Wish Cums True Pt. 04: Wife Takes Adv


Ever since my husband had his crazy wish granted, things have taken a very sexy turn. It’s only been a few days, but in that time span, I’ve been constantly horny, we’ve had sex more than we had in the past year combined practically, and I’ve been working out like crazy. Every time I even walk briskly, it feels like I’m 80% to an orgasm. My body has changed too, to the point where everyone is looking at me and I’m just constantly aroused by all the attention and my pussy is swollen and dripping seemingly 24 hours a day. In short, I’ve become insatiable.

I was hot before the kids and time combined to soften my body a little bit, but now. . . My body is like a victoria’s secret model, or a fitness model. My D cups have zero droop to them, they’re so soft and supple but firm and bouncey, that I barely need to wear a bra anymore (and I often don’t). Often, I no longer wear panties, simply because I’m so wet all the time that they would just be soaked and in the way. I find that I’ve been masturbating like 5 times a day at least, and even more if I can’t fuck my husband Steve. Work has been kind of impossible, I can’t concentrate in meetings and I’m constantly rubbing myself off under my desk.

After a really long day at work, I just need to release all this tension. I’ve orgasmed like 8 times today, but nothing that ever seemed to release all of my built up pressure and I need to release it. My parents are over to watch the kids before we go on vacation, and Steve is on a business trip out of town. I decide it’s time to hit up the gym. We have a membership to a local non-chain gym, and it’s open for another hour. Just enough time for me to get in and get my workout done before they close.

“Alright Mom,” I say on my way towards the door. “Keep an ear out for the kids, but they should be fine at this time of night. I’m going to the gym, since you and Dad are here to watch the kids for us while Steve’s working late.”

“Okay Megan,” said her Mother. “Have a nice workout, we’ll be here until you don’t need us anymore, and your father’s already fallen asleep on the couch. . .”

Not wanting to waste another minute of gym time on chit-chat with my mother, I headed out the front door and hopped in the car and drove to the gym. When I got there, it seemed pretty slow, but I guess that’s how the gym is at 10pm on a weeknight. There were a couple of ladies doing aquatic aerobics in the pool, so I decided to try the elliptical. When I got to the machine room there was only one woman walking slowly on a treadmill on the other side of the room. I started to do my elliptical workout, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. As I ramped up the speed, my body felt amazing! Thank god it was hot in the gym, because my pussy was drenched in sweat from my physical activity.

After a few minutes, the ladies in the pool and the treadmill lady had all gone into the locker room to go home. I was all alone in the big workout room, probably for the first time I can remember. With my jog building me up yet again to a crushing orgasm, and no one around, I ripped off my t-shirt, leaving me in just a sports bra and spandex and cranked the treadmill up to Usain Bolt. After 10 straight minutes running flat out I had to stop the treadmill. Exhausted physically but pent-up beyond belief sexually, I decided to take a walk around the gym to cool off.

I swung by the pool and it was empty and the lights were off. There was an older woman who looked like she was asleep at the front desk, but as I moved farther towards the back of the building I could hear noises coming from the gym. Through the thin-windows in the door to the basketball court, I could see a handful of guys playing basketball. Curious, I tried the door, but it was locked. Then I saw the sign taped next to the door: “Reserved for Practice 9-10:30pm”. As I peeked back in the window, I could see what looked to be college age guys running plays and drills on the court. There were 5 guys, of various sizes, the smallest looked to be about 6’1 and the tallest looked to be about 6’8 and very physical. They moved with the ease and precision of a well-practiced team. However, I didn’t see any of that, because all I could think about was which one had the biggest dick. My bet was on the small forward. He looked about 6’6 and really skinny and lanky.

Without even realizing it, my hand crept down the front of my shorts and was slowly and deliberately caressing my clit. God it felt amazing. I then noticed the time, 10:25pm. These guys must be finishing their practice soon, and I got an idea. I picked my gym bag up and went into the locker room and stripped and got in the shower. This gym was old-school and just had one big open area for showers with about 8-10 shower heads arrayed around the room and a table covered in towels at the entrance. I picked the farthest shower head with my back cinsel bilgiler to the entrance and turned the water on full blast as hot as I could stand it. For a few minutes I scrubbed myself down and blasted away all the sweat off my body, but then I couldn’t help but think about the basketball players.

