A Wife Transformed Pt. 06


Part VI — Month 3:

Sheila Hits her Stride — Final Changes and Exploring being a Top and Bottom


6th Part of a multi-part story of how a wife in just nine months comes out of her cocoon to be become a sexual dynamo. This section is the first where Sheila has pretty much finished most, but not all her physical changes, and now begins to explore all the possibilities of her amazing body and new-found determination to have no inhibitions


The Weekly Rhythm

As Sheila began her third month without Dan, she settled into a daily and weekly rhythm. Her life was full and busier than she had ever anticipated when Dan left, but she would never had believed what was now her life, wearing insane outfits, making loads of cash selling them, and getting fucking more ways than she could ever have imagined just six months ago. The store remained very busy, so she was on her feet, or knees, or back all day long. She was selling like crazy and also getting all the hard cock and wet pussy she wanted. But more than the sex and the money, Sheila had changed in a fundamental way, she was now empowered and in charge, it changed everything, including how she even seemed to appear to everyone.

Each night, she always seemed to have the energy for Brad and Anna, they explored each other’s bodies and especially taught Sheila all sorts of tricks with her new, enhanced body. Sometimes Anna and Sheila, sometimes Brad and Sheila and sometimes all three together enjoyed various forms of carnal fun. Sheila started to realize she was making a lot of money for working in a store, some weeks she was clearing nearly two thousand dollars. It added up quickly, she didn’t really have time to count all the sales and commissions, ending up surprised each Friday night when Anna showed her how much she had cleared that prior week. She also realized for the first time she was independent, not relying on Dan or her family, and liked it.

Sheila had been taking Anna’s suggestions and building her new wardrobe, with several new outfits every week, taking advantage of the employee discount. One night, partly because her section of the master bedroom closet was totally full, she took time to compare her growing number of new outfits with each other and her old wardrobe. The new clothes were certainly roughly the same size as the old outfits, but that was about the extent of the similarity.

In all honesty the look was so different there really wasn’t a comparison to be made. Based on the sheer number of leather and latex, she did like black, leather or latex. She loved the feel, especially of the talc on her skin, and then tight and almost confining feel of the latex as she pulled it up her legs or over her upper body. All she knew was she could never wear any of this back home in the deep south, and not because of the hot weather. The outfits were completed by Sheila’s new footwear wardrobe. She had piles of boots and high heels that made her much taller and really showed off her tight ass and muscular legs.

Sheila didn’t neglect her underclothes either. From the latex and leather corsets to the more traditional lace, she had a lot of options when she wanted to show off her curves. She had to throw out all her old too small bras and replaced them with a set of bras that managed to showcase her massive chest, whether it was with a quarter cup bra, or bras that were so lacy or sheer Sheila’s piercings were very obvious. All her granny panties and been thrown away of course, replaced with thongs and G strings, now that Sheila had no hair to show around the tiny triangles in the front of the panties. She also had accumulated a variety of garter belts, in lace, spandex, leather and of course latex. All in all, her intimate pieces were not heavy or thick, but expensive, sexy, and at times raunchy…perfect for the new Sheila.

Sheila realized something just glancing at her new outfits. It was clear that one of her favorite outfits, an all-black latex body suit with a black latex corset worn over the top and a pair of towering platform calf high boots screamed sex and kink. The body suit was made for fun though, it had a removeable crotch piece and the sections covering her breasts could also be pulled away, turning a skin-tight risqué outfit into a very adult piece, that couldn’t be worn out in public. It was the perfect outfit for some of the wilder clubs in the City that Anna and Brad had introduced her to.

With some cuffs and a collar and a hood Sheila could indulge letting herself be free and submitting to her partners, but with a crop and cuffs on her belt she could dominate. In only her first fetish clubbing trip with her mentors she realized she wanted to be able to be both a top and bottom. It was a wild night, shocking her a bit but also really turning her on. She pictured herself on both sides of the whip, seeing how each person was getting off. She only had sex with Anna, Brad, and Andy at the club, still not willing kuşadası escort to fully embrace the craziness she saw, but afterwards told Anna she wanted to return and try everything the club had to offer. Anna just smiled and told her, “soon”.

But it wasn’t just Sheila’s party wardrobe, even her “workplace” look had totally changed. She remembered wearing what, for the shop, was a very conservative outfit. It was a skin-tight knee length houndstooth wool skirt and a wool top. But the top was really a series of wide bands of fabric, exposing her tight stomach and most of her upper chest. At first glance, suitable for work, but on a second glance it screamed hot and sexy.

She posed for Anna and both agreed that the wool top, that really only covered her big chest, and the skin tight wool skirt that just touched her knees, when paired with six inch spiked heels sort of shouted sex and bend me over a desk as much as some outrageous leather or latex outfit. Sheila realized that depending on the setting she had multiple options to tease, titillate and advertise her wares. The sexiness of it was also very related to how sexually assertive Sheila had become Anna told her.

