The Sex Experience of Lady Rhua Ch. 03

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New Year Eve with Puppy – Part 3

Again, she obeyed me without hesitation. I opened the lid, snapping the lock and finally I show Puppy what was hidden inside that mysterious box: a dark blue collar with spikes! It was made with leather and it was 2 inches long with two lines of spikes all over. A perfect match for Puppy’s new outfit. A small medal with the shape of a bone completed it, with her name engraved on the front side and the words “Property of Lady Rhua” on the other.

Puppy stared at it speechless, probably asking herself what was the meaning of that collar, even if she knew very well deep down. After giving her enough time to ponder the situation, I spoke again.

“You accepted to be my virtual Pet, Puppy. Now, there is something I’m going to ask you once and no more.”

I paused just to look at her and at the expression on her face. Right now, I could see many of her emotions: fear, hesitation and last, but don’t least, excitement, probably the strongest of all of them.

Puppy’s eyes were glued on the collar and on the medal with her name on. She was so focused on it that she did not take in anything else happening around her. Her reaction was stronger than I had ever imagined and I was satisfied with it, but the small ceremony was not ended, so I continued.

“Puppy, did you want to be my Pet here as in the virtual world and obey me now and forever?”

My request, probably caught her off guard. For a long instant she remained silent and continued to stare at the collar. Then at a certain point she rose her face to look at me having come to her decision. I saw the excited glow in her eyes and then she spoke to answer me.

“Yes, Rhua…I accept to be your Pet now and forever, no matter if it is in the cyber world or the real world. I will obey you and only you forever!”

Her answer was sincere and made me proud of her. Puppy had taken the final step on that road that would lead her to explore her true nature and she looked ready to do it now till the end, without any other hesitation.

While I removed the collar from the box, I smiled at her.

“From now on, you are allowed to call me Rhua just in public. When we are alone or when I order you, you will refer to me as “Mistress” or “Mistress Rhua.” Is this clear for you, my Pet?”

“Of course, Mistress. I’ll do as you order!” she replied with a steal determination.

I moved behind her, slowly, while she followed me with her eyes, till I disappeared from her sight. With both hands, I placed the collar around her neck and secured it in place, ensuring it wasn’t too tight. Then, when the action was complete, I whispered in her ear.

“This collar is the bond between us and the proof that you belong to me now!”

“And I’ll wear it proudly, Mistress…I swear this to you!” she whispered back to me with a happy smile on her face.

“I know you will…you are a good Pet, after all!”

I stood up and moved in front of her again. Here, I took a look outside the door-window and then at the clock on the wall. It was around 7:00 p.m. and the sky was dark, the perfect moment to begin the first test for my new pet.

“Follow me, Puppy…we are going outside!”

“We need to change, Mistress!”

At her words, I looked at her with a devilish smile. Of course, in a normal situation she was right but what I had in mind was everything but “normal.”

“All we need are our jackets and this.” I replied, waving my Smartphone right in front of her face.

She immediately understood what I had in mind: another photo session outside! But this time, it would be way different from the one we did at the parking area of the airport. We were about to walk down the street dressed as Mistress Rhua and her little Pet Puppy and the chances were high of meeting other people in the street!

Plus, Puppy had no idea about the place I was about to take her for the photos and this scared her a little, probably more than she admitted to herself. And she was not able to hide it from me.

“Don’t worry…” I said, gently fondling her cheek, “where we are going, no one will see us! It’s too early for you to appear like this in public.”

“Mi-Mistress…you mean you want to…” she babbled, with her eyes wide open. But I immediately interrupted her with a passionate kiss, holding her head from the nape, to stop her moving away from me. Our tongues danced voluptuously and wild, unable to stop, and it halted her objections which was my purpose. Puppy’s body relaxed a little and only when she seemed completely calmed down did I free her from my lips and hand.

“Ready to go, my Pet?”

“Yes, Mistress…show me the way and I follow you!” she replied, determined and taking her jacket.

On the outskirts of Rome the streets were quiet and empty. Time by time, we heard voices coming from the windows of the building around us but we didn’t cross anyone on the way to the nearest park. At the crossroads we saw our first person. He was on the opposite side of the street and didn’t pay any attention to us, probably too busy to Betturkey think of his imminent dinner and New Year party.

