Tied Up

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Arched Back

This was inspired by your love of rubber, our thoughts of dressing me up and a certain little fantasy of yours that you keep whispering in my ear and always makes me cum!! The attire, incidentally, was mainly leeched from Skin Two!

Something Else

You’d told me to dress in the clothes that you’d lain on the bed. Everything apart from the stockings and shoes was made from a soft black rubber. I had never worn this before. It clung to me, forming itself over every curve. A tight plunge bra that pushed up my small breasts. A thong that hugged and covered me at the front and rose in a thin line between the cheeks of my ass. The suspender belt hugged me softly at waist and thighs holding black stockings tight against smooth, long legs. The dress was black and short; well above the knee. The upper part would cling to my body, tight against my chest. The skirt was more voluminous…I wondered why.

My hair was long with a lot of body. A wig you had bought recently. I had taken time with make-up. I needed to look my best.

You came in. The rubber dress hugged your figure. It buttoned down the front, its length blending into the blackness of your thigh-high, high heeled boots.

I knelt before you. You pulled my head towards you, enveloping my senses with the smell of the rubber.

You unbuttoned the lower part of the dress, slowly. I waited, smelling your sex and longing for it. The tight rubber panties bit into my crotch as my cock strained against them. I ached for you. You pulled aside the sides of the dress, laying them against my shoulders and pulling my face into your wetness.

I dared to lick you and heard you gasp, “Yes, eat me.” I tasted your juices, sliding my tongue hard against your wet lips and hard clit. I heard you cum. A quick orgasm that I knew you must have been desperate for. I knew you would want more from me and could only anticipate staying on my knees before my Mistress.

But you stepped back. I felt cheated but knew better than to raise my eyes and ask for more. I saw your boots move to one side and you sat in an armchair. Comfortable, as though to watch a show.

A shadow fell across me and I felt a hand roughly pulling my head forward. My lips slid instantly over a hard cock as it pushed deep into my mouth. However surprised I was I knew that this had been a thought that had crossed your mind many times. Time and again you had made me cum as you described how you wanted to see me fucked. I remembered how you had told me that watching a transvestite suck a guy’s cock and having her cock sucked by him had turned you on. You knew how much I became excited by your thoughts, the detail, and by what it did to you. I also knew that you would have to give me no choice – that you would have to force this on me just as you were doing now.

As soon as the cock was in my mouth I abandoned myself to its hard warmth. Stretching my mouth around it and licking its warm flesh as it slid slowly back and forth against my lips, my tongue and touching the back of my throat. I was in three places at once; sucking like a slut on this manhood. Watching you as you played with your pussy, watching the movements of your sub, your legs wide apart over the arms of the chair. And, in my mind, I was picturing myself; this strange creature, endowed as a man, looking and acting like a woman yet feeling the urges of a man and the softness of the lady.

I reached up, my hand slipping around the heavy balls as I fondled them, caressing them with soft fingers and sharp nails. My other hand reached down, rubbing my clit/cock through the rubber panties. The tightness of the material added to my frustration but also to the excitement. I pushed my hand harder against myself, elated that you were so turned on just by watching me. I was so glad that you had brought us here. So glad that you had allowed the possibility to dissipate the worry. You had needed this; wanted it for so long and I was desperate to make your dream come true.

With my eyes closed I abandoned myself to the taste of his precum as I slid my tongue under the hard head of his cock. It felt so different from the dildos that you had forced me to suck before. I ran my tongue and lips along his length, knowing what would feel good to him. I sucked a little harder each time; licked a little more firmly as I explored every inch of him, drawing him closer to orgasm.

I felt you behind me; your bare pussy pressing against the back of my head as you leaned down and slipped your hands inside my dress. They squeezed between the tight rubber bra that you had told me to wear and my bare flesh. My nipples ached and your gloved fingers began to tease them – increasing the ache in them and in my clit/cock. I moaned, my mouth full and tight around his manhood. You whispered in my ear, giving instructions as to how I should suck him. Teaching me to be the slut that you needed to see. Your fingers caressed my nipples, squeezed them, pulled on them, your gloved hands divine inspiration as they cupped and fondled my so-feminine breasts.

