Frathouse Fuckery Pt. 01: Miranda


Miranda knew the girlfriend sharing rule when her boyfriend joined Pi Kappa Alpha. The house was renowned for its roof-busting parties — and its darker reputation for its epic gangbangs. Stories of pledge night circulated on campus like hot gossip amongst the female populace. The idea of being passed around and shared by a bunch of hot horny frat boys titillated Miranda, so when Peter got a bid to join, she encouraged him to do it.

They fought over it. Peter was not ok with the idea of sharing his girl — at first. Miranda talked him down and convinced him that sex with other guys was just that: sex. Pure joyful explorative sexy sex.

She was a grown woman in her prime on a college campus with a global sampling of people. She intended to enjoy her fair share of cock and kink, and if Peter wasn’t on board with that, she would need to reassess her place with him. But she needed him to get “in” to the Pi Kappa Alpha scene, so she didn’t voice the ultimatum.

She did encourage him with the idea that he would be super turned on by watching her be plowed by another man. He did agree with that much, at least. He liked his porn.

Miranda stood in the central atrium of the frat house. It was pledge night, finally. She’d waited two whole weeks. The anticipation made her stomach knot and her heart flutter.

The pledges performed a quite elegant ceremony of accepting their pledge pins from the fraternity President. Each officer blessed them with a “paddle” from the plank, and they joined “the boys” on the side.

When Peter was called, the President seemed to make intense eye contact with Miranda over Peter’s shoulder as he applied the pledge’s pin. He smirked and winked at her.

Her panties were already wet and her knees trembled slightly. Why did she have to be so turned on by, well, everything? The dark flair to the President made him alluring. He was already handsome, but the suit made him debonair and smooth. She could only imagine what his cock was like. She bit her lip. You’re such a slut, she chided herself.

Once Peter completed his pledge, Miranda gave him applause with everyone else. The official ceremony ended with seven new pledges for the house. And then the collegiality began. Out came the snacks and the booze free mocktails. This was an official event, after all, and most of them were not 21 yet. They were served by veteran sorority sisters and girlfriends of the brothers. Miranda took the time to assess the brothers of the house as she nursed her mocktail. She definitely wished it had booze in it.

Every single brother was gorgeous. Or maybe she was just a slut. There was only one she wasn’t attracted to, and it was mostly due to his Steve Urkle cokebottle glasses. The bulge in his pants promised to make up for his lack of looks, however.

Soon enough the formalities ended and the officials and adults and any extras left the house, leaving just the frat brothers and their respective girlfriends. Ties and sports jackets came off. The pool tables were racked and cracked. The lounge couches filled with couples making out. The TV was flipped to the basketball game.

After an hour, a short woman in a tight tube top that enhanced her already impressive breasts and tight jeans that hugged an ample ass approached the President with an over-sized 6-sided dice. He grabbed her ass in a familiar manner and kissed her in thanks.

“Alright, folks. I have been informed it’s time for the real event of the night! Open House!” he yelled over the dull roar of the young crowd. There was an enthusiastic cheer, and then it quieted and everyone’s attention turned to him as he held up the dice.

“So you veterans know the rules. Here at Kappa Alpha, we share everything. Our grand heritage as a house, our close brotherhood, and, most importantly, our slutty girlfriends,” As he spoke, the girl in the jean skirt walked around, giving a slip of paper and golf pencil to each female present. She had a coffee can tucked under one arm. “Girls who wish to participate, write your name on the paper Jennifer delivered to you, and place your name in the can.”

Miranda stared at the piece of paper in her hand. This was it. Did she dare?

“Any full Alpha brother can participate. Pledges, sorry boys, you’re here to just watch. But your girls? They can play, if they want,” he smirked at Miranda and winked.

“This is how it works. Jennifer draws the girl. I roll the style in which the Brothers can sample said girl. Ladies, you will service five bulls in the fashion the dice rolls.” He held up the dice again. “You’re done when all five have gotten off.”

There were several rib jabs and playful chuffs between the boys. Miranda rolled her eyes. Juveniles. She turned her attention back to the President.

“If the dice rolls a 1, that means she’s open for business with blowjobs for all. Mouth only. No hands. You choose what position you want to service your men.”

Miranda gulped and looked around. Her jaw got sore just thinking about Sex Hikayeleri 5 blowjobs in a row.