At last we finally arrived at the entrance of the park: no one was around but we were both nervous and a little scared by this new situation, but both had a determination to continue. Even Puppy looked excited by what was about to happen, she had crossed over her doubts and now seemed impatient to begin the photo session.

Once we were far enough from the access point and had found an area with some light, we started Puppy’s second photo session and after the first shots of her wearing the jacket, I ordered her to remove it, leaving her body naked, totally exposed to strangers’ eyes and at the cool night weather.

The cold air made Puppy’s body tremble and even though we had taken those photos before in the parking area of the airport just the day before, today she appeared more hesitant, probably scared of the possibility someone would come to the park and call the Police or, even worst, takes pictures of her themselves and post them on the net.

Puppy was trying to hide her dick and tits with her hands but in her eyes, that lusty sparkle was still there. She looked more fired up and for me this was the proof she really found the situation thrilling after all.

I gave her a minute to get used to this new situation but I did not give her permission to put her jacket back on. The more we wait, the more Puppy’s body was freezing. I was about to ask her if she was ready, when Puppy told me to continue with the shots.

The session lasted around thirty minutes long and I took many shots of her. The more photos I took, the more she self-confident she became with the situation and her poses become sexier and more provocative. I was not indifferent to her beautiful and sensual body. I approached her, looking her straight in the eyes with dirty thoughts now running in my mind and I started to feel the urge to fulfil them right now.

Once I was in front of her, I fondled Puppy’s cheek gently and before she could say or do anything, I kissed her with all the passion I had. Inside me, the desire to make her mine right here and now was strong. The only thing that blocked me from doing so was the place where we were and the high possibility that we could be caught by someone. Even if I must admit, that was a very exciting thought and prospect.

In fact, now I was too excited to simply walk back to our apartment and I was sure Puppy was feeling the same way, so I took all my courage in my hands and did something unexpected.

While we continued to kiss passionately, I opened my jacket untying the belt, then I gently held Puppy’s right hand in mine and moved it right over my girlish and semi-hard dick. The frontal slit of the dress I wore left my panties completely exposed and not able to restrain my dick and finally, for the first time, Puppy’s hand touched it, making it grow more. Initially, her hand was a little hesitant, but soon she began to stroke my dick. Intense chills spilled down my spine, making me unable to wait any longer.

“You must take care of it now, my Pet!” I whispered to her, panting a little.

“Let’s go back to home, Mistress!” she replied, with a satisfied smile on her face. But it immediately disappeared.

“You must do it right now and right here, Puppy!”

The expression on her face was now totally different. It was a mixture of terror and ecstasy and she appeared doubtful about whether she could accomplish my request. It was something she wasn’t expecting.

Puppy’s eyes were moving from mine to my dick and back, many times, probably in a desperate hope I would change my mind but I wondered if she realized that her hand was still stroking my dick and playing with my balls! Her mind might be hesitant, but for me this was proof of how much Puppy’s body was ready to cross over any taboo she might have. She needed just a little push.

I kissed her again, holding and squeezing her full buttocks with my hands, making her body tremble. Puppy would have screamed her pleasure but for my lips and tongue glued to hers, restraining any moans and leaving her quite breathless. When I finally freed her, she was panting hard and I was quite sure she would do what I ordered her.

“So?” I simply asked her.

Without any reply, she knelt down in front of me. Puppy’s eyes stared at my dick, while her hands grabbed the string and pushed my panties a little down, to completely free my erection. For the first time since she arrived in Italy, my dick was finally and totally exposed to her eyesight. Something Puppy had waited for days or maybe weeks and now it became a reality.

Slowly, she kissed the red and swollen tip. The warm and soft touch of Puppy’s lips was even more pleasant than I could ever have imagined. She kissed the whole length of my dick and the more she teased, the more the wait to have her lips wrapped around me, become more difficult to bear.

