Billi Jo’s big brother


“Bye” Billi Jo lifted herself up, caressing the back of Derek’s head, as they made sweet little kisses.
“Bye…” he replied. She could hear her roommate gagging in the background. She didn’t care. She had moved to the city three weeks before, ready for college and a new life away from her “boondock” family.
“don’t mind her.” Billi Jo said as Derek’s hand moved over her plush curves. She tried to remain still, hating the thought of him thinking she was fat. She was fat, as far as she was concerned and nothing like her stick of a roommate.
“Mmmm… I love your big ass.” Derek said as he kissed her gently, his tongue licking her lips. “You’re so juicy all over.” his eyes focused on her plump mouth, his hand caressing the deep dip from her hip to her waist. His blue eyes were hot on her wide apart dark ones. “you sure we can’t…” the blonde haired man looked at her roommate “explore further?” he said softly. Billi Jo smiled her gap-toothed grin.
“Derek… we’ve only known each other a week!” she said innocently downcasting her eyelids. She met him in her algebra class. He was her professor, his bright blue eyes moving her way more often than normal. he stared at her as she worked problems with her classmates. Then after class one day he pulled her aside. He asked her to dinner, completely out of line, but his mind seemed unable to forget the lovely chubby girl with the huge tits and ass that looked up at him with almost awe as he taught the community college course. Tonight had been their third date night. Besides, she wasn’t ready to tell him she was still techniquely a virgin. Her grandpa, who raised her and her brother, had said losing her virginity was for her husband. Or, she thought to herself, someone extra special. She closed the door finally as Derek walked backwards smiling back at her lustfully. She rolled her eyes as she went to the kitchen. She wasn’t sure if Derek was special in the right way.

She was slicing herself an apple, getting ready to watch some TV. when someone knocked at their door. “I’ll get it!” she called to her roommate.

“Derek…” she started to scold, but stopped as she opened the door. “what are you doing here?!” Billi Jo stared up at the hulking man standing on her door step.
“I came to see you, of course. does a brother need a reason to visit his younger sister?” Daniel replied, grinning down at his younger sister’s now flushed face as he pushed past her. Billi Jo’s eyes watched him worriedly as she shut the door.

“Sarah this is my brother Daniel, Daniel Sarah” Billi Jo motioned at the two. Daniel stuck out his hand and Sarah took it a bit surprised but not saying so about the different shades of their skin.
“half brother.” Daniel corrected, recognizing the slight perplexed look in her roommates eyes. Sarah nodded and instead began over smiling at the very attractive large military man that was towering over her in her living room.
He had soft brown skin, high cheekbones, a long italian nose over his wide full mouth, his brownish black hair, once long and dreaded, and another time a shaggy looser afro, was now just a shaved shadow on his perfectly shaped skull. He stood 6’5″ tall, just making it into the U.S. military always towering over billie Jo’s 5’4″ frame. Billi Jo had given up on seeing him again, since he entered the marines four years earlier and she’d received sparse emails and brief phone calls here and there. Grandpa had told her he wasn’t going to return, he had left them for good. This had spurred Billi Jo’s decision to move.
Sarah and Daniel sat chatting for a bit, Billi Jo sat silent, watching them, trying to not get annoyed at the obvious interest her roommate was showing towards her brother. “well, I have to go to work. Bartender!” Sarah raised her hands in a shrug. “Daniel, It was so nice to meet you!” Sarah said a bit too overenthusiastically in Billi Jo’s opinion as she secretly rolling her eyes.

The door clicked shut. there was a few minutes of silence, Daniels eyes moving over Billi Jo as he sat across from her in the armchair. She kept her eyes downcast as he rose and walked towards her. she could feel him smiling down at her as he waited. she looked up slightly nervous, sighed then also rose, walking before him to lead him to her room.

Before the door was closed he was against her, pressing his body to her back, his hands moving over her flesh, exploring. his mouth caressed her nape, moving up and to her ear “Ohhh… I’ve missed you.” he said softly, a hand moving to where her legs met beneath her skirt. he rubbing her there, hard, pressing her tightly against him, making her feel his erection in the cleft of her ass as he did a slow dry humping of the valley between her fat asscheeks. “why did you leave? I came home on leave only to find you gone.” His voice sounded a bit pained as he pressed his forehead to the back of her head, his other hand had moved beneath her shirt and bra and was pinching and rubbing her nipple almost painfully into a tight peak. “your breasts have gotten large…” he murmured softly, jumping subjects as was his insane norm while he kissed her nape.
“ I didn’t leave you…” Billi Jo said softly, her eyes closed at the sensation his hands were creating. “ I left that life.” Daniels hand had her skirt bunched and his hand was moving beneath her panties, cupping and squeezing her pussy, his finger dipping in to rub her little clit. “YOU left. for four years.” Billi Jo said accusingly back as she rubbed her head against his chin.
“It was supposed to be two. A war happened. I got into a special task force and I’m a seargent now. I think I got a life there, Billi Jo. It works for me. Plus…” He paused as if he had something else to say. She was quiet as he caressed her. he tucked his mouth to her throat, caressing the soft texture up and down with his lips as he breathed in her scent. “I thought we were supposed to run away together. Remember? That’s what you wanted…” he spoke to her hair, pushing her towards her bed.
“ Silly kid dreams, eh?.” he said as he made her sit, tugging off her shirt. “correction, your tits are now huge!” he stated matter of fact. she smiled shyly as he admired her heavy tits. he was right, they’d grown from a size 36b to a 42g in the four years he’d been gone. he caressed the pair of mounds a moment, slowly caressing the cups of her bra down until each nipple was exposed, his fingers squeezing and tugging at the soft, puffy tips. he knelt sucking her nipples into points while yanking her panties down her legs. he forced her to spread her thighs apart, she watching his upper arms the size of her chubby thighs, twitch and flex with his each move, though there was not a scrap of fat too be found on his body. He was a lot bigger too, she thought, since he’d left. “I’m here now.” he pulled her hips to the edge of her bed, then bent to kiss her furry cunt. he looked at her pink parted pussy lips, caressing then parting them wider to kiss, and lick a bit, liking the sound of her little gasps. “you always were an easy cum, sis. now why would you ever leave this?” he said grinning up at her. he lowered his head again, pressing his mouth tightly against her as his fingers parted her outer labia his tongue delving in to caress her nub. “Mmmm… you still taste divine.” his tongue lapped long strokes between her wet inner folds. she gave into the pleasure of her big brother’s mouth on her cunt, as his tongue flicked her clit around. he intermittently sucked and licked her little nub, while she leaned back on her arms, biting her lower lip to keep from crying out, in a habit she had gotten into since before she could remember. he lifted her thighs to move her even closer to his mouth. his tongue lapping her wetly aroused pussy, so that she began to groan. “that’s my little pet.” he said softly to her cunt. “give it up for your big brother.” he was four years older than her, leaving for the air force at eighteen. No one knew who her papa was, and Daniel saw his about once a year, their mama having deposited them with her grandparents on their farm when they were three and seven. They had secretly been “petting” each other for more years than she could recall. But as was the southern way, strict Baptist bible verses had been pressed into their brains, and they made sure to not ever get beyond petting and sucking on each other, for the bible said that it was a sin for her to not be a virgin on her wedding night. And her grandpa had told her what made her a virgin.

“This is where you’re husband’s gonna poke you with his penis.” Grandpa rubbed her little cunny with his rough forefinger. “you only wanna let your husband in, otherwise you’ll go to hell.” The little girl nodded while her grandpa continued to molest her pussy, his finger making a squelching sound as he rubbed it on her tiny clit. “an that, that’s your pleasure button, see that?” Billi Jo’s legs buckled as her little pussy began to quiver. Her granddad laughed as she shuddered a bit in pleasure. “now kneel down, honey, grandpa needs you to give him pleasure.”

“Oh Daniel…” she moaned as her pussy began to spasm from his attentions. her hand caressing his shorn hair where soft curls once had been. “oh, yes…” he sucked and tugged at her clit and the inner folds of her pussy, then switched to slowly shrinking laps of her cunny with his long tongue, ending at her clit, which he pressed and rubbed then flicked gently with the tip. he had gotten down the procedure over the years as to what made his little sister cry out in ecstasy, now at eighteen and twenty two, it came with ease. “Oh my! Oh my! Oh….!”
“Billi Jo?” Billi Jo bit back her cry as the voice of her roommate met her ears. her brother didn’t hear or didn’t care as he continued sucking at her climaxing twat. Billi Jo shook biting her arm to hold back her scream as she arched into him. she came, as she had so often done, beneath her brothers tongue, with the danger of being caught, eminently approaching.
a knock at her door. “Billi Jo?” are you in there?”
“wait!”Billi Jo pushed her brother from her. “ just a minute!” Daniel grinned up at her, his lips glistening with the juices of her sex. “hide” she mouthed to him. he rolled his beautiful grey eyes and begrudgingly rose.
the door to her closet shut as her bedroom door opened.
Billi Jo tucked back her hair, she moved to her door wearing only her red bra and long brown skirt.
“hey…” Sarah said, her brows furrowed at the sight of her roommates disheveled state. “where’s your brother?” she asked her voice dipping warningly.
“ah well, he went for a walk. long trip… you know.”
Sarah’s mouth made an oh shape as her eyes roved the room, settling upon Billi Jo’s red panties in a crumpled pile by her bed in her overly neat little room.
“I, uh, was relaxing.” Billi Jo said, blushing with embarrassment.
Sarah smiled and nodded. “right. well, I forgot my keys. don’t forget to move his luggage from the front room, ok?” Sarah said as she moved back to the front door. “I’ll be home in about 6 hours, so don’t wait up! cute brother by the way!” she said pursing her lips as she moved out the door. Billi Jo waved and smiled nodding. “yeah… he’s alright.” she answered.
a door shut as another opened. “just alright?!”
he moved to her “where were we?” Daniel said pulling her skirt up and caressing her buttocks as his mouth again caressed her ear. “oh yeah, my turn.” he said.
Billi Jo obediantly knelt between his thighs and began tugging at his cock. her hands stroking him into her plush mouth, as she sucked and licked the thick head. The head of his cock reminded her a lot of their grandpa’s, though she never told him that. But the rest of his prick dwarfed granddad, the shaft swelling below the head to a thick trunk that when erect measured 9 inches in length. She looked up into his languid grey eyes, his full lips parted in pleasure as he watched the tip of her pink tongue flick over and around the purple head, then disappear into her lovely mouth as her plump lips moved over the shaft to suck him in. She knew how to make him cum and he did, quickly pushing her to lean back, while he stood over her and caressed his dick to spew onto her upturned face, and torso, groaning when she licked the end of his prick as he held it for her. “look at me.” he demanded huskily, her golden dark eyes blinking trying to keep his jizm from getting in them. “suck.” he ordered, his hand tight in her curls as he forced her to take the last of his load. groaning in pleasure as she did.
she moved to leave and wipe his cum from her, but he grabbed her arm tightly and pulled her to him, his grey eyes boring into hers, before yanked her into his arms his mouth moving over hers, his hand now undoing her bra. “don’t wipe it off.” he said, tugging it off. He shoved her beneath him onto her bed. he lowered his face and began kissing the plump curve of her breasts. “you will never get away from me, little sister. do you know that?” he pressed his face between the large fat globes, nuzzling and kissing her there for awhile. It amazed Billi Jo how vulnerable her big tough brother could be sometimes. She caressed his head lovingly. He shifted off of her abruptly “let’s utilize these monsters” he grinned stroking her now large breasts as he straddled her waist. his youthful brown cock was starting to harden again as it lay against her pale flesh, his hands squeezing admiringly the large mounds of her tits. he bent to suckle the soft pillowy nipples into tight peaks. Before moving up higher and pressing his extra long cock into the deep crevice between her tits.