Your pussy pressed harder against me, rubbing against me. I could feel your wetness and knew how turned sex hikayeleri on you were, watching as your feminised slave tried to fulfil your dreams. You watched my red lips sliding up and down his shaft, seeing the man who had become a slave and then a slut. Seeing the power with which you controlled his every thought. Seeing how you had made an object of beauty and lust from your very dreams.

I heard you telling me to make him cum. Heard as you instructed him not to withdraw until he had cum inside me. I heard you telling me how beautiful it was to watch me. How good your slut was. How she was doing such wonderful things for her Mistress. I needed you to be pleased with me…I needed to take him, make him cum inside the slut and whore that you had drawn out of me. I only had one thing in mind; to make him cum and to swallow every drop of manhood, to show you what I would do for you and make you pleased with me.

I ached to cum but knew I must not. But your fingers on my body, as you knew, were driving me wild. You knew me so well; knew how to tease me and build the wonderful frustration within me. You also knew how the frustration allowed me to feel so wild, abandoned; that I would do anything for you when you did that to me, A wonderful control that I could never deny or ignore. There was never right or wrong, no good or bad, just the utmost need to deliver anything that you required of me. For a moment the thought crossed my mind that I was being selfish; paying you little attention. I slipped my hand from my panties and moved it backwards to encircle your booted leg. Almost instantly you slapped it away; one hand taken from my breast and pushing mine back inside my dress. I understood then, understood how you wanted to see and feed my excitement. I could do no more for you for the tableau that filled your vision was better than any movie or any brief touch that I could currently give.

I let out a tortured moan for your hands had now both been taken from inside my bra. I wanted to feel you rubber-clad fingers there; the soft rubber a wonderful but rarely-felt sensation. But rather than leaving my breasts altogether your hands moulded themselves around the tight bra cups that covered my tits. They squeezed and caressed – my Mistress urging her slut to fill her hands with her feminine breasts. I pushed my chest forward, wanting you to squeeze, to caress, to demand too much and to hurt me. In my mind I was aching for pain and punishment for my blatant wanton-ness but also desperate for your soft touches and caresses. My hard nipples pushed into your hands but met only the soft rubber. The rubber seemed to caress them, entice them, seemed to take their shape and engulf them in its softness. I knew that you had known this and that you had moulded the bra cups around my tits so that I could feel it in the way that you did.

I heard moaning, loud and abandoned – a desperate sound that begged for fulfilment. It was me; a wanton slut with a hard and aching clit, aching nipples and a wet, open, unfilled pussy.

Whether my sounds had spurred him on, or my sucking, your orders…I didn’t know. His cock seemed to harden even more, filling and stretching my mouth and pushing harder as though he were trying to force himself down my throat. I remembered what you had said and tried to relax my throat, allowing him to push as far as he could, giving his cock the wet, tight warmth that it needed.

He came; his cock throbbed and pulsed, his thick cum filling my mouth and throat. I heard him moan and heard you telling me to take it, to swallow it, to show you what a good girl I could be and how good my virgin mouth could be for him. I didn’t count how many times his cock jerked and I felt his cum hit the back of my throat, its salty wetness filling every space left in my mouth. Even if I had wanted to I had no choice. There was nowhere else for it to go. I swallowed, feeling it ooze down my throat and into my stomach. Even if I had wanted to…but I didn’t want to; I licked and sucked, desperate for the taste and feel of the sticky fluid. Desperate to show you how I could suck cock for you. You stroked my breasts and kissed my hair, telling me how good I had been…telling me how good it was for you too.

He withdrew from my mouth and I knelt there, my head bowed as my tongue traced slowly over my lips, savouring the last of his cum. You moved around in front of me, kissing me, sharing his taste. I pressed closer to you, needing your warmth, touch and love. Lover to lover. Woman to woman. Slave to Mistress. Man to woman. You held me yet never stopped touching me, caressing me, telling me how excited you felt, telling me how wet your pussy was. Your body pressed against mine and I felt like a baby, like a little girl, taking instruction, needing to be shown, needing guidance and needing to please.

Slowly you slide your hands up my body, taking the dress with it. I raise my arms as you slide it over my head, your fingers sliding deliberately over my hard nipples as you do so. I’m sad for the dress felt so good but I know that you want to see more of me and what Mistress wants… you lay me down on porno hikayeleri my back, talking to me all the time, telling me how excited you were at watching me. You tell me how I must use my mouth on you the way that I did on him…to suck and lick you, to make you cum. You tell me how you need to cum over my face, to see the wetness on my lips and how you need to use my mouth to pleasure your pussy.

