The Locked Door Pt. 04


The last few days had been a whirlwind of excitement, emotions and sheer unbridled debauchery. Both women had easily come to terms with the new form their relationship took. Sure, it was technically incest, but there was no shame involved for them, they knew that this was just another way of expressing their love for one-another and there was absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t continue. The only problem they had was that Fiona was still married, and still very much in love with her husband. But Sarah knew that this could easily be turned into a positive.

Fiona’s frank discussion of her and Mike’s sex life had revealed a few important truths. Most important amongst them that Mike was every bit the submissive that his wife was. Their sexual problems had come about as they both yearned to submit, but neither could take on a dominant role with the other. Their sex life had faltered as a result and Mike had taken to sleeping around with other women, probably as a misguided attempt to cover up his shame for wanting to be dominated. Sarah knew that he could be shown the way, to be guided to the point that he realised there is no shame, and that there was a path for him to be a submissive while remaining married to Fiona. She merely had to show him the light.

It was with these thoughts weighing heavily in her head that she arrived in the kitchen that morning. She looked out through the patio doors and noticed that today, for a change, was going to be a beautiful day. The sun streamed through the trees and onto the lawn, reflecting sharply on the dewy grass. If she had believed in omens she would have thought that this was a positive one.

She had been so distracted by the good weather that she had failed to notice that she was not alone.

“Good morning, Sarah,” came the friendly greeting from the corner of the room.

Sarah turned her head to see Lizzie, duster in hand, busily working away. “Good morning, Lizzie,” she said startled, “Is it Wednesday already?”

Lizzie laughed, it was not the first time since her ‘retirement’ that Sarah had completely forgotten which day of the week it was. “Yes, Wednesday already,” she said with a smile, carrying on with her work while she continued talking, “How are you today?”

“I am very well, thank you,” she replied, she had never been more sure of her answer, “I hope you’re keeping well too?” she walked over to the kettle and poured herself some tea, before sitting down.

“Very well, thanks,” she stopped for a moment and looked at her inquisitively, “You seem different today, I can’t quite work it out, but you definitely seem different.”

Sarah pulled a puzzled expression, “In what way?” she asked.

“I’m not sure, you’re glowing.”

Sarah smiled, she knew exactly why, she had woken up with a sense that all was well in the world, she was filled with the happiness and excitement of a woman in the opening days of lustful affair, she was glad that it showed. “Well, I have had a busy week,” she replied knowingly.

Lizzie did not need to ask what she meant by that, she had been Sarah’s cleaner for more than a year now and she knew exactly the kid of hobbies that she partook in. She laughed, “I guess that means that I need to go down the stairs today?” she asked, referring to the basement room.

Sarah gave a pained expression, “Yeah, I’m afraid so.”

“No need to be sorry, that works out better for me,” she said cheerfully. It was true, Sarah paid Lizzie almost double what she would get working for anyone else, and to top it off she got a £100 bonus every time she was required to clean and tidy the dungeon – a reward for work done quickly and discreetly. In all honesty, she enjoyed spending time down there, she was curious about what went on and she liked to try and imagine the activities which had taken place to put the room into the unique state of disarray she found it in each time. And the bonus cash was always welcome. “I’ll get started straight away,” she said.

“Thank you,” Sarah called after her as she walked towards the hallway.

As she unlocked the door, Fiona emerged from upstairs, clad in nothing but a silk dressing gown. Instinctively she covered herself up, “Uh, hello,” she greeted her awkwardly.

Lizzie smiled to herself, this must be the pretty young thing that Sarah had been playing with lately, her newest conquest, “Good morning,” she said, “I’m Lizzie.”

“Uh, hi Lizzie,” she said, shaking her hand, “Fiona,” she introduced herself.

“Pleased to meet you, Fiona,” Lizzie nodded towards the door, “You’ll excuse me, but I must be getting on.”

“Yes of course.”

Lizzie made her way down the stairs as Fiona headed into the kitchen to greet her sister.

“I’ve just met Lizzie?” she said, puzzled.

“She does the cleaning,” explained Sarah.


“Don’t worry, she is very well compensated, and she is very discreet. How are you anyway?”