She remembered the brutal fight he had with grandpa when he undid his trousers and pulled out his sixteen year old cock “look grandpa, my cock’s bigger than yours!” they had measured his erection that morning, when Daniel had woken Billi Jo up to get a morning jerk off on his woody. She had slept next to him after waking from a lightning storm the night before. She had always been terrified of violent storms “A full nine inches grandpa.” Billi Jo tried to stifle a nervous giggle at her brothers audacity to confront their violent grandpa.
“Shut up you little whore!” her grandpa glared at her.
“Don’t talk to her like that!” Daniel puffed his chest out, he was as tall as grandpa now too, Billi Jo noticed. Grandpa’s eyes squinted at his cocky grandson.
“I will talk to her however I like. ” He moved up close and dangerous to Daniel. Then pulled his arm back to take a swing.
The old man was twice humiliated that evening as his grandson wholloped his ass for the first time. Bruised and bloody but victorious, Daniel looked down at the groaning older man, wiping the blood from his nose before he reached out and took hold of Billi Jo’s arm as he left the room. Making her join him in his room to give him a blowjob with her talented young mouth.

“Squeeze them.” Daniel ordered his little sister. Billi Jo did, pressing her hands against the sides of her breasts so he could fuck them. “mouth.” he said, and she bent her head forward, making her mouth into a tight hole which his cock popped in and out of as he surge forward and back. He rode her that way for a long while, making soft grunts of pleasure as he did.
He stopped to lean his big, military honed body back and tugged her skirt up, caressing and squeezing the soft chubby insides of her thighs gently, then parting her pussy to stroke inside as he slowly continued to fuck her chest. she looked up at her tall handsome brother, his aristocratic styled face contorted in pleasure. his light grey eyes pronounced by the soft milk chocolate brown of his face. He watching her beautiful face also as he rode her torso.
the phone rang down the hall. Daniel smiled down at his sister as he stayed atop her, pinning her there, just like he did when they were much younger, refusing to let her answer it. she groaned in irritation as he continued moving slowly in and out of the warm soft valley of her breasts, he now holding them tightly, his thumbs circling the dark peaks as he did.
“Billi Jo? you there?” Billi Jo surged up, recognizing Derek’s voice, but Daniel’s body kept her paralyzed. “ I sure had a great time tonight. you… you’re amazing. that’s the best I’ve ever cum. thanks again. oh… crap. I forgot this was your machine. sorry!” click.
Daniel starred down at his little sister, he had stopped fucking her chest. his brow was furrowed in an angry clench. he leaned back and was more earnest as his fingers roughly sought, found and again moved between her pussy lips. she closed her eyes as he stroked the still intact membrane of her hymen.
“Daniel…” she said softly, apologetically.
“shut up!” he had relaxed slightly but was still furious. “who the fuck was that?!” he ordered, leaning over so she had to gasp at the weight of him.
“Shhhh! Daniel please!”
“fuck off! I don’t care if your little whore of a roommate hears. I came down home from leave to get you. To get married and take you to live in my place in Mumbai while I was busy in Iraq. That’s what you wanted Billi Jo, remember? I have the letters. The emails. The phone messages.” he rose away from the bed and turned away. “ I don’t get it Billi Jo, I get to leave the stink and heat of war, finally, for two weeks and I get to grandpa’s and you’re gone. So I leave, get in my old car and I drive from Alabama to here in a day and a half. Why? Because I fucking love you! you love me! more than anyone else in the world, or so you said! I waited!” he turned to her, his face contorted in fury. “I listened when you asked me not to fuck you. “wait until we can be together” you said anytime I asked. and so I did.” He stopped pacing, his tirade done. His eyes roving her dangerously.” Who is he Billi Jo?!” he growled surging at her so that she cried out and tried to get away. he yanked her back to the bed by her hair, pinning her down and pressing his heavy body onto her possessively as he kissed her cruelly. he made a sort of whine and cry as he relaxed upon her. “Your boyfriend?!!” he growled at her, his hot breath searing her cheeks.

“come on sister. lets go pet and feed the kitten before we have to go to bed.” her grandma smiled approvingly, taking no notice of his singular noun use when talking about the batch of 6 kittens their cat had given birth to a week ago. Daniel lead his blushing sister from the room. “he’s been doing that almost every night!” her grandmother gushed. “what a sweet boy.” she said, little knowing that her grandson was pulling her granddaughters panties down her legs that very moment, though her granddad had a good idea. she lay there sucking her finger her head against his leg, as he pressed his face down between her legs, licking her little budding pussy adamantly. she parted her legs, opening the barely furred lips for him to get a better hold of that little spot he’d found on her. the kittens mewled beside them in their box in the shed behind the house. She made soft groans as his fingers parted her pussy wide, like his granddad had shown him. he lapped and sucked her little clit until she began to writhe. She tugged his waist closer to where she lay, undoing the buttons of his jeans. she stroked his already swollen cock, admiring the silky difference between his and their granddad’s old member. She liked how easily he came. He groaned as she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck as he continued on her pussy. they had gotten better over the years. She sucked his cock joyfully as he rubbed his fingers on her nub, then sucked the swelling tiny head. She moaned as he continued, forgetting the cock in her hands and parting her legs further as she gave in to the ecstasy his mouth was bringing her. Daniel loved the sound she made as she came,His hands circling her soft thighs as his mouth licked her pussy from her red clit, down to her virgin hole. now nine and thirteen he had been “teaching” her for 4 years now. He pressed her ass up so his face was almost immersed in her pussy as he kept administering to her cunny, now rubbing the little distended nub between his lips. she moaned out loud her thighs wide as she writhed in ecstasy beneath his wonderful mouth. “oh Daniel! Oh yes!” she moaned “I love you so much Daniel!” she said softly, her hands were clenching his head to her pussy as she came, hard, gritting back the scream she desperately wished she could yell as she arched in a long undulating orgasm. Daniel enjoyed how her pussy squeezed and spasm beneath his mouth as he continued to lap at her. finished, she lay groaning before he moved her to the circle of his arms and pulled her into a long sweet kiss. “I love you too, little sister.” Daniel said softly, moving the soft curls from her pretty heart shaped face.
“let’s run away together…” Billi Jo’s eyes glowed as she spoke the rebellious idea. “we can get married! And it would be just the two of us!” her eyes roved over her brothers handsome features. “why not?” she said though he hadn’t said a word. He chuckled at her, as he began undoing her dress.
He caressed her tiny tits. “because, we don’t have anywhere to go.” He said as he leaned forward licked then took her puffy nipple between his lips. She pressed her torso up so he could get a better hold. She sighed, caressing the silky tight black curls on his head. “I know, Danny.” She said softly, her hand moving to stroke his still hard cock again. “it was just a dream.”

Billi Jo could feel Her brother’s eyes burn into her face, her own refusing to meet his. his nose not an inch away from her own, his fingers clenched painfully tight in her hair. she opened her mouth and stammered “it… it just happened. we met for dinner, and, well, it had been a crazy day. I was excited, you… you know how I get. so I wanted the feeling to last. I wanted to make someone excited with me. So… I gave him a blow job. It was nothing and I didn’t mean to hurt you. Daniel, I thought you were gone for good!”
Billi Jo cried out as Daniel moved back as if to strike her. He had never struck her in anger. Only when he was sound and she needed disciplining. He stopped. shifted off of her and turned away, gritting his teeth and squinching his eyes “Don’t you fucking say another word about it.” he growled. she nodded in reply, biting her lip.
he looked down at her, his face dark, her large brown eyes meeting his large grey ones.
His face set, his hands clenched in detirmination he moved. she gasped, her eyes huge watching him as he shoved her to lie down . he yanked her skirt above her hips and parted her thighs wide, lifting her pelvis to meet his hips he centered his cock on her cunny’s opening. “Daniel…” Billi Jo began to plead, gripping his forearms, “please! It’s not right!” His eyes cruelly glaring at her as he ignored her, pressing her hands from him as she tried to push him away, and holding her delicate wrists painfully as he pressed them to the bed on either side of her body. he closed his eyes and without any pause sank his shaft into her. she cried out as his cock severed the membrane of her virginity. Daniel shuddered, not hearing his sister’s cries as he relished the feel of sinking his shaft into her tight, beloved pussy for the first time. Billi Jo turned her head, shutting her eyes and biting her lips as the pain slowly subsided. Her big brother was fucking her. He had decided to be her first real lover. he adjusted himself over her, she now slack as he released her hands and shifted his torso onto his own hands and large mucsled arms to keep his weight off of her. Only their groins touched as he pressed in and out slowly for a long, quiet while. Just the sound of his panting and Billi Jo’s small gasps beside the seemingly loud squelching sound of his cock, wet with her blood and quim, moving in and out of her pussy. His eyes moving over his beautiful sisters tightly closed face. he lowered his face, moving his mouth gently to kiss her mouth tenderly then gently pecking her chin to her ear “look at me.” he whispered. Billi Jo hesitated, but then turned her face to him. his sculpted soft lips were parted as he pressed into her with one deep thrust, his eyes dark and power hungry locking onto hers as he slowly fucked her for the first time. she gave in, her gasps becoming soft sounds of pleasure as her climax began to build, lifting and parting her thighs further for him. “”Ohhhh…” she groaned.
Daniel made a sharp cry, then another, pressing his cock high inside her and holding it there. she mewled, grinding her groin against her older brother’s, reveling in the feel of him finally implanted in her pussy. he grunted and she felt his cum, she gasped with pleasure at the feel of it, a warm rush inside her pussy. so wrong she thought as he fell upon her. she caressed the short brush of hair, while his mouth moved over her soft shoulder she kissed him tenderly. He shuddered beneath her soft hands as they lay still enjoying the feel of each other for a long while.
but oh so good. She wiggled to feel his cock inside her. she could feel his invincible member starting to thicken and lengthen again, getting ready for another session of rubbing itself in her tight twat. She shifted her hips, deciding to fuck him instead. He jolted. moved off of her, then strode out her bedroom door, his long erection bouncing on his muscular thighs, her eyes taking in his tall frame, his wide sculpted back, his narrow hips with his round ass muscles flexing with each move of his long legs as he moved Sex hikayeleri into the living room. she heard him securely lock the main door then unzip his suitcase.
“Billi Jo.” he said firmly. she reluctantly rose, his cum slipping down her thighs as she shyly walked into the livingroom. he sat on the couch, his eyes dangerous as he waited, while her eyes roved over the familiar object at his side. she walked over to him and stood before him. he leaned forward and she held still while he finished undressing her. he cupped each of her breasts to suckle her puffy nipples into tight wet peaks, stroked her pussy, enjoying the sight and feel of his cum slipping form her recently rent hole. when he was ready and she was naked he leaned back against the couch his cock a long arch pointing to and landing on the defined “six pack” of his belly. she knew. she silently moved to lay across his lap, lifting so her fat buttocks were raised for him. he replied, smacking the ping pong paddle down hard. she moaned, not with pain only, but with pleasure.

