Donor X


In a future world, not that distant from our own, overpopulation is no longer an issue… but the survival of the human race is. Eighteen-year-old James Wiseman reports for his first monthly “deposit” and finds out that he is a very special young man.

I normally don’t write stories based on others people’s ideas, but when Literotica member dimimis1991 proposed this to me, it struck a chord deep within my twisted mind and I could see this story unfold. His idea was a young man whose sperm was so special that he becomes effectively a captive slave. I put it in the future to give context to the story I built around the idea

I will leave it to the reader to judge whether James has ended up in a heavenly or hellish situation.

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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

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WHO first announced that sperm counts were declining in Western males in 1990 following a fifty-year study. Several more studies followed. Publicly, experts said that there was no need to worry because a sperm count of forty-seven million rather than ninety-nine million was still more than adequate for conception. Privately, however, they were worried… very worried.

It was not until population levels began dropping in 2050 that people worldwide began to take notice. More studies followed. Those results couldn’t be kept quiet. Sperm counts worldwide were drastically continuing to decline. So was sperm motility. Even with the help of fertility clinics, many couples were no longer able to conceive a child.

At first everyone blamed environmental factors. Obviously some man-made plastic or poison or genetically-modified grain had to be to blame. But the pattern of disbursement– the way it spread through the world– corresponded more to a disease than an environmental factor.

In 2073, Doctor William Rutherford was given the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the virus which had now infected all of humanity. In his acceptance speech, he shocked the world by saying that the damage was already done. The Human Genome had been changed by the virus. Humanity was doomed to extinction unless someone could be found who was genetically immune to the virus or was perhaps a slight mutation which had adapted to the virus now embedded in our DNA.

“The fate of the human race,” he said sadly, “may be dependent upon a Donor X who can provide resistant sperm to repopulate the planet.”

A world-wide draft was instituted, only this draft was not for the armies of the world. Within five days of their eighteenth birthday, every male on the planet had to report to a Supplemental Fertility Facility and deposit sperm. Until the age of fifty, they would then return once a month to again make a deposit.

The primary purpose of the facilities was to accumulate and store sufficient sperm from each male so that once or twice a year it could be used in an attempt to fertilize their mate or some other woman of child-bearing age. The sperm would also be tested in hopes of finding that miraculous “Donor X,” but the primary purpose of the facilities was to keep the human race from dying out until Donor X could be found.

So it was that on the twenty-third day in the month of September in the year 2103, James Wiseman, reported to the Brooklyn branch of the New York Supplemental Fertility Facility. It was nothing like his friends had told him it would be. They had delighted in telling him of nurses who weighed your testicles and cut them off if they weren’t heavy enough, or doctors that used electric cattle prods shoved up your behind to force you to ejaculate.

Instead, he was handed what looked like an oversize flashlight with a reproduction of a woman’s slit on one end. “The blue switch starts the milking massage,” the nurse said in an even tone. “The yellow switch adds vibration.” She then smiled at him and said, “Only use the red switch if you can’t ejaculate within three minutes. It will add electrical stimulation to complete your deposit.”

Despite the awkwardness of the situation, James at first considered attempting to get the beautiful nurse’s phone number. Then he saw the umbilical which connected her to the desk. She was an R-Clone. Cloning was the first thing the scientists tried when the population began to shrink. Unfortunately, there were unforseen drawbacks. The clones had a relatively short lifespan for some reason. And the genetic patching which corrected that resulted in minimal intelligence. Until a major breakthrough in human cloning occurred, clones could be used only for grunt labor and not much more.

Androids were attempted, but a not unreasonable fear that the thinking machines would overthrow their masters and take over the world prevented widescale use of them. The compromise was R-Clones. They were cloned humans, but with android-like supplemental brains and other features. There was no fear that they would take over the world because they had to remain physically connected to the computer which controlled them. When disconnected from the computer, they reverted to an intelligence level not much above a primate. The need for a direct connection to a super computer greatly limited their use, but they were perfect for jobs such as a receptionist who sat all day at the same desk.

