Hungover Roommates Pt. 02


Cleo and Joanna were sitting on the sofa, both of them half-watching tv, half scrolling Facebook on their phones. Cleo still had a butt plug in her ass that Joanna had put there earlier in the day and refused to take out. Once they’d started down the road of BDSM, neither of them had wanted to turn back in the other direction.

Cleo fidgeted a little and let out small moan as the plug rolled over the back of her vaginal wall. She was only wearing a t-shirt and panties, and a pretty big wet spot had formed on her crotch.

“Slut,” Joanna said without looking up from her phone.

“Guilty,” Cleo said.

Joanna’s phone beeped with a new text message. She tapped into it and muttered, mostly to herself, “You just won’t give up, will you?”

“Got a male suitor on your hands?” Cleo asked.

“Yeah, this guy Dan. I fucked him a few months ago and he texts me every Friday night like clockwork.”

“You’re not interested?”

“Eh,” Joanna looked up at the ceiling, thinking. “He had a really big cock, but I dunno. He didn’t really use it that well. Girl needs some finesse with a ten-inch cock, you know?”

“Ha, you’re exaggerating.”

“I’m not! He was huge. Annnd he kept trying to put it up my ass which definitely wasn’t happening, I’m not a little butt slut like you who’ll ram anything in there.”

They both smiled at each other.

“Show me pics, otherwise I’m pegging him for a strong seven,” Cleo said.

“Oh really?”


“Fine, hold on.” Joanna started tapping on her phone.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m asking him to send a dic pic, what do you think I’m doing?”


“C’mon, this is every guy’s dream. You know they love sending pictures of their cocks to horny, bored girls sitting on their sofas.”

Cleo didn’t respond. It was probably true. Joanna’s phone beeped about a minute later.

“I present you with Dan’s massive cock,” Joanna said proudly, holding out here phone.

Sure enough, the guy in the picture had a huge black cock that he’d jerked up to nearly-full erection. It was a pretty dick, too. Uncut and thicker at the tip than the base. He’d shaved all his pubic hair off.

“Wow. Nice.” Cleo took a closer look. “So why are you ignoring this guy again?”

“Because he freight-trained that thing into me like I was a bag of meat last time. I didn’t even cum.”

“Hm, maybe he just needs a little instruction. We could train him together.”


“Jo, this, is every guys dream. Fucking two horny, bored girls sitting on their sofa. Why not? I’m not doing anything tonight anyway.”

Joanna bit her lip and thought it over. “Would you let him fuck your ass? Because that’s something I definitely want to see.”

Cleo got a little wetter at the thought. “Maybe. I’m all stretched out from this plug anyway.”

“All right, screw it. Ummmm, hold on. We have to entice.” Joanna stood up and look her sweatpants off. She’d grown a well-manicured landing strip over the last few weeks which looked really good on her. “Take your panties off and sit next to me.”

Cleo obeyed. Her pussy was totally shaven now—the weekend before she’d been super hungover so Joanna had made her shave everything below her neckline, then pissed on her while she masturbated. It had been a weird day.

“Ok, now slip your left thigh over mine. Yep. And put your legs up so he can see the plug. Yes! Ok hold still.” Joanna snapped a few different angles, playing around with putting her fingers inside herself and out. Eventually she just settled on pulling her pussy back a little so her big clit was showing. “Perfect,” she said after taking a look at that last one. Then she started tapping on her phone.

“What are you gonna write?”

“How about….want to come over and put that big black dick in both of us? Followed by a smiley emoticon of course.”

“Of course. Ok, yeah send it.”

“Boop, done. Now we wait.”

It took Dan about five seconds to respond.

“Are you for real?” Joanna read aloud. Then, as she started typing, “Only one way to find out….we’re at 214 Gold Street. Apt

19. Be here in an hour or we’re finding something else.”

The phone vibrated another ten seconds later. “On my way.”

Cleo laughed. “Men will do anything for pussy. Should be shower or anything?”


“Works for me.”

They watched another episode of Parks and Rec. Neither of them put their pants back on, and Joanna started idly rubbing her pussy while they watched. “Ok I’m getting excited now, I think this was a good idea.”

Her phone buzzed a moment later. “Oh man, he’s asking if he can bring a friend. How generous!”

“Ha, you think that’s too much?”

“What’s he like?” Joanna read aloud while typing again.

The phone buzzed a second later. “White guy. Smaller dick, like 6. He’s super chill though good looking. You’ll like him.”

Cleo gave a little shrug. “Sure, why not?”