Grandpa was surprised by the sight of his grandkids behind the barn. His granddaughter was leaning forward, hands on the wall. her skirt up around her hips, panties forgotten on the ground, pale legs apart, with her smacked pink butt pressed high. he could see her pretty pussy peeking out at him from underneath her round buttocks, as if the little mound was looking for something. Her grandpa decided his granddaughter’s eight year old pussy was looking for him. he set the buckets of milk down and wiped his hands while her twelve year old brother again swatted her behind.
“she… didn’t do her chore, grandpa.” Daniel said quickly. explaining why he had her in such array as only grandpa had had her before. grandpa came forward, “Didn’t she?” he asked. He took the paddle from Daniel and moved to his little granddaughter. “press your butt higher, like grandpa has you do.” Billi Jo sucked back a sob, but obeyed. Without asking further of her crime, he gave her ten more, louder, more excruciating whacks, then stopped. Billi Jo cringed and bit her lips, sobbing each time.
Finished, grandpa smoothed his hand gently over his granddaughters bruised plump buttocks as she whimpered. Then, much to Daniel’s surprise, he slid his fingers even further down, between her legs and began fondling his sister’s sex. “you want grandpa to help the soreness, Billi Jo?” grandpa said softly as his fingers squeeze stroked her cunny like they had just been doing to old Bessie’s teats.
“yes grandpa.”Billi Jo replied just as softly.
“then lift your legs higher, dear.”
she did as he told her as she had done after all of his spankings on her hiney that she could remember.
Grandpa handed Daniel the paddle as the fingers of his other hand set to caressing his granddaughter’s plump pussy. Grandpa chuckled. “the naughty little girl really likes this…see?” he said confidentially to his grandson, nudging his head to the side in a silent order. Daniel knelt down to see her sticky quim cover grandpa’s fingers and little drips of juice her pussy was releasing start to slide down her soft thigh, like a cow, she was letting down. “see that milk? that’s what she does when she feels really good. When she really likes something.right sweetheart?” he said louder for his granddaughter to hear.
“Yes grandpa.” She replied her words a bit huskier as she stayed still, holding onto the wall.
Her brother sat mesmerized watching his old granddads fingers squeeze her tiny cunt like a cows tit, occasionally slipping into the soft pink lips where he could hear her wet pussy making soft little squelches when granddad caressed and rubbed inside rhythmically, ‘look closely son.” granddad instructed softly, Daniel knelt down and moved in closer, staring at the spot high up between his sisters legs. granddad gently pressed his sister’s thigh with his free hand to move her legs still a bit further apart for her brother to get a better look. he could see granddad’s long calloused finger rubbing her tiny clit, flicking it back and forth. “that’s her sweet spot. there now…” he crooned to Billi Jo. “not so bad, is it?”
Billi Jo let go of a small sob, and shook her head.
“You gonna cum for grandpa, today, honey?” he said, grandpa moving his free hand to pull her tangled curls away from her little ear so he could kiss it a bit.
“Yes grandpa.” Billi Jo said softly
While her grandpa gently continued his patient milking of her little pussy, rubbing her clit with his gnarly fingers, then pressing her pussy lips down over the little nub to lessen the sensation a bit from time to time. Daniel saw the drips from her pussy become more copious, leaving long slick trails as they slid down her soft plump thighs and soaked into her white ankle socks. his grandpa continued squeezing her downy outer lips and poking his finger in time to time, changing in and out, circling round, continuing his relentless squeezing caresses on his sister’s soft pussy.
“Ooo grandpa! It’s starting!” Billi Jo gasped out. his practiced farmers hands, slowly pulling down the soft skin of her pussy. bringing that warm fluttering rise to her little belly.
“That’s it. There you go” his finger was slurping around inside her wet twat, as she started to moan and part her legs wider for her grandpa’s big hand. grandpa felt her cunny wet even more and begin to quiver as he continued to caress it. “there it is…” grandpa coaxed as his granddaughter’s cunny spasmed and shook against his fingers as she climaxed onto his large calloused hand. “there you go, little slut. that’s it, let it out.” Daniel’s grandpa said in a very soft voice against the side of his sisters head. this was the nicest he’d ever seen his grouchy grandpa be.
“Oh grandpa! oh! my! that feels soooo nice, grandpa!” Billi Jo cried out in surprise and pleasure, “Oh! I love it when you make me feel better!” she sobbed. Then just gasped and moaned as her body gave in to her old granddads continued stroking. she held onto the side of the barn as the pleasure quaked through her eight year old body.
“Alright.” granddad finished, patting Billi Jo’s ass, then leaving her to pull her dress down and panties up as he moved back to pick up his buckets. he winked down at his grandson as he lifted his pussy slickened fingers to his mouth and sucked his granddaughters juices from his fingers. “that’s the best stuff in the world.” he said as he left his grandkids alone.
Moments later, his granddaughter was kneeling before her brother, sucking his grandson’s cock. Obediently doing the chore Daniel had ordered her to do.

She lay across his knees, her plump ass high thighs apart as he had taught her. his special paddle swatting her derriere painfully as he disciplined her, only stopping to rub her swollen rump occasionally. she had grown accustomed to the wide paddle. It’s flat surface polished from the many times her grandpa and brother had used it on her. Daniel had kept it as a souvenir, using it in private sessions on her in his own room. as he taught her her role as his submissive servant. he stopped and parted her thighs a bit to press the handle into her newly opened pussy a few times. “lick it off.” he ordered her pressing the now cum slickened paddle to her lips. she obeyed, tasting their combined juices upon it. he returned to his task when she had finished. she was sobbing softly after the 50th paddle. he squeezed her punished flesh admiring the brilliant purple he’d created.
“Alright. up.” he ordered. she lifted and he stood too, pulling her face to kiss gently. “now you know you were a naughty little girl, right?’ he said, gently caressing her lips with his own. she nodded, her eyebrows furrowed apologetically. “now turn around and I will reward you for taking your beating.” she did as he bade holding onto the couch as he moved in behind her. she moaned in painful pleasure as he began to fuck her from behind, a little sorry he had switched from the usual “milking” she got in reward.
“Don’t want to make any weird babies.” he said as he pulled out and stroked himself to cum for the fifthe time since he arrived, this time upon her backside, tucking the head of his cock between the tight crevice of her ass cheeks. “now that little hole is next.” he said as he nudged her asshole, parting her buttocks wide to admire the little rosette.
Billi Jo woke in the middle of the night, as her brother moved in beside her. “Shhhh…” he said softly to her ear. “you don’t want Shawna waking up.” he said matter of fact as his hand began to move beneath her silk nightgown, squeezing her large tit possessively as his mouth caressed her ear and throat.
“Sarah” she corrected sleepily. Ignoring her, he turned Billi Jo over towards him, pressing the thin gown up so he could suck at his sister’s big tits. He moved over his younger sibling, his leg forcing her thighs wide. he settled between the soft plump flesh of her legs, then pressed his cock into her pussy. she made little sounds as he slowly fucked her, making her feel every inch of his thick cock. He had woken up when Sarah had come home. then snuck down the hallway when he heard the click of the roommates door shut.
He forced himself to go slow as he fucked his sister, to keep the bed from bucking against the wall. They could hear her roommate readying for bed, not realizing the gorgeous siblings were incestuously screwing as she brushed her teeth just a few feet from them on the other side of the wall. Daniels mouth kissed Billi Jos possessively as his muscled body pressed into her. he lifted away and pressed her legs into a wide v, so he could watch his thick cock move in and out of her pussy, seeing her furred cunny lips stretch and part as he moved in and out of her. He groaned, The sight unbearable, then fell upon her, to clench her tightly to him as he pounded into her like a wild dog. He dropped her as he arched backwards, gritting his teeth as he spewed his load into her pussy, choosing to forget the possibility of her getting pregnant. he groaned one last time before he fell down upon her again. he lay heavily on Billi Jo for a long time so that she thought he was asleep. She stirred worriedly, when she heard Sarah play the message Derek had left, and hearing Sarah’s chuckle in reply. Billi Jo cried out as fingers cruely yanked her hair. Daniel moved his head so that his lips caressed her ear “I will kill him if I ever meet him, sister.” he said softly to her curls. she nodded in reply, her eyes frightened. She knew her crazy brother just might. He was huge compared to Derek. 6’5 and all muscle. Derek wouldn’t stand a chance. She lay unmoving as he kissed and licked the shell of her ear, not moving from her. they fell asleep that way, her brother’s cock still firmly imbedded in her pussy.