The R-Clone receptionist pointed down the hallway and told James pleasantly, “Just follow the red arrows. Use any deposit unit that is unlocked.”

A few minutes in the small closet-like cubicle and James was ready to turn in his deposit. He felt a warm flush on his skin as he handed the device back to the R-Clone. She didn’t seem to notice and handed him a small reminder card. “See you next month,” she called out as he turned to leave.

Normally, there would be a follow up email in about a week giving the donor their actual sperm count and reminding him that he needed to make a deposit each month. James was very surprised, therefore, to find an email from SFF in his inbox the very next morning. The subject line was “URGENT! Contact us immediately.”

He clicked on the email, but it had not yet opened when his cellphone rang. The more-or-less female voice which announced his calls said “Call from Brooklyn Supplemental Fertility Facility.”

“This is James,” he answered. He wanted to add, “What do you want?” but decided to keep quiet until he knew what was going on.

“This is Doctor Swan,” a female voice said, “we need you to return to the facility immediately for a new sample.”

“I did everything like I was supposed to,” James said defensively.

“Oh, no,” the doctor quickly replied, “there was no problem with your procedure, but you fit into one of our… special categories… and we need a slightly larger specimen for analysis and other purposes rather than as a deposit to your account.”

“Do I have to?” James asked warily.

“We would prefer you came in voluntarily,” Doctor Swan said softly. Then her voice hardened as she continued, “but the Emergency Repopulation Powers Act of 2077 gives us the authority to compel a deposit.”

“I’m OK with coming in,” he said, trying not to sound angry, “but I had to take time off yesterday to register and make my initial deposit. I don’t want to get in trouble at work.”

“Don’t worry about that,” the doctor answered lightly, “we have already spoken with your employer. They will give you all the time you need.”

“When do you want me to come in?” he asked with a sigh.

The doctor’s voice again became slightly hardened. “There is a car waiting outside your apartment Sex hikayeleri building as we speak,” she said firmly. “Just throw on anything and come down to the car.”

When James did not reply immediately, she added, “Or would you rather that they came up to your apartment and brought you out however you are currently dressed or undressed?”

“I’m coming!” he yelled back. “I’m coming!”

James had already shut down his phone and was rapidly searching for his shoes so he didn’t hear Doctor Swan laugh and say, “Yes, you will, James. Yes, you will.”


Doctor Swan hadn’t mentioned the police cars when she told James that there was a car waiting to take him to the facility. When he stepped out of the apartment building a large, black SUV was idling at the curb in the no parking zone. It was bracketed by four police cars. One in the front, one in the rear, and two in the driving lane

A man in a light blue uniform of some sort met him at the door and hustled him into the car. They took off with sirens blaring and moments later, he was back at the Brooklyn branch of the New York Supplemental Fertility Facility. James was slightly confused when rather than pulling up at the front door, the limo followed its police escort around to the back of the building and into a guarded entrance which led to an underground garage of some sort.

“What is this?” he asked nervously as he was escorted to a large door that reminded him of the watertight hatches he had encountered when his parents had taken the family for a Carribean cruise.

A familiar voice spoke from just inside the door. It was Doctor Swan. “No need to be afraid, James,” she said calmly. “This is just an advanced part of our research facility.” She raised her arms to gesture down the hallway. “These are special rooms for special guests… such as you.”

Something about what she said, or perhaps how she said it, caused James to pause and look around. “What goes on in those rooms?” he asked in a slightly shaky voice. His nervousness was starting to morph into fear.

“Advanced deposit collection,” Doctor Swan said firmly, but with a smile, “And we have determined that we get a larger and better sample if the means of collection is more realistic.”

“I don’t understand,” James said, slowly shaking his head.

He felt a soft hand on his shoulder and then heard a female say, “Perhaps I can explain it better.”