You stand over me, your feet either side of my head. You unbutton your dress but don’t take it off. I gaze up the long length of my Mistresses’ boots and legs, seeing your stockings rise above the tops of your boots. Your stockings are attached to a rubber corset; it holds your figure and pushes up your breasts. I look, excited by Mistresses’ body, by the way she looks, her dominance and her sexuality. Below the corset your pussy is naked and I can see the drops of your juices that are clinging to its lips.

Every part of me is aching…my mind and body. I long to look at you, feel you and taste you. I want so much for you to use me, but know that I also need to be held by you, enveloped in your arms and close and safe to your body. You look at me, aware of how I always react to you, savouring my frustration and taking pleasure in the knowledge of it and in your power to create it. You look at my body; the smooth, hairless skin, the small breasts in their rubber bra whose smooth contours are only changed by the hard nipples beneath. The stockings lying smooth over long, smooth legs. The panties that look so feminine yet barely hide your slave’s masculinity. Your gaze moves up my body and rests on my face, watching both him and her in my eyes. Your control is complete and yet so is your abandonment.

Slowly you kneel over my face. You watch as your pussy descends slowly towards my lips. Unhurriedly you let it brush my mouth and I feel you shiver as my tongue slides gently along it. I taste you. Warm and sweet, a nectar that I can never get enough of and which seems to be like drug…too long without it and I crave it.

You rest your weight upon my face, your pussy opening wide as it pushes against me. Opening itself to me I slide my tongue firmly inside you, my mouth wide open as I let air and your juices run into my mouth. My tongue slowly fucks your pussy; a gentle, firmness that caresses and excites. There is no hurry for I need to fulfil the satisfaction that you demand. I feel like a prisoner, trapped beneath you which only increases my own excitement. By the shift in your weigh I know that your hands are caressing your breasts. Selfishly I want your soft rubber-covered fingers on my own but know that you need this too. I stretch to reach your clit and suck it into my mouth, so gently, licking the sensitive hardness with slow, teasing strokes. You push harder down on me, craving your orgasm from my face. My eyes are closed as I suck your clit, lick your pussy lips and walls and drink on your ever-flowing juices.

I try not to rush you, craving for you the sensual satisfaction that I want to give. Knowing that often you need to cum quickly and many times. This time, though, I want to make it last for you; not to tease but to show you just how good my tongue can be to your pussy. I want you to need me to do this, to fulfil every desire, to be the best pussy-licking slut you could ever had. I need to belong.

I push my face hard against your pussy. In my mind I want you to know that I want you to be brutal, unforgiving. That I need you to take this from me…that I don’t want the choice. You push your wet sex hard against my face, smothering mouth and nose and cheeks with your juices and wet flesh. I love to be there in the knowledge that you need me to do this and I need for you to demand it of me. I lick you, my tongue deep inside. Sucking your clit and licking slowly, quickly, against your clit and inside the walls of your tight pussy. Suddenly you pull away, the wetness of your pussy replaced by the dry tightness of your beautiful asshole. God, I would go on my knees and worship your ass, remembering the times that I have kissed it and fondled it. Times that we’ll share again but, for now, you need something more from me.

“Yes. Lick me, slut.” I hear you moan at me, your voice filled with need and lust. At last I feel that you are abandoning yourself to what you want and feel so happy that you can do this, safe in the knowledge that the infliction of your desires on me are the fulfilment of my own. I lick you, my stiff, wet tongue pushing hard inside your tight tunnel. The taste is different from that of your pussy, un-laden from the nectar that your pussy provides, yet there is something more wicked, more demeaning, more subservient and outrageously sexual about licking your ass.

You turn yourself around, now facing down my body but still pushing your ass into my face. I grab your hips, urging you to push down against me and you do. My senses are reeling, a sensual, sexual heaven which I have previously only encountered when I had been in control. Now you demand that I lick you, to taste you, to tongue-fuck your ass, to be the slave and slut that I should be. I know that my clit/cock seks hikayeleri is hard, harder than I feel it had ever been, excited by cock and pussy and ass. I hope that it is not too blatant for I want you to see the slut that you like to see and not just the guy dressed effeminately.

