Jamie and Amby Ch. 02

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Jamie and Amby are in Amby’s room. “You’re my little slut for the day,” Amby says. “Say it.”

“I’m your little slut for the day.”

“Good girl. Wasn’t that a nice shave? You really needed to get rid of all that pubic hair. It was hard to see your nice little pussy.” Amby loved to feminize Jamie, and he was into it now more than ever. Amby lays a towel down on the bed. “Lay down, but keep your legs hanging over the bed.” Jaime lays down, and Amby spreads his legs. She grabs his dick and pulls back the foreskin. She lightly licks the head, and Jaime starts getting hard. “Mmm, you must have been holding all that cum in for a while. I see you’re still ready to go.” She slides his dick into her mouth and starts sucking on it. Jaime breathes hard. She sucks on it harder before taking it out of her mouth. She then starts to lick and gobble up his balls, making him even harder. Jaime moans as his balls are squeezed into her mouth, and she sucks on them.

Amby laughs at the sounds Jaime is making. She continues to suck on his balls and strokes his dick. It continues to get harder. She slips a cock ring onto Jaime’s dick to keep it hard. She then licks from beneath his balls to the tip of his dick. She grabs some lube and inserts a finger into his ass. Amby presses up against Jaime’s prostate, and he presses his hips forward. She laughs again. “Ooh the little girl is excited.” Amby inserts another finger, and starts applying more pressure to Jaime’s prostate. She then grabs the butt plug. She inserts it into his ass, and starts using it excitedly while she continues to suck his dick.

Jaime moans with pleasure as pressure starts building in his dick. Amby can taste the precum dripping as she continues to lick and suck him. Jaime’s ass is tightening around the plug, and Amby pushes it as deep as she can into Jaime. He moans loudly. “I’m-I”m gonna.” Amby starts sucking Jaime and playing with his prostate faster. He shoots a large load into her mouth. Amby swallows it and sucks on Jaime’s dick for more. She continues to tease his prostate, and he whimpers; both his dick and prostate are a little sensitive after that orgasm. Amby grabs Jaime’s hands and put cuffs on them. She then put cuffs on his feet and tie his hands and feet together. Amby has Jaime hog tied on the bed. She grabs the 12″ jelly dong and lubes it up. Slowly, Amby slides the jelly dong into Jaime. She feels his ass clench around it, so she massages his taint. His dick is somewhat soft, and so she starts sucking on the head. Jaime starts becoming hard again in Amby’s mouth, and she slides the 12″ in deeper.

Amby keeps sliding more in until Jaime’s ass swallows it whole. Then, she starts to fuck him with it. She starts pounding his ass with all 12″ until she can feel his ass starting to spasm. Amby pushes it in harder, and Jaime’s hips shake. He squirts all over his chest, and Amby keeps going, xslot making him squirt again and again. Jaime starts to whimper and moan at the pleasure, but Amby keeps going. She keeps making him squirt until it doesn’t look like he can squirt anymore. Then, keeping Jaime hogtied, Amby removes the 12″ from his ass, and puts on the strap on. She lubes up the 8″ and presses it against his ass. She says, “Do you want it?”

Jaime mumbles. “Mmmhmm.” He presses his hips forward.

“Okay, my little slut.” Amby grabs Jaime by the legs for support, and start to slide the 8″ into him. Once she gets the head in, she slowly slides it all in without stopping. Jaime moans hard as he feels his ass fill up with it.

While hog tied, all Amby needs to do is just pull on Jaime’s legs to fuck him on his back. She starts to rock him back and forth on the dick, giggling as he moans. She rocks her hips in unison, fucking him nice and deep. Then, she takes off the cuffs and pulls out. She grabs his dick and tugs lightly on it. “Follow me, slave.” Jaime gets up. Amby leads him outside to the front of her house. She walks him to her front gate. “Get up on the gate.” Jaime climbs onto the gate, resting his hands and feet on steel bars. Amby then ties his hands and feet to the gate so he can’t move. She puts her hands around his waist and pulls his hips closer. Jaime starts to get nervous and goes soft. Amby notices this, so she grabs his balls and lightly squeezes them. Jaime moans softly; Amby then starts to stroke his dick. As she feels him starting to get hard again, she positions the 8″ dildo with his ass and slides it in. She pulls his hips towards her and starts to fuck him on the gate.

Amby continues to fuck Jaime and he moans loudly, slightly embarrassed but also turned on. A truck pulls up. The window goes down. Inside is a group of young girls; they look like they’re in college. They start watching Amby fuck Jaime. He gets so turned on, he instantly cums. Amby laughs. “Oh, I’m not done with you yet, slut.” She unties his hands and feet, only to tie his hands where his feet were. Jaime is forced into a bent over position with his ass in the air. “I’ll be right back.” Amby leaves him there, naked and exposed with the girls.

The girls get out of the truck. There’s 2 of them. They open and close the gate, laughing as Jaime hurriedly scurries his feet to keep up. One of them comes up behind him and grabs his ass. She motions fucking him. “You like that, huh?” He doesn’t say anything.

The other girl comes around the front. She looks at Jaime and says, “I don’t think you’re doing it right.” She lowers her top and puts his face in between her breasts. “Like that?” Jaime doesn’t notice at first, but the one behind him lowers her hand. She starts to fondle his balls, and he moans into the other girl’s breasts. The one girl behind him is a little kinky. She xslot Giriş lowers herself, and starts to lick his ass while she plays with his balls. Her friend positions herself under Jaime and starts to suck on his dick, still covered in his cum.