Daniel was chatting with her roommate when Billi Jo came out to breakfast the next morning. her roommates voice was strangely giggly, letting her know Sarah was flirting with her handsome brother. she’d grown accustomed to her friends doing so over the years. Daniel had sex with a few of them, when he liked them back. But when a friend of Daniel’s took a liking to his younger sister, they ended up beaten and humiliated, bleeding in an alleyway or ditch. She took down a cereal box and turned back to the table. she met Daniels eyes, as they burned into her while he sipped his coffee. Sarah was watching her too, obviously surprised that Billi Jo wasn’t bothered enough by her brothers presence to throw on her robe. Sarah’s and Daniels eyes taking in the sight of her curves barely covered, her nipples pointed beneath the slinky chinese style pink flowered and teal blue nightgown. He had no interest in the skinny white blonde woman beside him. Billi Jo settled into a seat across from him, he chuckled, a smile spreading across his face as she winced in pain.
“what’s so funny?” her roommate asked her smile wide and her pale eyes glowing on Daniel as she tried to get his attention.
“oh nothing… just something that forgot me.” he said absently.
Sarah looked perplexed “you mean that you forgot…” she corrected.
“oh yeah.” Daniel said, his eyes glued on his sister. he had always been amazing at telling the torrid truth but making it sound like a mistake.
“I need to get to class” Sarah announced as she rose from the table.
Sarah left to shower. Billi Jo sat still as Daniel moved to her, lifted her up and made her straddle his lap as he sat back down, moving the tiny straps so her camisole slipped down, he pushed it even lower when it was held up by her tits. He lifted them to lick her nipples “she’ll be back any minute” Billi Jo said urgently, but Daniel pinned her refusing hands behind her. one hand holding them as he suckled the large mounds now thrust into his face.
He lifted her up cupping her buttocks as he rose, kissing her vehemently he easily carried her to the counter. He set her there, parting her thighs wide as he undid his jeans. His languid eyes staring into hers as he pressed his cock into her open pussy. “you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to fuck you.” he said softly, slowly moving in and out.
She smiled back “I have a good idea.” she said mischieviously, nuzzling him. He smiled as he moved faster, soon pounding into her pussy with raw lust. She met his thrusts, with almost the equal amount. Their mouths met in hot moaning licks and kisses as he pummeled her hole, Both siblings gasping as they began to climb to climax. She held her breath when she heard the squeak of the shower as her roommate finished. He ignored her, causing her to bite her lips tightly as he continued to pummel into her. her legs parted wider as he panted near her ear.
“I’m gonna cum.” she whispered and he pulled her buttocks in holding her tighter to him, his mouth caressing her throat, as he made circling motions to induce her further. she crashed. her vaginal walls squeezing his cock as she climaxed ‘that’s it… that’s my sweet little sister, let it go…oh god, you feel so good” he said softly, stroking her sweaty curls from her face to bare a spot for his lips. she made a crushed sort of cry as she shook in her ecstasy. she panted as she finished, the heat settling down again as he continued to slowly fuck her. the bathroom door creaked as her roommate opened it, but Daniel refused to let her go, grinning cruelly as she frantically tried to move him off. she settled, knowing she had to let him finish before he’d leave. he watched her heatedly as he slowly moved in and out of her, knowing she wouldn’t make a sound in order to not call attention to the passionate siblings in the kitchen. He kissed her full parted lips with small gentle pecks, agonizingly slow and teasing mimicking how he moved his cock in and out, as they listened to her roommate. Sarah was down the hall in her room, she flicked on her radio and hummed to herself as she began to dress. Daniel shifted his sister, lifting her thighs apart as he pulled his long, slick dick out with a slurp before he lowered himself down between her legs. “why not let her know.” he said huskily.

This had often been his game in their grandparents house. Daniel silently licking and sucking his little sisters pussy while she sat on the canned food shelf in the little closet, a few feet from where gradma and their aunt were busily cooking. he held and forced her thighs wide continuing to snack on her cunny as she bit her arm to keep from screaming in ecstasy. Or when he held her lowered head still at a painful angle so he could spurt his cum onto her face after forcing her to suck him off. All the while they sat on the floor, behind the couch as his buddies chatted over a game of D & D. she had pissed him off earlier when he had caught her flirting with one of his friends. His buddy sporting a bruised eye and cut nose as he melancholily rolled the di. He’d only just cornered Danny’s pretty sister when her big brother tapped his shoulder.

She closed her eyes and bit her lip as his tongue circled her clit so very slowly. he moaned, enjoying the taste of the residue of their midnight lovemaking. she held onto the counter as she came again, his mouth suckling and licking her as his hands held her thighs wide refusing her to clench them closed against his continued supping of her pussy. he enjoyed the feel of her pussy quivering in ecstasy beneath his tongue and lips. When she finished, he rose back up, firmly taken each of her hands as he pressed them against the cupboards behind her on either side of her head. Their fingers entwined as she moved to help his cock gain entrance, their tongues meeting and licking, caressing a bit before they pressed their mouths to join in a hot kiss as he pressed his cock into her. she could taste their flavors there as he slowly moved in and out of her pussy. he held her close as he came, once again inside her, cradling her head against his shoulder as his cock spewed its seed into her. he caressed her hair from her ear “we need to get you on the pill, today.” he said, kissing the tiny shell. she waited a bit before she reluctantly nodded in reply. Thinking about how she had wanted to run away from her past life. But now her brother lover pulled her up to look at him, his eyes searching her face, between kisses. he pulled out of her as they heard her roommates thudding footsteps coming down the hallway.

Billi Jo was correcting her gown and Daniel finished zipping his fly as Sarah came into the kitchen. she was too distracted to realize the siblings ruddy, sweaty complexions and the disheveled state of their clothing and hair. Sarah set her lunch down where Billi Jo’s naked bottom had been just seconds before. Billi Jo could see a long slick glob of creamy goo from her pussy where it had deposited a leaky mix of her and her brother’s mixed juices. It was partially covered by her roommates lunch bag. she bit her lip with worry, her eyes lighting on her brothers that glowed back with mirth. he had seen it too. he moved over to the spot and lifted the bag, then lowered his face lapping the long pool up sensually with long slow licks of his tongue, as her roommate chattered at the sink. her roommate turned as he finished. “just cleaning something up.” he stated at her questioning eyes.
she nodded. and turned back to her task.
He smiled at his little sister, as he began to clean up the dishes that cluttered the table.

As the door clicked shut behind Sarah, Billi Jo made a rush for the door, trying to leave and take a shower. But Daniel caught her easily. he had gotten so much stronger she thought as he forced her to sit on the table while he knelt before her and made her part her thighs so he could lick the long drips of his and her cum, that had slid down her soft thighs. she groaned as he parted her thighs wide and began to lick her sore twat with a vengeance. “aren’t you sore?” She groaned caressing his head. “Nope. I’ve waited too long.” He said as he took another long suck of her clit.
A knock at the door startled the pair. But Daniel ignored her, his tongue lapping the delicate recesses as he held her tightly to him when she struggled to get away. Another rap at the door, longer and louder this time. “Billi Jo?” Sarah had forgotten to lock it. Derek’s head left her, his eyes lowered as he looked at his sister dangerously. It was Derek. She clutched him silently begging him with her eyes. “Hey, you here? I saw your car in the parking lot. The door was open.” She could hear him approaching the kitchen. She bucked trying to get loose of her brothers grip. He towered over her, keeping her pussy bared, her small hands pummeling his rock hard pecs, he pressed her to lie back on the table with one arm then leaned over her waiting, his eyes watching the door. “Derek! Run!” she cried as the door opened and the tall student teacher entered the kitchen. “Billi Jo?” he asked as his eyes roved over the strange scene. “what are you doing?!” he asked the hulk of a man, before he was slammed against the wall. “soooo… you like my sister’s mouth on your cock, asshole? You like her pretty tits?” Daniel snarled down at the smaller man.
“uhhhh… I didn’t…”
“shut the fuck up!” the seargent in Daniel coming to the forefront.
“stop! Daniel please!” Billi Jo begged as she yanked at his arms uselessly. Daniel ignored her his hands clutching the other mans throat as he began to choke the life from him. “please… Daniel…” she cried pushing her head against his shoulder. As a last resort, she moved her hand around his hips and unbuttoned his jeans. Daniel blinked, realizing he had his hands around the mans throat as his sister began stroking his erect prick, distracting and relaxing him. he released Derek. The blonde man gasping and falling in a heap. His watery eyes watching as the girl he believed he had fallen in love with jerked her brother off before him, in order to save him.
Daniel stood his chest heaving, his eyes still on the older man, as Billi Jo rubbed his cock, squeezing and pulling the large prick with both hands, her head nestled in the crook between his neck and shoulder as she whispered soft words of love to him between kisses. “shhhhh…it’s only you Daniel. It’s always been you…you know that… let him be…”
Derek’s eyes furrowed as he registered her words. “you’re fucking your brother?!” he spoke raspily. “this fucking beast?! You’d rather have that… that…animal?!” his blue eyes glittered on the beautiful, disheveled barely clad woman who attended his math class.
“you need to leave, Derek.” She said warningly, her lovely dark eyes begging him to shut up.
Derek obeyed, his eyes watchful on the hulking man as he moved to leave. “I’ll leave. But I’m calling the police.” He was moving through the livingroom.
“oh yeah? You little shit?” Daniel took off after the man, easily overtaking him. slamming the door shut as the man let out a small cry in fear. “and what are you going to tell them? That the brother of the student who sucked your cock after class yesterday, tried to choke you?”
Derek stared up into the handsome cruel face of the warrior. “perhaps not.” he said, realizing the man was right. He would lose his job.
“good. Now go and never look at my sister again.” Daniel opened the door for the pale, shaking professor. Derek looked over Billi Jo one last time before he exited.
Daniel turned and gathered Billi Jo to him, turned her around to press her to face the wall, his hand clutching her hair painfully tight as he pushed his cock into her pussy from behind. not caring now, if they made a sound. he grunted as he held her buttocks to his hips, shoving his way into her wet cunny. she held still as he pulled away, parting her tight round buttocks and spitting on his thumb, before he press it into her asshole. “until we get those pills…” he said raspily. she cried out as her brothers cock pushed into her tight little asshole. he grunted “we’ll have… to….make do… with your… ass.” he said, each press in meeting her cry of pain. soon her tight hole had loosened. ‘there…” he said softly as he began to ride her from behind, his hands squeezing her tits as he held her tightly to him. he pulled his torso back to admire the sight of her dark pink butt cheeks as he fucked her. he smacked the still sore plump flesh several times as he did, then pressed tightly against her, yanking her hips against him as he came into her infertile asshole. he held her there a moment, his hand squeezing and caressing her pussy, his mouth caressing and licking the long column of her throat. “who do you belong to.” he said huskily. “whose pussy is this.” he said softly as his fingers stroked her wet twat possessively.
“whose is it?” he said warningly as he pinched her nipple painfully
“yours…” she replied breathlessly.
“that’s right, pretty little sister. and don’t you forget it.”
Only then did they hear the soft gasping sound Sarah made at the sight of the siblings incestuously embrace.
Daniel smiled at the blonde roommate wickedly as he slowly pulled his cock free from his sisters asshole. His hand still clenching her hair kept her from wriggling away as he moved agonizinlgy slowly, shoving his cock in and out a few more times to watch her roommate squirm with shock. Sarah’s eyes widened at the size of his cock before he tucked it into his jeans. he moved by her, stopping a moment. “well hello, Sarah. Liking the sight of my meat?” He smiled down at her. ” you’re home early. Were you hoping to watch us fuck? I’m sorry, we just finished. But I’m sure we’ll do it again very soon. Perhaps you’d like to join? ” He said not flinching. He looked over the blushing woman. “I’m afraid I do like a bit more meat, darlin. As you can see. But we’ll make do.” He continued grinning as he strutted past her and into the guest room.
“you’re going to have to leave.” Sarah said to her dark haired roommate who was busily trying to cover her large tits that had only minutes before been bouncing wildly as the tall brown skinned guest fucked her, his own sister, in Sarah’s tidy kitchen.
“o.k.” Billi Jo said softly. Now coming to terms that the dream of Her life free of her boondock roots was not to be had.

