Master’s Pet Ch. 06


I want to say thank you to everyone for their positive feedback and suggestions. I have a good amount written and plan to post it as I get the time to edit it. I hope you continue to enjoy.


The next morning I woke up Pet still curled up tight in my arms gently let her go as I get up. I find Ruby cooking breakfast. “Good Morning Ruby.”

“Good Morning Master.” I had her set up two plates on a tray and bring it back to the bedroom. I sit in bed with the tray next to us I bring Pet onto my lap waking her.

“Good morning Master thank you for last night I have never felt that good in my life.” I hug her.

“I am happy it was enjoyable for you. Now let’s get some food in you.” We eat as Pet tells me how happy she was and asking when we can to do it again. We get moving after we eat I tell Pet to check on the delivers. As I go to do a bit of work after an hour Pet comes in kneeling at my feet. “What’s the update?” I ask.

“There are three boxes waiting to be picked up.”

“Ok go get ready to go out.” We go out pick them up and Pet hurries away with them to set up the surprise. She comes to me after lunch.

“Master we ready when you are.”

“Ok Pet but first I have a surprise for you.” I say grabbing a small box off the table. She kneels in front of me and I hand her the box she holds it excited waiting for my permission. “Go ahead Pet open it.” I see her eyes lit up as she looks at the tag I had made for her. It was a gold heart with (Pet

Slave) Engraved in it.

“Thank you Master it’s beautiful.” She says beaming with happiness. I take it from her placing it on her collar clamping it in place.

“I want you to always remember you are my first and top slave. I want you to hold this if you doubt that for a second.” I finish placing the tag and looks up at me taking hold of it while looking at me.

“Thank you Master I love you.” I kiss her head.

“I love you too, Pet. Now are you ready to show me your surprise?” She nods leaping to her feet ready to show me. We head to the living room I see all of them in their new gear. I sit in my chair as Pet walks over to Rei taking the leash from her mouth and bringing her over to me on all fours. “Puppy has a black jeweled collar and leash along with her butt plug tail, ears and paws.” Pet shows off each item for me to inspect. I look over the puppy attire as I take the leash from Pet before she goes to Ruby. Rei sits up next to me as Pet brings Ruby over. “Ruby got a serving tray that attached to her collar so her hands can be lock behind her and can still serve. Her uniform is a little fancier then mine and finally.” She says bending Ruby over to show me her ass. “A big red jewel on the end of her anal plug.” When I see this I comment.

“That is I nice touch.” Pet smiles at my approval. “I think I need a drink.” Pet is off to fetch it and I bring Ruby beside me where I can easily reach my drink when it was on her serving tray. Pet brings in my drink sets it on the tray then moved on to Trixie our new kitten.

“Trixie is similar to Rei with the ears, paws and tail, her pink jewel collar has a bell on it.” I reach over and take my drink as Pet speaks as I put it back my hand drifts below Rubys skirt stroking her exposed clit gently to see how well she holds her position.

“You are well trained Ruby. I will test how much you can take one day.” I stop and turn my attention back to Pet who is holding Moxys reigns bringing her over in front of me.

“Moxy got a bit more gear as you can see the hoafs, the blinders, bit and reins. She also has the harness and of course her tail. There is more gear we could get for her but I wanted your approval before I got it.” I look over Moxy’s new gear, she was obviously comfortable in it.

“Very nice I like the look of everything on her. Show me the rest later.” Pet positions her next to Ruby before turning to my dancer.

“Stacy got a few outfits to show you I thought you would like this one. She also got the fine chain connecting all of her cuff and collar with room the dance for you. Would you like to see her to dance, Master?”

“Yes I think so but first do any of my new ladies want a chance to impress me.” I watch them as they hesitate a moment then Trixie speaks.

“May I have a chance, Master?” I call her close to nodding.

“Show me what you can do.” She begins to lick and suck the head of my cock as motion to Pet to continue. She puts on music and I watch as Stacy begin to give me a strip tease, moving and grinding with the music. When the song ends I am hard in Trixie’s mouth as she continues to please me. “I am very happy with all of you. Pet you did very well with everything, come here and sit on the side of my chair. I want all of you to know that you should not be afraid to speak when I ask.” Pet sits next to me as Trixie swallows me into her throat. I place my hand on Pets back. “I want you to give Trixie some direction on what I like.”

“Yes Master.” She places her hand on Trixie’s head just like Mia had done to her and began to guide her motions. With Pet’s help I was soon cumming in Trixie’s mouth, she licks me clean before sitting back.