“A 2 means vaginal penetration. You choose the position, but your pussy belongs to your bulls. A 3 rolls anal. Lube or no lube, your choice.” There was a low murmer and a yeah from the back. The President chuckled. “Obviously a house favorite. Self explanatory, I think. A 4 means spitroast. That’s right. A cock from both ends. Bulls’ choice vaginal or anal penetration. And no hands are allowed for the blowjobs. I promise, we’ll be gentle, right boys?” More jabs and chuffs.

“A 5 means you will service all 5 of your bulls at the same time.” Miranda froze. Seriously? “Yep. That means double penetration and a blowjob at the same time. It’s literally an orgy. This is also the one where you can use your hands.”

Fuck. Miranda’s panties were wet.

“A 6 means Lady’s Choice. You can select any combination of the styles of service you wish, as long as you get all five bulls off.” The room erupted in a bunch of male cheers.

Girls were dropping their names in Jennifer’s coffee can. She was next. Peter side-eyed her. “You don’t have to, babe,” he reminded her, giving her a look that said I wish you wouldn’t. Miranda hurriedly scribbled her name on her paper and dropped it in the can.

“Once your name is drawn, ladies, there’s no backing out. You are responsible for servicing five bulls in the method the dice rolls. You’re not done until all five get off. Now, men? You know how this goes. Out you go if you’re participating.”

About two thirds of the room emptied out as the brothers went to another room, to prepare, she guessed? Some couples disappeared to bedrooms. Others went back to the pool tables. “If you’re watching, stay behind the red lines in the tiles.”

The President pointed to them on the floor. They created a wide octagon, leaving an open space in the middle of the room. A beautiful sturdy wooden table with a red pleather surface was brought in. She guessed this was a sex bench. Nylon straps hung from clips that would easily wrap and restrain a person.

“Is everyone in agreement?” He looked around the room. Again his eyes locked on Miranda. She felt her stomach knot. She reached for Peter’s hand. “Good. Let’s get this started, then. Jennifer?”

Jennifer stepped forward and made a show of shaking the coffee can. In dropped her hand and she fished out a piece of paper. “Clara.”

An obvious veteran of this game stood from lounging on her partner’s lap. He slapped her ass as she sauntered to the center of the room. The President rolled the oversized die. It rolled a 1. Clara smiled and stripped. She reached up to pull her hair back in a messy bun and proceeded to lay on her back on the sex bench. She let her head fall back off the edge and gripped a couple of the straps tightly for leverage. When she was settled, she nodded.

There was a dull knock knock on the door the boys had exited out of earlier. In came a fully naked man. So, it really was a prep room. Miranda felt like she was in a high class porno.

The man’s cock sprung to life almost instantly when he saw the delectable Clara displayed on the sex bench before him. Obediently Clara opened her mouth in welcome. He didn’t take long to enter her waiting mouth. She sucked like an expert. Her tongue teased and stroked him. Soon her mouth was sloppy with saliva. She adjusted and reached for his hips, guiding him down her throat. Soon he was panting hard and he came in short order down her throat. She couldn’t have even tasted it as he came straight down her gullet. The brother left satisfied, and Clara sat up to rinse out her mouth and get a drink between blowjobs.

There was another knock on the door and out came her second cock. She lay back. He was big. Her eyes bulged slightly as his impressive cock sprung before her, but she opened her mouth for him. In he plunged, straight into her throat. There was no mercy. She obviously struggled with the gag reflex and he reached to hold her head to keep her from expelling his cock. He throat fucked her hard. Clara’s hands tugged on the straps she held as she struggled to take him. This service lasted longer. Much longer. He made her work hard. Miranda watched half in horror, half in fascination as Clara’s throat was ravaged by this huge cock. The girl struggled with his length, but she took him balls deep. When she gagged, he just kept going. Saliva dribbled down her face, and tears streamed from her eyes with the effort of swallowing him over and over.

Finally he plunged deep and he came hard with a groan, holding her mouth over his cock, filling Clara’s throat with a full load of cum a second time. When he pulled out and let her go, Clara was gasping desperately, but she didn’t complain or call it off.

Her chest heaved and her face was sloppy with her own saliva and cum that dripped from her mouth. She didn’t have time to prepare before a third cock was already in her mouth, shoving down her throat. Erotik Hikayeler This cock was smaller, so Clara didn’t struggle so hard. She sucked him off like a pro. In minutes she had him weak at the knees and groaning as he came over her face and breasts. She looked like a used porn star on a casting couch.