Joanna sent Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort the text and laid back. “Yeah, this is gonna be awesome I can tell. Can I order you around a little bit?”

“Yeah definitely,” Cleo said, getting into it now too. “Actually, if you wanna make them DP me you can. I’ve never done that before. But if we do that it’s probably gotta be the white guy who gets my ass.”

“Fuck yes.” Joanna said, going back to rubbing her pussy. “Fuck to the yes.”

The two boys arrived with a strong nock about 20 minutes later.

“Answer it, bitch,” Joanna said. “Don’t even think about putting pants on.”

Cleo got up and checked the peep-hole first. Sure enough, there was a white guy and a black guy at the door. They were both cute. She opened the door.

“Hello boys,” she gave a smile and pushed her hip out a little. Their gazes both dropped to her pussy, then back to her face. They were grinning like idiots. “C’mon in.”

She turned around and walked back down the hall, fully aware they now had a view of the buttplug in her ass.

“Holy shit,” she heard the white guy mutter. “I can’t believe this was so easy!”

“Contain yourself, Mark,” Dan said confidently.

They all came into the living room where Joanna was sitting on the sofa with her knees together so it was obvious she didn’t have anything on, but you couldn’t exactly see anything.

“Hey Dan,” she said casually. “How’s it going?”

“Pretty well, seeing as I was about ready to put you in the slow-fading category of things. This is Mark, by the way.” He motioned to his friend, who couldn’t take his eyes off Jo’s crotch.

“Hey Mark, wanna see my tits?”

“Uh, yes.”

Jo pulled her top off to reveal her massive breasts. Mark swallowed heavily. “You like?”

“Hell yes,” Mark said. “I still can’t believe this is happening. I was planning to just go see Star Wars again tonight before Dan texted me.”

“Smooth, man,” Dan said. “Real smooth.”

“I like Star Wars,” Cleo said, moving in front of Mark and getting down on her knees. “And just for that, I’m gonna suck your dick first, Mark.”

Cleo undid his jeans and pull his pants down to the floor. Mark’s cock wasn’t super impressive — five or six inches and not very thick. The head was big to the point of being bulbous, but Cleo still liked it. It was going to be perfect for her ass. She stroked him a few times until he was more or less fully hard, got her lips real close to the tip, and then looked up at Dan, who was staring at her and rubbing his dick through his pants.

“Want me to suck your friend’s dick?” she asked playfully.

“Mmhmmm,” he mumbled.

Without breaking eye contact, Cleo put Mark into her mouth and started bobbing up and down on it. She went slowly so there wasn’t too much of a chance of him blowing his load early. She kept her big brown eyes locked on Dan, batting them a few times just for fun. After a minute or two of that, Dan couldn’t seem to take it anymore, so he unbuckled his pants and let them drop. His huge cock sprang out of his pants and bounced up and down a few times. It was just about twice as big as Mark’s.

“Jesus dude,” Mark said.

Dan laughed and rubbed himself a few times.

Before Cleo could motion Dan over—she’d wanted to blow them at the same time—Joanna moved in front of Dan, got on her knees, and started blowing him. Cleo kept watching, there was something about the contrast between his black dick and her white mouth that really turned her on. They both worked their respective cocks for a few minutes, then eventually Joanna pulled off Dan’s dick.

“Switch?” she asked.

Without a word, Cleo shifted over on her knees and got in front of Dan. Compared to Mark’s dick, his looked like a fucking forearm. It was still glistening from Jo’s spit. Cleo jerked him off a few times, admiring the way his foreskin moved back and forth, then put him in her mouth. He was thick and hard and when she only went down a few inches, Dan took the back of her head and pushed it further so she started to gag.

“Careful dude,” Mark said.

“Nah you’re fine,” Joanna said. “She’s a little slut. You can do anything you want to her.”

Without a word, Dan pushed down even harder and held Cleo’s head about two inches from the based of his cock while she gagged over and over.

“Fuuuuck,” he moaned. “That feels good.”

He let Cleo up for air and she looked over to see Joanna fully deep-throating Mark and running a tongue along the bottom of his balls. He looked like he was in heaven.

Joanna stopped and stood up. Took a few steps back.

“Okay, now that you’re both warmed up, here are the rules of this mini-orgy.” She paused for effect. “If you two do exactly what I say, when I say it, you get to double-stuff our little slut Cleo here. If you disobey even a single order, you both have to leave immediately without getting your rocks off. Understand?”

They both nodded. It was clear their dicks were doing the thinking. She could have told them to fight-to-the-death and they probably would have done it.