Fiona was still a little sleepy, even though she had probably been in her bed for almost escort reklamları 12 hours. “I’m good, I slept like a log.”

“I know, it’s very rare for you to be up before me, someone must’ve tired you out yesterday.”

Fiona smiled and poured herself some tea from the pot and made her way over to sit down next to her sister. She took a sip and let the warm liquid pour down her throat, bringing her back to life, “So,” she asked, “what is the plan for today?”

Sarah considered that for a moment, “I’m not sure how much of a plan I’ve got, but there are a few things that we could get do. Did Mike message you back yesterday? Is he coming round?”

“He did,” Fiona was getting nervous, “He said that he would be here at about 2-ish.”

“Are you okay?”

“I think so. I trust you know what you’re doing, I’m just worried that it wont work out. He’s not exactly been predictable lately.”

“Trust me,” Sarah said, reassuringly, “There are a few things we have going in our favour, first, he’s a man, which makes him easy to control as soon as he starts thinking with his dick, which is pretty easy to encourage.”

Fiona laughed, it was not quite that simple, but in general, this was true.

“Then we have the fact that he is your husband, and he loves you, which means that any resolution that will make you happy will be in his interests, especially if it makes him happy too. And finally, he is submissive by nature, he may act as though he is reluctant at first, but we both know that given the opportunity, he will want to submit, and I will make him submit to me.”

Her sister’s confidence in her own abilities was comforting. She knew better than anyone that Sarah knew what she was doing, after all, if she could make her own sister submit to her sexual needs then making Mike do the same would be eminently achievable.

“And do you think this is a good idea?” Fiona asked, the concern clear in her voice.

“I do,” said Sarah, confidently, “Although it is ultimately you who needs to decide. If we are to carry on, then we need Mike to accept it. The best way I can think of doing that is to have him join us, otherwise we will have to think of something else.”

“I trust you,” she said, after a few moments thought, “But I can’t help but be a little nervous.”

“That’s understandable,” agreed Sarah, “I’m sure this will work though.”

They stayed in the kitchen for much of the morning, enjoying a leisurely breakfast and chatting about what had taken place recently, and what they hoped would happen later. Sarah outlined a brief plan of how to tackle the Mike issue, and was glad that they had plenty of time before he arrived in the afternoon.

Sarah decided that the best way to do things was to confront him about his infidelities and ask for them to stop, he would certainly agree, as he would see how much it would hurt Fiona to try and continue and they were not going to be fulfilling anyway, given how he preferred to take on the submissive role in a sexual encounter, random flings with women at work or picked up in bars were unlikely to indulge him.

After that the plan was a little more risky. Fiona would need to show him the basement, perhaps explaining to him that her sister had similar interests and agreed for them to use it. She would take on a dominant role and explain that he was to be punished for his misdeeds. He would no doubt find this prospect too enticing to reject and would comply with Fiona’s wishes.

As soon as he was safely restrained then the final part of their plan would take shape, with Sarah revealing herself and taking control. This, of course, is where things could go one of two ways. Either Mike would be so aroused by what was happening that he would accept it, or he would try and reject what was happening and demand his release. It was here that everything would rely on Sarah – it would be pure improvisation.

As they were finishing up the finer details of how they hoped the afternoon would go, Lizzie emerged from downstairs to let Sarah know that the room was ready for them. As she spoke, her eyes narrowed, as though a sudden realisation was dawning on her, “I knew I’d seen you before!” she said, suddenly, fixing her eyes on Fiona. “Fiona, yes, I’ve heard you talk about her, this is your sister?” she directed this last at Sarah.

“That’s right,” replied Sarah calmly.

Lizzie grinned widely, she looked almost impressed, “You really are the most interesting person I have ever worked for, you know?”

Sarah decided to take it as a compliment, it was definitely meant that way, “Thank you.”

“You’re fucking wild. I absolutely love it!” she was visibly very intrigued by her discovery. “You know, if the rest of us were half as easy going as you, this world would be a much better place.”

Fiona was a little embarrassed by what was happening around her, but she could also tell that Lizzie was no kind of threat, she was genuinely amazed by what was going gaziantep escort reklamları on around her, “One of these days I will have to know for sure what you get up to in there, Sarah.”

