It Started with a Garage Sale Ch. 02


This is another one of those stories that several people have asked me to write a sequel for, and although it’s generated a lot of e-mail requests it doesn’t have a very high reader rating here at Literotica.

If you’d like you might want to go back and read the first story as it would help you understand this one a bit better. However, if you don’t want to go back here’s a short recap: At a garage I purchased a lot of leather goods, snaps, buckles and so on and then took them to the basement. I finally came up with a belt and wrist bands that would snap together and when Sam was wearing them she would not be able to unsnap any of the buckles, but just stand up with her wrists at her sides. I also made her a mask that covered her face. When she was wearing this outfit we ordered food to be delivered by several different restaurants that we had not used before. Sam’s nudity was then used as “the tip” or payment for the food.

We never tried to repeat the events of that evening as Sam didn’t feel comfortable being exposed and having strangers come into her house to see her naked and play with her body. Although none of them ever tried to come back there was always that fear that now they knew where we lived, so they might keep coming back.

We did use the leather in various other ways over the next couple of years including several car trips where she would be all “buckled in” and then I would unbutton her shirt and open it wide. There was nothing she could do to cover herself back up so no matter who was looking at her she just had to sit and be exposed.

Of course we also enjoyed the leather in various other ways in the bedroom and she’d gotten quite used to being restrained and having her ass and her titties spanked until there were bright red. However, we often talked about the total submission she experienced when she was forced to answer the door naked and bound and we both wished we could come up with a way to surpass that evening.

The answer came in an unexpected way. I was offered a job transfer that would pay more money, and we would move far all the way across the USA. I told them that I would take the job and we started to make arrangements to move. We were discarding things, packing others, and trying to sell the house all at the same time. When I held up her leather harness for a “pack or toss” direction from her she said perhaps we could use it again before we move.

That certainly got my attention and during the next weeks of sorting and packing we almost spent more having sex that packing. There were several times where she was nude and almost caught by one of the neighbors as they came to the door to offer to help. We discussed what might happen for our “going away party” and that led to even more nudity and wild sex.

Sam said that she really wanted to be used this time, to have sex with as many of the delivery guys as possible and in as many ways as possible. We discussed all of those possibilities and for the next few days I had her walking around the house packing, doing the gardening and even the shopping with an ever larger progression of butt plugs. After a week more I figured she could handle just about any size of cock in any of her holes and my cock slid in her ass without any difficulty.

Finally the moment came when we were mostly packed and ready to move, the house was sold and the closing would be later in the week. We were ready to try out the delivery plan. I asked if she had a preference, and since we were moving she didn’t care if I even called our regular pizza place where the same guy always delivered.

The pizza shop was just 6 blocks from our house and they had our order and address in their file. When I called them they repeated our address and asked if we wanted the usual order or something different. I told them that tonight it would be very different and although they didn’t know what I meant ordered something other than the usual.

The drive always shows up 25 minutes after the order is placed so we knew exactly how much time we had to get ready. I wasn’t quite sure how to play this out, but when the doorbell rang I answered the door and invited the driver inside. They have a don’t hand over the food until you have the cash policy so as he waited I called for Sam to come in with the payment.

His eyes and jaw just about hit the floor when Sam walked in. She was totally nude, with only the belt and the wrist cuffs covering a very little part of her body. Her pussy was shaved as usual and I watched as his eyes locked in on her bare kitty. She came up to us and without thinking, and without taking his eyes off of Sam, he handed me xslot the pizza. I told him that we were moving and money was a bit tight right now so that Sam had offered to pay for the pizza with her body instead if he was agreeable.

He only stammered and nodded as she reached up for his belt and quickly unbuckled him. As she was pulling down his zipper I told him that he could use her anyway that he wanted and before he could answer his pants were below his knees. He still hadn’t responded so I asked again and he said “suck my cock?” so Sam went to her knees and without any hesitation sucked him into her mouth.

She was having a bit of trouble since her hands were fastened to her waist so I told him to hold on to her head and help her out. It didn’t take long before he grabbed her head and forced his cock into her mouth as he filler her with cum. She sputtered a bit, but managed to not lose any. When he pulled out I pushed him towards the door and offered that we might order later in the week.

Sam got up off her knees and after a big swallow let out a laugh. She asked to be unhooked as she was hungry so I let her loose. As she was eating I called the neighbor across the street and told him if he was hungry to come on over as we had more pizza than we needed. I told Sam he’ll be right over and hooked her up again.

Bill was an older retired widow that lived across the street. He was the local helper to all the families and often looked after houses while people were on vacation. He had done that several times for us and since he had to come in and water the plants we had loaned him a key several times. We were certain that more than once he had looked through Sam’s lingerie and maybe even taken a tiny pair of panties. I also made sure that he’d find several nude photos of Sam if he looked in my dresser and when we returned they were not in the order I had left them.

