Breastfeeding Me Ch. 04

Big Dicks

I imagine the empty area in my mother-in-law’s basement is actually a large baby nursery. Most of her family thinks Mary works a normal secretary job, but she actually babysits infants every day. Every morning, 5 infant boys are dropped off at her house while the parents work. She only babysits infant boys, as she is a special type of babysitter. Mary is a wet nurse. She only babysits parents with lots of money, as parents bid for her services. When the baby turns 1 year old, she no longer watches the baby and has an opening for a new baby.

In addition to the normal things a babysitter does (cuddling, diaper changes, naptimes), Mary breastfeeds her baby boys that she watches. She stopped taking her medication over a year ago, and since has started producing milk in quantities that doctors cannot explain. She is able to keep 5 babies fully fed during the day, sometimes with one on each breast when necessary.

She does have help though. Her youngest daughter Hannah assists her every day with diaper changes, rocking, and any other things so Mary can focus on nursing her babies. She is paid very well by “Nana” and in return Hannah is sworn to secrecy. All of Nana’s baby boys are fed exclusively by her breast milk until they turn 1. The parents are given her expressed (pumped) milk to feed their babies at nights and weekends. Nana will also do night calls if a baby is especially fussy or runs out of milk.

It was a normal early Tuesday morning when I got a call from her. She asked if I could take the day off work and come help her do some work around her house. She said she would pay me more than what I would make at work. I agreed, but was a little puzzled. She asked me to be there at 7:30 on the dot.

I arrived at her house on time, and she answered the door. She told me to sit down and listen, because she didn’t have much time to explain. She explained to me that she wasn’t actually a secretary, but a babysitter for 5 different families’ baby boys. Hannah couldnt make it to help today, so I would need to help her care for the babies. I couldnt really back out and she didn’t really give me any time to ask questions. I was the only one she could trust not to tell about what she was doing. The babies would arrive in 5 minutes. So, she asked me to come downstairs and she would show me the operation.

She opened the door to a large room that was transformed into a nursery. It had a big rocking chair, couch, a changing table, 5 cribs, and some toys in a play area. She explained to me that I would need to be ready to help her until 5:00 with few breaks. It would not be easy work, but the parents count on a well cared for baby.

She asked me to stay downstairs, as the parents may frown upon a male helping with their babies. One by one she brought the babies down and laid them in separate cribs. Each baby had its own separate hook on the wall for their diaper bags.

Once she brought the 5th and final baby boy in, she caught her breath and sat in the big blue recliner. She explained that the babies always arrived freshly changed and fed, so we had a little while before the chaos started. She pointed to a chart listing the babies specific feeding and nap times. She explained to me that mostly I would be handing her the babies when Casibom it was time to eat and changing them if she was busy feeding them. Each baby was assigned a number on their crib so it would be easy for me to keep track. I asked her where their formula was in their diaper bags. She told me that she had that taken care of. A little puzzled, I nodded my head in agreement.

About 9:00, the chaos ensued as predicted. Baby

began to cry.

“James, sweety, would you hand him to me?” she said.

I picked the baby up and handed her baby

in the chair.

“Just put him right here in my arms. That’s it.”

Before I started to say “what does he need?” she began to frantically unbutton her blouse. I watched with my mouth open as her bra was now in plain sight. She lined the baby up right on the nipple, and reached for her shoulder. It was now clear that she was wearing a NURSING BRA! She undid the clip to her big white nursing bra, and a nursing pad was covering her nipple. She pealed away the nursing pad and put the hungry baby to the breast. He dug right in and quickly got into a rythym.

I headed back to sit on the couch across the room from Mary and her baby. “Ummm so I had no idea…”

She stopped me mid-sentence “It’s ok James sweety. You didnt know, and I didnt want you to know. I have a rare condition where I produce an abundance of breastmilk, so I have found a way to capitalize on it. I love caring for babies, especially nursing them, and its a nice little income. My only rule is you cant tell another soul about this. OK?”

I replied “Yeah I wont say anything. No reason to tell really”

After that, the action was non-stop. If I wasn’t changing a baby, I was holding one off that was hungry until one of Mary’s breasts became available. She handled everything with such ease. A lot of times there would be a baby on each of her breasts during the day. There was probably a total of 1 hour during the day where she wasn’t nursing at least 1 baby.

Several times during the day, I got a glimpse of her breasts hanging out. When she would burp the babies, she would leave the cup open and her breasts exposed. When she got warm, she would take her blouse completely off, only wearing the bra. She had to keep the bra on because she said “her milk flow was constant”. When one of the bra cups was closed, she always had a nursing pad on to prevent leaking.

Mary had some weight to her, but she was still a very pretty woman, and her 40DD breasts certainly drew my attention. I couldnt help but view her in a sexual way now, and she noticed me taking glances at her boobs. I loved watching her change the baby’s diapers, and the way her breasts would hang over the babies as they laid on the changing table.

Finally 5:00 arrived and the babies were picked up by their parents one by one. I was to clean up the nursery for tomorrow as she brought the babies up for their parents. I was exhausted, but she didnt seem to be. After the last one was dropped off, I came upstairs.

“James, I would like you to stay for dinner as appreciation for all your hard work today. I am having a pizza delivered and the money is on the table. I told your wife you would be here a little while longer, so she is not expecting Casibom Giriş you. I am going to take a shower. Please don’t wait for me to start eating.”

“Ok. Thanks Mary” I said. “I’ll just wait here for the pizza guy. Everything is back in order in the nursery.”