“Good.” Joanna pulled a chair up next to he sofa and sat in it. “Cleo, get on the sofa and spread your legs out.”

Cleo obeyed.

“Now, I want you two to take turns fucking Cleo’s tight little cunt while I masturbate. Mark goes first.”

Cleo had to give them credit, the boys didn’t hesitate. Mark kneeled in front of the sofa and slipped his cock into her pussy. She was already so wet that it didn’t have any trouble going in. He started moving in and out in a slow rhythm, putting his hands on her hips and squeezing. When he leaned in to kiss her, the weight of his body pressed down on the buttplug in a perfect way that made Cleo start cumming instantly. She moaned into his mouth and then when he pulled away, she arched her back and moaned up at the ceiling.

When she was done, Mark stopped thrusting but left his dick in her.

“That was really sweet, you two,” Joanna said. “Did he make you cum you little slut?”

Cleo nodded. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. I’m glad. But sweet little orgasms don’t really do it for me. Dan, stretch her out. Be rough with her.”

Mark pulled out of her, his dick was covered in pussy. Dan switched places with him. He situated the tip of his big cock between her pussy lips, then wrapped a hand around her neck and pushed it it.

“Oh holy fuck,” Cleo said, wincing as his cock stretched her pussy wall out. It hurt, and it kept on hurting as he pushed his length into her. She felt him reach the deepest point Mark and gotten to, then slide quickly past until her entire cunt was filled up.

“Wreck her, Dan. I want her nice and loose when Mark puts his dick in her again.”

Dan shifted his weight and moved his hands to her shoulders, then he started humping her furiously. Cleo thought he was going to tear her pussy as he pumped in and out of her, grunting from the effort.

“Ow, ow, fuck that hurts!” Cleo said.

“Don’t stop!” Joanna yelled. “She can take it keep fucking her!”

Dan obeyed, and eventually the pain started moving towards a burning pleasure that consumed Cleo from her asshole all the way to her belly button.

“Oh jesus,” Cleo moaned, feeling her skin flush. “Oh jesus I’m gonna squirt. That’s gonna make me squirt right fucking—”

“Pull out of her!” Joanna said.

When Dan pulled his dick out Cleo squirted all over his thighs, then the couch, then the carpet. It came in three thick bursts and subsided. Afterwards, the only sound was Cleo panting and trying to catch her breath.

“Mark, your turn again. Choke her this time.”

Mark and Dan switched again and he slipped his dick into her and wrapped a hand around her throat. “Uh, sorry about this.”

“Don’t be sorry, she’s not. Look at her she’s having the time of her life.”

Cleo nodded. “Trust me, I love it. You can do whatever you want to me. I like it when people humiliate me.”

Mark squeezed down on her throat and started fucking her again, harder than the first time. For a while, she couldn’t really feel him at all because of how much Dan had stretched her out. She looked over at Joanna and saw that she’d stood up with her ass in the air and that Dan was fucking her from behind how, pulling on her hair. Joanna looked like she was possessed—her big tits shaking back and forth while she made a low guttural noise in the back of her throat.

Mark squeezed her throat a little tighter. “Don’t look at them, look at me, bitch.”

When Cleo looked back into his eyes, instead of seeing the hesitant little boy who’d walked through the door, and the sweet boy who’d made her cum a few minutes ago, she saw a furious and angry boy with lust-filled eyes. Her pussy tightened down on him.

“That’s it,” he whispered. “That’s it. You’re a fucking slut, you know that? You let two strangers fuck you without condoms, what’s wrong with you that’s disgusting.”

Cleo came. Long and hard and hot in the back her throat. She opened her mouth but words or sounds didn’t come out.

“Switch again!” Joanna called, staying in position so that Mark could come over and slip inside her from behind.

Dan pushed inside of her roughly and fucked her again. She came again. They switched again. Eventually, Cleo lost track of how many times they’d tag-teamed her but she stayed wet for them the entire time. It was so fucking hot—she’d fantasized about something like this for years but never dreamed it would happen. When she’d cum for god-knows-what time, Joanna told them to stop.

“All right, boys, that’s enough of that I think.” She stood up from the chair and moved to the sofa next to Cleo. Stroked her hair a little. “So, the little slut Cleo here said that she’d be down to have you guys double penetrate her. You guys interested?”

They both nodded.

“You remember our deal though, all three of you have to do exactly what I saw, when I say it, or you go packing, right?”

Again, they both nodded.

