Willa’s Gift Ch. 1


She turned 18 today, and she had a plan for getting what she wanted from her daddy. Even at 40 dad was still a hot looking man. He keeps in shape by working his job. As a lawyer he’s always on the go, running to and from the courthouse. Mom had died 2 years ago, and he did the best he could. He didn’t date, or if he did it was away from home and never overnight.

“What are you thinking about Willa?” he asked.

“Hi, Dad I was thinking about what I want for my birthday.” she said.

“And what would the love of my life want?” he asked.

“Well Dad I want you and me to go to the cabin in the mountains for a week, no phones, no courthouse, and no lawyers. Just you and me.” she said.

“I’ll see what I can do to get time off.” he told her.

“Dad I don’t want anyone to know where we are.” she said.

Willa was sitting at the windows that evening when he came home. She didn’t know he was watching her. He saw that her robe wasn’t closed, and he see her tits, they look bigger than her mothers were. She stood up and he noticed her eyes were closed. She arch her back, yes she had bigger tits than her mother. Her body would be a lovers delight. He step back and went to his room quickly. He got the time off, and he told everyone that he was going to out of town for a much needed Vacation.

Willa went in and fixed dinner, hoping to have it done before dad came home. She heard his shower, so he’d come home early. She just finished when he walk to the table.

“Mmmm. I’m glad mom wrote down all her recipes for me.” she said.

“I am to, after all I get the best tasting food, and the best looking girl serving it to me.” he told her.

“I got the time off, and we can leave on Friday after I get home. You’ll have to pack for both of us.” he told her.

“Oh, that’s wonderful.” she said. she sat in his lap and kissed him. He put his arms around her and she deepen the kiss.

“No more honey, we can’t do this your my daughter.” he said. She got up and sat down to eat.

He fell in bed that night, but couldn’t sleep. Willa had gotten him so hard, between the kiss and her sitting on his lap. This trip was going to be very hard for him, he knew he shouldn’t go, but he also wanted to spend some time away from the house and everybody else. He layed there stroking his cock. He close his eyes and thought about the kiss Willa gave him. He breathing was heavy, and he was pumping his cock fast. He exploded, and cum landed on his chest.

She woke up Friday morning and found a note from dad saying he would be home before time to leave. She went up to his room and pack his clothes. gaziantep escort numaraları When went to his night table she found a picture of her mother. Willa sat on the bed, looking at it. She was a beautiful woman, even laying naked she you can see her her body was great,

“Dad must have had this out last night looking at it. Oh mom, how can I compete with you. I want him to make love to me, but how can I do this. I’m not as sexy as you, or as beautiful.” Willa thought to herself. She put the picture back and finish packing. She had all the bags in the car, and had gone back up stairs to get the last one when Dad came home.

“I told you I’d make it. All set to go.” he said.

“Just as soon as I put this in the car we can go.” she said.

They made good time. Willa got out and look at the night view.

“Oh it’s wonderful daddy.” she said.

“While we are here baby, I want you to call me Frank when we are outside, inside you can call me daddy. Okay?” he said. She agreed. They carried everything in. Willa took care of the food and he took the bags over to the bed. He back to the car and park it in the back out of sight. Willa looked up to see him walk back in with a duffle bag.

“I bought some tapes for us to watch.” he said pointing to the TV and VCR at the foot of the only bed in here. He lays on the bed. Willa lays down too.

“What do you want to do, I’m not hungry. Hey lets go skinny dipping.” he said. He grab a towel and walk out. Willa took off her clothes and wrapped in a towel she walk down to the water’s edge. She drop her towel and threw it up to his, and walk in the cool water.

He saw her walking into the water. He waited for her to come closer.

“Mmmm, water feels wonderful. Happy Birthday Willa. What gift could I give you?” he asked. She went up to him and put her arms around his neck.

“Oh sweet baby you have gotten me so hard, and I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help myself.” he said. He moved his hands down her back and cupped her ass, squeezing the cheeks, he pulled her tight against him.

“Mmmm. You make me hot, feel how hard you made me.” he whispered licking and kissing her ear. His hands moved up to her face, holding it he look into her eyes.

“Baby I want you to tell me why you wanted this to be just us.” he asked.

“I wanted to have you to myself so I could get you to notice I’m a grown woman, and I wanted you to be my lover.” she told him. He had guessed right he thought with a smile. He move his hands down to her hips, and pulled her legs up gaziantep escort bayan numaraları around his hips. He could feel his cock head resting against her pussy.

“I think I would enjoy that very much.” he said. He kiss her, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. He carried her up and into the cabin, sitting her on her feet by the bed he dried off quickly. He took his time drying her. She took the towel from him and threw it, kneeling down in front of him she took his cock in her hand and put him in her mouth.

