Filling the Fantasy


Here’s the thing – I have had a fantasy for about 10 years that I cannot find anyone who is willing to help me fulfil. I know that sounds odd, but it’s true. See what you think . . .

Firstly, a little about me. Early forties, carrying a couple of extra pounds though I’m about right for my size. Shaved head (hate balding wispy hairs!), blue grey eyes, reasonably well built.

I’m looking for a couple, preferably a bit older, to use me for an hour or so – that’s all. There are loads of stories here about cuckolds and BDSM, but I think I fall somewhere in between. Here’s my fantasy . . .

– = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = –

I arrived at the front door of a nondescript house in a nice suburb – no concerns leaving the car parked in front of the house here! As I walked up to the front door I caught a little movement of a curtain – so, they knew I’d arrived.

The front door was ajar an inch or so, as I’d been told it would be, and with a little trepidation for what I was expecting to come, I pushed through the door and pushed it nearly closed behind me. Standing in the small entrance area, I could see tasteful decorations and furniture in the adjoining lounge area, while in front of me was a kitchen stool that held a blindfold and a note with one word – “Welcome!”. Now I was getting adrenaline nerves. I simultaneously wanted to go through with this, and was thinking I should get the hell outta here! We’d agreed over emails that when they heard the front door close I’d either be there and ready to continue, or they’d find an empty room with me gone.

I undressed fairly quickly, my freshly shaved eight inch boner making a lie out of any concerns my brain might have head.

Folding my clothes neatly, I placed them on the stool, sat the blindfold on my head and stepped back. The adrenaline was definitely surging – I closed the door a little harder than I meant to, quickly stepping back to the middle of the small room and pulling the blindfold securely over my eyes.

It seemed like an eternity, standing there naked and blind, in a strange house, a raging hard on jutting out in front of me, before I sensed rather than heard movement nearby.

To my left a woman’s voice, older, silky, simply said “Welcome Mike” – I guess I knew who wrote the note. That was Helen, and she sounded as good as her photos.

Then, to my right, a deeper, huskier mans voice – Paul. “This is your last chance son. Stand there or leave, but this is your last chance.” Shit — a guy was looking at me naked with a hard cock! But thie is what I had come for, and the initial shock at the reality of my “situation” gave way to what felt like an extra inch growing out the front – and I stood my ground. “All right then.” The they left, and a moment later I heard the stereo start.

I was lead through the lounge and then on through the house, a small hand gripping my hard on and leading me. We stopped, and she gently pushed me forwards from my waist until I was leaning over something like a padded table. Her hand snaked down my butt cheeks, lightly tracing my crack, and cupped my balls from behind, so I spread my feet a bit further apart to give her room. She reached around, playing gently with my cock. “DO you like that?”

A moan was all I could muster to answer her, and as I did I was grabbed roughly by the wrists and pulled forwards until the table was embedded above my groin, my straining dick sitting under the edge. Before I could really react I heard the sound of something moving rapidly through the air, followed by the most indescribable pain I’d ever felt on my arse; I was getting my first ever whipping and it was scaring the hell out of me, and it FUCKING HURT!

She whipped me about six times before pausing, and then started in on me with her hand. After five, she stopped.

“The riding crop was to warm you up a little, but I prefer to spank little boys with my bare hands. I think that must be more embarrassing, don’t you?”, and I was surprised to realise she was right – I was feeling incredibly embarrassed right now.

Another quick five spanks were delivered, with her hand in the small of my back (which she didn’t need – it felt like Hulk Hogan was holding Bayan Escort Gaziantep me forwards!). “When I ask you a question, you WILL answer it – do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am” was about the best I could choke out – I was feeling incredibly vulnerable and highly embarrassed, and thought I might be about to cry.

“You certainly sound like a little boy being spanked. That’s a good start!”

And with that the torment really began. I was held fast as she spanked and spanked and spanked me. I managed to hold it all together for about a minute, then couldn’t resist as the tears started to flow, my poor backside being turned dark red by this vile woman. I don’t know how long she spanked me, or how many times she struck me, but I was on fire from the back of my knees to the top of my buttocks.

I hated her.

I hated him for holding me

I hated myself for being there.

But not for long.

Bawling like a baby, I realised she had finished, and the grip on my wrists was less. She was making cooing sounds, and spreading something cool and smooth (hand cream?) over my abused backside. The sobs lessened, and the “massage” started working cream down into my inner thighs, around my balls, and back up to my puckered arse. She teased at me back there, my virgin spot, until she’d managed to get one of her little fingers in there with some lube. The effect was phenomenal. I’d played with my own hole in the past, but to have someone else do it, especially when you have no control, was mind blowing.