A fourth similarly sized cock entered and she greatfully took him in her well used mouth. Her jaw had to hurt by now with the effort. Miranda rubbed her own in sympathy.

Finally, the fifth and final bull entered the room. And a bull he was. His cock was at least 9″ with an impressive girth to go with it. Clara, bleary eyed after sucking four cocks, lay her head back again. Again her eyes bulged when she saw the giant before her, but she opened her mouth dutifully.

A single thrust in her sloppy mouth and he was balls deep. Clara’s back arched as she fought her gag reflex to swallow him. “Ah, yeah, take it,” Miranda heard him croon. He was the roughest of the five. He forced Clara’s throat to swallow him mercilessly. Miranda could see the bulge it created from here.

Clara struggled hard and was crying freely. Tears streamed down her messy, sloppy face, but she worked like a pro. She took every inch and toyed with his cock with her tongue. Every few thrusts he held her head to his cock, forcing her to gag and gasp for air when he released her.

Thick stringy saliva clung to her lips and coated his cock. And not a second later back in he plunged, plundering her throat for all she had to give. Clara arched again when he held her longer than before, forcing her to swallow every last bit of him. When it seemed Clara was just about to pass out, he came. His hips jerked and his head fell back. Clara swallowed as much as she could, but between gagging and his size, it oozed from her mouth. Finally he let her go and she coughed hard, gasping for air desperately. The bull left the room.

Two girls approached Clara to help her off the table. A blanket was wrapped around her shoulders and she was escorted to the bathroom suite down the hall presumably to clean up. Her partner followed her.

Again the President stepped forward as the scene behind him was cleaned and prepped. “Well, we’re off to the races it seems. Clara is the best, isn’t she?” There was light applause. “Next up?” Jennifer shook the can again and drew a slip of paper, handing it to him to read. Miranda’s stomach was all a flutter.

“Sabrina!” he announced and rolled the die as a slightly timid Asian girl approached the center. She giggled when she saw the dice roll a 2. She stripped naked, and she bent over the side of the sex bench eagerly. She pointed at one of the straps, and Jennifer reached for her wrists. They were drawn out in front of her and cuffed. Her legs were spread, and her ankles cuffed to the legs. Finally, a thick belt like strap was laid over her lower back and winched down. It provided hand holds for the bulls. Sabrina wasn’t going anywhere. Sassily, she tossed her hair back, and there was a knock on the door.

Quickly, a bull entered. He was already erect and average size. He grinned when he saw the bound and spread pussy before him. He spit on his hand and smeared it over the head of his cock. He then angled himself at her pussy and drove deeply. Sabrina grunted and bucked, her pussy suddenly filled with cock. She was tiny. Even his average sized cock spread her beyond her capacity. He gripped the leather belt for leverage and fucked her hard. She gripped the straps at her wrists as if to hold on for dear life. With a grunt he pulled out and came over her back and ass.

Soon enough a second cock entered the room, repeating the scene. Sabrina came hard with her second bull, and with her third, she came twice. She was a screamer. With number four, she went from cries of pleasure and sass to a panting mess with tears streaming down her cheeks from the effort. He fucked her for much longer than the other three. She truly worked to take him. By the time number four finished, she was a compliant sex doll just spread for service. They were not gentle at all. They literally savaged her. Cum leaked from her pussy as the fourth bull pulled out. She was trembling helplessly and shook her head as if to say she was done.

But the fifth was called. And whoever was arranging the bulls kept the biggest for last. He was a monstrous 9″. There was no way tiny Sabrina could handle that. He angled his cock at her well used pussy and gripped the leather strap that held her. With a savage thrust he rammed his cock inside the tiny girl. Sabrina screamed half in pleasure, half in agony. It took him three solid thrusts to force her pussy to take all of him.

When he went deep, she moaned and quaked. Miranda knew that cervix-stretching feeling. She lay limply beneath him as he pumped her hard. All her spunk had been fucked and orgasmed out of her. Her eyes rolled back and Miranda watched as the girl’s body contorted with yet another impressive Tecavüz Hikayeleri orgasm. Again she screamed. This just seemed to drive her bull to fuck her harder. He angled to drive into just the right spot. Sabrina arched in her bonds and he grinned savagely. “Cum,” he commanded. It was obvious they’d done this before. And she did. She cried out, her body tensed and shuddered. As she came, so did he. An impressive amount of cum oozed out of Sabrina’s cunt when he was finished. Before leaving, he lifted Sabrina’s head and bent to kiss her lustfully. “Thanks, baby.” She smiled and purred in pleasure. So, that was her guy. Miranda smirked. A girl after her own heart: big cocks and kinky kinks. Maybe they’d be friends.

