Healslut Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

Warning: this chapter’s a slower burn than the last one. I tweaked a bit based off of feedback from people who hadn’t played to explain what was going on around the table a bit more, which lengthened things just a tad…

For the people who play D)



Heath’s hand came down on Clara’s head and patted lightly a few times. The apartment was a bit chilly and the sensation of warmth from his palm lingered. “Clara, seriously, go shower. They’re going to be coming over in a few minutes and you’re not even dressed.”

Clara was stretched out over the edge of the bed on her stomach reading Heath’s large red Player’s Manual. She looked up at him. “I need to finish this section. I don’t want to be completely confused in the middle of the game! And let’s be honest, from what you said yesterday, it’s not going to matter if I’m dressed or not because Brian’s probably going to fuck me today anyways.” She turned back to the book and placed her cheek back onto her palm.

Heath, not pleased, leaned over slightly and pulled her thong up through her ass crack pushing the metal plug in more. She squealed and lost grip on her cheek. It came crashing down into his book.

“Sorry, would you care to rephrase that answer, Pet?”

“Yes, sir.” She said before trying to get up. He kept a hand on her thong strap, though and she was stuck, unable to finish crawling off the bed. “Uh, sir?”

“No taking your plug out, now. You’re going to have to sit in it on the hard dining room chairs. No pillow.”

Her face fell.

“Are we going to do that again?”

“No, sir.” She sighed. He gave her ass a hard smack and she scampered towards the shower with some clothes from the dresser in case they came over while she was still cleaning herself.

She closed the bathroom door and ran the water first to warm up. She stripped off her sleep shirt and thong and played with the little ridges of the plastic crystal at the end. It had been a cheap enough thing she ordered online long ago and looked small enough to start with. She had a few more of different shapes and sizes now, but she still liked this one best for sleeping in.

The door opened behind her as she was playing with the plug. Her heart jumped as she turned. Just Heath. She breathed out.

“Are you going to take that out when I said no?” He asked. He was trying to brush his teeth before the guests got here and was a little surprised to see Clara about to pull it out.

“I was just playing with it.” She answered.

“Oh? Are you trying to make yourself all horny before the game?”

“Getting into character?” She tried, a nervous smile alighting her face. Seeing a blank stare from Heath, she began to get nervous again and bit her lip.

“Fine. You’re allowed to cum once if you can before other people get here.” He caved.

She grinned. She pulled the curtain aside to climb into the shower, then paused. “Wait, um, can I take it out after all? I’ll put it back in right after.”


She glanced down at the toilet and he rolled his eyes. “Of course.” He said while walking back into the main room, toothbrush still in his mouth.

Clara heard the front door open several times while she was washing and shaving. After changing and drying her hair, she had to take a deep breath to calm her nerves before heading outside. Everybody but Richard was at the apartment and either sitting at the table already or the couch.

“Oh look, our newest party member is here. I look forward to hearing how you’re writing her into our group.” Jules glanced over at Jonathan.

“Well, when Heath told us Clara might want to join two weeks ago, I knew I was going to have to figure something out. I just kind of tweaked it a bit with her being my NPC from earlier.”

“Uh, I just want to mention that I tried to read as much as I could before today. I’m really sorry if I suck. It might take me a bit to catch up.” Clara said as she pulled out a chair next to Heath. It had to have been the one she was meant to sit in. She noticed he’d taken the cushion that was usually tied to each and every one away from this particular chair. He put down the player’s manual beside them. She noticed that it now had a few sticky flags poking out of various pages. She opened one and it showed the beginning of the spells page.


He reached out and scratched her head absentmindedly as he moved some of the melamine snack bowls around the table. Snacks were something that Clara could definitely get behind.

“Richard says he’s going to be late.” Jonathan put down his phone. “About a half-hour. Wants us to start without him. That all right with everyone?”

“You’re the DM.” Jules shrugged.

“Okay then. So, everyone’s done their downtime. Are you all going to assemble at the Cat’s Cradle like you’d said?” Jonathan asked.

People were still milling about the apartment preparing other snacks or drinks, but they came towards the table to say yes. Brian was balancing five water glasses in his arms as he walked over.

“Great. So, you all sit up kuşadası escort at your usual booth, and as you guys are having breakfast to talk about where you plan to go next, you see someone come and stand next to the table.” Jonathan looked at me.

