The Picnic Table

I felt lonely last night. My daughter was with her father, and none of my online friends were on. I watched TV till 1:00 am and as I could not sleep, I decided to go get some fresh air. I quickly got dressed, grabbed my phone, and left.

It was actually kind of warm and muggy, but the sky was clear. I walked to the old picnic table in the woods.

I sat on the table and started gazing at the stars.

After having a very long stressful week, it was nice to finally be able to relax. My mind started wandering… I thought of Jenny, and the naughty stories she had written for me, and how special she made me feel… and I thought of my online friend who always makes me so naughty…

“Ohh,” I thought, “I am getting horny”, and blushed, remembering the last time I had played on the table.

I could not let it happen again. Last time I had gotten naughty in the woods, I had left my thong on the table, and when I went back the following morning to get it, it had been replaced by a bouquet of wild flowers.

I could not let myself succumb to the temptation again, knowing that someone may be lurking in the dark.

I tried so hard to resist, but my body has a mind of its own. My breasts wanted my attention. I felt feverish. My body was starting to ache.

I slowly pulled my shirt over my head. I was now topless, sitting on the table, in the middle of the night.

The breeze felt so good on my nips… My double D’s never looked so big… so white under the moonlight… and my nips so dark.

I started out tugging and pulling on them, wishing I could lick them, and suck them as I had seen some women do in porn videos. As I started pinching them hard, sending shockwaves to my clit, I started moaning softly.

I quickly, slid my shorts and French lacey undies down my legs, and lied back on the table, feet flat on it, knees spread apart. Oh the feeling of being naked outside in the middle of the night… mmmm

My hands reached between my legs. I grabbed ankara escort my pussy lips, opened them and rubbed my velvety slit up and down, and slowly started circling my erect clit.

My eyes shut, I was still moaning, but no longer softly. I was drenched, and as I could feel an orgasm slowly building up, I heard something.

I opened my eyes, and there, by the table, stood my neighbor Jim, his oldest son, and another young man, I did not know.

I had met him and his son, a year ago, at the wild party they had for the young man’s 20th birthday, and their singing and fireworks had kept me up all night. I had gone there to ask them to be quiet, but ended up spending the night with them, dancing and having a good time.

But since then, the old Mrs. Lewis had passed away, and the family house had been closed for months…

As soon as I met Jim, I got a crush on him. I have never been with a black man but always fantasized about it. And Jim, is also so big in comparison to me, well built, in his late 40s, which made him over 10 years older than me, and I always wondered what it would feel like to be fucked by him.

So here they were. They had caught me, totally naked, playing with myself on the picnic table!

I let out a scream, and tried to reach for my shirt, in a vain effort to cover my body, swearing at the moon for making it as light as daytime, but Jim grabbed my wrist and softly whispered in my ear:

“Don’t be afraid. Am here alone with the boys. We’re here to celebrate their birthday, and doing male bonding. Let’s make it a memorable one. I know you want me as much as I do you. Let us play with you.”

I felt myself turn crimson red. My face was burning hot, my heart was pounding. I thought I was going to pass out. My body started trembling. How did he know I always wanted him?

I felt so humiliated… being caught like this, not only naked, but playing with myself, and on the verge of cumming. The boys were staring ankara escort bayan at my naked body, the bulges in their shorts getting bigger.

I knew the right thing to do was to get up and run, but my body was now in charge. I felt myself getting wet again, and tried to talk but could not… I closed my eyes, and let my knees part again, revealing my wet and willing pussy.

I heard Jim walk around the table. He grabbed my legs and pulled me down gently toward him, my ass now at the very edge of the table. He placed his face in between my legs and started licking my slit.

I started moaning again, but this time I was not quiet.

I opened my eyes again for a split second, and saw the two young men standing there. They seemed in shock. I had totally forgotten about them.

As I smiled at them, they got closer, one on each side of the table. I reached my hands out and started rubbing them thru their shorts.

They both bent over and started sucking my nips, as I kept on stroking their cocks they had pulled out of their shorts. Could not believe how big they were, and how hard. I stroke harder.

Jim kept on licking outside and inside my pussy lips with broad, flat strokes of his tongue, and started using it as a mini cock, sticking it in and out of me.

Oh the feeling of having my pussy eaten, my nips sucked on, and the two cocks getting even harder in my hands… it was driving me wild!

I went from moaning to screaming, and screaming louder.

The white young man, exploded all over my tits as soon as I let out the first scream, but Jim’s son pushed him aside and forced his cock down my throat, pulling on my hair to bring my head down.

At first I could only get the very tip in my mouth, his cock was so huge, so hard.

I could taste precum, and the flavor was so strong, almost spicy, and I just could not get enough of his young cock.

I reached for his balls, and started squeezing them as I was trying escort ankara to take him in deeper and deeper, gagging and drooling as I kept trying.

He started fucking my mouth, faster and faster.

My body was now trembling. I was so close from cumming as Jim was now fingerfucking me, and playing with my g-spot.

His son let out a big grunt, and I felt my throat feeling up with his warm cum. I started chocking as it kept on filling my mouth like a non-stopping flow of lava.

Jim realized how close I was. He quickly lifted my shaking body, turned me around, pulled my ass up toward him, so I was now on my knees, still on the table, but in the doggy style position.

He grabbed my hips, and with one big push, entered my tight pussy, with his monster cock. He was even bigger than his son.

I screamed as I came right away.

But he did not stop, he kept pumping, in and out, holding my hips so tight. I could feel his balls slapping my ass.

I could hear the slurping sounds from my hungry pussy swallowing his hard cock.

My heavy tits, were aching from all the bouncing, my nips getting hard as rock again as they kept hitting the wooden table.

My pussy was so stretched I felt like if I was being impaled, and then it started again, building up so fast, another orgasm.

It hit me so hard, I screamed again, and collapsed. My ass was now only held by Jim’s strong arms, and his cock inside me.

I tried to push him off of me, but he held me tight and kept fucking me hard for a few minutes more, and finally pulled out and came all over my back, even my long hair was covered.

I was now lying on the table on my stomach, covered in cum, in the most obscene position, and my pussy still throbbing, but feeling so contempt.

Both boys took off. Jim wanted to stay with me, but I told him to go with them.

He softly kissed my lips, “Let’s do that again soon.”

I stayed on the table, in that same position, for what seemed a very long time, trying to catch my breath.

I finally walked back to the house, naked and cum caked up all over my body.

I never felt so dirty, but could not help but smiling thinking about the special treat the young men had gotten from me on their birthdays.

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