I knew I must resist the impulse to forcefully push myself in her mouth. I wanted to enjoy every single touch of her lips, Betturkey Giriş her hands and her delightful tongue. I wanted to make it unforgettable for us both. After all, this was our real first time together. Her tongue was wet and a little rough, but the sensation it gave to my rod and balls was marvellous and soon, my first drop of precum leaked out of my lusty tip. Puppy noticed immediately. She let her tongue slide all the way from my balls to the tip and tasted the delicious nectar of her Mistress, something she had wanted to do for a long time. I wanted it badly too!

What she hadn’t noticed, was the fact that I was filming her from the first instant she placed her soft lips over my dick and kissing it as she fell in love with it. I must admit that it was getting difficult to focus on setting my Smartphone in the right position to record this amazing moment. Many times I was tempted to stop, but I wanted to have indelible proof of what Puppy was doing right now, for two reasons. Of course, one was to look at it whenever I wanted, and the second was to have something I could use to push her to obey me more easily, threatening to publish it under his real name.

Of course, this wasn’t something I would do, but I was sure the threat of such would be a perfect way to beat any hesitation and any possible doubts she might still have. However, judging by the enthusiasm and dedication Puppy was putting in, taking care of my dick in a public place like this, I doubted there would be any necessity to force her to follow my instructions, in the future.

Puppy’s tongue was now lingering on my burning tip and at every touch of her tongue, more precum leaked out but my little Pet was too greedy for it to let it slide down my dick for too long. And every time she did that, the amount of precum increased. A clear sign of how much I enjoyed the amazing treatment I was receiving from Puppy.

My breath was heavy and I could barely hold back my moans of pleasure. Puppy pushed me to my limit. I sensed it, and she knew it too. All of a sudden, she wrapped my dick in her soft lips, accepting the whole tip in her mouth. A mouth warm and wet, the perfect place for my dick to stay and now ready to explode at any time.

This was so unexpected but the very pleasant sensations didn’t help me to keep my body under control. Puppy allowed my dick further and deeper in to her mouth, taking care to titillate the tip with her tongue. She relished and ate my dick a little more. I lost a little control of my body, till she had half of me well planted in her voracious mouth.

Puppy gave me a little of time to breathe and try to regain some of my composure, or this was what I hoped for. Suddenly, she let my girlish rod completely penetrate her mouth till my balls hit her chin, making me moan loudly and forced me to contract my muscles to prevent me from coming immediately.

Then she began a slow but unstoppable back and forth movement. This action caused the butt plug I was wearing to massage my prostate, making it even more difficult to resist the intense pleasure that was inexorably growing within me. The more I tried to resist, the more I contracted my muscles and this gave birth to an endless and pleasant cycle. A cycle Puppy was going to interrupt soon with her skilled and amazing mouth.

In fact, all of a sudden, she again pushed all of my girlish member deep in to her mouth, but this time she didn’t let it slip back. She kept my cock in that position as long as she could hold her breath. She did it again and again. I wasn’t able to tell how many time she did that, all I knew was, I couldn’t hold my excitement back any longer. A copious spray of my semen jettisoned out of my tip, filling her mouth and sliding down her throat. My moans turned into a yell of pleasure, maybe too loud for a public place, but that feeling was too strong to contain. It was maybe more than any of my ex-girlfriends had ever given me during the five years we were together.

I was breathless and speechless, staring at Puppy. My semen leaked down the corner of her delicious mouth. I knelt in front of her and covered her with her jacket, then I kissed her again. I tasted my own semen directly from her lips and mouth. It was a little salty, maybe, but it tasted better than I expected, probably thanks to the diet I had followed in the last months.

Her body had stopped trembling so much but for sure she needed to go back to a warm place to be totally restored. We both stood up and walked back to our apartment. During the walk, I could not stop thinking of the wonderful blowjob she had given me and I could hardly wait to be home again to have more fun with my precious Pet. I smiled at her and I was sure she was thinking the same, because a happy smile was bestowed on her face as well.

When we were finally at the apartment, it was around 9:00 p.m. The place was warm and Puppy immediately felt better, finally safe from the air of the evening. Of course, our little game wasn’t over but for the moment, we would take a little break, just to have the chance to warm our bodies and get rid of the Betturkey Güncel Giriş cold that was grasping us.