Realizing no one was around, my hands began to explore my body. The hot water running down between my breasts, my left hand caressing my breast and my right playing with my clit was moving me very rapidly towards an orgasm, so much so, that I didn’t hear the voices. Suddenly, I was aware I was not alone and opened my eyes yet again right before an orgasm to see 4 of the basketball players standing at the benches in front of the showers with their mouths open, frozen by my display of masturbation.

“Miss. . .” said the smallest of the 4, obviously the point guard and leader of the group. “I think you’re in the wrong locker room. . .”

“Yes! My plan worked!” I thought to myself. “Oh god, I’m so sorry guys! I must’ve not been paying attention from my run and went into the wrong room!” I fake stammered as I used one hand to cover up my crotch and my other arm to cover my breasts. I could see all four start to get aroused and looking at me like a lion would look at a piece of meat. Realizing that I had their attention and could probably ask them to commit murder for me, I finished setting my plan in motion.

“Actually,” I said dropping my hands to my sides and standing tall and showing off my assets and turning the shower off. “I was maybe hoping you guys could help me with something. . .” I wanted to see who would talk first, and I was hoping it was the small forward. He looked sexy in a non-chalant way, like an NBA player crossed with a surfer. He had longish dirty blonde hair, extremely broad shoulders with a very lean/athletic/wiry build and really long arms. Unfortunately, the shooting guard spoke up first, I guess he would have to do.

“What is that?” Shooting guard asked with an arched eyebrow and what appeared to be a slight lean or step forward.

I decided I would just lay it out there: “Well boys, I’ve been trying all day, but nothing’s working. I’m pent up, and I need to get fucked. That’s the only thing that will satisfy me,” I said, while matter-of-factly making eye contact with each of the four. They all reacted at my words, but all non-verbally. Point guard’s eyes looked like they were going to shoot out of his head as he whipped his head around to look at his teammates. The Center, who was 6’8 and really strong, with very dark skin and a shaved head, just smirked, like this sort of thing happened to him all the time (or like he’s seen plenty of porn). The shooting guard took two steps forward while looking at me confidently and I could see a growing erection in his basketball shorts. But I was looking at Small Forward. He seemed so non-chalant about it. He was looking at me, but softly, with no straight up desire or worry. And he just sat down on the bench and started unlacing his shoes with his back to his teammates.

“Which one?” asked Shooting Guard, who as the pretty boy, was obviously expecting to be my target.

“Any of you.” I practically growled. “ALL OF YOU! I just need it!” I practically screamed. I could feel my pussy’s wetness running down my leg now that the water wasn’t on. I walked forward, towards Shooting Guard, since he was the closest. After a few steps I was face to face with him on the edge of the locker room and Point Guard and Center were looking on and Small Forward was packing up his bag with his back to me. Without any hesitation or introduction, I simply got down on my knees and pulled Shooting Guard’s shorts down and began sucking on his cock.

He was a good looking guy, 6’2 maybe, dark brown or black closely cropped hair with blue eyes and an olive complexion that could’ve been Latin or Greek or Italian. His rapidly hardening cock seemed pretty great too. As I began working in earnest on his shaft with my mouth and hands and making eye contact, I could practically see steam shooting out of his ears. He leaned his head back and made a low guttoral moan and pulled his shirt off, revealing a well-toned body with a couple tattoos.

“Oh shit!” I heard Center say in the background. “[Power Forward] is going to be so pissed he decided to skip the shower tonight! Damn!”

Not wanting Shooting Guard to waste a precious load without fucking me, I stood up and slid over to the bench in between them and said “What are you waiting for?”