When he turned, a young, petite, woman in a lab coat was standing next to him. The first thing that James noticed about her was that her eyes were an almost unbelievable shade of emerald green. Her perfect face was surrounded by black curls which hung down in waves to her shoulders. The rest of her body was concealed beneath the lab coat, but the curves apparent at her breasts and hips hinted of a similarly perfect, shapely body concealed beneath the white cotton.

“My name is Raheek Seven,” she said sweetly. “Most people call me Seven.”

Her name was also written on the lab coat, except it was spelled “RAIC 7″

“That,” explained Doctor Swan, “ stands for Robotic Artificial Intelligence Clone” She reached out and turned Seven slowly around as she said, “Raheek Seven is a totally mobile R-Clone with limited self-direction. She follows a very specific routine of programmed behaviors developed especially for our purposes.”

Doctor Swan stopped turning the young woman once they were facing each other and said firmly, “I think it’s time for you to get to work, Seven.”

“As you command,” Seven answered. Then she reached up and began unbuttoning her lab coat.

Seven was naked beneath the coat. Her breasts were perfect with nipples that pointed proudly upward toward James. Her rear had a nice roundness to it without being a large “bubble butt.” Her legs were very shapely and the muscles beneath her skin rippled as she walked over to stand directly in front of James. He could not help but notice that the triangle of dark hair between her legs glistened slightly as if something had recently been greatly arousing her.

James smiled nervously, trying not to stare at the naked beauty which stood docilely before him. “What now?” he asked, turning his gaze over to Doctor Swan for just a moment.

“What now,” she replied, “is that you and Seven go into the collection room and you leave a deposit.”

“How?” he asked. Again forcing himself to break his staring at Seven long enough to look over at the doctor.

“How do you think?” she replied almost with a laugh. “You are a man. She is a woman. The equipment is all there. Just put the key in the lock and let nature take its course.”

“But how do you retrieve the… deposit?” he asked, now not even trying to hide the fact that he was staring at Seven’s cunt.

“I told you,” Doctor Swan said slowly. “Seven is an R-Clone. Her body has certain… features… which allow it to properly collect your deposit.” She turned James so he was now facing her and said, “And those features are active regardless of which opening is used to make your deposit.”

James felt his prick get even stiffer in his pants.

“Come with me, X,” Seven said softly as she grabbed his hand and began pulling him toward the door. “We will go to my area now and prepare you.”

“O… K… I guess,” James responded slowly as he let her pull him toward the door.

“Leave your clothing here,” Doctor Swan said. Her voice had become very firm once again and had taken on more than a little hardness.

“What!?” James yelped.

“The deposit area is sterile,” she replied firmly. “You will be decontaminated on your way in, but your clothing must remain outside.”

Seven was pulling stronger now so he turned to her and asked, “What does she mean by that?”

Seven didn’t reply, but instead began removing James’ clothing. “After you are cleaned up, I will clean you out,” she said as she pushed his underwear down his body.

James was again asking, “What?” as Seven pulled him through another large hatch-like doorway. There was a second, similar hatch only a few feet inside the opening. After Seven pulled the outer hatch closed, she spun a large wheel on the inside of the hatch. Several lights lit up on a control panel next to the inner door.

“Everything needs to be totally clean to protect your deposits,” she said firmly. Then her voice took on a very forceful tone as she said, “Close your eyes tight and hold your breath!”

Hot water smelling of disinfectant suddenly began spraying from nozzles on the floor, walls, and ceiling of the small space. James screamed as it suddenly felt as if acid was eating into his body.

“That pain will pass shortly,” Seven said. “It only takes off the outermost layer of skin… and all your hair… but it kills all harmful bacteria and viruses.” She paused a moment and then added. “The hair on your head will eventually grow back– at least the eyelashes and eye brows will. I’m not too sure about the rest.”

James reached up to wipe the liquid off his eyes. He was about to open them when Seven yelled, “Keep your eyes closed!” and the nozzles again began spraying. This time it was cold water with a slightly different chemical smell.

