Just Like in the Movies Ch. 04

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I was sitting on the bed with my new collection sitting around me; my vibrator, my nipple clamps, my double-dildo, and my bondage set. I knew what Justin liked from watching his porno collection. He was into what some would call sick stuff; roughage, restraints, and to my surprise, a touch of sadism. Even though I liked discomfort, I wasn’t into actual pain. Sometimes, I liked it when it was in the heat of the moment, but I didn’t want something that would make me scream out in pain as the women in the movies were. I was also sitting there in my new blue lace lingerie set. It’s not like we could have put it back anyway, after Amy and I got pussy juice all over it. I knew Justin would be coming home soon, and I couldn’t wait. Today was going to be the day.

Amy had made a good point. If Justin didn’t get it from me, he might go try and get it somewhere else. Isn’t that, after all, what I had done? I was remorseful for what had happened, but I thought that what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Amy and I had only been curious and caught up in a moment of ecstasy that ended in an explosion. I never pictured losing my virginity to another female, but the moment became too much for us to resist. I wondered, however, if Amy had coaxed her way into the dressing room with me with a sinful goal. Sin… My God-fearing family would just die if they ever found out what deeds had taken place yesterday.

On the plus side of all that had happened, I felt as though I would be ready for Justin. Still nervous, but I had a hint of confidence confided away within me. I knew I could do it.

When I heard Justin’s car pull into the driveway that night returning from work, I turned on the porno I had in the DVD player. I was thinking that if something happened that I got confused or didn’t know what to do next, I would have my models on the TV to show me. I didn’t want this first time to go wrong. If it did, Justin might be disgusted with me and never want to have sex with me again. And if I did end up liking it, like I was sure I would, I would want to give him a reason to keep coming back.

A door slam. Steps. A key in the door. Whistling. A, “Lacy? Are you asleep?”

“No,” I called back. “I’m in the bedroom.” A pounding heart engulfed me, and with it, nerves. That hint of confidence turned into reluctance, and I was scared. But it was too late to do anything about it now. Even if I had managed to hide the toys in time, I’d still be standing there in my little blue crotchless lace set. Or vice versa, but I’d never be able to explain the array of erotic toys on the bed. My heart jumped to my throat when I saw the knob on the door turn.

The door opened with a wide-eyed Justin. I watched his confusion form as he took in the scene; his girlfriend in sexy lingerie, surrounded by toys unsuitable for children.

“What’s all this?”

I smiled to him. “I went shopping yesterday. I just thought you might want to see what I xslot bought.”

He dropped his satchel and slowly walked toward me, a smile spreading on his face. “Does this mean you want to?”

No, Justin, I want to open up my own sex shop. “Of course, I do!” But then I thought, what if he doesn’t really want to? What if his smile was only amusement? At that notion, I was expecting him to start laughing at me. I was sure I was going to hear that he wasn’t interested. “Don’t you, Justin?”

“I do,” he said, taking his shirt off. “Just as long as you’re ready. Some of these things,” he picked up my clamps, “seem a little advanced. You sure about this?”

I blushed. “I just know what you like.”

He looked at the movie playing on screen, and I noticed a bulge in his pants. “You think you know what I like because you watched my collection?”

At that thought, I had to laugh. “Well, then come over here and I’ll find out what you really like.”

Justin walked over to the other side of the bed where I sat. I felt the bulge through his pants, applying gentle massages while the bulge kept growing. His pants wouldn’t contain his size much longer. I unzipped him and released his cock from the opening in his boxers. He wasn’t completely hard yet, so I knew I would have to work if I was going to see his true size.

I spit on it and held a tight grip to him, racing my hand to erect him fully. Little sighs were escaping him. When the actress on television engulfed her man’s dick in her mouth, I knew it was my turn. With nerves still playing with my stomach, I wrapped my lips around him, slipping my hand down to his sac to gently bounce his balls around with my fingers. I tried to take in all of him that I could, struggling to keep my gags silent as his length reached the back of my throat and tickled my reflex. I took him in and out of my mouth at first; slowly, then much faster.

Justin had reached his full size, and I could no longer take all of him into my mouth. When I had to stop trying, I began sucking on him fiercely, as if trying to draw his come out before it was ready to emerge. I could taste what I was doing to him, however; his pre-come was enticing my taste buds as I was tasting the salt of a man for the first time. All nerves had left me, as I was so comfortable with Justin. He gained experience in high school that made it easy to believe that he would call all the shots, which took a huge weight off of me.

I escaped him, taking a moment to look at what my efforts had produced. I had never imagined what Justin would look like. Now, I could see how large he was. He was much larger than any of my dildos, and I became scared that I would never be able to take him inside me. He must’ve been a good ten inches, with a length around the size of a large cucumber. It turned me on even more, even if I wasn’t sure how his size and mine would cooperate.

He looked down at me, and I expected xslot Giriş him to kiss me. But he slapped me! He slapped me and said, “I didn’t tell you to stop, bitch!” I was taken aback. Had Just really just hit me? My shock subsided, however, as I should have known that he liked things rough. I had known it anyway, and I just hadn’t fully prepared myself for it. The thought never crossed my mind that he might just take our first time as the opportunity to act out his fantasies.

