At the Villa Ch. 01


1 – Aphrodite

This is the first of a series of adventures which took place at the villa, after some of the girls were involved in three previous adventures, two, ON THE BOAT and one, AFTER THE BOAT TRIP – VICTORIA. So read the first three stories and then enjoy Aphrodite. There are more to come.

I hope you enjoy them. They are all fiction. I don’t beg for votes or comments, but they are welcome.

I walked out of the building towards the swimming pool area where everybody had already enjoyed their breakfast. Some of the girls were relaxing around by the pool except for Lydia, who soon I found out had retired to one of the bedrooms. I was hungry as was Victoria who soon followed me after she went to fetch her bikini pants. I was hungry, so I sat at the long table which was nicely positioned not to close to the pool, but covered by canopy of old green olive trees. This canopy helps in making this area very relaxing and comfortable, while holding back the harsh rays of the summer heat.

What Padme had prepared for the ladies was excellent and was loved by all. I had my share together with the fruit juice and the milk and walked away to chat with the girls who were scattered around the pool. Diana was all the time close to Padme. She was helping her in the kitchen, cleaning and cooking. Aphrodite was on an air mattress, relaxing with her beautiful uncovered tits and as always a fastidious smile on her face. I told her that she was next and walked away towards where Olympia was; looking at some of the flowers growing here and there in the shade of the olive trees.

‘Not tired?’ I asked.

‘If you like to know the truth Sam, I’m deadly tired, and in dire need to go to bed.’ Olympia answered.

‘So what held you back? I asked.

‘I didn’t like to go, unless you come out.’ Olympia answered casually. She seemed worried; something was on her mind. Something she wanted to get off her stomach!

‘Is there any problems with you… or the other girls?’ I asked rather cautiously.

‘Not that I know off! They all seem very anxious to find out what you have to offer. Some could not even wait to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh within the confines of your bedroom.’ She stated.

‘That’s great. Would you like to join me for a short walk further up the garden?’ I asked.

‘No problem. How did Victoria co-operate? You shocked her, Sam.’ Olympia said.

‘How do you know?’ I asked.

‘She looked at me with a disappointing eye. She looked devastated; didn’t know what to do.’ Olympia answered.

‘Yes, I wanted to, to shock her I mean. I thought it was important. She was not prepared to be the first, but we had a great time together. She loved it. Every moment… yes every minute she had enjoyed. We started slowly, lightly and softly and sure she came out of there very, very happy and I can also assure you… very sated.’ I declared with some doubts.

‘I’m very happy for her, Sam. What about Lydia?’ She asked.

‘What about her?’ I asked back.

‘You seem to be very interested in her?’ Olympia asked.

‘Why do you, so ask?’ I asked again.

‘She resembles you very much, Sam. Is she family?’ Olympia pressed.

‘I had never seen her before. If she’s family I should really know.’ I answered, making sure I leave no doubts; but I wandered.

‘Ohh! She really looks very much like you, Sam. So if you don’t know her, well that’s that.’ Olympia answered. She knew she was not getting the answers she was after.

I was shocked hearing Olympia talking about this resemblance. I hoped that she would not reveal anything to the others; about Lydia’s resemblance. The resemblance was evident. I saw it myself just as we landed at the harbour and the more I watched her in the mirror of the Pajero while driving, the more it became evident.

We had covered quite some ground from where Aphrodite and Victoria were lounging themselves by the swimming pool. We were now hidden by a big trunk of a very old olive tree. I looked towards the villa and I thought it was a good place to have a quickie. This beauty, I took in my arms and hugged her body against mine. My hands started roaming along her naked back, her pointing nipples were pressing against my chest and her hidden pussy was pressing against my crotch. Her hands rolled around my neck, our lips met and my little boy started to wake up, even after the hard work of the morning. The more my hands roamed down along her lower back, down within the elastic bands of her bikini panties, the harder my dick’s intensity became. My hands continued massaging slowly those smooth desirable buttocks, the feeling of her contours.