Shooting Guard didn’t waste any time, he stepped out of his shorts and underwear and walked up behind me naked except for his high tops, which has to be some kind of funny parody of the porn stars who always fuck in high heels. Without a second to waste, his hands were all over cinsellik bilgileri me from behind, squeezing my breasts and rubbing my pussy and feeling across my body. Quickly, I bent down and put my hands on the bench and ground my ass backwards into him and he immediately got the idea. Instantly I felt his cock jam into me from behind and start forcefully pounding my pussy. He felt like a good 7 inches. Not spectacular, but a girl could work with much less. He also seemed to know how to use it. Within a couple thrusts, I could already feel close to an orgasm. I felt his hands on my hips, and then more hands, playing with my breasts.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, my body started to shudder as my first orgasm hit. I arched my back and moaned repeatedly as Shooting Guard fucked me with no abandon. When I finally opened my eyes, Center was sitting before me on the bench completely naked with his cock out. That orgasm was good, but it wasn’t the release I needed. I needed MOAR!! I took Center’s cock in my hands, getting a feel for him. His cock was massive. Like an anaconda. About 8″ long but very thick and powerful feeling in my hand. I immediately pulled his cock into my mouth while trying to maintain eye contact. I wanted to see his face the moment my hot mouth got on him, but it was hard to do while being fucked from behind. I went straight to the deep throat, not his whole cock mind you, but as far as I could go and I could see his eyes roll back in his head. I began to time my strokes with Shooting Guard’s strokes so in effect he’d be shoving Center’s cock in my mouth with each thrust.

After a couple minutes of being a ‘chinese finger trap’ I felt Shooting Guard’s rhythm change. Sensing he was getting close, I pulled off of Center and turned around on the bench and took Shooting Guard back in my mouth and began wagging my ass at Center.

“I want to see it. . .” I moaned in between strokes on his cock with my mouth. “I want your cum.”

I could feel Center’s hands on my hips guiding me down, so I lowered myself satisfyingly onto his cock. The sudden change in cock girth made me gag a little bit on Shooting Guard’s cock in my mouth, but god it felt so good. Almost like when Steve fucks me with his giant cock. I slowly began bouncing my pussy down on his as Center leaned back slightly and watched me go to town. I could feel his hands on my hips and my ass and occasionally my breasts. Shooting Guard was getting close from my sloppy BJ and the sight of my bobbing up and down on his cock. He started to rhythmically thrust his hips ever so slightly on each down stroke and after a few more seconds, he grabbed the back of my head with his left hand and pulled his cock out of my mouth and began jerking it while his low moan turned into an almost roar.

After a couple jerks I watched as his cock spat out several shots of cum at my chin and neck and cheeks and he seemed to almost crumple from the effort of unloading on me. His thick load sat on my face, hot and sticky and musky and sexy as hell. I leaned back against Center and bobbed on his cock some more until I couldn’t hold back and began another orgasm.

“Oh, god, fuck fuck, fuck, fuck yes, oooooooooooh yes!” I cried as I rode him for all I was worth. When my orgasm was over I crumpled back against Center, who was now supporting both our bodies. My head was resting against his shoulder while I rocked slowly on his cock almost spent when I heard him whisper in my ear, “You like this, don’t you girl?”

Without even opening my eyes, I turned my head slightly so I could make eye contact with him and breathlessly whimpered “Use me. . . please! I need it. . . Don’t stop!”

Center grabbed my hips again with both hands and started to lift me up and down on his cock like I was his personal fleshlight, and it was amazing. His strength was unbelievable and I could almost immediately feel another orgasm welling up in me as his cock pounded in and out of me. Soon I felt his rhythm change too, slowing down slightly and changing the angle. His cock rubbed me just right and just as I launched into another orgasm on his giant black snake, I felt him pull me off of his cock and watched as he reached around my waist with his right hand and jacked the cum out. As I closed my eyes for my orgasm, I felt his first shot of cum hit me in the mouth and stretch all the way down between my breasts to my navel in one long warm gooey line. Several more smaller ropes shot out onto my stomach and the bottom of my breasts as my back arched and I finished coming again.

When I opened my eyes, Center lifed me off of his lap and laid me down on the bench. I looked up and saw Point Guard straddle my waist completely naked with his already hard cock between my tits. Without a word, I wrapped my tits around his cock squeezed between my hands cinsel bilgi and he started thrusting for all he was worth. After about 30 seconds, he couldn’t hold it and pulled out and shot about 5 quick hot ropes of cum all over my tits and chin.