Just a couple minutes after the phone call Bill knocked on the door with a cold six pack of beer in his hand. He almost dropped it when Sam walked over and invited him in. Sam was still nude, and still clipped to her belt, and I noticed that she also had traces of both pizza and cum on her cheeks and chin. Bill looked shocked, apologized and turned to leave but Sam shut the door behind him.

I asked him to sit down and opened up 3 bottles and offered him some pizza. Sam was sitting there nude and acting like it was the most natural thing for her to be on display like that. I told Bill that he was going to have to help Sam with her food as she couldn’t feed herself. He started to give her some pizza and then a few sips of beer. While she was drinking he tipped up the bottle too much and it ran down her chin and onto her little titties. I said “what a waste” but Sam said “Bill lick it off” and he quickly followed her command.

We played with the food and beer for awhile longer and soon it was all gone. Bill seemed to have gotten used to the idea of Sam sitting there naked and he hadn’t asked what was going on. Finally I decided to just blurt it out and explained that since we were moving away we had decided to have some fun during our last week in this house. It would be a going away present for us, and a few others too. I told him that he would be seeing a lot of delivery vehicles in the next few days, and that I expected him to come over and eat with us any time he wanted.

He was still grinning and hadn’t said much at all, which is really unusual for Bill, so I finally said that I knew he’d seen nude photos of Sam before, but I thought that he’d like to see the real thing before we left. He just nodded some more and grinned, so I asked him: “Would you like to fuck Sam, or would you like her to suck your cock?” He almost spit up his beer but did manage to get out the work fuck.

I told him to lay down on the floor and get his pants pulled down. I was surprised to see the old guy move so fast, and he certainly didn’t need any help getting a hard on as he was ready to go. Sam told him to hold it up and she quickly straddled him and sat down on his cock. She spent the next few minutes riding his cock as the Bill pulled and pinched her titties. Suddenly she lifted off his cock and told him again to hold it up for her. Bill wasn’t sure what was happening but this time when she kneeled back down she took his cock all the way into her ass with one quick move. Sam started to rock back and forth on his cock and soon Bill let his cum shoot into her ass. She stayed on top of him until he went soft and then got up

I unhooked her clips and she went off to the bathroom as Bill worked on getting his pants pulled up and getting xslot Giriş off the floor. I told him that I’d call again and be ready.

Later on we had a wild night of sex where we ended up having our last orgasm on the front steps of the house. I was hoping that some of the neighbors might have been watching but it was already too late for most of them. As we sat on the front steps, still naked, Sam wanted to know how many we could have the next time. I asked her how many she could handle in one night and to my surprise she said seven.

Why seven? Twice in every hole and once more for fun. Ok, I thought that I would have some calling to do. It took until two days later but I finally had a plan:

Once again Sam was dressed in only her leather belt and wrist cuffs. She debated wearing a mask, but since we were moving thought it wasn’t necessary. She didn’t ask what I had come up with, only that she would be ready to take on 7 different guys that evening. After she was all clipped into place I had her stand in the office while I dug into one of the boxes. I pulled out a hand full of permanent markers and started to write on her.

Above her little titties I wrote “I’m your payment” and on her neck the word “Suck” with and arrow going upwards to her chin. Below her titties I wrote “or” and below her navel the work “Fuck” with and arrow pointing down to her bare pussy. On her back I wrote “Spank and Fuck My Ass” but thought I didn’t need an arrow this time. She looked at herself in the mirror and just giggled and asked when do we start?

I unclipped one wrist and handed her a big glass of wine and started to make phone calls. I called several delivery places and was told one or two hours wait time. I know they are always faster so it wasn’t a problem. I also told them to send their best looking driver if they could and then hung up. Then I called for another pizza.

This time the driver showed up in less than 10 minutes. It was the same driver as the last time and he knew what he was going to get. Although he did have a pizza he just tossed in on top of some boxes and started to unfasten his belt. Sam didn’t say a work but simply walked up to him and let him read the directions on her front and back.

Since Sam had no control over what he wanted to do, and she couldn’t help him out in any way because of her bindings he pushed her down to her knees once again and started to pump his cock into her mouth. This time he was holding on the her head and was fucking her mouth as fast as he could. I thought that it wasn’t much sucking since he didn’t give her a chance but he just kept on fucking her face. He soon grabbed her head and rammed his cock into her mouth as he filled her up with cum. Once again she didn’t spill a drop, and he turned and left so quickly that he didn’t even get his pant pulled up all the way before he got into his car. One down six to go.

After that it became a blur of activity for the next hour. We never had less that two delivery vehicles at our house at a time, and even Bill came over as he saw that we were having food delivered. Both he and I watched and it helped me to have him around as he made those who wanted to fuck her pussy or ass use a condom.