My cock became harder and harder. Olympia immediately noticed what was happening, so one of her hands roamed down and found my hard dick, very ready to get back within the confines of her warm cleft between her legs. She looked into my eyes; I just had focused mine on hers, visualizing Onwin how hot her inner folds of her vagina were. Her eyes looked beautiful, full of fire, her body waiting to melt into my own arms. Our lips got closer and closer until they met, just touched, sending waves of electric currents throughout our bodies. Sexual energy sparked between us as the negative/positive currents crossed.

I was the one who broke the kiss, my tongue moved out from between her lips as our warm lips parted. I watched her as she looked at me, her eyes full of passion and desire for more. Her body was on fire as much as it was when we were in my cabin, on board the boat.

‘Tell me Olympia; was it true what you told me on the boat?’ I asked.

‘Well; partly true and partly not.’ Olympia answered.

‘So, what is true?’ I asked back.

‘What is true? What was true was that I wanted you from the moment I saw you on the quay waiting for the boat. That was the moment when I made up my mind that I wanted, just you. I knew that I could be in good hands. You looked more like a foreigner than a local, handsome and mature.’ She answered.

‘Is that all?’ I quickly asked, not giving her enough time to divulge more.

‘Well, as you know I was not a virgin Sam, but I was not that experienced. I had been with three different guys. I just played that game only once and he was a flop and I was proud, I won. The other two, one was the lucky one who took my virginity. I must say, that after the rough introduction of his manhood into my virgin vagina it was the first and the best of my experiences. I stayed with him for about two months and enjoyed some very good love making sessions. But, none were anything close to what I had enjoyed the past night. The second was the one who fucked me up my ass, but I did not last long with him, just a couple of weeks. His manners were none close to what I desired.’ She finished.

‘So how did you know it could be possible?’ I asked.

‘Sam, I’m the type that I get what I like, so I checked. You are known and easily found out that you are unattached and had a booked cabin; so it was a good possibility.’ She answered and I think she was a right coincidence. It was not the time to ask more although I had my doubts about this mysterious lady. I thought that she was the most intelligent of the lot and…

She was still in my arms although only our pubic areas were touching. I gave her a fine smile and asked her if she liked to turn around and let me please her. She just unrolled herself from me and leaned over a bench which was nearby. She looked delightfully phenomenal, with those beautiful bums popping outwards.

I just knelt behind her, slowly lowered her bikini panties and there to my delight was her nicely framed warm crack, radiating desires for further pleasures as her legs slightly opened. I enjoyed the view of her swollen pouty lips and the little entrance to her dark anal tube. From between the deep wedge between her thighs sweet love juice was dribbling. I kissed then. She shivered. They were more than desirable. Those fleshy lips were more than ready to be separated and very slowly massaged with my tongue. Then, her little door to her temple of love could be penetrated and sated.

My mouth moved closer until my tongue was touching the slit. I pushed it further in between her wet sensitive pinky shinny lips before I started to plough through her drenched crack, moving forward and backwards, gliding between those swollen lips. Soon it stopped exactly on her red hot spot, where my tongue danced around her little button. It sent shivers of sexual pleasure and energy all over her very ecstatic body.

In no time she started to shake. I just moved my tongue backwards, jamming it against her vaginal entrance. I sucked it slowly, turning my tongue around it as her body started to tremble and vibrate. The flowing sexual energy which was engulfing her body was emerging from deep within her sex. I took my time lapping at Olympia’s burning pussy as she was gyrating, vibrating and crying for more.

Being in the midst of a huge sexual eruption I stood up and instead I replaced my mouth with my raging hard phallus. She gasped at it felt it slowly separating the fleshy lips as it entered and continued penetrating deeper inside her burning volcano until I jammed my pelvis against her round orbs, filling her to the brim.

‘You seem to be much hotter than I thought! I don’t think you could have waited until tonight?’ I asked.

‘You’re right Sam; I don’t think I could have waited.’ Olympia answered.

‘So, tell me; what action you would have taken?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know Sam; the only possibility was turn to one of the girls. You said Padme is a great lover!’ She answered also expecting an answer.

I just did not answer. Her vaginal muscles were opening and closing around my hard dick, fully embedded into it. At times her vaginal muscles really gripped Onwin giriş around it holding it there as her heart beat harder. As soon as she released them I started to pull out and sent it back, increasing the rhythm of my thrusts inside her vagina as her body continued to shake. Her cries and moaning also increased, although she kept the sounds as low as possible. I kept pumping my dick within the depths of her burning chakra.

