and the rim but special attention is provided to the small triangular area located on the underside of his penis by the rim.

Kaye opens her mouth wide and starts to cover his manhood. Slowly the bare cock head disappears into her mouth, then the shaft enters, inch by inch. Her lips almost touch his matted pubic hair. Her head bobs — in and out as his shaft disappears and appears. Andy sighs and softly moans.

“Yes, Sweetheart. I love this pleasure. More! Much more!”

Kaye gives extra special attention by sucking hard on the penis head and rim. His cock grows larger.

When Kaye started the 69 action, Andy also started sexual activity. His thumb rubbed her ass hole and then the rim of her cunt. At the same time, he was initially licking her clitoris; then both licking and sucking her clitoris, followed. Finally, he was only sucking her enlarged clitoris.

“Oh, Andy. Suck my clit. Hard as you can.”

“Does it feel good. Do you get turned on as I suck your clitoris?”

“Yes. Yes. Suck my clit. — — — — Please suck my clit.”

Andy moved his tongue back and forth between her clitoris and pussy lips, briefly. But soon he focused his attention on her small bundle of nerves. The hard sucking action soon enlarged her clit — it stuck out like a very small miniature penis. Her natural moisture flowed and mixed with his saliva. He swallowed several times.

“You know how to please me.”

“I love pleasing you, Kaye — — — as I know that I will then receive lots of pleasure from you.”

“You will, Andy. Your cock and balls will get lots of pleasure from my body.”

“You will like spreading you legs and inviting my cock to penetrate your body — right?”

“Yes. I want you to posses me — completely. I want you to fuck me — soon.”

The 69 action — mutual mouth and genital activity — by both continues for many more minutes.

Finally one says: “Let’s try the swing again. But in a different manner. We will use it like a chair — a moving chair.”

Andy sits on the swing. Kaye faces him and holds on to the back of the swing. She straddles him, one knee on each side of his hips. As Kaye slowly lowers her body, Andy guides his erect cock into her moist treasure. The cock head disappears, then the shaft disappears. Kaye is penetrated — — — as far as possible.

“Yes. Yes — Andy. Your cock feels good inside my body.”

“It feels good to me, Baby.”

Andy moves the swing back and forth; Kaye moves her body up and down — sliding her cunt over his erect cock. The swing moves back and forth; Kaye goes up and down. Her natural moisture flowed down and covered his manhood and pubic hair. The two became as one — for many minutes — a hard tube inside a moist cylinder.

“I am enjoying this pleasure outside but a few insects are starting to bite me.”

“Yes, I already have an insect bite. Let’s go inside and put on some cream to reduce itching. And then the bed room for some serious sex.”

“Yes. Let’s get busy fucking.”

“I want you to love me, Andy — — completely.”

Hand in hand, the couple walk to the bedroom. Kaye laid down on the bed, Andy was beside her — her back touching his stomach in the spoon position. She lifts one leg and Andy puts his partially erect condom covered cock on her womanhood. Kaye brings her legs together and Andy starts to push and pull his cock into and slightly out of her lips. His cock grows as the head is rubbed against the inside of her pussy lips. Spoon fucking continues for several minutes.

“Let’s move to the doggie position.”

Quickly, Kaye is on her knees, her legs spread, her ass elevated. Her face and breasts are touching the mattress. Andy’s cock is only a few inches away from her moist treasure. He holds his erection and rubs the penis tip up and down against her pink flesh. Often.! Then he pushes, her pussy lips easily separate — his cock head is inside her body, the shaft follows. Inch by inch, Kaye is penetrated as deep as possible. Andy pulls almost out, then quickly in. Almost out, then slowly in. Often! His penetrations are varied — — hard, soft, quick, slow. Frequently, with the deep penetrations his balls bounce off her ass.

Over the years, Andy learned that pacing his cock activity brought both the woman and himself the greatest pleasure. No longer did he like — Quick Erection, Quick Ejaculation, and Quick Out. That was too much like baseball — three strikes and you are out. That was too much like fast food restaurants.

Andy had learned to stay inside the woman. He wanted the pleasure to last — for both the woman and himself. All of his Very Special Lady Friends wanted the pleasure to last. Andy also wanted the pleasure to last — — his cock moving inside a vagina, for a long time.

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