“Grandpa, I’m going to move.” she said as the old man sucked noisily at her now plump chest. She had settled on the couch when she had come home from school, to watch some T.V. She didn’t protest when he joined her, tugging her tight shirt up in order to expose her large breasts. no longer did he hide his lustful trysts with his Sikiş hikayeleri granddaughter, since his wife had passed away a few months before. Billi Jo moaned softly and widened her thighs to let her grandpa’s talented hands get better access to her pussy. she sighed, snapping the T.V. off as she gave into his pleasurable demands. She stopped him a moment as she moved away to removed her clothing. She could feel his perverted cloudy eyes watching her as she made a show for him, squeezing her tits, puffing out her lips, parting her thighs and stroking her pussy as he tugged his cock that stood up hard and red from the zipper that parted his pants. He reached out and his eighteen year old granddaughter moved to him, shifting her hips and pressing her twat apart with her fingers, so his tongue could muscle around her purple clit. As he sucked and lapped at her cunt, she looked out the front window, thinking of her brother who she missed terribly these last four years. She closed her eyes and pretended it was Daniel’s, not granddad’s mouth that was pleasuring her. she moaned as her grandpa brought her to climax. His hands gripping her plump ass as he held her to his face as he had been doing since she had first moved in with him and grandma. She groaned as he continued to flick her wet pussy with his tongue. She caressed his bald head and knelt down to give him his blowjob. “I mean it grandpa, I’m moving in a month.” She said her pretty face looking up into his old wrinkled one. “whatever honey”‘ he said, squeezing a large tit as he waited. “just suck my dick now, ok?” so she bent and pressed his erection into her mouth. she was amazed how hard and how often he could get an erection for his ripe old age. he had her blow him at least three times a week still. Not nearly the same as the almost daily ones when she was little. She remininisced as she sucked and stroked his member while he made choking, wheezing sounds, his hand holding her hair so he could watch her as she sucked his old cock off. His eyes moving to her plump, curvy body as she knelt naked before him. he groaned as she held on, her mouth suctioned to him and down his full length now as he came into her hot mouth. moaning as she swallowed down his cum.

Daniel came with her into the examining room. “your last names are the same.” the doctor looked up, as he walked into the room, flipping the papers that they had filled out. “are you married?”
“not yet. but we hope to be soon.” Daniel answered smiling at him.
The doctor looked slightly perplexed. “so it’s just a coincidence?” he said not wanting to believe otherwise.
“yup, just a wonderful coincidence of fate.” her brother said sarcastically. she didn’t look at the doctor as his eyes moved back and forth between them, sizing them up. they looked very little alike, so he relaxed.

Billi Jo moaned as he pummeled into her in the back seat of his Chevy Blazer still in the parking lot of the medical building. They ignored the many stares directed towards the bucking vehicle. he panted, holding her calf as he shifted to get a better angle. “the doctor said it would take a couple weeks!” Billi Jo panted as her brother began to press into her pussy with hard, sharp movements. He began to move faster, fucking her hard, as he half knelt, keeping her long leg press her thigh up beside her body.
“Mmmm… I love how limber you are.” his eyes closed as his tongue met hers before his mouth closed in a kiss over hers.
“Danny…” she begged.
“yeah… I heard you, and I know. but I’m not going to wait, Billi Jo. I have to return to Iraq in a week, so we are going to fuck as often as possible until then, understood?” he held the back of the car seat, her leg now over his shoulder as he shoved his cock in again and again. “uh… uh…uh…” her cries were mixed with groans as his cock rubbed her into another orgasm.
“you don’t respect me, Danny.” she said panting between his strokes.
he stopped abruptly. he pulled his face away and lifted her face to look at him. his eyes glittered into hers “I respect you, Billi Jo.” he said softly, kissing her tenderly. “you just drive me mad for you.” he said, his mouth moving to hers in a deep soul wrenching kiss, as he pulled her hips tightly against him and fucked her brutally. “and I’ll never let you go.” He growled as he came inside her again. She moaned and sighed in reply as her pussy climaxed around her brothers thick cock.

they signed the papers, Daniel smiling as he handed the clerk his ID that bore the last name of his father. It said he was Daniel Tate from Oklahoma. the clerk looked at them both and seeing the different skin colors didn’t question them much.
they were married that night, he pulling her against him as he kissed her.
that night they were loud as he fucked her, her white gown still on. he leaned her over the balcony of the casino, forcing her dress down to expose her plump tits to everyone. “look! look!” he shouted down at the people far below. “she’s my wife!”
she laughed drunkenly with him “stop! Daniel please!” but held still as he yanked her panties off of her and groaned as her brother now husband slowly shoved his cock into her from behind.
“perhaps we can adopt…” Daniel said absently as he caressed her while she lay her head against his large muscular chest, listening to the sound of his heart, still racing after their crazed lovemaking.
“No… the officials would find out. our kids would be freaked and devastated if they found out. too weird, Danny. Besides, would you want to bring anyone into our little fucked up family? I think it’s best if it stops with us.” she twirled the tight springy patch of curls near his little black nipple, then bent to suck at the tiny protrusion a bit.
“what about visiting our family?” she asked kissing his chest.
Daniel snorted “we can go there! Like grandpa would care.” Grandma had died a year ago.
he moved his hand lower to caress her swollen pussy a bit, his mouth meeting hers when she lifted her face and turned to him as a small fire began to build again, with the feel of his fingers squeezing her pussy, in the same milking fashion her grandpa had taught him.
“my pussy’s so sore.” she said softly against his mouth.
“so use your asshole, darling.” his eyes were closed as he explored her body some more. “Mmm… my little wife.” he said softly as he caressed her bulbous tits.
she did use her asshole, this time in the Jacuzzi tub. he helped her , holding her buttocks wide to keep them out of the way as he lowered her onto his waiting erection. kissing her tenderly, when she had settled fully onto him. she used her leg muscles as she bounced up and down on his cock.
he grunted at the tight feel of her little anus squeezing his dick. having his thick cock implanted in her ass, she settled down onto it moving her hips to sensually stroke the thick member. She closed her eyes as his fingers stroked her pussy, reminding her of a time before. But that time she had felt a finger in her ass, not a cock. “we’ll have to go for home for a visit soon.” She said taking a sip of her wine. Giving up on her decision to hide from her past “grandpa’s getting old. We need to let him know we got married” She stated as she again began to ride up and down on her brother’s cock.

“so you two are fucking?” her grandpa said as he came into her old room while she was changing. Daniel had left her there before he took off from their short honeymoon and went back to his life as a seargent of a special task force in the marines.
“yes grandpa. We are now fucking.” Billi Jo said as she undid her bra. Her grandpa watching as her tits bounced out of their confines. He moved in next to her and she ignored him as he began to caress the soft fleshy balls. She was used to it. Moving around her small room, putting things away as he followed her, stroking her back as she folded a shirt, cupping to feel her tits bounce from her quick movements, caressing the curve of her soft plump hip as she turned, rubbing his hand over the soft bulge of her belly when she placed her cosmetics in her old vanity, pinching and rolling her nipples as she stood lifting her hair to check the new earrings her husband bought her. She shuddered as his old mouth gummed the soft flesh of her throat. she pushed him away to finish unpacking. “how did you get married?” he asked as he caressed her fat ass, liking the sight of the smooth cheeks bared and separated by her black thong as she bent over to move her shoes into her closet. She sighed in partial agitation at his continued attention. Giving in she parted her thighs for him as she continued to organize, and his hand crept beneath the black fabric of the little strap. He caressed the deep crevice. Slowly inching his way until his hand found the petal soft spot of her cunny. He pushed his finger through the outer crease and into her wet folds. He rubbed his finger in the sensitive area, circling and nudging. “Ooooo… grandpa. You still got it!” she said now holding still while his calloused fingers started that milking fondle of her pussy.
“nice and wet, pretty baby.” He said, pressing two fingers between her pussy lips. She moaned as he rubbed her clit with his middle digit. Rubbing the flesh that surrounded the little nob, around and around in her quim. Then flicking the clit a few times before pulling her plump outer labia down to lessen the intense feelings. Only to return his fingers inside and repeat it all over again.
“oh, oh, ohhhhhh…” she moaned as she climaxed, drenching his palm with her pussy’s juiciness.
‘that’s my sugar…” he said rubbing her twat a few more times before moving his hand from beneath her undies.
He sat on her bed, leaning back on his old arms waiting with the obvious bulge in his trousers. she moved to him to repay his pleasuring her as he had always said she must do. She straddled his legs, then held his shoulders and lifted first one tit then the other to his seeking mouth so he could suck and lick the large dark nipples. she bent and kissed him, her tongue tangling with his as they had down so many times before.
“no.” he said stopping her as she began to kneel before him and undo his trousers.
“no?!” she said her large dark eyes concerned with her surprise, never had he refused a blowjob before. He guided her up. “lie down” he said. he stood as she did, undoing his pants. She watched his old body immerge, ropy and still strong, but sort of frail, his thick long red cock looked out of place as it stood out from his pale body. she parted her thighs as he lowered himself onto her. and she helped him, pressing aside her panties, as he guided his erection into her pussy.
“Ohhhh… yes. Ohhhhh…” He moaned. His mouth sucking her throat. “I’ve dreamed of fucking you for a long, long time, little Billi Jo.” Her grandpa said as he began to push his cock into his granddaughter’s only recently torn pussy. It having been only 2 weeks since his grandson first came inside his granddaughter’s “virgin” twat.
“Mmmmm…” she said enjoying the feel of a cock inside her. she ran her hands over his droopy chest and arms. “that’s it grandpa.” She encouraged him as he wheezed, pressing his cock in and out of her tight cunny.
“so you like it when you fuck your brother?” he asked her as he continued to ride between her thighs.
“oh yes, granddad. More than anything.”
“Does he suck your twat like I taught him?” He said down at her looking concerned.
“often and very well.” she replied, caressing her breasts as she closed her eyes to get a better sense of the cock pushing in and out of her pussy. She had recently realized she loved being fucked. A cock in her pussy was devine. A cock in her ass was pretty nice too. her grandpa’s thick cock moved inside of her rhythmically. Rubbing her sensitive vaginal walls with his erection so she groaned, her arms spread wide and arching her big tits into her grandpa’s soft mouth.
“Bite ’em like you used to grandpa.” She begged, so he would roll her turgid nipples between his toothless gums.
“Oooo that’s it grandpa. Oh! so nice…” she said at the feel of his long slow pushes in and out of her. “oh grandpa!” she cried out as she climaxed, pressing his saggy butt cheeks to her as she came, her cunny muscles squeezing his ruddy cock again and again.
She lay, still reveling in the aftershocks as he continued to slowly fuck her. he groaned and grunted then pulled out of his granddaughters tight twat to stroke his dick and spew his seed onto her soft belly and furred pussy. He wheezed as he did, his face tormented as he looked down at his gorgeous sexy granddaughter. He fell down beside her in her little girls bed. They kissed as he had taught her to do on the same Holly Hobby bedspread he’d licked her pussy in the dark a thousand times before.