“Right. Hi guys.” Clara smiled.

“Does she still look like she did last time?” Brian asked.

“Yes. She does.”

“Okay, my character begins to look increasingly nervous and it’s super obvious because I’m not trying to hide it at all.” Brian said.

Clara swallowed and tried her best to jump into character. “Um, could I slide into the booth next to him and slip my arm around him and start playing with his shirt?”

Heath chuckled. She was trying, he’d give her that, even though she was red as she said it.

“Sure.” Jonathan nodded.

“Okay, I push her right off.” Brian says.

“I look at him and say, ‘care to explain?'” Jules says.

“Nothing to explain. Why are you here?” Brian looked at Clara.

It took a moment to remember what Clara had agreed with Jonathan when she met him on Wednesday at his place. “Well, you haven’t delivered on your promise yet, so I’m just here to protect my investment.”

“What investment?” Heath looked genuinely confused now. Good. Clara was pleased with that.

“That’s a secret between the two of us.” She beamed.

“Okay, but like… You can’t come with us when we leave here.” Brian said. “We’re an open-minded group-!”

“By that he means that he’s a horny drow.” Jules cut in, chuckling.

“Yes. I mean, well- Anyways. We’re open-minded. You’re not going to find that outside of this town if anyone finds out. We kept your secret when we found out, but you still haven’t told anyone in this town because you know what’ll happen.”

“And you know what’ll happen if you fail me.” She smiled at Brian.

Clara had been in the room when Jonathan called Brian on speakerphone at night to explain what happened when he decided to go try and fuck a succubus.

“Right. Well. I guess she comes with us.” Brian looked at the others.

“What the fuck did you do? You’re letting a literal demon follow us around?” Heath asked.

“Things happened. Maybe later. But not right now. We should focus on where we’re going next.”

“About that.” Jules said. “During my downtime this farmer came up to me. Super simple run, from the sounds of it. Wants us to take out a wolf pack in the forest behind his property. Willing to pay ten gold per head if we can bring back the heads of all of the wolves. I figure why not.”

“Ten gold? For some wolves? There’s got to be a catch.” Brian said.

“Apparently not.”

The door opened quickly. “Sorry I’m late. I couldn’t find my keys.” Richard said.

“You’re just in time, it’s fine. Come on.”

Richard slid into his chair and pulled his papers out of the messenger bag. “Right. What did I miss?”

“You missed Clara just jumping into the booth and her and Brian being shady as fuck about some sort of deal they have and she and Brian have just decided that she’s joining the party.” Heath summed up.

“I mean, why not? I’m an orc and Brian’s a drow, why the hell not? We already know that we’re together because we all mutually hate Yuran and want to get justice or kill him or whatever, as long as she doesn’t work for him, then it’s fine. You don’t do you?”

Clara had had the run-down on the story so far from Jonathan, who had let her know that their party had all assembled because they had, in one way or another, been wronged by a powerful lord in one of the cities and wanted him dealt with (though some of them had very different definitions of ‘dealt with’) and have been going around trying to pay off a debt that they made during the first session in an attempt to kill him and have been dealing with the fallout ever since.

“I would like it on the record that my character is very not happy with this.” Heath said.

“No,” Clara paused and flipped through her papers for the notes she’d written with Jonathan. “Um, I’m not actually in the service of anyone, right now.”

“That’s even more sketch.” Heath said. “Why are you topside if you’re not out gathering souls for your master or mistress?”

I shrugged. “I’m just looking for a good time, I guess you could say.”

“Ugh, we don’t really have a choice about this, do we?” Heath asked.

“Okay, out of game, you brought this on yourself.” Jonathan was beaming. “You have no idea the fodder you gave me.”

“Fuck.” Richard groaned.

“Anyways, if there are no more complaints, can we get on with the farm thing? Really could use the gold to get some more gear.”

“Fine. Let’s just go.” Brian said.

“If this is about the forest to the North of town, I’ve been there plenty of times before. There’s this lake not too far in that is a lovely spot for a picnic and… other things.” Clara was trying to sound seductive, but her face and neck were completely red, and her voice was stumbling through the last few words.

“See, she can be good for something!”

As kuşadası escort bayan Jonathan explained the party’s venturing forth and visiting the farmer, Heath had picked up his phone to text Clara.

“You okay?” He texted.

“Yeah.” She texted back.

“You’re red head to toe.”