The Chinese food delivery was not Chinese but Hispanic. I don’t know how much English he knew, but he could read Sam’s body easy enough. He choose to fuck her and as she straddled his and rode his cock another pizza delivery guy took the time to let Sam suck his cock. It was enjoyable to watch Sam getting double teamed by these two as they both took their time and enjoyed using her body. The Hispanic guy came first and I think that Sam came about the same time (she claims she lost track of how many orgasms she had) but he managed to stay hard while he watched her suck the cock above him.

The guy getting his cock sucked said he was going to cum, and the Hispanic guy said “don’t cum on me”. He shot his first load into Sam’s mouth but then pulled back and made sure that the next spurts hit her squarely in the face. He then took his cock and rubbed in around so that her face was completely covered. Just at that time the door opened and in walked the next delivery.

I don’t even know what kind of food it was, but he just said “what the fuck” and everyone waved him in. After Sam stood up it was obvious to the new guy that she had just fucked one guy while sucking off another. Sam stood still while he looked at her, and turned around so he could read her back as well. I was surprise that nobody had used her ass yet and this guy looked like he would be the first.

He sat down on the ottoman and xslot Güncel Giriş motioned for her to come over and lay across his lap. She did so without saying a word. He rubbed her ass for awhile and then gave her a swat. Sam said “do it again” so he did, “do it again” and he spanked her harder. After that he didn’t need any more encouragement but would take turns rubbing her ass and then spanking her 3 or 4 times. By now her ass was bright red and it looked like his hand might also be hurting so I tossed me a tube of oil and he proceeded to rub her down.

Then I tossed him the anal lube and told him to go for it. Without hesitation he squeezed a large amount into his hand and quickly had one finger, then two and three fingers in her ass. I told him to also rub her clit a bit as it looked like she was close to having another orgasm and as she came she shouted to him to fuck her in the ass.

She kneeled on the floor and laid on top of the ottoman so he would have easy access to her. I tossed him a condom and within seconds of putting it on he plunged his cock into her asshole in one quick move. He started to fuck her ass quickly, but then slowed down as he was trying to enjoy himself as long as possible. After a couple more minutes he started to speed up again and finally was grabbing Sam by her belt to hold her so he could fuck her more forcefully. I could tell that she was also close to an orgasm and it as soon as he cam in her ass she also let go.

After he was done we looked up and the last two delivery guys were standing watching. They had dropped their food next to the others and had been intently watching Sam get fucked in the ass.

Sam and her latest conquest soon disengaged and as she stood up to greet her new arrivals it was obvious that both were ready for sex. This was going to be a little different as one of the drivers was the son of one of her friends from work. He knew who she was, but she didn’t recognize him until he said who his mom was. She looked at me, then at his obvious erection and then she asked if he liked what he saw? I guess I was a bit more blunt as I asked him if he’d like to fuck one of his mom’s friends? He answered yes to both questions and both he and the other drive started to kick off their clothing.

This time to told them the choice of Sam’s mouth, pussy or ass might be a little more restricted and I wanted the two of them, and Bill our neighbor to all use her at the same time. I wanted to see her take on three cocks at once to see if she could handle it. One of the guys asked if that wasn’t called “airtight” since all her holes are used at once, but either way I wanted to see if we could make it happen. Bill offered to take whatever hole they didn’t want so it was up to them to choose.

The one who was a friends son wanted her ass, and the other drive wanted a blow job so that left Bill with her pussy. Still not bad for left overs. Everyone quickly stripped off their clothes and I told Bill to once again lay down on the floor. Sam quickly got on top of him and got his cock firmly planted in her pussy. Then it was time to fill her ass. Sam said that she didn’t need anymore lube and said that the son could even go bareback if he wanted.

It took a bit of moving around and having to unclip Sam’s wrists but she finally got his cock all the way into her ass. She remarked on how full this made her feel to have both her pussy and ass filled with cock at the same time. They started to see if they could establish some type of rhythm and soon figured out how to work together so everyone felt good. Sam was holding herself up with her arms and had her ass slightly raised as well. When everyone was working together she asked for the other guys cock.

As the two worked together to fuck her ass and pussy it created a natural back and forth motion that allowed her to suck the last delivery guys cock with ease. I wasn’t sure who was going to cum first, and times I thought it might be me but quickly the boy in Sam’s ass started to tense up and let his load of cum into her ass. Even though he had filled her asshole with cum he managed to stay in her and keep up with the motion of the others.

Soon the guy who was having his cock sucked couldn’t hold out any longer and when he grabbed her head he almost pulled her loose from the other two cocks. That was just enough to send Sam over the edge and she also came and collapsed onto Bill.

It looked like everyone was done and as they began the process of untangling from each other Sam’s ass hole gaped wide open and was visibly filled with cum. Her face was also give a fresh plastering of cum and she looked exhausted. The drivers quietly got dressed and left the house and Bill helped Sam into a chair at the table. She claimed she was starving but after a few bites of everything said she’d had enough.

I asked her if it was enough sex or food?

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