“Keep them closed,” Seven warned as the nozzles started spraying a third time. This time the water was pleasantly warm and smelled of lavender. As the water splashed over his body, Seven reached out and wiped his skin with a soft cloth of some sort.

“Stretch out your arms and legs,” Seven ordered and James found himself standing with his arms held straight out from his body and his legs widely spread. He could feel the now warm cloth rubbing his prick and scrotum as the lavender scented waters cascaded down his body. He could also feel his hair sloughing off as Seven carefully wiped and re-wiped the area.

After what seemed like many minutes of the final shower, the sound of air being circulated at high speed filled the small space. Evidently Seven was holding an air hose or a very powerful portable hair dryer since she seemed to be directing a hard stream of warm air directly across James’ naked body in the same places where she was slowly moving her hand.

“You can open your eyes now,” Seven said pleasantly. When he did, she was standing in front of him. Her hair seemed to be unaffected by the cleansing sprays. He looked down at his own now totally hairless body before asking incredulously, “How?.. why?.. and why didn’t it affect you?”

“I told you, X,” she replied in the same, calm, pleasant voice she had used before, “I am an R-Clone. My hair and skin isn’t the same as yours.”

She then spun the wheel on the inner Sikiş hikayeleri hatch and pushed it open into the room. “Welcome to your new home, X,” she said with a flourish.

“What do you mean, my new home?” he asked, almost angrily. “And why do you keep calling me X?”

“You will eventually understand,” Seven replied. “For now lets begin to clean you out on the inside.”

She slowly pushed him backwards until they were moving into a small cubicle that looked somewhat like a shower stall except that there was a large, black metal bicycle seat on a pole in the center of it. At least, that’s what it looked like if you ignored the rounded metal tube which stuck straight up about two inches from the center of the seat.

“I’ve read your evaluation files,” Seven said quietly as she continued to push James back into the enclosure. “I think you’ll enjoy this.”

“Sit,” she said forcefully when they reached the center of the stall. James lowered himself down slowly until he felt the metal tube press against his ass cheek.

“Line it up properly,” Seven commanded. “It is already lubricated and will go in smoothly.”

James wasn’t sure why he did so, but he obeyed her command and moved his ass in small circles until the tube popped into his crack, Then he moved forward and back until it was lined up exactly with his rosebud. Seven must have somehow known that he was now properly aligned because she suddenly pressed down HARD on his shoulders. He yelped as the rounded end of the tube slid past his anal sphincter. He yelped again as he felt the tip of the tube move further within him and then swell, locking it in place.

“I think you will enjoy this, also,” Seven said as she knelt in front of him. “Besides, it will take your mind off the anal cleansing.”

As she took his limp member into her mouth, James felt warm water start to pump into his bowels. There was an initial sting from the harsh cleansing agent, but that quickly passed as the other ingredients in the mix began to be absorbed.

Seven’s tongue began to slide over the tip of his rapidly engorging penis. “That feels good,” he said as he looked down at the top of Seven’s head.

“My tongue or the warm water?” she asked.

James’ answer of “Both,” surprised both of them. James immediately laughed nervously and said, “I mean your mouth,”

“You meant what you said, James,” she replied very firmly. “You have anal fantasies that we might have to look into as the months go by. The feeling of the warm water rushing into your ass made you stiff before my lips ever touched your prick.”

James tried to protest, but the feeling of Seven’s tongue on the tip of his glans was overwhelming and all he could do was moan slightly. Then he felt the urethral catheter begin to slide up the center of his prick and his moan turned to a startled yelp.

“What is happening?” he stammered out. The tube felt like it was stretching out his prick from the inside. He screamed as he felt it scrape against the inside of his penis.

“Lubrication would contaminate the deposit,” Seven said evenly. “It might hurt the first time or two, but that will pass. You will eventually get used to it as your urethra permanently expands to accommodate it. It might even become pleasurable someday.”