The girls notice Amby coming back around, and they hurry away from Jaime. Amby says, “Its okay, I can use your help.” They notice she’s wearing a different dildo, and she’s carrying two long ones in her hand.

One of them says, “Oh, can he take that?” Jaime tries to look, but can’t see.

“He better. Or he’s going to stay out here all night until his ass swallows it whole.” Amby hands the girls two 18″ jelly dongs. She places a condom on one of them, and tells one of the girls to take the front. She then tells the other to get back under Jaime, while she takes the back. Amby presses a dildo against Jaime’s ass; he can already tell by the thickness that it’s the large 9″ dildo he always has trouble with. It’s long, as thick as Amby’s wrist, and shaped and curved like a rock hard dick. The girl under Jaime grabs his dick and starts to lick it. The one in front of him bends down and holds the 18″ in front of his face. She presses it against his cheek, and then slides it towards his mouth. Jaime reluctantly opens his mouth, and the girl slides some of it in. Amby smiles and pushes some of the dick into Jaime. She can feel how tight his ass is when it comes to the 9″. She pushes a little more, and Jaime moans loudly. She says, “Good girl.”

Amby is working the dick in, but she can only get halfway. Not wanting to remove the dick from the harness, she says, “Can you girls come around to help me out?” They do so. “I want you to put the different 18″ into his ass, one at a time.” One girl uses the thin black 18″ jelly dong, and slides it in. She then pulls it out, and the girl with the thick purple one sliders hers in. She then pulls it out. “Alternate like that until his ass loosens up a bit more.” Jaime moans as each of the girls insert the jelly dongs into his ass. Amby comes around to his front and lowers herself. He looks at her, surprised, and she says, “Oh don’t worry, I won’t make you suck it.” She lowers herself some more and grabs Jaime by the jaw. “I’ve just been wanting to do this for a while.” Amby forces Jaime to kiss her, and they start making out. Jaime moans into her mouth as the girls continue to slide the 18″ jelly dongs into him.

Jaime’s moans start to become louder. Amby gets back up and goes to the back. “Now, together. Let’s really warm him up.” One girl inserts the thicker, purple 18″ into Jaime’s ass to get him ready. Amby says, “Good, now let’s get him nice and open. Move it around a bit.” The girl moves the 18″ deeper into Jaime, and then back out. He starts to whimper again. “Now, the other one.” The girl with the thinner 18″ places it against Jaime’s ass. The two xslot Güncel Giriş girls take it by the head and work it in with the thicker 18″. Soon, with a slight struggle, both 18″ are inside of Jaime. The girls giggle and start to move them both deeper inside. “Let’s find a good rhythm.” The girls start to move each 18″ independently of the other. One goes out as the other goes in, and vice versa. Jaime can’t control himself; he’s moaning and whimpering as the girls pump the jelly dongs into him. His legs are shaking. Amby can tell he’s getting close, so she motions the girls to stop. They both pull out at the same time, and Jaime gasps loudly. There’s a pause, and he’s anxiously waiting for Amby’s next move.

Without warning, Amby pushes the 9″ dildo against Jaime’s ass, and inserts it past the head. He cries out in pleasure/pain. Amby laughs. “Good slut. Now take it all.” She grabs his hips, and slowly moves the 9″ into him. She pauses every few cm to give his ass time to adjust. It isn’t before long before all 9″ are inside Jaime. Amby tries to pull it out to add motion, but Jaime’s ass is too tightly holding onto the dido. “Girls, I need you to to grab his legs and hold him down.” The girls both grab Jaime’s legs and hips, holding him in place. Amby starts to slide the dick out and in. She finds a good rhythm, and starts to actually fuck Jaime with the 9″ dick. He uncontrollably moans as she and the girls laugh. Amby starts to pick up the speed, and pushes the dick into Jaime harder. She can feel Jaime’s ass spasm. His dick is dripping with precum, and then he starts to squirt. Amby continues to fuck Jaime, pounding him harder until he cums.

She says, “I’m going to clean these off. But you can use this.” She takes off the strap on and hands it to one of the girls. She also give her the 8″ attachment.

The girl says, “Are you sure he can take more of this?”

“Maybe not the 9″, but she’s a slut. She’ll take more of a fucking. But you only have until I get back.” The girl hurriedly puts on the strap on.

The other girl takes off her shorts and panties and squats in front of Jaime. “You know what to do slut.” She grabs him by the hair and pushes him against her pussy. He starts licking her clit as the other girl gets behind him and enters the 8″ into his ass. Jaime and the girl he’s licking begin to moan loudly. It isn’t long before she quickly starts to cum. The girls switch, and repeat. The second girl cums as Amby walks over.

The girls get dressed and go back to their truck. They drive off giggling. Amby takes the harness and puts it back on. She pushes the dick against Jaimes’s ass. “Did you have fun my little slut?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“What was that? She puts all 8″ inside Jaime at once.”

He cries out. “Yes, Mistress. Can I have more?”

“That’s more like it, slut. Not right now, but I can give you this.” Amby pulls out and places the plug inside Jaime’s ass. She swirls it around, making him moan, before she unties him. She then grabs his dick and starts leading him back to the house. “I want to keep you all nice and ready for tonight after a few drinks.”

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