Sarah smiled warmly at her, “Well, you are welcome to find out anytime you like, you just have to say the words.”

Fiona could tell that this was a conversation they’d had before, “One day, maybe, one day, but for now I think I’m happy enough just imagining.”

“Just let me know when you change your mind.”

She nodded, even she didn’t know if she would ever take her up on the offer, but she was happy that it still stood. “It’s time I was going, anyway,” she said finally. “You two have fun,” she added with a smile, before looking at Sarah, “Give me a call if you need me to come round again tomorrow.”

Sarah laughed, “You know, I may have to do that.”

Lizzie headed out towards the hallway, “See you tomorrow then,” she called behind her as she left the house.

Fiona laughed, “How do you do it?” she asked.

“How do I do what?” asked Sarah, feigning innocence.

“Everyone we’ve met these last few days seems to know about your activities, and nobody seems to care. How do you find these people?”

Sarah had been asked this question before, “You maybe need to give people a little more credit, besides, I’ve always been very good at reading people.”

This much Fiona knew was true. It had always been the same, back when they were at school together Sarah had seemed to be able to make friends with everyone, groups that seemed exclusive were always happy to hang out with her, she had been the quintessential social butterfly. And now she seemed to have used her skills, first to build a successful business empire, and now, seemingly building an empire of loyal servants and friends. It was something that Fiona has always wished came more easily to herself.

Sarah looked at the time, “Right,” she said, determined, “I think it’s about time that we got ourselves cleaned up and ready, don’t you?”

Fiona nodded her agreement.

“I am going to find some clothes for you to wear today. I want you to take on a slightly more dominant look, but without it being obvious. Paint your nails dark red, and put on a lipstick to match, I think that if you look the part, you will feel the part. It’s important that Mike thinks that you have changed a little, you will need to be a little more forceful than you are used to – if in doubt, just try and think what I would do, okay?”

Fiona nodded again.

“Remember, this is a necessary part of the charade, by six o’clock this evening you will be back in your comfort zone, sitting at my feet, my faithful slave once more.”

She smiled, she liked the thought of that. She only had to play her part for a little while and then she would be able to relax. She knew she could do it. She had to do it for herself, for her husband and for her Mistress.

By the time two o’clock came around they were ready. Fiona was clad in a pair of black leather trousers which Sarah had found for her. They hugged her figure tightly, allowing each gentle curve of her body to be displayed beneath the shiny material. It had been a while since she had worn anything like this, they had been fashionable a few years ago, but she felt instantly more confident, more in control.

She had painted her nails and lips dark red as instructed. She wore a pair of Alexander McQueen strappy high-heeled sandals on her feet, black leather, severe, beautiful. Her top was a little more simple, a white keyhole top to offset the rest of her look. She needed to portray an air of dominance, but if it was overdone the ensemble would be jarring. It was imperative that Mike felt at ease, but at the same time understood that Fiona was in charge.

Sarah sat with her in the living room while they waited for the doorbell. “Just remember, everything you are about to do is so that the two of you can be happy together. He may seem uncomfortable from time to time, but it is important that we do this wholeheartedly or not at all. It’s still not too late to pull out.”

Fiona already felt a renewed confidence, imbued by her newly dominant appearance, “No, it’s the only way,” she said, her resolve clear in her voice. “We either do this, or I try my best to make things work with him back at home, eventually that would fail and we’d end up getting divorced sooner or later.”

Sarah nodded, this did seem like the only way. “Remember, I will not be far away if you need me -” the doorbell rang, cutting her off, “I am not far away if you need me, otherwise I will see you downstairs later.”

Fiona nodded, “Thank you,” she said.

“No need to thank me,” Sarah said, “You can do this,” she kissed her sister on the cheek, she desperately wanted to kiss her properly, but this was not a time to mess up her lipstick. “I’ll answer the door.”

She stepped out into the hallway and opened the door. Sure enough gaziantep escort bayan reklamları it was Mike, right on time as always. Sarah was surprised by how well turned out he was. Despite everything she knew of what had been going on lately he looked remarkably well, perhaps he was making an extra effort for his wife. She greeted him with a hug and ushered him inside. “You’re looking great!” she said, barely disguising her surprise, “How have you been?”