She was drenched; every thrust I made was rewarded back by opposite thrusts. She started bucking, meeting one for one. Her vagina was now very slick with all the love juices she was producing. She continued crying and moaning as she was flowing into her own fantasies. It was at that moment that she jammed her ass back, gripped my raging hard cock like a vice within her crevasse. She held it there, imprisoned as long as she could hold it. On release I pulled myself away from her, helped her stand up properly and hugged her to me.

‘Thanks Sam, that was great.’ She said. I knew Olympia did cum, and she cum really hard as her pelvic muscles were tight as steel. She enjoyed and loved every second of that short encounter.

Getting back to the swimming pool area, I signalled Aphro to join me inside. Once there I just removed my trunks and Aphro took off her bikini panties. She looked great. Her athletic body was a great asset. She was quite tall, 5′ 6″ with a beautiful pair of well naturally designed breasts popping outwards, with rather extended nipples. They were already hard waiting to be treated, massaged and manipulated. Aphro was heavier than the others with lot of hard muscles. She sure would be a great fuck, I thought.

I watched this beauty from a distant. My eyes scanned her beauty as I signalled her to turn. My little monster was there, hard as steel waiting for this beauty to position herself, hanging between my legs. Aphro turned slowly, shaking her ass as she moved and licked her upper lip with her tongue. I moved towards her, took her in my arms and as our eyes locked on each other’s we kissed, first lightly, playing with out tongues as our lips kept their distance. At last we locked and became aggressive. Our tongues entwined as we sucked on each other’s tongues and lips. Her hand caressed my back while mine crawled downwards towards her crotch, massaging her mounds, feeling the trimmed pubic hair and her sweet liquids dribbling.

Like a snake she slid out of my arms and knelt infront of me. She took my little boy, still coated with Olympia’s sticky and smelly vaginal juices, kissed it and started at it. She pushed the foreskin downwards slowly, exposing the proud hard helmet, then kissed it again and licked it. Her lips roamed around its purple head as her tongue licked the underside around the rim before she engulfed inside her mouth. She kept stroking it as her tongue wandered around it. It was still sticky with the tasty juices that had stuck to it earlier.

Aphrodite did not say anything, or complain. She looked at me, pushed the foreskin backwards again exposing the purple mushroom head. She kissed it, once; two times as her tongue lapped along its length and around the head like crazy, collecting what was left over from Olympia’s sticky juices. Her mouth opened slowly and took the whole head in, massaging it with her tongue as it rolled around. It was obvious that it became harder and harder and more than ready to wake up all of Aphro carnal desires.

I just stood there standing, enjoying the pleasures her mouth and tongue were creating. I was not, so much in a hurry, as I was waiting for Padme to appear.

It did not take her long before she walked in. Within seconds, Padme just took off the two-piece she was wearing. There she was, looking perfect in her naked Asian beauty, her beautiful slim balanced figure ready to join the action. I had been four days away from my home, so her desires and lust getting satisfied were a priority.

She looked at me from where she was, showing me her desirable naked body. Slowly, she turned, making sexual movements and giggling as she walked towards me, her tongue scraping the upper lip. She got closer to me looked in my eyes as she put one hand around my neck and her lips against mine.

‘Sam, I couldn’t wait to have this beauty licking my pussy… I’m too hot… I don’t think I can wait. At this particular moment I prefer that, that wonderful dick, will be inside my hot pussy rather than in her mouth?’ Padme whispered in my ear. I looked into her eyes as her tongue was still teasing me. Then she continued. ‘I rather prefer to use my very experienced lips and tongue on her hot juicy volcano.’

As Padme whispered so, I was watching Aphro’s face for any reactions as she was hearing what was being said. There were no reactions from Aphro side, except that she kept working around the head of my hard cock. It definitely got harder and harder, hearing Padme reciting such interesting statements. Her lips not only recited those interesting statements but sooner than expected she started to kiss me, her tongue licking my lips as it joined mine. Everything seemed to get hotter and hotter as Aphro’s mouth was full, with most of my hard truncheon.

I broke the kiss and slowly lifted Aphro up. She left my hard dick hanging there between my legs and as she reached my mouth I kissed her too, just for a few seconds.