After that, I anticipated another slap. It’s not like he had really hit me that hard. It didn’t even sting. But then, he looked angry, and he grabbed my hair and thrust himself into my mouth. He gagged me, beyond what I was able to silence. I didn’t want this! Did I? I found myself oddly wet, but maybe I had been before he grabbed me. He thrust himself deeper and deeper into my throat, and I was sure I felt him go even farther. I was gagging and drooling, and gasping for breath. He would occasionally take his cock out of me and give me a moment to take a few breaths, but not enough that I could protest. He knew I didn’t want to; I was enjoying being abused.

“Take it all, slut!” He was shouting at me. He leaned his head back and his sighs became heavy. He enjoyed hurting me, and I enjoyed being hurt. It was too much to take in. The ecstasy of the moment was escalating.

I wasn’t doing it right; I had pissed him off. With his grip still tight to my hair, he threw me my it so that I was laying on my stomach on the bed.

“Turn around,” he said. “Go on.”

He didn’t sound manipulative that time; just authoritative. I turned to face him, laying on my back, and I saw that he was furiously trying to rip apart the nipple clamps I bought from their package. I was eager to please him, as my own cunt was throbbing. His cock, I could see, was pulsing, too. We were both enthused and impatient.

“You want to be abused?” Justin was still desperately clawing at the package. “Do you?!”

I gasped a feeble, “Yes,” and tried to catch my breath. “Do whatever you want.”

He smiled an evil smile, and finally had the clamps ready to use. He didn’t use them right off, however. He laid them next to my head on the pillow, much to my frustration. I wanted him to use them, but he apparently wasn’t ready. He instead tore my bra and panties from my body, and I was left in nothing but my robe. He exposed my chest to the cold air, causing them to stand like mountains from my body. Justin swallowed up my tit with his mouth, pulling and biting roughly with his teeth and lips. He massaged my other tit with his spare hand. The pain radiated in my chest, more pain than I was used to. I cried out in pain and delight, and reached my hand down to my clit.

He grabbed my hand to stop me. “No,” he said. “You don’t do anything without permission! Understand?”


“You want to touch yourself, don’t you, bitch?”

“Yes. Please xslot Güncel Giriş let me.”


I was getting so frustrated, rocking my hips in an attempt to feel his cock that was laying on my stomach. “Please, I want to touch myself! Please let me, Justin. Let me, or do it for me.”

“I said no! I can’t have you climax too soon. Not before I do. ” He grabbed my hands and held them to my side, continuing to lick my tits and do circular motions around my areola. He alternated between each breast. After a few moments of doing one side, I was able to relax, but I would always jump and moan whenever he would switch sides.

Each clamp was connected to a small red ball — the weight of a pound — and I knew each clamp would be tight. I wasn’t prepared for their actual constriction, however, and moaned painfully at the first clamp. I was still moaning out when he attached the other. They were so tight, and they sent waves of enchantment through my core.

Justin left me laying there. “Don’t you move, you slut. Don’t you do it.” At that, he looked at the array of dildos strewn on the bed. He found my free vibrator to be appealing, and he asked, “Where do you want it, bitch?”

I knew what he meant. I knew wherever that went, his cock wouldn’t. I had to choose. “My ass,” I said. “Put it in my ass.”

“You have to beg for it, baby. Do you want this in your ass?”

“Yes!” I was anxious. “Yes, please. Please put it in my ass. I want it there. Please!”

Justin laughed, and said, “Well, then, hold your legs up.” I folded my knees upward, and spread my thighs so he could have access. I watched him spit on it for lubrication, and then that familiar pressure was felt at my opening. Justin plunged the vibrator into my ass with little regard for my tightness as not having been stretched or eased into first. I cursed, and thanked him. He pushed it in and out several times before turning it on, and I could feel myself building. I didn’t last to have his cock in me; I climaxed and fell into a euphoric orgasm that left my whole body warm and numb, right down to my toes. My juices were flowing, and Justin knew I had been satisfied.

“We haven’t even gotten to the main course, yet!” And without warning, he thrust his throbbing cock painfully into my sex. I was too weak to do anything but moan, and the sensitivity that followed after an orgasm left me unable to wiggle away from him. I loved and hated the feeling, with the pleasure once again overpowering my pain. With the clamps and the vibrator still in place, Justin began stabbing himself into me, too fast for my mind to keep up. I just breathed heavily, heavier than I have ever breathed, as I thought that my lightheadedness was from not getting enough air. Occasionally, a gasp or a groan would escape, and Justin would kiss me. I wished that he wouldn’t, because I couldn’t breathe when his mouth was on mine.

We climaxed together, for my second time. The second orgasm was even better than with Amy, because I could feel the warmth of his come spew inside me. His cock was pulsating, trying to free itself of every seed. Justin collapsed on top of me, and I was euphoric. We both fell asleep.

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