“I’m just not good at this stuff.” She texted back as quickly as she could.

“Skittle, you are.”

She puffed her cheeks out and looked over at him. “How, exactly?” She finally texted back.

“You’re confident all the time except for about things like this. Just be your usual self.”

“I’m not a confident sex demon, Heath.”

Heath paused a moment to try and figure out how to encourage her best.

“Okay,” he sent. “Do you remember when Melissa was trying to undermine you in front of the entire office and you put her in her place because it had been four months of that and you were tired of her shit?”


“Channel work Clara, if you need to.”

“I know what’s expected of me at work.”

“So it’s the fact that you don’t know how you’ll perform that’s stressing you out?”

“I guess.”

He reached out and rubbed her thigh. When he did, it jolted her just slightly and moved the plug around inside of her. She looked at him. He smiled, “you got this.”

“Are you two done with the texting?” Brian asked. “Heath, you promised us there wasn’t going to be any weirdness when you originally asked if your girlfriend could join. There’s a reason we don’t usually let significant others join. It can get awkward.”

“He says after he fucked her.” Jules chuckled. “Brian, you suck at reading signals. Be patient. Clara’s just a bit nervous and Heath was clearly trying to encourage her. Right?”

“You know me too well.” Heath held his phone up briefly before putting it on the table. “I don’t want her to be so stressed the entire session that she doesn’t enjoy herself.”

“I can think of something that might help with that.” Brian grinned.

“Not until we at least finish the wolves and get our cut.” Richard said.

“Fine. How close are we?”

“Perception check.” Jonathan grinned.

Everyone rolled a die around the table and began declaring numbers. Clara tried to match the one from the sparkly blue set she’d been given to the same shape as the others. Heath had gone over the basics with her, but she hadn’t really practised identifying all of the dice yet.

“This one.” Richard tapped.

“Thanks.” She tossed it.


“You’re going to also add this number for this kind of check.” Heath leaned over and tapped the top page of her character information.

“Oh. So nineteen?”


“Okay. Brian, Heath, you two are too busy talking to notice much beyond the usual forest. Jules, Richard, you’ve started to sense a shift in the air but nothing specific. Clara, you’ve noticed that all other sounds have stopped. It’s still, and not the forest you remember from your trips here over the past few months.”

“Oh. Can I tell them?”

“We can share whatever information we want while around us, but you’re not forced to.” Brian said.

“Okay. Well, uh, guys, something’s wrong. It’s too quiet.”

“Now that I’m actually paying attention, can I see anything?” Brian asked. “Darkvision, so if something’s really that close…”

Jonathan considered a moment. “Make a new check.”


“Okay, yeah. You’re starting to notice slight movement in the trees around you and see eyes shining through the darkness. You’re not able to tell how many, but more than five.”

“So I tell them that we have company and that we should get ready and head a few feet back to the clearing we passed through.”

“But we shouldn’t turn around. We need to keep facing them.”

“You’re able to see that the movement is all around you.” Brian looked at me.

“That’d be a no. They’re everywhere.” I relayed. “How bad are the trees here?”

“Not totally dense yet. You can see gaps in the treeline to the sky.” Jonathan answered.

“Well, uh, I’m going to peace out and fly up.”

“What? Are you kidding me?” Heath looked at her.

She shrugged. “Doesn’t make sense that my character would put herself in danger this early and in a form of fighting that’s not preferred.”

She leaned back and watched the other start fighting things out against the wolves from a spot higher up on a branch. Richard wasn’t doing terribly well, despite the fact that his character was practically made for this. He was just rolling really poorly.

“Aaaand your bard friend is down.” Jonathan winced.

“Crap.” Richard bit down.

“Do you need some help?” Clara asked.

“I think everyone could use some help.” Jules said.

“Yeah, I could really use some. I’m down to a quarter of my max HP.” Richard said.

“Jonathan, can I do the thing since it’s my turn?”

“Sure. Move your figure and do your rolls.”

“What thing?” Richard looked dubiously at her now.

“Fifteen?” She tried.

“Yep.” escort kuşadası Jonathan nodded. “Roll a D4.”

“Four-sided one that looks like a pyramid,” Heath reminded quickly when she struggled.

“With everything, three.”

“Okay.” Jonathan grinned and turned to the others. “As you guys are fighting, you see Clara fly down and kiss Richard’s character.” He tapped a few times on his phone, then set it down on the table.