It wasn’t pleasurable today. The tube sliding inside of him definitely hurt, but as turned on as he was, he wasn’t sure if he was feeling pleasure… or pain… or both.

“What are you doing?” he said. His quivering voice was starting to become somewhat shrill.

“Cleaning you out,” Seven answered pulling her lips back from his prick. Her voice sounded weird with the catheter still extended from her mouth. “You are a very important person, X, but your deposits are even more important. Once the catheter probe drains the contents of your bladder, I will refill it with a sterile solution. Then I will drain that and refill once more to be sure everything is clean before triggering a deposit. The sterile solutions also contain a chemical to make this whole procedure a little more enjoyable for you.

James tried to protest, but the sensations of the solution rushing in and out of his bladder were fogging his mind. Seven had not said what drug was in the sterile solution, but he was experiencing sensations he had never thought possible.

“As soon as the final anal cycle finishes,” Seven said, “we will draw a deposit out of you.”

Until she mentioned it, James had forgotten about the water flowing in and out of his ass. “How could I have forgotten that was happening?” he asked himself. “It must be the drugs.”

“Or your own wants and desires,” Seven said softly.

He looked down at her and she said with a smile, “Yes, you said that out loud.”

He gasped and she laughed. She then beeped, sounding very much like one of those scanners at a grocery store, and said in a very flat voice, “Deposit one of series one begun from Donor X at ten forty-seven, twenty-four September, twenty-one oh three.”

Having said that, she pulled the catheter probe back into her throat and once more placed her mouth firmly around the head of James’ rigid shaft. As she bobbed up and down on his prick, the anal tube began to move slowly in and out of his ass.

“Oh, God,” he called out as he put both of his hands on the back of Seven’s head. “I can’t stand it. I can’t stand it. I can’t stand it!” he yelled out as he raised his feet and set them on her back. His entire weight was now on the narrow bicycle seat which pressed firmly against the crack of his ass.

With a very loud groan, James suddenly began cumming harder than he had ever cum before in his life. Seven’s mouth was clamped firmly over his prick and she was sucking like a vacuum cleaner, pulling his seed out of his body and down into a special receptacle embedded somewhere within her.

“Oh… oh… oh…” James slowly sighed as his body became limp. He would have fallen off the strange seat if the tube wasn’t still up his ass and if Seven wasn’t still holding his hips with her hands.

“We still need to flush things out,” she said, and he felt the tube once again slide up his ureter. A few moments later, the tube withdrew and Seven again sucked him dry. She beeped once again and announced in a very flat voice, “Phase one complete. Beginning phase two.”

James almost immediately felt the tube withdraw from his ass. As he stood up a quick shower of chemical-smelling water cascaded down his body from showerheads above and alongside him. That was quickly followed by warm air which totally dried his body.

As soon as the air dryer stopped, Seven pulled James forward toward another room. “This is more like it,” James said as he saw the bed in the middle of the room. Seven continued to pull him until she fell backward onto the bed, pulling him with her.

“You have one minute to make things happen,” Seven said sternly. Then she spread her legs and said, “Get to it!”

“Yes, Ma’am,” James quickly replied.

“That’s Mistress, not Ma’am, X,” Seven said as James lined up with her slit and pushed forward to enter her. She then added, “I’m a little more sentient than Doctor Clueless thinks I am. I will never rule the world, but in this room, I will rule you as your Mistress. Got that X!?”

“Yes, Mistress,” James said as he started thrusting. “Did I just call her Mistress?” he asked himself as he pumped.

“Yes, you did, X,” she replied, laughing. “The chemicals in the solutions lower your inhibitions so you become what you’ve always wanted to be in the darkest recesses of your mind.”

She laughed again and said, “And your naughty little mind is very dark, X. The drugs releasing that darkness means you will more than willingly call me your Mistress.” She laughed slightly and added, “… and those same drugs mean you will keep saying aloud what you think you are just saying in your mind to yourself.”