“you like that Billi Jo?” he said, between the little three year old’s thighs.
“It feels weird grandpa.” She said nervous about the strange feeling of having grandpa’s mouth on the spot she peed from. Her small face peeking behind the pink ruffles of her nightie he told her to hold as he had parted her tiny thighs.
“Oh it’s a special treat. You’ll get used to it.” Grandpa disregarded his granddaughters words as he lowered his mouth to lick at her tiny cunny for the first time. She having only arrived two weeks before.

They slept together that night, grandpa curved around his granddaughters warm soft body. His big rough hand now dwarfed in size by his granddaughter’s extra large tit that it stroked and squeezed as he fell asleep. he woke her up later that night, his calloused fingers stroking her pussy. He moved down her little girls bed so he could suck her soft twat until she came again.
She cooked and cleaned in the nude, as her grandpa requested, giving her a large weekly allowance on topp of the mony Daniel had sent her if she did. He bought her an apron, a pair of mule slippers and thigh high stockings, her only clothes he said she could wear when it was just the two of them. He had bought the apron for her knowing it’s lacy white edges would look wonderful accenting her juicy breasts and round ass as she jiggled and bounced about his home.

Daniel called often and she would soon be heading out to join her husband in his quarters across the ocean. She and her grandpa enjoyed each others company while it lasted, switching between their old fondling methods and new fuckings often.
Daniel had hid sibling identity secreted even more by their wedding vows. He assumed the captain had forgotten the first time he asked about the pretty dark haired girl in the picture that hung in Daniel’s locker. “that’s my sister.” Daniel had stated matter of fact. The commanding officer didn’t see the venomous look cast his way when he told the young officer he’d like to meet her.
Four years later, the captain squinted at the new photo handed to him as the young seargent announced he had gotten married while away and was requesting to have her flown to join him. “wow, she’s a beauty…” the older man stated as he looked over the picture. “she looks familiar…” he said looking closer, but Daniel kept still as the captain tried to figure out where he’d seen her before.
“here’s her ticket, sir.” The secretary handed Daniel the computer printout. The captain looked again at the lush plump dark haired women smiling seductively from the photo he had on his desk. “huh.” He said bringing the photo closer to his face to get a better look. He looked at the young seargent and back at the photo. “you know, you guys actually look a lot alike.” Seargent Tate blinked at the captains observation. The captain could smell nervousness. He settled back in his chair as the younger man gathered his papers. “Sgt. Tate…” Daniel looked up at the sly smile on his commander’s face.

It was the night before she was to leave. Billi Jo knelt before grandpa enjoying the feel of his hand molesting her tits while she sucked and stroked his large cock into her mouth. she had done it so often that her mind was wandering over the things she still needed to get done around his home.
she knelt before him in his old armchair, in the same spot she had mastered the art of jerking off granddad. She continued the tradition, sucking his ruddy erection in repayment for her pleasure. it occurred to her that grandpa’s hand had stopped squeezing and pulling her nipple, while she licked and stroked his turgid member. She continued to bob up and down on his erection for a bit, before she realized he wasn’t wheezing as he always did whenever she blew him. Her mouth stayed planted as her eyes alighted on the hand that had been caressing her titties. It now lay slack, its palm open and his fingers slightly bent in a
permanent claw shape. she gasped realizing the cock she was sucking was connected to a dead man.

her granddad had died of a heart attack. the excitement of having his granddaughter give him one last blowjob, too much for his perverted old heart. She had a small funeral for him, Daniel flatly stating no he would not return to say goodbye to the old bastard. Only three people total attended. She felt sorry for her old grandpa. Though she could somewhat understand how nobody liked the angry old asshole and his vengefilled ways. “I don’t know why you’d want to go, Billi Jo. He treated you like a whore.” Daniel said as he talked to her the night before. “and worse.”
“worse than you?” she said softly.
Daniel chuckled, “I love you Billi Jo. He treated you like shit unless you were sucking his cock.”
“I know.” she replied softly.
“Well, finish up, then get over here. I can’t wait much longer.”

“oh! Oh! Oh! Yes!” Billi Jo gasped as her husband’s mouth licked her pussy, his tongue doing those agonizingly wonderful circles of her clit he knew drove her crazy.
“Shhhh! Remember my secretary’s right outside that window.” she bit her lip to stifle her climax as she shook. The fingers squeezing and pulling her nipples making her open her lips as she groaned. His hands lifted and stroked her heavy titties, then slowly moved down to feel her soft waist, little belly then the round curves of her hips. Daniel pressed his tongue into his wifes drenched cunny, kissing the areas ocassionally that were still red and swollen. Lapping in her hole then down near the thick cock that was planted in his wifes asshole. The other man’s hands squeezed Billi Jo’s heavy tits, his fingers rolling her large nipples as he bounced her again on his knees, his mouth groaning as he licked the slightly sweaty area beneath her ear. He leaned back against the couch when Daniel rose and motioned with his head that he wanted to get in on more action.

Billi Jo had arrived two days after her grandpa’s funeral. Daniel smiling widely as she ran from the gate and into his arms, their mouths meeting in desperate kisses. He swung her around “oh I missed you sister.” He said softly to her ear as his hands moved over the curves he couldn’t seem to get out of his mind. “I need you, little sis.” He said between heated kisses while He pulled her into a somewhat vacant area . Billi Jo was surprised to find her breasts bare and in her brother’s mouth, he had unbuttoned her blouse when she had been distracted by his wonderful mouth. “You wore it.” He said as he rubbed his hands over her now bare tits. He had sent her the black shelf bra a week before. It was made without cups so her nipples stood out and bare for his perusal. Getting her a lot of stares from the men on the plane.

She had caught the elderly businessman beside her doing just that. “Care for some wine?” he asked as the cart came over.
Billi Jo smiled “o.k.” she always hated flying and her Xanax was wearing off. Soon she was giggling at every joke the man told her. She sighed leaning back in her seat, and letting her reeling head relax. She didn’t move when she felt the buttons of her blouse begin to open.
“Your titties show through your shirt, you know.” the older man was nuzzling her throat. her eyes opened a bit as his hand moved in to cup her breast and stroke it until her nipple beaded in the strangers hand. she had known the shirt showed her tits. It was meant for her husband, but at the moment she didn’t care. Enjoying the tug of the mans fingers on her nipples. the young man on her other side was snoring softly, as she parted her legs and the business mans hand moved up her skirt to caress her pussy.
“mmmm…” she sighed as he pinched her clit and rubbed it.
“you’re all wet pretty girl.” He said.
“yup.” She agreed with a slight shudder.
“why don’t you take off your skirt and sit on my lap.” The old man suggested.
“no, sir, I’m married. So only touching.”
“Alright. Then you touch me too.” he said. Billi Jo undid the man’s trousers and pulled out his cock as he pulled a blanket over them both. “there, that’s nice, sweetheart.” The old man said as he kissed her, her chest still naked as he squeezed her lush breasts, ignroing any possible onlookers. she rubbed his cock .
“There you go Mr. Philips.” she said Holding a cup for him to spew into as she stroked him, moving her hand up and down his shaft beneath the blanket, then rubbing his balls as he finished cumming, groaning as he did. She gently used her wet nap to wipe him clean. Then lay back on her little pillow redoing her shirt before she fell asleep.

Daniel sucked at the taut tips of her breasts as his hand pressed beneath her panties, having hiked her skirt up to her hips.
“not here, Danny, please.” Billi Jo said embarrassed as she watched several folks walk by, their eyes taking in the sight of the young lovers and the girls large tits. Daniel sucked and caressed his sisters body a few minutes more, ignoring her protests and listening to her soft gasps of pleasure, until a security guard asked them to go someplace else.

The cabbie adjusted his mirror, slowed the car and turned down an alley as the plush woman moved onto her husband’s lap. He had known the soft groans they were making as they kissed and caressed each other would move on to more. “there’ll be a nice tip for you.” Daniel said as he pulled off Billi Jo’s bouse and pressed her tit out of it’s cup and into his mouth.
“Excellent.” The driver said, imagining it was his tongue that was licking that wonderful dark tip. He was already getting a free show he thought as he pulled his car to a stop.
Billi Jo’s skirt was a wrinkled mass around her hips, as Daniel moved her panty bottom’s to the side and slid her onto his shaft. They both groaned as she pressed herself down then up again and again.
“your tip can be less, sir, if she turns around.” The cabbie had had enough of the sight of the girls back. he had undone his trousers and was pleasuring himself with the entertainment, yanking at his long dark cock while the two fucked in the back of his car.
They chuckled and without another word obliged. “oh my. Oh yes. Those are lovely tits.” The man said as the sensual woman turned around and returned to bouncing up and down on her husbands cock while rubbing her hands over her giant breasts for Singh’s entertainment.
“thanks man.” Daniel said as he handed the cabbie his money when they had reached his barracks. Billi Jo was trying to correct her hair and clothes as he carried her luggage to her new home. Within ten minutes they were fucking as they showered. Billi Jo grabbing the slick steamy wall and groaning as her brother pressed into her asshole. “you like that slut? Huh little sister?” he said, gripping her hair as he fucked her tiny rose without any premeasures.