“Great!” she replied. “You were quite the helper today.” She smiled as she walked to her bedroom to get her shower.

The pizza arrived several minutes later, and the water was still running in the shower. I paid for it, then began to eat. As I scarfed down the pizza, she walked into the kitchen with her bathrobe on and a towel on her hair.

“Good pizza, James?” she asked.

“Yes! Very good thank you” I replied.

She grabbed a plate and a slice and sat across from me. “So…what did you think about everything?”

“Umm well it was a big shock to me I guess. I had no idea” I replied.

“Yeah. Something I have always wanted to do is run a nursery. When I found out I had this condition where I produce milk, I took pills to stop lactation. Then, I thought about how much I loved nursing my kids, so I decided to start pumping and giving my milk to babies who needed it. I had a few moms who wanted to buy it, so I began pumping exclusively for them. One of the moms I pumped for had an emergency, so she asked me to watch her baby for the day. I decided to nurse him instead of bottle feeding him my milk, and the rest is history.”

“Wow! That’s quite a story” I said. “So what do you with your milk after the babies leave for the day?”

“Well….I have a breast pump I have to use every 2 hours or I will become engorged. Even during the night, I have to wake up every 2 hours to pump. I produce 12 ounces every 2 hours. I bottle the milk and give it to my babies to use on nights and weekends. It’s not near as enjoyable as nursing, but the families pay me quite well.”

“Oh” I said. “That sure is a lot of work, but it seems like you enjoy it”

“I do very much” she replied. “You finish your pizza. I need to go back down to the nursery for a few minutes, but dont leave without coming downstairs and saying goodbye”

“OK” I said.

I finished my pizza and took care of my plate before heading downstairs to say goodbye. The door was closed to the nursery, but I could see some dim light coming from under the door.

I opened the door. “Hey Mary. Just wanted to say good bye like you asked me to do.” She was organizing a few things around the nursery prepping for tomorrow I would assume. She grabbed a few of what looked like very large diapers from under the changing table and put them on the changing pad.

“James” she said. “Have a seat just for a minute.”

I sat down on the couch and she sat next to me. She had dimmed the lights a little from before and had some soft music playing.

“James, I need to speak to you about something I saw you doing today.”

“Mary, if its about me watching you nurse, I really am sorry. I was just so…”

She stopped me mid-sentence….”James, there is no need to explain. Karen told me a few months ago about your fantasy. She was very upset that you could be into such a thing. I told her I was put off by it as well, but thats just simply not true. I know how much you Casibom Yeni Giriş want to be babied, and that Karen would never do this for you. I want to be YOUR Nana now.”

I quickly chimed in…”Mary wait…”

She stopped me again…”You call me Nana from now on baby. Dont argue with me.”

I nodded my head in agreement.

“Nana usually pumps around this time, but I would much rather feed you. Would you like that sweet baby?”

Again, I simply nodded my head yes.

“OK baby lie down in Nana’s lap. Thats a good boy! Oh Nana is sooo full. I hope you are still hungry?”

“Yes Nana” I muttered softly.

Nana was looking down at me as I laid in her lap. The smell of her freshly showered body and the softness of her bathrobe against my cheek was very soothing.

“Is baby ready for Nana’s milk?” she whispered.

I nodded again as she untied her bathrobe and let it fall off her shoulders. Her nursing bra was inches from my lips and she supported the back of my neck and drew me closer. She slowly reached for the nursing clip and released it. She pulled the flap down and peeled off the nursing pad absorbing her milk. Nana pulled my chin down opening my mouth and guided me to her breast.

“Suck baby” she politely ordered.

I started to suck and milk began to flow from Nana’s breast more than I could have imagined. The taste of her milk was rich, warm, and wonderful. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every second. Nana would occasionally hum softly while rubbing my cheek.

“Drink as much as you need sweetheart. Nana’s breasts never get dry.”

After around 30 minutes nursing, Nana pulled me off her breast.

“You are doing great sweety, but Nana needs to burp you. Now straddle my hips and I’ll pat your back. That’s it big boy”

She patted my back for a few seconds before I let out a burp.

“Oh my. That was a good one” Nana remarked. “Now, I think we need to get a diaper on you. What do you think?”

“Yes Nana please” I replied.

“Thats what I thought, you naughty boy. Karen told me you liked wearing diapers. Dont be ashamed though. I have some diapers especially for my BIG baby. Now….lie down on that changing table, and Nana will put one on you.”

“First, sit up and lets get that shirt off you. That’s it. Now lie back down and Nana will get those jeans off for you. Spread your legs and Nana will unbutton them. Ok, I’m gonna unzip them now and pull them off….. Good. That wasn’t so bad huh?”

I nod in complete approval.

“Oh boy I love big boy undies. Now lets get these off too. I slide them off and drop them to the floor…..oh boy there is your peepee….mmm bigger than I thought”

“It likes Nana very much” I interjected.

“Clearly it does! OK you just lie there naked and watch Nana for a second”

“OK Nana” I replied.

“Nana usually leaves her bra on, but after wearing it ALL day, it needs to come off.”

I watch Nana unsnap the nursing bra from the back and let it hit the floor. She leans in and her breasts hover over me as she grabs a diaper.

“Nana feels much more comfy now. Lift up so Nana can put this diaper on you”

I lift up and she slides it under me. She tucks my penis down so the diaper will go over it.

“We dont want any messes now do we?” Nana says.

“Now Nana needs you to nurse from the other breast” she says as she fastens the diaper.

We lie back on the couch and I dig back in. Things would never be the same for Nana and me.

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