“I’m doing really well,” he lied, having no reason to think that Fiona had told her sister everything, while at the same time knowing that the sisters rarely kept secrets from each other, “You look great too.”

“You charmer, you,” she replied, in mock surprise, “Fiona’s waiting in the living room,” she added, “I’ll let you two catch up, but it would be good to chat later. Maybe we can all go out for dinner or something?”

“Yeah,” he agreed, “That sounds good.”

“Anyway, you don’t need to spend all day listening to me, she’s just through there,” she indicated the living room before walking off into the kitchen. She would be close enough in there to hear the general tone of the conversation, even if she would not hear any specifics, and if voices were raised she would know immediately.

Mike was nervous, despite Sarah’s friendly demeanour he couldn’t help but feel as though this was maybe something of an ambush. Why else would Sarah leave him and Fiona to chat alone, if not that she knew that had been having problems that they needed to sort out. For the first time in a while he felt genuinely nervous, as though he was not in control, he wanted to make things work with Fiona but he knew that they had so much to overcome, he wasn’t sure how it could possibly happen.

He stepped into the living room to see Fiona sitting calmly in the large armchair by the window. The light behind her made her appear almost as a silhouette at first, until his eyes had adjusted to the glare. As soon as he saw her he felt a jolt, she was beautiful, of course she was, he had married her after all, but today she looked even more beautiful than he had remembered, there was something about her that had changed.

His nerves got the better of him for a moment, had she done this so that when she asked for a divorce he would know exactly what he was going to be missing? Was this one last chance to show him what he could no longer have? He knew he had made mistakes, he would have a lot of work to do if he was to keep her. “Hi,” he finally spoke, awkwardly.

“Good afternoon,” Fiona greeted him, her calm voice defying her heart, beating heavily and nervously in her chest. She did not stand up, she wanted to make him feel uncomfortable for now, it was in her interests that he not know which way the conversation was going for as long as possible.

He took a seat at the corner of the sofa nearest to his wife and looked down at the ground. Out of the corner of his eye his could see one of her heel-clad feet, perfectly adorned with red nail polish, he had always had a weakness for red toenails. “How have you been?” he asked, trying to regain some composure, but still somewhat nervous.

Fiona looked directly at him, “Actually, I’ve doing quite well, all things considered.” she said, “And yourself?”

He hadn’t expected that answer from her, “Um, well, I suppose…” he stalled, not really sure how honest to be, “not the best I guess.”


“Yeah, well, you know, with work and us, things just haven’t been going well lately have they?”

Fiona couldn’t disagree with that, “Well yes, that’s true. I think that we have a lot to talk about.”

“Yes, but before we do…” he was clearly nervous, “I need to say sorry, I’ve behaved in a way that I am not proud of and I want to do whatever I can to make it right.”

He sounded genuine, like he was about to pour his heart out to her, but Fiona would not let him off so easily. “I’m going to need more than that,” she said firmly, “If this is going to have any chance of working out then you need to tell me exactly what you’re sorry for.”

He summoned up the courage to look in her eyes for just a moment before he spoke, “There are lots of things that I shouldn’t have done,” he began, “I’ve been careless at work, I’ve been drinking too much, I’ve been trying to work out what is going on in my head and it’s not been easy.”

Fiona exhaled in exasperation, “If you want me to feel sorry for you right now then that’s just not going to happen. You need to tell me everything, or you can walk out that door and never come back.” Her heart was pounding so heavily she thought she’d pass out, she had given him an ultimatum, if he refused it then everything was lost.

Mike knew what Fiona wanted to hear, but he could almost find no words to say it. He knew there was no way to dress up what he had done, no way to excuse his actions, he had wronged his wife and there could be no undoing it. His looked back down at the ground, he knew this was his only chance to come clean, his hands were trembling, his palms sweaty. “I’ve been unfaithful,” he finally said.

Even though Fiona knew this she still felt a part of her heart sink as he said it aloud. Perhaps she had hoped that she had been wrong, but him admitting it made it true without any doubt. She didn’t know what to say at first, she needed to think carefully. “Do you need a drink?” she asked.

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