“oh yes! Fuck me big brother! Fuck your naughty sister’s asshole! I’ve been so bad!”
He shoved his cock into her, grinding his pelvis into her soft ass. “tell me what naughty things you’ve done, baby girl.” He said squeezing her tits hard, his mouth caressing the sensitive flesh of her throat, exposed by her wet hair as the hot shower pounded down on them. He shoved in once, twice more hard and rough, shoving her up against the cold tile wall as she cried out. “tell me naughy Billi Jo, what did you do while you were away?”
“Ah! Ah!” she cried out with pain with each pound of his cock, somehow pleasuring at the feel of his huge dick tearing into her asshole and his large hands cruelly squeezing her tits and yanking her hair as he possessed her. “I rubbed a guy off on th plane for 300 dollars.” He swatted her as he growled. “And I let him fondle my chest.” He swatted her again. ” and….I… I … fucked granddad!” she said in a desperate cry.
Daniel stopped. He held her by her hair still as he thought.
“seriously Billi Jo?” he finally said softly. He felt her tug her own hair as she nodded yes. He fondled her tit and pressed his forehead to the back of her skull as it sank in. He had known grandpa would return to molesting his sister when she stayed with him. That was normal. He had hated to let her return, but neither had a choice, he had to return, but had no place for her, and she couldn’t stay at her old roommates place, having been kicked out. He didn’t like his sister handling another guys cock, but it had been only her hands, and the guy sucking her tits for a good chunk of change. But fucking grandpa? That was too much. He could see the rivulets of her blood in the clear water that bathed them. He pulled out and released her suddenly, yanking the shower door open. Erotik hikaye “OUT!” he ordered her.
Billi Jo jumped out of the shower and moved to grab a towel.
“NO!” her brother bellowed right behind her.
Shaking she moved down the sanitized white hall of her new home. “into the next room on the left.” she heard her brother order as he went into the kitchen. She gasped at the strange furniture and objects that adorned the hospital like room. “into the chair.” Daniel commanded as he moved in behind her. He had pulled on some sweats, leaving his broad muscled chest bare.
“what’s all this Daniel?” Billi Jo whispered as she did as she was told.
“this my little sister, is where you get disciplined when you step out of line.” He pressed her back against the inclined vinyl chair and tugged out two wide, black straps. Her eyes spotting the paddle he’d always used on her hanging from a hook, beside a couple of whips.He pulled the straps tightly across her chest, one above her tits and one below. cinching them down so she couldn’t move. he used two smaller ones to pin her forearms to the sides of the clinical chair. He moved to where her feet dangled, above the small step that she had used to climb up. he yanked out two metal gynecological stirrups and put her feet in them, strapping each foot down at the ankle with some straps he’d makeshifted onto the medal bars. He pressed them so wide her pussy was splayed open, her inner lips sensitive to the cool air.
“Daniel?” Billi Jo tried to look down at her brother as she grew concerned.
“Shush, baby. I don’t want to accidently cut you.” He said as he sprayed some shaving cream into his palm then dolloped the cream onto her pussy. Billi Jo lay back as he shaved her twat bare. “there we are baby.” Daniel said wiping away the residue with a warm cloth.
“why are you doing this Danny?”
“You need to remember who you belong to, now, Billi Jo. Fucking granddad was out of line.”
“But my virginity was gone Danny. I sucked his cock for so long, I thought it would be a nice change for him.”
Danny looked at her annoyed. “no, little sister. Only I get to fuck you unless I say otherwise.”
“But you’ve fucked lots of girls, Danny.”
“That doesn’t matter. I’m your master, Billi Jo. You have to learn your place baby. What I say goes from now on, You know that. Especially now that granddad’s gone. I’m your only owner now. Right?”
Billi Jo bit her lip as she tried to watch him.
“Say it Billi Jo.” Daniel said as he moved to gather some items.
Billi Jo sighed and lay her head back down. “You’re my master, Danny.”
“very good. And on that note, no more rubbing or sucking guys dicks. Not even for money, unless I say so.” He said as he unfolded a leather tool bag.
“No Danny! Please!” she began to writhe as she saw him pull out a long large needle headed tool from out of a little pouch.
“hold still, little sister. Otherwise it’ll hurt more.” Daniel said as he moved back to where she lay.
“Please! Master! I won’t be bad again! Danny, I’ll do what you say, honest!” fat tears rolled down her cheeks as she begged her brother to stop.
“I know, baby. This will just remind you. Hold still now. I don’t want it to hurt you more than it should.” He said gently as his thumb rubbed around her clitoris consollingly. “shhhhh… Relax, little sister.” He said as she whimpered, her pussy wetting with her brothers pleasuring talents. He lowered his mouth and licked the tiny dark pearl that was peering up at him from between her splayed pussy lips. “there, there…” he lowered again and suckled her pussy, licking the glistening folds and sucking the red nub until she bucked and spasmed in ecstasy. “that’s right baby sister. Brother wouldn’t hurt you. But it is time to learn your place in our marriage baby. Right?”
“oh…” Billi Jo rolled her head in the aftershocks of his attentions. Danny enjoying the lovely sight of his little sister’s big tits squeezed between the tight straps and shaking with every movement. The nipples dark and tight from her still being wet from their shower and the cool air in the room. “yes, big brother. I know, I need to learn.” Her soft voice lilting to him.
She bit her lip at the sting as he wiped her inner folds with a alcohol drenched swab. He pulled on some gloves and tugged at her pussy’s lips. Billi Jo cried in pain as the thick needle was poked through one of her inner lips. She sobbed as he moved the little gold hoop into place then set it tight with pliers. She cried out again as he repeated on the opposite lip. “there we are baby sister. That looks beautiful.”
“please Danny stop!” she begged when he began massaging her clit again. “it hurts so bad!”
He let it go and put the peircing items away.
“what are you doing!?” Billi Jo cried out as her brother pushed his sweats down and pressed the little pull out step back in.
He didn’t answer, but moved his oversized cock between her swollen peircings and shoved into her pussy. she cried softly as he fucked her excruciatingly slowly. He watched her, knowing it hurt her, but she must learn. He bent down to suckle her tits as she sobbed. Licking the jutting mini gumdrop tips, then pulling the areolas into his mouth, while he continued to push and shove into her splayed painful pussy. she whimpered when he pulled out and moved around the chair, undoing the straps on her torso then lowered the chair to flat. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she rose to do her duty, twisting her upper body to meet him, her ankles still bound as he knelt on the table near her. she took his fat cock into her mouth and sucked and stroked it, looking up at his handsome face on ocassion to see if he was pleased with her duties. He smiled down at her as he pushed his cock in and out of her plump lips, his fingers fondling her tits as he did. “I love you baby sister.” He said softly as he brushed the hair from her eyes, then wiped the tears from her cheeks as he continued to fuck her mouth.
She held his buttocks as she swallowed her brothers cum. His hand clenching her long, black curls that had dried some. “Oh fuck yes, baby sister! Oh! God how I missed your sweet, sweet mouth!” He sighed as she pressd her lips against the base of his cock, his long dick pressed tightly down her throat as she sucked up the last salty drop of his seed obediantly.
She cried as he swabbed the peircings with cleanser before she got up, and with every movement she made for the next two days. He cleaned her often, making sure they didn’t get infected and did the chores for the two days to let his little wife heal. For a week she went without undies, painfully reminded of who she belonged to each time she walked.

“they are pretty aren’t they?…” she said admiring her pussy peircings in a little handheld mirror two weeks after, watching her brother’s fingers caressing the wet folds with little gold bands peirced through them and rubbing her swollen clit while she did.
“very pretty little sister.” His mouth caressing her shoulder before he pushed her back, to lie on the floor. he pressed his cock inside where his fingers had just been. “how do they feel?” he said as he rode her slowly.
“oh. Oh… they are feeling better, master. thank you.” She said as he had taught her the way she was to talk to him whenever they were in private.
“titties.” He said flatly. Billi Jo obediantly pulled up her tight tank top and the cups of her bra down until her breasts were out and bobbing with each of his movements. She then began stroking and squeezing her breasts for his entertainment as he watched, helping her fondle them on ocassion. Her new peircings were still sore, but, closing her eyes, it was now the sore she got off on. Pressing into her brain that she belonged to her brother, twat, titties, brain and all.

Her new role with her brother/husband was slowly getting more routine. Similar, but not completely like her last days with her grandpa, Daniel ordered her to be mostly naked whenever she was alone or with him in their house. This week she was allowed to dress in black thigh high stockings, black upper arm length gloves and black stiletto pumps. That morning he put pressure clamps with bells on her clit and nipples. It was now noon and the little nubs had gone numb with the tight pinching objects. As she did the dishes the little bells on her nipple rings jingled with her movements.
Daniel leaned against the counter as she did her job, the little bells ringing more as he caressed her breasts without even thinking otherwise. “Come here, baby.” He ordered. Billi Jo wiped her hands as she moved in front of her brother. She winced biting her lips as he undid the tight clamps and the blood surged into her nipples. he suckled each one tenderly while he removed theone on her clit as well. “now, we’ll do this abou t once every two weeks…” he said admiring her bright red tits as he rubbed her little clit. “Nice, huh?” he said as Billi Jo leaned back, moaning in ecstasy as the slight attention to her swollen clit brought her to a quaking climax. He kissed her nipples as he finished pleasuring her, her pussy soaking his hand. “a little reminder, once again, of who your pussy and titties belong to.” He tucked his hands into her hair as he pulled her pretty still gasping face to him for a deep, sensuous kiss, their tongues meeting and caressing each other. He pulled away and his seductive grey eyes looked deep into her golden brown ones. “as well as the rest of you little sister.” He pressed his mouth to hers a bit more rough as he took her mouth in another long kiss.
“you need to get dressed, baby.” He said, as he released her.
“why?” she asked. He raised his eyebrows as he bit into an apple. She bit her lip and left to do what she was told.
He had laid out her outfit for her. He came in and watched as his little sister looked herself over in the mirror. It was retro thirties style clothing. Not the in style, but sexy. No panties, no bra, a sheer tight pink shirt and a tight black skirt that did not cover her ass, theplump cheeks poking out just a bit beneath the hemline and a pair of black thigh length stiletto boots. “Daniel…” Billi Jo softly protested. “what is this? Where are we going?”
Daniel smiled down at her as he leaned against the doorframe. “you look beautiful.” He said ignoring her question. “put your hair up, jewelry, all that stuff.” He ordered.
“I look like a slut.”
Her big brother raised an eyebrow.
“Master.” she added quickly. And began doing as he said.
“here” he said handing her another piece of clothing. A long grey tailored trench coat. Billi Jo sighed as she covered herself and tied the trench coat closed.