After another girl was called up, her dice rolled a six. She chose vaginal, but with no bondage. She lay back on the bench and pulled her ankles over her head and she was pounded relentlessly by five bulls, fucked, and filled in short order.

“I can’t wait to watch you fucked like that,” Peter said, gripping Miranda’s hand. “They just use them. It’s like… she’s a fuck doll. It’s… hot.”

“That’s the point, Peter. I like to be a fuck doll. You use me like that. Just minus the bondage.”

“Yeah, I know, but…”

She reached down to feel the evidence of his obvious election. “You can fuck me after,” she promised.

A fourth girl was called up. Her dice rolled a 4. The girl bent herself over the bondage bench. She had Jennifer winch her down with the leather strap at her back. Miranda watched transfixed as the girl expertly managed two dicks at once. One in the front and one in the back.

Her bulls were not kind. They ravaged both her ass and her pussy, and even switched places. As the girl worked her bulls, Miranda worked Peter’s cock. She slid a hand down his pants to stroke him firmly. About the time the fifth bull filled the girl’s mouth full of cum, Peter came hard in her hand, biting back any sound that would give him away. Miranda smirked. She loved making Peter cum. It made her feel so powerful.

“And we got a new brave one here tonight. A Pledge’s girl. Miranda!”

Miranda jumped when she heard her name called. She yanked her hand out of Peter’s pants as if she’d been caught by her parents. “Miranda! Come on down!”

“You can fuck me after,” she said again, leaned up and kissed Peter’s cheek before taking herself to the center of the room.

The dice was rolled. 3.

Miranda’s stomach did a flip flop. Anal. For 5 guys. She had only dabbled in anal once or twice, and only with Peter. She wasn’t sure she liked it. She gulped as she stripped and stepped forward. She felt so revealed, so vulnerable. She stared at the bondage bench. Her mouth had gone dry.

“You choose the position,” the sound of a voice at her ear made Miranda jump. “Easy… just here to help. The first time is always rough. You ok?” Jennifer took her hand gently and gave it a firm squeeze to ground her.

Miranda nodded and swallowed hard. She approached the bondage bench. “How do you want it?” Jennifer asked kindly. “Heels over head? Doggy? Prone?”

Miranda’s head swam. What the hell was she doing? Was she really doing this? Good God. Five cocks. In her ass. She wrapped an arm protectively over her breasts, suddenly aware a room of people were staring at her like she was a porn star. “I don’t want to see them,” she managed.

Jennifer smiled. “Doggy it is, then. Bend over here,” she patted red leather surface of the bench. Miranda obeyed. “That’s it.” She reached for Miranda’s hair and tied it in to a loose bun for her. “Strap? No strap?” She held up the leather winch in question. Miranda didn’t know how to answer the question and she shook her head. “I advise the strap for first timers,” Jennifer urged. “It gives them something to hold on to. Otherwise it’s your hips. You’ll have bruises for days.” Miranda nodded her head then and Jennifer smiled. “I’m going to cuff your ankles to the table too ok? That way all you have to do is lean into it. The table will hold you.” Miranda nodded again. Jennifer went to work applying the cuffs to her ankles. They were snug, but soft. Her calves instantly began to burn as her toes just barely touched the floor.

She was second guessing letting Jennifer do this. “You ok?” Jennifer asked again as she laid the thick leather belt over her lower back. Miranda nodded. The strap fit snuggly and was winched into place. Miranda winced as it bit into her flanks. She couldn’t go anywhere. But Jennifer was right. It would give the bulls something to hold on to. “Hold these,” Jennifer coaxed, placing nylon straps into Miranda’s hands. They stretched Miranda’s arms above her head, making her fully prone upon the table. Her calves really did burn now as she held the position. She was grateful to have something to do with her hands. She tugged on the straps testingly. They didn’t budge. “Ready?” Jennifer asked. Miranda nodded.

There was a dull thump thump on the door at the back of the room and Miranda’s stomach tightened. She’d forgotten to ask for lube. She whipped her head around to see Jennifer had thoughtfully left a bottle on the bench. She sighed in relief and melted back against the table, turning her head so she wouldn’t see the bull coming for her.

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