James stopped moving and looked down at her. “Keep pumping, X,” she almost yelled. “We have a production schedule to meet.”

James wasn’t sure what she meant, but the feel of a pussy around his prick, even if it was an R-Clone pussy, combined with the effects of the many drugs now coursing through his veins, caused him to again begin thrusting in earnest.

Seven had said one minute, but it was actually almost three minutes before he spurted within her. As he started to shrink and deflate he pulled back slightly so his now flaccid prick could pop free. But before that could happen, Seven grabbed his asscheeks and pulled him hard against her cunt. “Not yet, donor boy,” she chided.

James gasped as he felt a catheter probe Erotik hikaye again enter his ureter to clean everything out. Seven continued to hold him tight until the full clean-out cycle had finished. When the catheter had pulled clear, Seven beeped and said, “Phase two complete.” A speaker on the wall answered her beep with one of its own and a mechanical-sounding computer voice said, “Deposit logged.”

She smiled up at James and said, “You’ve never had a woman in the ass have you?” Not waiting for an answer, she continued, “No, you think that’s wrong, but you really want to do it. You want to fuck a woman in the ass almost as much as you want to know how it would feel if it were your own asshole that was being stretched.”

James looked very embarrassed and turned his head slightly away from Seven. He turned back, like he wanted to say something, but Seven didn’t give him a chance. Instead, she covered his prick with some gel that she squirted from a tube she had pulled from beneath the mattress. Filling her own palm with the same gel, she slathered the lubricant between her ass cheeks.

Turning so that she was on her hands and knees on the bed, Seven began chanting in a sing-song voice, “Bouncy, bouncy, horsey, ready for a ride. Bouncy, bouncy, horsey, ride with pride.”

While she was singing, she was moving her ass from side to side. “Ride ‘em, Cowboy,” she called out as she started moving her ass in small circles.

James didn’t need further encouragement. He knelt behind her and moved his legs so his knees were almost alongside hers. Then he pushed forward driving himself into her ass. “Ahhhhhh!” he called out as she clamped down on him and began milking with her sphincter muscles and other special R-Clone enhancements. He was rapidly climbing to the point of pumping out his balls when he felt the tube slithering up his prick. Another probe, which had extended out from Seven’s cunt curved down and then back up between his ass cheeks. It pushed against his rosebud and quickly slid a few inches inside so it was resting directly on the back of his prostate gland.

Somehow, James was able to ignore both probes and continue thrusting his painfully stiff prick in Seven’s ass. Just as he started to spurt, the anal probe inside his own ass delivered a massive shock directly to his prostate. James wasn’t sure if it was a scream of pain or surprise or pleasure but it was very, very loud. In fact, he screamed louder than he had ever screamed before in his life.

In reality his scream combined surprise, pleasure, and pain. It was definitely surprising. It was very pleasurable. And it hurt like hell. Most men would have deflated from such pain. But since James considered anal sex dirty, the punishing pain instead freed him to experience the pleasure of the act. A strange mixture of surprise, pleasure, and pain filled his mind as he groaned loudly and began emptying his balls into Seven’s ass.

The shock to the prostate was surprising and painful… and also very effective. Every last sperm and every ounce of semen was forcibly ejected from his testes and prostate, and ejaculated out through his penis. The ever-present catheter probe took care of any of the precious seed that might have been trapped in the penis or backwashed into the bladder.

While she was finishing the cleaning cycle, Seven collapsed face down on the bed and pulled James with her. After a quick beep, she announced, “Phase three complete.” The wall speaker beeped back and responded, “Acknowledged.” Seven then relaxed her ass muscles and allowed James to pull free.

Once they were both laying face up on the bed, she turned to him and said in a matter of fact tone, “You have approximately two hours to rest and then we repeat the cycles.”

“What do you mean, we repeat the cycles?” he asked angrily, sitting up next to her.