“MMMM, FEELS SO GOOD, OOOOO, YES BABY SUCK MY COCK, MMMM, OH SWEET BABY IT’S BEEN SO LONG, DEEPER BABY, UH YES, FASTER HONEY I’M GOING TO FILL YOU UP BABY, OH, BABY I’M CUMMING!!” he moaned, holding her face. He layed back and she climb up and layed next to him.

“Willa it’s been so long sense I felt a woman’s mouth on me. I missed your mother like crazy, I tried other woman, but no one could get me hard. Your mother would be proud of you. She always told me that my only other lover would be my own daughter, but I had to wait for you to turn 18. I guess she was right.” he said.

“You mean Mom wanted us to sleep together.” she said.

“Oh yes she did, you see she sleep with her father too, she loved it so much that she wanted you to have the same thing.” he told her. He was feeling horny again, he pulled her on on top him.

“Oh. I want my cock buried deep in your pussy and made a baby with you someday. Right now I want you to put my cock in your pussy.” he told her.

Willa move on top of him and eased down on his hard 9″ cock. When she had him deep inside her she move her hips in circles, trying not to hurt him. He grab her hips and grinding her on him, he pushed his cock in deeper and he exploded deep inside. She climb off and layed down on the bed. He got up and went to the Duffle bag, he put a tape in and brought back a wrapped box, handed it to her. He sat next to her. watching her open the box.

“Oh daddy it’s beautiful.” she said putting on the rings.

“They were your mothers wedding rings. I can’t really marry you, but these mean you and I are married and no one will come between us. But you are more beautiful and sexy than any one or thing I can give you. I’m not just saying it, I mean it your better than your sweet mother. You can suck and fuck me better than she could. I love big tits, your mother had them. But you know something baby, yours are much bigger than hers. I’m going to enjoy having my cock move between those huge melons.

Willa fell asleep in her daddy’s escort gaziantep numaraları arms. He got up and went outside.

“I know your up there somewhere watching and saying I told you so Frank. And you something Mary you were right, but how are we going to do this, and what happens when she gets pregnant, how will we explain who’s baby she carries. I know it will all come out okay.” he talk to his wife somewhere up there.

He stood at the foot of the bed and watch Willa. She said she had wanted him for some time, but wasn’t sure how to do it. He layed down, pulled her to him, slipping his cock between her legs. He fell asleep. He was dreaming. He look up and saw his wife standing there watching him.

“See I told you Willa would be your lover Frank. And she is carrying your son and daughter right now. Just think your going to be a father again. I’m sorry I didn’t give you anymore kids. But your going to be very happy. I’ve set it up a long time ago, you’ll find the papers and a letter to you hidden in the bottom of my jewelry box.

When you get home read them. Reminder that I love you, and your right too, she is much bigger and better than I was. I love you to Willa.” he woke up and he was sure he saw Mary bending down to kiss Willa. He turned and saw that Willa was smiling, he move his hands down to her tummy. He thought he felt a flutter.

Willa move her hand down over his and down till she felt him between her legs. She rubbed him, he pull away and she moaned. He push back and smile.

“Go ahead baby play with him. We’ll both enjoy it.” he told her. She played with his cock rubbing up against her pussy. Willa and Frank were moaning a lot. He ease his cock back till he was in ready to enter her. He plunged his cock in and moving in and out. He heard her goading, so he move faster.

“OH SWEET BABY YOUR SO TIGHT, OOOO, I’M GETTING IN DEEPER, OH YES SQUEEZE ME. MMMMM.” he groaned. He fuck her slow, wanting to last as long as he could. She was moving her hips.

“Easy baby I want to last a while longer baby.” he said.

“Oh Daddy could we try the one with us sitting, facing each other, or the one with me sitting on top with my ass facing you?” Willa asked her dad.

“We can try the last one, and if that doesn’t feel good we can do the other.” he told her.

He layed back and help her on top, he was buried his cock deep inside her, he grab her hips, moving her back and forth on his cock. He was so close to cumming, but he held back.

“Oh baby I want you facing me when I fill you with my cum. Keep my cock in and turn around slowly. MMMMMM, YES THAT’S IT BABY EASY. Now wrap those long sexy legs around my back.” he said. he kissed her hard and holding her hips he was moving her as hard as he could he knew he would be cumming soon he wouldn’t be able to stop this time.

“I’M CUMMMMINGGGG!!!” they both screamed.

Willa and her dad spend the rest of the week fucking and sucking each other in and out of the cabin. On Sunday they loaded up the car and went home.

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