I couldn’t help but start moaning, at which point I also realised that I hadn’t lost my hard on during my spanking, and now I felt that it was going to burst, the pressure was so painful.

“I think it’s time we saw to my needs, don’t you?”

I was guided away from the table to sit on a bed, and then laid back gently. I could feel her get up on the bed next to me, running her fingers over my chest.

“I like to be in control at all times. You know that from our emails. You also know that Paul is submissive to my needs, but has his own. That is why you have come here, to have us use you as we please, and we shall.”

Paul gripped both sides of my head, holding me facing the ceiling. A harsh whisper in my ear “If you fail to please her the next spanking will be from me”. I was left in no doubt that it would be worse that what I had already received.

Movement on the bed, then Helens rosebud arsehole was being pressed against my lips – another first for me. I tentatively licked upwards, to which she put more of her weight down onto me, trying to force my tongue up into her. I held my tongue as stiff as I could, while she repetitively mashed her backside down onto my face & nose. Thankfully she moved a bit higher and I was able to start lapping at her lips, straining to reach the pronounce clit that I could feel, but it was all the harder for having my head held tightly in one place.

With all this movement the blindfold was starting to be move aside, and I could see the grey haired fanny floating about my face.

“He can see” Paul dutifully reported.

She stopped – immediately, ordering me to remain still, and for Paul to stand up.

“You were supposed to ensure he could not see me. This simply isn’t good enough.” and with that she gave his arse an almighty slap.

“Suck his cock” she ordered, to which Paul immediately moved to the edge of the bed, got on all fours over my cock, and started sucking. I’d never been sucked by a guy, or anyone with facial hair, and I have to admit that I quite liked it. Then he started forcing one of his large blunt fingers up into my previously greased hole, and I just about came.

“Swish … CRACK” and the riding crop that I guess had been used on my butt was making it’s way up and down his arse, his tiny wife wielding it like a maestro conducting a symphony orchestra. As enjoyable as it was to see him being whipped after he had held me down, the side effect was that his fat finger was forced further up my abused butthole with every blow that landed on him, while his teeth clamped hard on my cock at the same time. Again, I was incredibly turned on, but couldn’t even conceive of getting off.

He was crying when she finished, low earthy sobs that came from deep in that large frame. He looked up to see me looking down at him as he sucked me, and with a sneer pulled his head away and shoved his middle finger as far up my bum as it could go – the pain was excruciating but delicious at the same time.

“After every punishment, some pleasure is required” Helen said, and with that she walked over to the massage table that I’d been over previously, and bent over.

Wordlessly Paul walked over and I saw for the first time his massive hard on. It must have been at least 10 inches long, and was quite fat. His toned body belied his sixty-five years, and was quite hairless from the neck down.

Hefting that meat (there was no WAY I was going to be taking that thing!) he walked over to Helen, and after a few quick lubricating thrusts into her sex he repositioned at the entrance to her arse and firmly thrust up into her body.

Her eyes were closed as her gently yet firmly drove himself into her body, her lips pursed, her head resting on her folded arms. She was so tiny, now I was able to see her clearly, and despite her shoulder length grey hair could have passed for a woman 10-15 years her junior. She had a great arse, and wonderful mid-sized breasts that only had the slightest droop, natural to her age.

She opened her eyes and looked back at me.

“What do you think Mike – are we old enough for you?”, as she beckoned me across the room

“Absolutely”, I said, getting up and moving beside her. “You’re fantastic”.

“It’s not over yet boy, not nearly”. She had a firm grip on my cock, gently wanking it. She had me grab the nearby tube of lube, and smeared gel all over my cock, all the while her husband gently reaming her arse. “You know, there’s nothing like getting the pipes cleared. Do Paul, now.”

It took me a second to realise what she wanted – she wanted me to fuck her husband, while he was fucking her.

Unsure of myself, I moved behind him, and he stopped thrusting and spread his legs. And there it was – a tight, crinkled hole. I’d never even so much as seen another mans arsehole, and here I was about to fuck one.

I gently placed the head of my cock between his buns and started slowly pushing through his tight ring.

“Do it properly boy!” he growled, pushing back onto me so I slid into him quite quickly. He clenched, and moved forwards to reposition himself into Helen, and then basically he moved between us – I had very little to do. Every time I tried to thrust myself the timing went all wrong, and I could hear Helen getting frustrated, so instead I reach my hands down and held onto Paul’s butt cheeks, spreading them and watching my cock disappearing into his tight hole.

This didn’t last long. I warned them I was going to cum, Paul merely grunted and Helen said “about fucking time too!”. I too that as permission, and my cum boiled up out of my nuts and into Paul’s arse. It felt like I came for ever.

