Her Submission Ch. 2

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You wake to the sounds of me rummaging through your closet, throwing your clothes on the floor. You watch quietly as I drop all of your pants and the skirts and dresses that are longer than I like into a growing pile. I hand you a short black skirt and a see through white silk shirt. You follow me as I head to your dresser and open your lingerie drawer. You peer in and see that it is almost empty. I hand you a black lace bra, matching thong and black thigh highs. I tell you to shower and then get dressed in the cloths I have given you.

You emerge from the bathroom to find me carrying trash bags full of your clothes out. As I go through the door I tell you to look if you like. You find your closet almost empty and your dresser the same. I answer your question before you can ask it as I return, telling you that we are about to go shopping for new clothes for you. I watch as you try in vane to pull your short skirt down to cover your stocking tops and your eyes go nervously to the sheer shirt showing your black half bra that leaves your nipples exposed. Laughing at your modesty I lead you to the car making sure that your neighbors get a good view of you. Your face is crimson with embarrassment as we pull out of your driveway.

Our first stop is a small fetish shop and you shake your head as I order you to get out. I remind you again of your promise and you slowly get out. kuşadası escort We enter the store to find a pretty girl working behind the counter and a half dozen customers. You try to hide behind me but I pull you to my side and walk to the counter. You are blushing again as every mans eyes follow you as we walk. I tell the blond hair girl that we would like to see some leather clothes and lingerie first. She looks you up and down with a wicked smile on her face and you moan softly. She leads us back into the racks and starts pointing to some soft leather skirts and I pick one that is shorter than the one you are wearing. She asks if you would like to try it on and I say “yes she would”. She heads toward the dressing rooms but I tell her here will be fine. You whisper “no please” as she hands you the skirt. With a stern look from me you unzip your skirt and let it fall to the floor. Quickly you bend over and pull the new one up your legs and over your hips. You gasp in shock as the men whistle and clap at the sight of your naked ass. I check the length and find it just two inches below your pussy and the bottom of your ass cheeks showing.

The salesgirl lays the last shirt on the large pile of leather clothes now on the counter. Open cup bras, thongs, crotch less panties, garter belts, skirts and dresses that I have made you try on in front of everyone. I kuşadası escort bayan can see you begging me with your eyes to please take you out of here but we are not done yet. I tell the girl that the last thing we need to see are their selection of whips. I grab your arms as you start backing toward the door and lead you into the back room of the store. You look wide eyed at the walls covered with whips and paddles of all shapes and sizes. I pick out five whips and five paddles and the salesgirl gets them down. I order you to pull up your skirt and bend over and you comply slowly. I point to your naked ass and tell her to try them out. I watch as you tense up just before the first blow lands, The leather covered paddle hits your firm ass with a loud crack and you squeal in pain and pleasure. A studded paddle, one with holes in it and two others quickly turn your ass a bright red and have you wet and moaning. I tell you to stand up and remove your shirt and bra then put your hands behind your back. With down cast eyes you remove your clothes and stand before us half naked.

I tell the girl one stroke to each breast as she stares at your hard pink nipples and licks her lips. Taking aim she hits your right breast once with each whip, most of the blows landing on your nipple. With each hit you stick your chest further out, offering them to her and the whips. escort kuşadası As she starts on your other breast I watch you beginning to tremble and after the last blow lands you collapse in the throws of a massive orgasm. I stand shaking my head and talking to the sales girl about how you will be punished for cumming without permission. Finally you are able to stand and I hand you all of the whips and paddles and we head to the sales counter. Leaving the store with several bags we return to the car and I make you put them in the trunk one by one. Passing cars honk their horns as they get a look at your ass as you bend over.

As we drive to the mall I tell you what we will be looking for there. More clothes, lingerie and shoes are all on the list of things we will be getting you. In the parking lot I tell you to remove your thong and you nervously comply. I walk you through the mall, up and down escalators we have a growing crowd of men following us. The first stop is a shoe store and the young salesman has trouble talking as he looks up your short skirt at you naked, shaves pussy. In the small boutique we get you clothes that will just be acceptable for you to wear to work, low cut shirts, short skirts and dresses al find their way into our bags. Our last stop in the mall is in an exclusive lingerie shop. There we get you new demi bras, thongs, stockings and garters. I see you looking at the silk teddies and night gowns and in a loud voice I tell you that you won’t need them. The sales lady blushes almost as much as you hearing me say that at home you will wear leather or nothing at all. I pay for the last of your new things and lead you out to the car.

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