‘That was great Aphro; you’re not such a bad cocksucker, as a matter of fact you’re quite good. Now girls, lets get down to some real action. Let’s start with you Aphro.’ I said. ‘You lie down crossways on the bed, ok;’ she just took her position on her back, her legs hanging on the side; ‘now lift your legs and rest then on the edge of the mattress…yes, that’s fantastic, open them as wide as possible; wowww… beautiful crack you have there, fantastic. That open slit you have there looks incredible desirable. I’m sure it’s ready for anything including to be eaten. You really came prepared with that nearly, neatly bare skin down there…what do you think Padme.’ I looked at Padme who were all eyes looking with hunger, towards Aphro’s open legs.

‘I couldn’t wait to get down there between her legs, and suck her crazy.’ Padme said. ‘Aphro, do you like to open your slit… yes, wow… that looks ready to be sucked, and eaten of course; just stretch it a little bit more. Glorious… beautiful… desirable.’ Padme continued describing her hunger and her lust for the pleasures she was dreaming of giving and recieving, while watching Aphrodite opening her labia to her ravenous eyes.

I just stared at Aphro’s beautiful body, lying there fully naked, her fingers stretching her pouty lips, exposing her virginal rose, her vaginal entrance, her urethra and yes, but not least her rather longish canopy covering her little erect, surely very sensitive bud. Her intimate area was beautifully exposed to our carnal desires. It was more than a pleasure to graze at, and to appreciate its beauty and its perfection. There’s nothing so beautiful and perfect as the intimate parts of a human being, the way the male achieve his erection, just looking at the female specie.

Even clothed, many times with just a thought; the male organ grows up to its’ beauty, its glory as it become strong, hard, and ready to mate. We can enjoy its pleasures as we dream and masturbate, but how intimate and pleasurable a male will be in the presence of a female, fully naked, her beauty, watching her body from head to toe with her most intimate parts awaiting her sexual energy to wake up, her veins flowing with hot blood and the craving to be pleasured and desired.

Infront of me I had not one, but two magnificent beauties, ready and waiting to reach for the heavens in the way they expect to be sexually pleasured. Aphro was ready, just waiting for my next move. Padme knew precisely what was next so she got on the bed with her head moving towards Aphro’s glossy cleft, crawling like a snake over her body. She opened her legs and put them astride of Aphro head, slowly lowering her fleshy wet lips over Aphro’s mouth.

The set up was excellent, perfect. Both girls seemed they knew precisely what they were after, as the stage was set. The views were incredibly sexy and hot. Their cravings for carnal pleasures were the main option. Padme’s hot wet meaty lips slowly descended over Aphro’s mouth. At the other end, Padme’s hungry tongue was already teasing Aphro’ clitoris set at the top of her wet burning lips between her wide open legs.

The two incredible hot beauties were there one on top of each other, in a sixty nine position already pleasuring each other. I just knelt down by the bed between Aphro’s legs. My eyes got even closer to her still held wide open slimy slit. I was really enjoying its beauty and the sexual heat that was burning there as Padme was licking her clit. I looked deeper in visualizing what these two could do to each other as the heat was turning into fire. I took my time; I always loved two women, one on top of each other, pleasuring each other’s sexual passions. My mouth moved further down; my tongue crawled outwards and gave the first lap to Aphro’s rosebud. Her hands moved away as the pouty lips closed slightly.

I heard Padme moaning and there were movements on the bed. Her pussy was being taken care of, by Aphro’s mouth, although I was sure that her pussy was jammed against it. Padme was still lapping and teasing Aphro’s clit. I moved my mouth up and down Aphro’s slick crack, collecting the love juices which were dribbling out of her hot pussy. My tongue ploughed between the walls of her pouty lips as her body was vibrating. Aphro’s body, from vibrating started to shake but no moans came out. Padme was keeping Aphrodite happy, by licking and sucking her clit.

I knew Padme very well. When she gets on top, she just jams her pussy and cries and shouts like crazy as she starts to go from one orgasm to another. I could feel her there on top of me shouting and moaning as she left Aphro’s clit. Her body was gyrating, enjoying all what Aphro had to offer.

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