I pulled out and went and sat on the bed, emotionally and physically exhausted. As I sat down I realised just how hard Helen had punished me earlier, and a groan slipped out. She looked back at me again, pushed Paul away and came over.

“Aaaww, has my boy got a sore bottom” she jibed, and moved her head down to my lap, taking my limp cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue gently around the head.

You can keep your young girls – it you want real head find an experienced older woman who KNOWS what they’re doing. I was going out of my mind, and was hard again in no time. “I want a piece of that” she said, and simply lay back on the bed, her knees wide apart and high so her lips were exposed and gaping. The wisps of fine gray hair only served to frame the beauty of her pussy more, and I couldn’t resist but take a lick of those gorgeous fleshy folds, nice and plump with arousal.

I moved up, and placed my cock at her entrance, and slid in smoothly. And I thought her husbands arse was tight! I could feel my climax building rapidly, the friction against my cock was so strong, when she locked her legs around me, and I felt Paul get on the bed.

I struggled to get out of her grasp and away, but with Paul above me and Helens legs and arms wrapped around me I had no chance. Paul fingered my arse again, this time with the lube (thankfully) and I felt the head of his massive cock press against my arsehole.

“Relax, and push against it like you’re taking a shit” Helen breathed into my ear. “It makes it easier”

And she was right. It hurt like hell, but he moved that monster into me gently and slowly, giving my abused back passage time to adjust to his size. My cock got harder still, a fact to which Helen commented.

“There is nothing like having a guy fuck me while Paul is fucking him – you’re so hard I think I’d shatter you if I moved sideways”. And I had to agree – that’s pretty much how I felt.

Paul slowly increased his pace, and I could feel him dripping extra lube on my arse just before he moved back into me. Meanwhile I wasn’t moving AT ALL. Helen obviously understood why, and was doing this circular motion with her pelvis which was just incredible. I couldn’t help it – I came again. Not as much as the first time, but it still felt like gallons it was so intense.

“He’s come again” was all she said, quietly.

Paul froze, pulled his cock almost all the way out of me, then slapped my arse hard. “NOBODY comes without permission BOY!” he roared.

“You may come, Paul”, Helen called gleefully, and her grip on me tightened.

Paul started pumping hard into my arse, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me onto him while he shove the entire length of that huge fat cock high up into me. Helen somehow managed to get out from under me, moving her crotch up the bed and under my face – I knew what she wanted.

“Hold him still Paul” she cried, and Paul pushed into me and held me down against her creamy snatch. I felt like some bug pinned down in a bug collection as my nose pressed against her clit, and I started gently lapping at her cunt. She brought her legs around my neck and crossed behind my neck, and Paul started his assault on me again.

Sucking my own juices from Helen certainly helped take my mind off my arse a little, though the pounding i was getting was incredible. I was well lubricated, and wasn’t feeling as stretched as when he started, but the jab of steel up into my belly was still something I wasn’t used too.

Suddenly he thrust into me harder than ever before, holding me into his wife’s snatch while he howled and dumped his seed into my bowels. The feeling was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. And I was as hard as a rock – again!

He pulled out quickly, painfully, and pulling on my shoulders flipped me back until I was lying with my head facing the ceiling. Smearing his sticky bulbous cock head across my lips, he shoved his cock into my lips – he was still cumming!

Two or three spurts were all that made it into my mouth, but he held my nose and his cock in my mouth until I swallowed what was there. Then he simply got up and left the room. A minute later I could hear a shower running in another room.

Helen lay down beside me, stroking her clit languorously

“Well Mike, fantasy fulfilled?” she asked.

“And then some. Thank you.” I lay back with my eyes closed, going over the last hour or so in my mind. I felt Helen crawl up onto me, sinking herself gently onto half-hard my cock. She started up a rhythmic movement, and while I wasn’t going to cum again I could certainly appreciate her need to get off. It didn’t take long until she was biting her lip, eyes shut tight, riding through her final orgasm with hushed breathy whimpers.

Getting off the bed, she took my hand and we went out the same way Paul had, to find him coming out of the shower. Together Helen and I got in, and she tenderly washed me down, paying close attention to my tortured arse.

After we dried & dressed she showed me to the front door.

“I hope you’ll come back and play with us again Mike. Maybe next time you’ll spank me!”

I spun her around onto the stool that was still standing there, flipped up her bathrobe and gave her gorgeous arse a few quick slaps.

“Bet on it.”

– = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = –

If you happen to be in Western Sydney, Australia, and you like any part of this why don’t you send me a message — at least let me know if you liked the story!

Thanks for Reading.

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