“I am very pleased with all of you I think Sahabet you have all earned an orgasm.” I pat Trixie on the head. “You have earned 2.” I dismiss all of them so I can talk with Pet. “You have taken to your role well. How are you liking your roll and responsibilities it so far?”

“I am doing my best and think I can do it. There is something else I need to tell you about the stuff I order.” I can tell she is unsure.

“What is it?”

“I order extra sets of some of the gear Master.” She says looking at the floor.

“Why?” Is my only response.

“I wanted to try some myself and thought some of the other girls might too.” I chuckle.

“You stayed in budget and made a good decision. I will also probable order the rest of Moxy’s gear with little problem.” I take her chin bringing her face right in front of my. “You did good Pet.” I hug her. “What did you order that you wanted to try out?”

“I liked to kitten stuff and hoped you would let me try it Master.” I lift her off my lap and tap her on her butt. “Go ahead and get it.” I watch her run off. She returns with the items and help her put them on, she had a nervous look when in I unlocked her collar. “Don’t worry I will keep it safe.” I say removing her collar then replace it with her kitten one. Once everything was in place I walk her over to the mirror so she can see herself.

“I like it Master.” I pet her head gently.

“I like it too, you make a cute little kitty.” She moves her head against my hand. Pet took to her feline role quite well as we moved through our day. Mia got home in the early evening after we unpacked we sat down to dinner as we swap stories. I had Pet as a kitten for most of the night after she set up another little show for Mia and include Six in her straitjacket. As the night grew to a close Pet came over.

“May I have my other collar back please Master?”

“Yes come along little kitty.” I take her to the bed room as I take off all her gear I place it in her draw. I remove the cat collar and put it away, then I pick up her normal collar. I sit on the bed and watch Pets totally naked body as she kneels in front of me.

“Please Master may I wear your collar again?” She begs. I hold the collar as I look at her.

“Why do you want it back so badly?”

“I want to feel owned by you I want to feel protected by you.” She offers her neck to me. I grab the back neck and pull her to stand with me I place the collar on the bed.

“I will always own and protect you. I want you to know that.” She is looking at the collar on the bed, turn her face to look at me.

“Who do you belong to?” She stares at me.

“You Master.”

“Do you need a collar to know that?”

“No Master I don’t need it but I want to beg for it.” I decide I have pushed her far enough for the night I pick up the collar and place it around her neck. “Thank you Master.” Is all she says calming down now. I sit with her on my lap briefly until she is settles. Soon Mia and Six join us in the bedroom, we all lay down together. Pet managed to hold onto me all the way into the bed, I think she was afraid to let go of me. Pet stayed close by in the following days only leaving it at my direct order to get something. After a few days and a small talk Pet was back to her old self, I thought a day of my attention would be good for her. I tell Mia my plan and she likes it, so the next morning we get ready. Right after our morning shower I take Pet and dry her off completely.

“You are going to get my attention today and maybe some from Mia and Six as well.” I take her to the bed and position her to wait for me, I grab the rope I picked out for this tying her wrist to her ankles. Then I tie her ankles to her thighs I wrap her up in rope until she is curled up with a rope handle on her back. I pick her up by the handle and I ask. “How do you feel Pet?” She tries to move briefly before answering

“I don’t think I can move at all Master.” I place her on my lap

“Good. Does anything pinch or hurt?” I ask as I lift and move her slightly.

“No Master.” Comes her only response.

“Let me know if that changes.” I say as I carry her to the kitchen where Ruby is already serving Mia and Six some breakfast. I sit down place Pet across my lap as Ruby places two plates in front of me she asks.

“Do you want me to feed Pet, Master?”

“No I will take care of that, you make a plate and sit and eat.” We talk as we all eat I switch plates as I feed Pet and myself, I stop every so often and run my fingers across Pets helpless pussy. I love the moans I illicit for her as we eat. I look around the room at a table of naked woman talking over breakfast. With another tiny naked woman tied helpless on my lap her little form moaning at my touch. As I look around and take this all in and I find it funny how nothing seemed strange about this whole meal. After we eat we all go out for a walk around our property Six on Mia’s leash as I carry Pet. We walk around as I gently swing Pet, as she giggles slightly with each swing. When we get back to the house I set Pet on my lap after I remove my shorts I position myself at dripping pussy. I pull her back onto me Sahabet Giriş then I gently lift her so she I am deep inside her. I turn to Mia “May I borrow Six?”

“Of course darling.” She says removing the leash and sending her to me.

“Six I want you to torture Pets clit.”