I hear you moan, your fingers playing gently with your clit as I worship your ass. Your other hand moves to rest on my clit/cock, playing with it, feeling its excitement but not allowing it to become too excited and cum. I moan, wanting you never to take me away from here. The slut has found her place in life and she loves it. So often I have wanted you to need me to serve you, to allow me to lick you and show you how well I can serve. Now, I think, you understand as I push my tongue as hard as I can to pleasure my Mistress, my Goddess. Such a beautiful ass…you push it harder onto my searching tongue and I show my gratitude by pleasuring your tight, tight hole.

Suddenly you are cumming. An orgasm wrenched from you by the fingers against your clit and the tongue in your ass. I feel your juices as they dribble over my chin. Satiated for the moment you turn and, smiling, you wipe your soaking wet pussy over my face. I lick you…a thank you…you smile at me and bend to kiss me, licking your own wetness from my face.

You help me to my feet and kiss the flesh of my breasts that is pushed up by the bra. I love your kisses there and can only imagine you sucking on the hard nipples that tingle underneath the soft rubber. Your mouth trails over the bra, nipping each nipple in turn and I moan softly. Yours hands slide down either side of my waist and draw the panties down. I want to keep them on, to look pretty and un-masculine for you but you have other ideas. Your hand brushes over my hard clit/cock and then, taking me by the hand you lead me into the bedroom. At the bed you fasten my hands to the iron headboard with leather cuffs. I feel vulnerable yet so sexual. I ache to cum but hope that you will make me wait. I need to cum yet want to do so only when it is your desire.

You step away and I hear a click and a soft, continuous whirring sound. You have turned on the video camera as it sits on its tripod. I hear you behind me, getting on the bed and then realise that you are beside me…there must be someone else here. I freeze, concerned, but then you place pillows under me and you rest your head on them. I feel your breath close to my chest. And you raise your hands to my breasts. Your fingers squeeze the flesh beneath the soft rubber and I push downwards, urging your hands to play with the breasts that you too love to play with. “Please.” I beg you, “Please play with them.” You smile, understanding the need and you reach around to unclip the bra. It falls away and your fingers reach up to gently caress the taut, red buds that are begging for your touch.

I feel hands on my hips. I know that I am about to be fucked but have no idea whether by a strap-on, dildo or a real cock. I feel the warmth of flesh against mine. It pushes against my pussy. I tighten myself, not to resist but to make my invader push hard against my hole. He does. His cock has been lubed and I feel the slipperiness against me. Suddenly I relax and the cock pushing against me slides deep inside me. There is no pain; I have had things inside me before, but there is a feeling of being stretched and filled. Your fingers squeeze harder on my nipples and I groan, pushing backwards onto the hard, warm flesh that is ravaging my cunt. I stretch my legs farther apart, my tits are on fire with your caresses as you play alternately gently and then harshly with my them. My clit aches, desperate to be made to cum as the hard cock pushes into me, draws out and then plunges back into my pussy. I hear screaming; it is me, begging him not to stop, to fuck me, to take my virgin cunt and use it like a slut’s. Your hand slips down to my clit/cock, teasing it gently and playing with the dribbles of precum that ooze from its tip. I feel myself fucking him, tightening my cunt around his cock. I try and picture the thick rod of flesh as its warm, veined skin and hardness penetrate me. My cunt stretches and then tightens as he pushes in and then pulls out again. Every time he pulls out I only want him back in there again, to feel his balls slap against my ass, to feel the thick crop of his pubic hair folding against my flesh.

You have moved down the bed and I feel your mouth enveloping the hardness of my clit/cock. Your fingers still play with my girlish tits. My hands grip the headboard and I beg you to make me cum. But you don’t allow me that yet…my body and mind are in an agony of lust, a desperation that can only be relieved by my orgasm but, suddenly, I feel his cock swell inside me. I push back against him once more, shouting at him to cum inside me, begging him to. I tighten my pussy around his hardness and I hear him moan as his cock shoots spurt after spurt of hot spunk deep inside my hole. The feeling is so good, a warmth that spreads through me, a lust finally satiated. For a minute he stays there, his hands resting on my hips and his cock sliding slowly inside my now cum-soaked hole until I feel him pull out. My pussy feels as though it is gaping wide and I can feel the cum oozing from it. You wanted a slut and I hope that you could not have been any more pleased with the way that she has been for you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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