“Whoa, what?” Richard panicked. “Fucking hell. What happened to no in-party injuries, Jonathan? I’m already injured and I’m getting my health sucked out by a succubus now?”

“Check your phone.”

Curiously, Richard lifted his phone up and looked at it. “Oh, shit.” He answered.

“Wait, did you turn my cleric mod…?” Heath looked at him Jonathan.

“No meta-gaming.” Jonathan smirked.

“God damn it. I want to know, now!” Brian said.

“Do you choose to share what’s going on with everyone?” Jonathan asked.

“Nope.” He grinned. “I’m just going to hang out here while they fight.”

“Okay, out of game moment. If Clara just healed him, we had a deal, Jonathan.” Heath said.

“We did.” Jonathan sighed. “Okay, your ball.”

Heath’s face lit up. “So, what we’d decided on was that whoever Clara ended up healing was allowed to play with her. They’d need to be healing over a few rounds, anyways, based off the mods, though I guess that might have changed a bit?”

“A bit, yes.”

“Okay, I get the whole Clara actually is a non-online healslut, and that you weren’t kidding the other day thing. But I don’t understand how Clara’s able to heal by kissing someone?”

“A d4 was healing from a kiss. Inspiration was drawn from Heath’s original cleric mod, but with several changes to fit in with some of the original stuff I’d written for this homebrew anyways.” Jonathan said.”In general, though, larger healing, more intimate activities. Of course, you don’t actually have to fuck her in real life, we know everyone’s not down for that. Just that the option exists, and that Heath has agreed that anyone at this table right now is allowed to have some time with Clara during our sessions if the time suits it. And yes, there will be player penalties if I suspect that you’re purposely getting hurt to be able to get healed. You can just talk to Heath about using Clara on your own time. This is just more of an optional fun-time thing.”

A few heads swung towards Brian, who gave a lazy smile. “You all know me too well.”

“Homebrew?” Clara asked quietly to Heath.

“A campaign that’s not something that’s been written up as a module and that the DM has create themself.”

“Of course we do. It’s been three years minimum for everyone but Clara. You came onto me the first day we were at that weekend seminar.” Jules said. “Thank you for adding in the penalty, though, Jon.”

“I figured that was the best way to balance things out. Anyways, at this point in time, are you considering yourself a willing participant?” Jonathan looked at Richard. “For in-game healing. Up to you what you want to do outside.”

“Yeah. Why the hell not?’

“Are we not going to talk about how seriously OP that is for a character, though? That’s beyond usual succubus traits.” Jules said.

“Guess you’ll just have to ask Clara some more questions. But not right now. Right now, you’ve got dire wolves.”

Clara shifted in her seat. Suddenly she felt a bit nervous again. The butterflies in her stomach from yesterday when she had talked things over with Heath returned. The plug was pushing even deeper inside of her the more she squirmed.

Richard stood up and stretched. “Bathroom first. But yeah, Clara, go stand against the bed. Oh, yeah. Naked.” He insisted as he hurried towards the washroom.

She looked over at Heath, who nodded. “Bring your gag here first. I’ll put it n properly.”

She was perfectly capable of doing it. But it was a nice little ritual that they’d gotten into that helped calm her nerves and made Heath feel a bit more control over the situation of letting other people fuck his girlfriend. He’d thought it a great idea at first- ‘forcing’ her to service his friends suited both of their needs, but over the last week he’d been starting to have his silent doubts about whether this was the right idea. Especially with Brian in the group. His cousin could be a wild card, occasionally.

Richard had pulled him aside at the office last week to confirm some of his suspicions and had put his mind at ease a bit more. Still, Heath could feel a bit of the jealousy creeping in, even if he knew he would enjoy Clara’s look when she realized that Heath and Richard had set up something for when he did eventually get to use her.

Heath fastened the ball gag securely while he waited for Jules to finish her turn. He watched as Clara moved towards the bed and glanced back nervously with her hands lingering by her shorts. She wasn’t usually this shy. Clara was struggling for a moment knowing that she’d have to see Richard around the office and interact with him normally. His promotion four months ago technically made him Heath’s boss and Clara’s teammate for a few of the company’s ongoing projects. At least Jules didn’t work at the company anymore, and Brian was always hidden so far into the back of the IT department Heath usually had to go in and drag him out on Fridays.

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