The secretary ushered the young couple into the plain office of his commanding officer. “well, well, well!” the captain smiled up at the seargent and his new bride. The door closed and the captain moved to shutter the windows and click the lock closed. Billi Jo looked worriedly at her husband. “wonderful to meet you Mrs. Tate.” The older black officer said offering his hand to Billi Jo, though his eyes were all over the rest of her. “let me take your coat.” He said holding out his hands.
“that’s o.k….”
“Billi Jo.” Daniel looked sternly at his little sister. Her mouth moved without sound for a moment, then she ducked her head as she undid the belt of her trench.
“Mhmm…Mhmmm…” the captain said approvingly as Billi Jo’s barely clad body was revealed. “have a seat, right… here.” The captain put a wooden chair to face the couch and cushioned chair he had in the far corner of his large office. “Jeff, no more calls until I give you the word.” The captain said into the phone before he sat on the couch opposite Billi Jo.
Billi Jo held the tight skirt down as she tried to sit ladylike in the small chair.
“no, baby, relax. Let me see what you got.” The captain’s new york accent revealed his roots. Billi Jo’s eyes looked to Daniel who did an upward nod for her to obey. She leaned back and parted her thighs for the big man. “very nice, very nice.” He said ducking down to look up the little skirt and admire her bare pink pussy. ” farther honey.” He said. Billi Jo had to tug up the tight skirt so he could see her pussy fully as she parted her thighs wider for him. “juicy, huh? You liking this sugar?” the captain never looked at her face as he asked, though she nodded slightly in reply. “well, lets see you rub that wet little thing, then.” She looked again to Daniel who nodded with a slight smile. She pulled her skirt up all the way, lifting her hips and parted her legs as wide as possible, then smoothed her hand down her soft bare skin and slowly began rubbing her splayed glistening folds for the man she only met a second before. “That’s it baby. Rub that clitty now. Get yourself nice and hot.” He said leaning back on his couch. Billi Jo could see he had a gigantic cock by the bulge in his military trousers. “you want to see what I got sugar?” Billi Jo licked her lips then looked at her husband.
“Say it Billi Jo.” He ordered her to reply.
She lowered her eyelids shyly as she continued petting her pussy before the two men. “May I please see your dick, captain sir?” she asked obediantly. The commanding officer chuckled as he undid his trousers. He pulled out a beast of a cock, similar in size to her husbands, dark brown and massive with a throbbing red head.
“there you are baby.” He said stroking the large cock proudly. “Now you get back to my show.” He ordered, his voice deep and commanding, made her quiver with its resonance. “first take off your skirt then bend over your chair while you play with your pussy.”
She did as he said, parting her legs wide so he could see her fingers stroking and squeezing her dripping pussy. “Oooooooo…yeah….oooooo…” the clamp’s effects took hold of her in no time, she came clutching the back of the chair. But it was too small and shifted and fell with her weight and uncontrolled passion. She sat there stunned and embarrassed for a moment before a strong pair of hands lifted her up.
“that was very sexy.” The large man said as he settled on the couch with the lower ranking officers wife on his lap. He cupped her ass as he moved her to straddle his lap. “beautiful.” He said moving her hair from her face. She was afraid she couldn’t say the same for him. Billi Jo could see scars and wrinkls that crisscrossed his cheeks and arms, his small black eyes were set deep, his nose was large and wide and his chin was gigantic with a dimple set in the middle in almost a caracature of the classicly handsome princes chin. His huge shoulders met his head with almost no sign of a neck. He was a giant of a man. his cock stood up between her thighs. he pulled her hips closer forcing her pussy lips to hug it a bit. “there we go baby. Let’s introduce them.” He said lifting her bottom up and down, so her pussy lips cradled and stroked his cock. “you do that, sweetheart.” He said letting her go and pressing her torso back so she placed her hands on the couch, and leaned on the couch so he could see better. “wet, hot little twat.” he said distractedly as she rolled her hips to stroke her cunt up and down his prick.
Billi Jo closed her eyes as the hard cock rubbed her sensitive folds and nub. “nice little piece you got here, seargent.” The captain reminded her of her brother’s presence. She turned her head to the side to see him. he was leaning back in the large chair, his fingers clenching the arms tightly and a tight expression on his handsome face. If it bothered him why was he having her do this she wondered absently.
The captain read her mind. “you see sweetheart.” He said as he rubbed and rolled her nipple between his beefy fingers. “I had seen your pretty face a long time ago, in your brother’s locker. That time…” he bent and suckled the swollen tit, his tongue lolling it around for awhile as she gasped in pleasure. “he told me you were his sister.” He pulled back smacking her tit a bit so it joggled up and down. Then began pulling on the other one. “when he told me he was married and showed me your picture this last time.” He smiled as he rolled the tit between his fingers. “I hadn’t forgotten you r lovely face. ” he lifted her up and held his cock, looking into her face for the first time as he pushed her down on his cock, groaning as she did as he lowered her onto his dick.
“oh! Oh! My!” Billi Jo made soft cries as he moved her hips rolling fashion her pussy impaled on his
large cock.
“Yes… that’s right…there you go.” His voice had gotten deeper, raspier as she began to move on her own accord. “I gathered up all the incriminating evidence…” his voice husky. “and…oh yes, baby… roll that ass… ” he gulped and made her stop. “whew! Lets slow this down…” he said closing his eyes to readjust. “that’s why you are now sitting with my cock in your sweet little cunt.” A bead of sweet rolled down his temple. “and now I’m going to shut up, and fuck this sweet tight pussy properly.” He rolled her onto the couch and gripping the back and arm began ramming into Billi Jo’s pussy.
All thoughts of her brother were gone as the big black man fucked Billi Jo senseless. Her breasts smacked between her face repeatedly and his shirt, her neck bent as he forced her against the arm of the couch with his brutal pounding. She could feel the zipper of his pants cutting into the soft flesch near her twat as he shoved into her. she groaned as she felt the warm rise in her cunt begin to move through her. needing room she gripped the arm and pulled herself up, gasping. The big man realized what was going on and shifted them both down, slowing his face as he kissed Billi Jo, his hips now swaying in and out, stroking her pleasure.
“ohhh! Oh god!” Billi Jo clenched her eyes then bit back as she pressed her hands under the captain’s trousers to squeeze his muscular ass and feel it clench with each stroke she arched and he lifted his soft lips sucking at the nipples thrust to him as Billi Jo came. The only things in the world at that moment was Her pussy clenching the big cock over and over as it continued to move in her and the sweet feel of the stranger’s mouth tugging and biting at her tender nipples. she whimpered as he moved her legs up, placing her knees over his shoulders so her pussy was fully open to him. his movements were now small and rapid his head up with his eyes clenched closed and his teeth gritted. He gasped and she moaned as she felt his hot cum flood her pussy. His movements now slow and jerky as her pussy pulled the last of his cum from him. he dropped her legs and kissed her deeply and passionately his tongue raping her mouth, his hands cradling her head. She gasped when he pulled his cock out and lifted away. only then did she remember Daniel.
The captain was moving to the other side of the room, tucking his wet cock into his pants then zipping his pants. Billi Jo sat up tugging her shirt into place, blushing over her sex flush, straightening her hair as if she were getting ready before her husband got home and caught her in an affair. She picked up her skirt, still not looking at her husband as she lowered her skirt to the floor to slip it over her boots, positioning her ass away from his view so he wouldn’t see the captain’s cum leaking down her leg.
“no Billi Jo.” Daniel’s voice rankled her. she lifted her eyes to him questioningly. Daniel looked at her, his eyes lowered dangerously. “leave the skirt off. Remove your shirt.” Billi Jo looked at her older brother questioningly her full, bruised lips parted seductively. He had agreed to let his captain fuck her two hours a month, if he kept their secret. She dropped her skirt and tugged up her shirt, gasping as something freezing hit her tits. The captain chuckled at her continuing to rub the ice filled glass over her big tits.
“I thought you might need something to drink.” He said, his black eyes staring into hers seductively. She gasped again closing her eyes as he rolled the glass over and around her nipples. she stayed still waiting for the stranger to finish his cold torture of her flesh. he pulled the glass away and held it for her to take. Then watched as she dipped her head and sipped the cool water her eyes on him, not meaning to but being seductive with just her questioning look. He looked her over as he sipped his own water and handed Daniel his. Her beautiful huge eyes too wide apart and large for her little heartshaped face, set above a pretty little nose and a gorgeous, set of beestung lips. His eyes tracing her tight wet burgundy nipples, the soft flesh that pillowed around the red tips also beaded with the sweat of his cold glass, made him want to lick them for hours. Her soft plush flesh dipped in for her little waist, then out for a bounce of belly and full round hips. Her pussy kept bald by her husband with the recent piercings pulling her glistening dark inner lips just out of the pudgy pink outer ones. Her pale plump thighs accented by the shiny tight black leather of the boots her husband made her wear. The captain pressed her to turn for him, and stroked her back with his cold water glass, causing her flesh to goosebump as she shivered. He ignored her discomfort continuing to stroke her with it as he admired the pretty sway of her back and the lovely curve out to her lovely large ass. he took her glass without a word, placing tehm both on his desk with a clink, then undid his shirt, revealing his huge muscular dark brown chest. He pulled Billi Jo against him, squeezing her pretty body tightly as he molested her. one hand deeping to stroke her pussy, his mouth suckling her throat while his other hand squeezed a nipple causing her to gasp with pleasure. “round two, baby.” He said his voice dark and deep as he kissed and suckled her ear.
He pulled her to the couch again and made her sit astride him, her legs on either side of his huge thighs as he pressed her cum slick pussy back onto his prick. “Oh jesus!” Billi Jo cried out, then bit her lip as he impaled her on his long thick rod. he held her waist, making her go slowly, letting her cunny feel every inch of his dick with each stroke in and out. “oooooooooohhhh…” Billi Jo crooned with the sweet fuck.
She started and opened her eyes as she felt a wet tug on her tit. Daniel was bent over before her. he pressed her torso up so he could suck her tits easier. Billi Jo caressed his head and kissed his short brush of hair lovingly. The captain realized what was going on, raised Billi Jo off of his cock, she turned in surprise. But he ignored her parting her buttock and pressing her asshole upon the huge member. She let out a cry as he pressed into her little rosette. He held still for a moment letting her asshole get used to the big cock invading it. Then shoved his hips up to make it take more. His breathing heavy as he continued slowly tearing the sphincter muscles and forcing her ass to accept his onslaught. Billi Jo gritted her teeth at the pain, but relaxing a moment later as her husband sucked her nipples, his tongue lolling around the tips pleasurably. his hand caressed her soft flesh, squeezing her belly and gently stroking his fingers over her sensitive groin until they met the plump lips of her pussy. she was reminded of the cock in her ass as the captain held her hips and impatiently shoved himself the rest of the way in. he groaned at feeling her tight ass muscles hug his cock. Daniel rubbed his sister’s pussy, caressing her soaked folds and pressing his fingers into her hole a few times. He tugged at her peircings, reminding her of her place, though, sitting with her ass impaled on a strangers cock had kept her fully aware of the fact. He moved down her body, kissing and sucking her pale flesh, licking her navel the pushing her back a bit so he could suck on her cunny. He knelt there for awhile lickign her sweet twat, ignoring the taste of another man’s cum, for he had somethng he wanted. He lapped and sucked her cunt as the other man pressed in and out of his sister’s asshole, circling her clit with his tongue and tugging at the peircings a bit until she began to moan and quake. That’s right. He thought, show the big man who owns your sweet twat, baby. He licked and sucked, relishing when Billi Jo’s hands clutched his head, begging him for more. The groan grew and her heard the captain admonish his sweet little sister for being to noisy as her cunt began to quiver against his mouth. home run. He licked and suckled her pussy as she spasmed gripping his head now for support as she came, groaning and gasping at her brothers talented tongue. He licked each nipple as he stood, then looking at his commanding officer, motioned that he wanted his sister’s twat.
The captain complied moving the gril and himslef to the edge of the couch so the handsome seargent could enter his cock into his little sisters pussy.
Daniel’s eyes were commanding as Billi Jo looked back at him as he began to fuck her pussy. “oh god Daniel!” she gasped at the sensation of having two giant cocks in both of her holes. Daniel bent and filled a third hole with his tongue, shoving his cock ruthlessly into his wife and baby sister. The group moaned as the two men fucked the tight holes of the gril. Billi Jo cried out as she came, alerting the secretary to what exactly was going on in the captain’s office as well as a lot of the nearby offices. The two men didn’t care, they soon were groaning and gasping as they joined her in their lusty pleasure filled afternoon. Mouth on her tits, another at her neck hands squeezing her breast, another pari her ass. Billi Jo moaned in lusty delight. She had A stranger’s big cock in her asshole, and her older brother’s big cock in her pussy. she felt dirty and wanted, ashamed and beautiful as her body quivered with pleasure.

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