“Ok, Cleo can earn it first.” Joanna smiled. “Take that butt plug out and suck on it.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Cleo said, pulling out the plug and sticking it in her mouth. Joanna had gone easy on her, that plug wasn’t big enough to get too dirty. It tasted fine.

“Good girl.” She turned to the boys. “Now, you two. Hmmmm. You two need to suck the pussy off each other’s dicks.”

“Um,” Dan started to say.

“Don’t fuck this up dude, you heard the rules!” Mark said. And without hesitating he got down on his knees and starting blowing Dan. Cleo bit her lip and watched—it was so fucking hot. She’d never seen two guys hook up before, and she noticed that Mark’s cock actually got harder while he blew his friend, not softer. Mark appeared to have a pretty long gag reflex, because he got almost all the way down to the base of Dan’s cock a few times.

“How’s that feel, Dan?”

Dan hesitated to respond. Swallowed a few times. “It’s actually really good. Jesus.” As he said that, he ran a hand through Mark’s hair and started breathing heavy. Then heavier, then finally he stepped back. “I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop.”

Mark smiled. Shrugged. Then turned to Joanna. “I think I got all the pussy off, Jo.”

“I think you did, too.” Joanna turned to Dan. “Your turn, cowboy.”

“Um, all right. Fuck it, right?” he laughed nervously. Mark sat down in the chair and Dan got down in front of him. He stroked Mark’s cock a few times experimentally, then put it in his mouth. He bobbed up and down uncertainty, then got into a decent rhythm.

“That’s it,” Mark whispered. “That’s good.”

When Mark put his hands on the back of Dan’s head, Cleo started fingering herself. She looked over at Joanna and saw she was doing the same thing. They both came to the image of a six foot tall black guy blowing his white friend. Once again, Dan’s cock stayed hard the entire time he was doing it.

Joanna let Dan put about three minutes of work in, then called a stop.

“Dan, lay on your back on the floor.” She waited for him to obey. “Okay, Cleo get on that dick.”

Cleo got on and slid down to the base of Dan’s cock. She bent down close to his face and kissed him. “I like watching you suck dick,” she whispered, then kissed him again. He just grunted out a laugh and kissed her back.

“Mark, I think it’s pretty clear what you’re supposed to do.”

Cleo heard Mark get set up behind her, then felt his hands on her ass. He spat on his dick, then rubbed some of her wetness up around her asshole.

“Here goes,” he said. Then he pushed himself up her ass. Since she’d had the plug in for a few hours, he slipped right in, all the way up to his balls.

“Woah,” he whispered. “That’s fucking tight.”

The two boys moved their cocks around tentatively, each going pretty slowly. Cleo had never felt this full before, and already an orgasm was brewing deep inside.

“Holy shit, dude,” Mark said. “I can feel your dick in her.”

“I know. This is fucking intense.”

They both started moving in and out a little bit faster now, slowly getting into a good rhythm. Cleo felt her skin flush and basically fell into a state of almost permanent orgasm while they fucked her. In the background, she could hear Joanna’s pussy making sloppy noises as she fingered herself. Cleo moaned so much that she started drooling on Dan’s chest.

“I think I have a solution for that,” Joanna said. Cleo heard her walk down the hall to the bathroom and start opening cabinets. The two boys kept on fucking her, each of them grunting and moaning and saying how good she felt.

When Joanna came back, she had one of Cleo’s dildos in her hands. Without much warning, she pushed it into her mouth and started face-fucking her with it. Cleo took it as best she could, but eventually it went down far enough to make her gag and convulse.

“Ooooooooh fuck,” both boys moaned in unison as her body twitched. “That feels fucking amazing.”

Joanna moaned too. “Good. I want both of you to cum inside her slutty holes while she chokes on my dick.”

Joanna kept the dildo down Cleo’s throat while the boys humped her harder and harder. Their hands were all over her. Mark started pulling her hair—it was the most intense mixture of pain and pleasure that Cleo had ever felt. She couldn’t tell if she was cumming or just overwhelmed with sensations. A minute or two later, she felt the deep warmth of someone cumming inside her. She couldn’t tell which dick or which hole, but the other boy came next in a shuddering series of jerks and grunt.

When it was over, Mark pulled out first and Cleo felt some cum drip out of her ass. She got off Dan and watched even more cum drizzle down onto his black cock. Cleo sort of crawled to the sofa and leaned against it. Breathing hard. She was going to be sore as a motherfucker tomorrow, that was for sure.

Everyone glanced at each other for a few seconds, all of them smiling.

“What do you say, Cleo?” Joanna asked.

Cleo smiled. “Thanks for filling me up, boys.”

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