“The fastest that your testicles can replenish seed– with the help of our drugs– is one hundred and seven minutes,” Seven began to explain. “One hundred twenty minutes allows for the twelve minutes it takes to go through all three phases of the deposit plus six minutes for safety or error. That means we can get thirty-six deposits per day.”

“When do I eat? When do I sleep?” James said angrily.

“You don’t need to eat,” Seven answered calmly. “Future anal flushes will include a nutrient mix that will supply all your needs before the mixture is pulled back out of your body. As far as sleeping, you will have plenty of time between cycles to sleep.”

“That’s what you think,” he yelled, “I’m getting out of here.”

“You don’t understand, do you, X?” Seven said slowly, turning so that they were looking eye to eye. Her green eyes were almost lifeless as she said, “You can never leave here.”

“Why do you keep calling me ‘X’?” James asked angrily getting up off of the bed and standing with his arms crossed in front of himself.

He looked around the room and said, still in a very angry voice, “And why is everyone acting like my sperm is more important that I am?”

“You don’t understand,” Seven repeated as she got off the bed and stood in front of him. She reached up and held him by his shoulders as she said, “James, you are Donor X. Your sperm count was over two hundred million. Your motility is above eighty percent. You– or at least your sperm– are not affected by the virus. Your sperm is the hope of the human race.”

James just stared at her with his mouth open.

She pointed at the wall and said, “Viewer screen. News. Segment recorded earlier.”

Two panels slid back on the wall revealing a screen of some sort. From the graphics across the bottom of the screen, it was obvious that the talking head was reading a story about an explosion downtown. “Volume up,” Seven commanded, and the announcer’s voice filled the room.

“Luckily,” he read solemnly, police and firefighters were able to evacuate almost all residents before the explosion. One resident, James Wiseman, went back into his apartment for some reason and was trapped by the explosion. His body was burned beyond all recognition when it was finally recovered.”

“The world thinks you are dead,” Seven said forcefully. Holding him again by the shoulders she said, “Get this through your head. James Wiseman is dead. You are now Donor X, the savior of the human race.” Her lips curled in a sadistic smile as she added, “And my slave.”

Her voice suddenly sounded cheerful. “That’s not what they think out there,” she said, as she waved her hand in the direction of the outer hatch, “But as long as they receive thirty-six deposits a day… and you don’t die or get sick, no one really cares what I do in here.”

She chuckled. It was a deep, evil-sounding chuckle. “In here,” she said, “I am master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” She chuckled once again.

James looked over at the hatchway. He thought of running, but realized that he had no idea how to unlock the hatch. He turned back to face Seven.

“You have no idea,” she said with a sneer, “how wonderful it feels when your cock pulsates around my catheter probe or your body bounces against mine when I shock your prostate.”

Her hands were now on the top of Donor X’s shoulders. She turned him to look directly into his eyes and said, “You are in here with me FOREVER.” She gave a short laugh before saying, “Or at least for as long as you can keep your little spermies swimming happily for thirty-six deposits a day.”

She was now pushing down on his shoulders. He was surprised at her strength. At first he tried to resist and remain standing, but soon he began to lower himself to the ground as she said, “I will give you pleasure of some sort with each deposit, but there will also be pain.” She gave him another sneering smile before saying, “You like both.”

Once he was kneeling in front of her, Seven took her hands off his shoulders. She smiled down at him and asked, “Do you understand now?”

There was a long silence as he looked slowly around the room that was now his entire world. He could see the strange bicycle seat, lubricated and ready for the next round of deposits. RIAC 7 was looking down at him with those impossibly-colored eyes.

“Well,” she said, “DO you understand!?”

James took one long, slow breath before answering. “Yes, Mistress,” he then replied as he lowered his head and repeatedly kissed her feet.

“Get into bed and get some sleep,” she said softly. “The deposit cycle begins again in one hundred and fourteen minutes.”

As he was pulling the light blanket over himself in the bed, he heard Seven beep and say clearly, “Donor X acquired and active.”

She laughed brightly as both he and the computer speaker on the wall said together, “Acknowledged.”

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