“Yes Master.” Pet jumps against my hold as Six licks at her engorged clit. Pet starts to beg as Six works.

“Please Master may I cum?” I hold her still and hold Six’s head back.

“Pet I do not want to hear you ask that again until you cannot hold back another second. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.” I let Six return to her task. I bounce Pet on my lap for close to twenty minutes before Mia grabs a vibe and passes to Six. Pet moans at the touch of the vibe I feel Pet grip my cock. I can tell Pet is desperate to cum but she still does not beg, I was impressed with her and pleased with her training. I think Pet could hold her orgasm back for hours if I wanted her to. Soon I feel my orgasm approaching, I tell Six. “Turn up the vibe all the way up.” Pet screams out in pleasure.

“Soon Pet.” She tries to speak but only mumbles. I pump hard and deep as I count “5” I feel Pet react “4” I pick up the speed “3” I signal Six to push harder “2” I push deep inside her. “1” I start to cum deep inside her. “Cum for me Pet.” I feel the dam break for her as she bucks and fights the ropes as she shakes on my lap. Six licks us clean as I pull out, Pet goes limp in my arms. I untie her hold her against me and send Six back to Mia who opens her legs and directs Six. Mia has enjoyed watching us but now wanted some action of her own. I watch Six bring her to a strong orgasm as she had well trained to do. Pet sleeps in my arms for an hour before waking, I give her some water and chocolate telling her. “You did very good I am impressed at how well you have taken to your training.”

“Thank you Master I am happy you are pleased with me.” We sat for a while Pet in my arms Six kneeling at Mia’s feet. I look over to Mia silently asking if she plans to allow Six to cum. She nods mouthing later, I blow her a kiss. We chat for a bit as Ruby brings us drinks then Mia says.

“I am going to see to Six.” Mia kisses me as she leads Six to the bedroom.

“Pet I want you to look at me.” She turns head up to meet my gaze. “How are you doing?” She has a confused look.

“Good Master.” Not sure of her answer.

“Are you happy with everything?”

“Yes Master.” She says with a smile.

“Good I have some things plan for you over the next few days.” She hugs me.

“I am excited to see everything Master.” Ruby brought lunch to us and we sat together eating and enjoying some TV. Mia rejoined us with a satisfied looking Six, sitting next to us on the couch I give Mia a deep kiss as she sits.

“Are you happy with everything?” I ask her.

“Absolutely over joyed.” She says with giggle. Then she looks to Six who was laying her head on her lap. “And you Six are you happy?”

“Yes Mistress very happy.” She respond in a dreamy tone.

I spent the next week teasing Pet and denying her orgasms. Pet was on edge almost constantly but never begged after I told her this was part of my plan for her. After a week on a nice spring day I take Pet outside and tie her standing spread eagle between two poles. Mia comes out and Six carrying with the bag I set out, Six spreads out a blanket and begins to lay out all our toys. “I am going to allow you to give up if you need to.” I say as I pick a ball placing it in her hand. “If you drop this it means you are giving up. Do you understand?” She forms a death grip on the ball.

“Yes Master I understand.” I call everyone together and address them.

“I am willing to grant one week free from orgasm control, cum as many times as you want or can. You can win this if you can get Pet to orgasm. You will all have one hour each and you will take turns 10 minutes at a time. You may use anything you see on the blanket. Are there any questions?” When no one had any I turn to see how Pet has reacted, she looks in my eyes nods and grips the ball as hard as she can. I sit in a chair next Mia and spend the afternoon watching all our slaves torture Pet in every way they can think to try to earn a week of free orgasms. Pet screams and begs but never loosens her grip on the ball. I watch her get vibrated, penetrarted, licked, sucked and groped and she never wavers.

After everyone had their last turn I walk to Pet who is almost hanging in her bounds. When I lift her head I watch as eyes focus on me after a minute or two. “You did very well Pet. I want you to take a deep breath you are about to get your reward.” I give everyone a toy and tell them where to use it, once they are all in position I tell them to start. Pet bucks and screams I take her face and hold her still looking at me “5” her eyes focus a little more on my “4” I move at a slow pace “3” I pause and enjoy the need I see in her “2” I watch as try to hold back “1” I kiss her gently before granting her long awaited orgasm. “Cum for me Pet.” I watch her eyes lose all focus as the orgasm over takes her. She cums for 90 seconds shaking and moaning before she collapses Sahabet Güncel Giriş in her restrains. I stop everyone and take hold of Pet lifting her. “Undo the cuffs.” I say to the group still nearby. I carry her back to house I hear Mia ordering everyone to clean up before she follows me with Six.