“Sorry,” He said sheepishly. “I couldn’t help but fluff myself a little and you’re so hot, I got carried away. I almost came when [Center] shot his load on you. . .”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said, lost in the physical, mental and emotional pleasure of having 3 hot guys cum on my body. I leaned up a little on my elbows and saw Small Forward with his back to us in the shower. “Man, this stud is cool as a cucumber. Or maybe Gay?” I thought to myself.

“Hey [Small Forward],” yelled Point Guard. “I think she’s needs you too!”

Small forward looked over his shoulder at us, and then turned back and shut off the shower. He walked over, and as he got out of the shower, I couldn’t believe it. He was absolutely beautiful. Wiry and lean and all muscle, with broad shoulders and no tattoos and not much body hair. But his cock. As he got closer I could see it, and it looked to be about 5″ and good proportioned and his balls were large and heavy and swayed back and forth as he walked. He had the easy confidence of someone who knew what he had and therefore didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought. As he got closer, his cock began to get harder at the sight of what his teammates had done to me. He straddled the bench wordlessly between my legs, his cock sticking up and bouncing around as he scooted towards me.

“Have these guys helped you out enough or do you still need some more?” he said with a sexy smirk.

“Please. . . I’m so close to getting the release I need. I need more!” I pleaded. “Do whatever you want, just fuck me, and get me off one more time. . .”

I leaned forward a little and grabbed a hold of his cock. It had grown quite massive. Maybe 10″ and almost too big to fit my hands around. I gave it a couple of slow tugs and positioned it against my pussy. Small Forward spread my legs around him, grabbed my hips and slowly buried himself in my pussy.

“Fuuuuuuck that’s good!” he said as he backed out and pressed in again, his face changing into a wince of pleasure.

“God. Damn. Ohhhhhhhhh!” I shouted as he began picking up speed. “Fuck your cock feels so good! I was beginning to think you were gay! You didn’t pay any attention while your friends fucked the shit out of me!”

“I definitely have the biggest dick, hell, if I fucked you first, [Shooting Guard] wouldn’t have been able to touch the sides after I was done with you!”

For what seemed in my head like hours, Small Forward fucked me expertly. I orgasmed several times as he changed angles and rhythms, but then he found a groove and my body tensed up like I was storing in a huge electric shock. It was intoxicating, watching his giant cock pound my sweet pussy while I could feel the other guy’s cum dripping down my body and drying up in sticky streaks. He started fucking me deeply and slowly, changing his angle slightly with each thrust and waiting a slightly different amount of time before slowly and forcefully thrusting back into my pussy. The other three guys were aroused again and had begun jerking off to our display and I was only slightly aware of the steady stream of moans escaping my lips. First Point Guard, then Shooting Guard and then Center all came over and jerked next to me one at a time until they came on my face and tits and stomach and everywhere. Finally, I could feel Small Foward getting close, and it was pushing me closer and closer as well.

With one final deep and methodical thrust, angled perfectly to catch my g-spot and my clit, he pulled out and flopped his massive hard cock onto my belly and jerked out a huge load of cum. His final thrust had set me over the edge and when his first cumshot arced in the air and hit me right above my right eye in a line all the way down to his cock head, I could no longer hold back. My back arched and I let it all out. 8 or 10 orgasms and about 24 hours of pent up energy released in one electric shock through my body. My mind entered a fugue state and I may have blacked out. When I came to, however long later, all four guys were standing over me naked just gawking at me naked and satiated and covered in about 7 loads of cum. It was everywhere.

“. . . Can you take a picture and send it to me?” I begged, barely able to get the words out. Small Forward bent down and grabbed his phone out of his bag and snapped a couple pics and I gave him my number to text them to me. “No one sees those but the 4 of you, right guys?” I asked, regaining myself after the fog of my orgasms finally receded.

“Yeah, I’m good with that, what about you guys?” Small Forward asked.

“I’m married,” Point Guard replied. “I think it would be best if we don’t even talk about this, but damn I’m going to remember it.”

“What are you going to do with them?” Small Forward asked me.

“I’m going to send them to my husband so he can enjoy himself on his business trip!” I say, as I mentally make a note to give Small Forward a booty call if Steve doesn’t get back home soon. . .

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