I sat on the chair with Puppy kneeling on my left with her head on my thighs, while I gently fondled her hair. Puppy was pleasantly murmuring while I watched the video I had taken of her blowjob. Every action she had done, every touch of her lips or tongue…everything was captured in the memory of my Smartphone but most importantly, so was her performance and the exquisite pleasure carved in my mind and body forever.

This first experience had blown away the last doubts I had till those few hours ago. We had finally found our true selves and sexuality and, maybe, I had found my true love. We stayed like this for twenty minutes or more. I enjoyed every moment of them, because it gave me the chance to stare at my precious Pet and to think and elaborate again every single step of my plan for the night.

I knew it would be a great night for us, probably the best New Year Eve we had ever had till now! Of course, we were going to have dinner, but not right now! Before our meal, we had to properly celebrate the New Year and that, surely was the best way ever!

I stretched a little, while Puppy knelt again on her feet in front of me, waiting to fulfil my wishes. I looked at her with a satisfied smile. She had served me well so far, even if she had some hesitations at the beginning. I didn’t blame her for it though, I would probably have acted in the same way, if I were in her place.

The more I looked at her, the more I found her beautiful and the doubts about my true feelings seemed so far away now. I was truly in love with Puppy and even though I knew it would never happen, I wished with all my heart to have that possibility to live the rest of my life with her. No matter if she was a man in her ordinary life! I wanted to cuddle her, punish her when she didn’t obey me! I wanted to do everything to her, but most important I truly wished she felt the same about me! Maybe in the next few days, I would discover it.

Puppy was getting impatient and the wait for her new orders was too long for her. She managed to control her impulses, and I clearly understood it. I was proud of her, of what she had done and how she had acted up until now. She had to prove me some more though how determined she was and I was sure she would not disappoint me. Then, I noticed she was staring at my panties and at what was hidden inside them.

“Well, well, well. What are you looking at, Puppy?” I asked her, a little disappointed.

“N-nothing, Mistress. I swear to you!”

“Did you think I’m blind, Puppy? I know you were staring at my panties.”

“I wasn’t, I swear it, Mistress!” she babbled again.

Without any hesitation, I slapped her on the cheek, making Puppy lose her balance. In reaction she extended her right hand to support herself from falling to the floor. Puppy wasn’t expecting that reaction from me at all. I could see it in her eyes, so when I asked her again what she was looking at, this time she didn’t hesitate to tell me the truth.

“I’m sorry…but I can’t get out of my head the smell and the delicious taste of your cute dick, Mistress.” She looked at me, then continued, “I want it again…I really need it!”

It was exactly what I had hoped from her. That was Puppy’s first experience with a real cock and it was more intense and pleasant than she had thought. Despite her curiosity, that first-hand experience, hadn’t been what she had expected at all. It had awoken strong feelings within her and now, she was beginning to get addicted. The same had happened in our past games on AChat. After two years and half, I knew Puppy very well and I was quite sure she would soon be totally addicted to having sex with another man and soon that will dominant her sexuality. It was exactly how it had happened to me. The thought of that situation made me smile devilishly.

“My my, Puppy. If you hadn’t have lied to me, I was happy to satisfy your desire. But now…”

“Please, Mistress, I want it so badly!” she begged.

“I don’t know, you didn’t act as a good Pet!”

“I’ll be good from now on, I swear it! Pleeease!”

Puppy was desperately begging me. I had her in the palm of my hand and it really excited me. She had done this in the past too, during our cam’s games. Hearing her beg right in front of me, made everything different and difficult, because I was very tempted to give in to her request.

But I would not. I was Puppy’s Mistress and I could not show her any weakness, not now that I had her under my control. I looked at her in silence, then at the cage and at the box near my chair, trying to find an interesting and exciting solution. A solution that jumped suddenly in my mind.

From the tools chest, I took a blindfold and handed it to Puppy but I ordered her to wait before wearing it. Then, I rustled in the chest in search of three silicone dildos. I had prepared at my place just for our games and put them right in front of her. Their shapes were similar and resembled the form of a dragon dildo I had found on the internet. Each one had soft spikes near the base and some rounded ones along all its length. They were made specially and in such a way they would not cause any possible disease during their use. They could be cleaned, wiped and washed quite easily.

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