Mia sits with me. “That was impressive I did not think she would last.” She says.

“Yea I think she would have stayed up all day if I let her.” Pet slept in my arms for a few hours when she finally started to stir. She looked up at me.

“Was I pleasing to you Master?” I place my hand on her head.

“Yes I was very pleased with you.” I give her some water and feed her a bit to help her get her strength back. I hold her close to me for another hour before we get up to eat dinner. I keep Pet near me as we move to eat because her legs are still a little weak. I sit her with me making sure she eats her dinner as Mia and I chat.

“I think I am going to take Six into the other bedroom tonight. It looks like Pet could use the attention.” Mia says.

“I think that is a good idea.” Pet looks to Mia. “Thank You Ma’am.” Mia smiles

“Your Welcome Pet.”

Mia comes over to say goodnight.

“Six say good night to Pet.” She said sitting across my lap. We kiss as we watch Six and Pet talk and giggle for a few minutes before Mia gets up

“Come along Six.” I watch Six hug Pet one last time then follow Mia out of the room.

“Come on.” I say as I pick Pet up and carry her to the bedroom. We lay down in bed Pet laying on my chest. Pet laid there happy listening to my heartbeat as I gently run my hands across her body. She lifts her head to ask.

“May I serve you Master?”

“You may.” Is all I respond. I watch her slide down the bed and swallow my cock and just stayed there. I felt myself harden in her throat as she starts to suck. She pulls back from my now fully hard cock.

“May I ride you Master?”

“Yes Pet come up here and straddle me.” I position her straddling my lap with me just outside her lips. “Stay right there, you need to get yourself ready.” I enjoy the look on her face.

“Master I am always ready for you. Please let me show you.” I trace my fingers along her already wet lips slowly circling her clit. I watch her rock against my touch.

“I will allow you to cum freely tonight as soon as I am all the way inside of you.”

“Thank you Master.” I remove my fingers and let feel the head of my cock.

“Sit down slowly.” She obeys sinking onto me. When she is half way I tell her. “Stop and hold.” As I grab a vibe to tease her clit with. I sit up taking hold of you pressing the vibe to her clit and wrap my arm around her pulling her all the way down on my lap. I thought she would have cum but she holds back as she begins to pump herself on me grinding and moving trying her best to please me. “I want to see you make up for a week of orgasms tonight.” That sets off the first of many orgasms. I felt her cum riding me through three more powerful orgasms before I finally came. I lay her down turning the vibe all the way up and pressing it to her clit I hold it there as Pet cums twice more. I allow her to get breathing back to normal laying in my arms.

“Time to get cleaned up.” I say lifting her with me as I get out of bed and head to the bathroom. We climb in the shower and begin to clean off, I start to stroke Pet’s clit as I pull her close to me. I slide two fingers inside her curling them to stroke her g-spot. I pump my fingers as the shower rains on her back. “I want to see one more orgasm Pet.” She nods grinding herself on my hand. I stroke and pull with my fingers harder and faster over the next few minutes as I watch Pet ride one more orgasms in my arms. We finish the shower and grab towels I look at Pet’s little body dripping wet in front of me for a moment before handing her the towel. After she is dried off I call her to me to hug her I look down on her head barely at the top of my chest. “Are you ready for bed?” I ask.

“Yes Master.” Is all she says. She starts to giggle as I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder before carrying her back to the bed. I lay her down on the bed then I get her restraints, she offer her wrist to me as I return. I lock her wrists together and climb into bed with her. “May I lay on your chest Master?” She asks I nod at her and she crawls her way on top of me. She settles in on my chest I am reminded of the first time she fell asleep curled up in much the same way as now. “Thank you for today Master.” She says. I kiss her head.

“You’re welcome. I am happy you enjoyed.” That is all that is said before I feel Pet doze off for the night. I wrap my arms around her pulling up the blanket and soon join her in slumber. The next morning I woke up with Pet still curled into my chest, I push her hair to see her sleeping face. I pick her up and move next to me as I get out of bed. She does not stir as I set her down so I think she will be asleep for a while. I leave a card on the table. “Pet wanted you to get some sleep come find me when you are ready.” I cover her in a sheet and go to find the rest of the house hold was in the dinning room I walk over to Mia and kiss her good morning before greeting everyone else. I grab some cereal and milk before I sit next to Mia. I steal a piece of bacon off of Mia’s plate and we eat together. We sit and eat for I little while, then Six looks to Mia for permission to speak. Mia nods and she turns to me.

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