In fact, after looking at all her outfits, and her stuffed closet, Sheila decided to donate to Goodwill a bunch of her old preppy or very conservative outfits to make room in the master bedroom closet. It was a pretty easy decision. Not only would she never have been caught dead in those boring outfits but after all her body’s changes, including the transformation of her modest breasts into her set of huge pierced tits, they were never going to fit her again anyway. Now after less than three months she looked a lot more like Anna than any girl she had grown up with or friend from college.

She also already knew she liked to flaunt her new body, favoring skin-tight clothes and had gotten totally comfortable perched on five, six, or seven inch heels. She realized that now the only time she only wore flat shoes when she was working out or on her long runs. She now, after only three months of embracing her changes, loved the sound of her heels on a wood or tile floor and the way her high heels made her legs and ass look so good.

She also knew, finally doing what Dan had begged her to do over and over, venturing beyond her prior two inch heels to look like a real woman. She was betting that he would love her perched on sky high heels and with stockings and a garter belt covering her slim, muscular legs, especially when, for the first time, he dropped to her knees to suck his cock or bent over to allow him to fuck her. She knew that was what he had wanted all along.

Developing and Taking Care of the New Sheila

But even in her running shoes, Sheila was the center of attention. She was turning into a total gym rat, but in ways most people wouldn’t understand. Yes, she was focused on having a ripped hard body, but she loved the attention she got in the gym. In her skin tight lululemon tights and stomach baring workout tops she got a lot of attention in the gym and on the trails from men and women. In the gym she always had help spotting on her heavier lifts, and noticed that she caused a fair number of tight shorts for the guys spotting her.

A couple of times she couldn’t help herself, reaching up from the bench press bar and brushing some really large, very hard, cocks. Sheila always took the opportunity to rub them again and entice her partner to sneak away into one of the family restrooms. There she always deep throated her casual partners and either swallowed their load or pulled down her tights and bent over to get a vigorous fucking from the rear. The fucking was nice, but she actually enjoyed more sampling all the different tastes of sperm. She had now realized that every guy tasted just a little different, and no one complained at her swallowing their load with a smile.

Sheila didn’t want to neglect her other new changes, so also had a standing weekly Saturday morning appointment at the salon. It was normally at least a half a day, getting her hair worked on to keep that deep black wild curly look, a refreshing facial and work on her brows and lashes. It always involved a shampoo and trim, and a treatment to keep her locks all curly. Her hair was growing out rapidly, and her stylist had told her that soon she wouldn’t need any extensions to achieve her look.

However, Sheila insisted on keeping with the periodic dye jobs to banish her old mousy boring brown hair and get that midnight black color she had grown to love. Sometimes though she worked in some purple highlights, it seemed to go with the new Sheila. The stylist also shaped and plucked at her brows, keeping them thin and arched. Sheila made sure to snap a few pics after the pampering to save and show Dan, sometimes just with racy lingerie, sometimes naked as she played with herself and sometimes in a new sexy outfit, always with her standard ultra-high heels of course.

Sheila didn’t just have her face and hair worked on either. She also got a mani-pedi each time, this bit of pampering made her feet and hands look amazing. Sheila realized her original half inch nails were rapidly nearing the goal of inch long talons, always in bright red of course. Often, she would look down and feel a surge of arousal as she saw her nails wrapped around and stroking a partner’s cock or fingering a clit, and more than once she left deep scratches down a partner’s back.

At first the salon session had included a touch-up for her Brazilian wax job, but soon, bowing to another of Anna’s good ideas, she had begun a program of laser treatments, forever removing her armpit, leg, and most of her pubic hair. It just seemed so much easier to remove that bothersome issue. Her thongs, looking in the mirror, looked so much better with either no hair or just a tiny patch of hair under the lace.

Between the salon and its herbal wraps and tanning beds and laying out fully nude on her private back patio, Sheila had achieved a deep bronze color all over. Sheila managed the time in the sun, never burning, but did achieve that golden color she was seeking. She didn’t want to end up a prune in her fifties. Her huge tanned tits looked fantastic Brad told her one day when he found her tanning and spent ten minutes sucking her nipples before he ate her to two great orgasms. Saturday indeed had turned into a fun day to recharge and refresh.

But the highlight of the week was always Friday evening. Anna and Sheila did the normal weekly close out, totally up the sales and doing all the required items as the week closed out, with a bottle of nice white wine of course. And of course, Sheila was always a bit surprised when Anna totaled up her orders and associated commission for the week. Her pile of cash was growing rapidly, even with diverting money to buy her new wardrobe at the store and several other lingerie and shoe stores.

Two Really are Better than One

One week, in the middle of the month, Anna told Sheila there was a surprise guest for dinner. An old friend of Brad’s from college was in town for the night. She also whispered in Sheila’s ear that he was the only guy she had fucked with a cock as big and as good as Brad’s. Sheila grinned at Anna and said she was looking forward to the dinner and having Andy, the guest for dessert. Anna, grinned back and told her that she could actually have both of the guys alone, at least the first time. She kissed her young friend telling her it was her surprise gift after a great week.

Dinner was fun and light, with lots of suggestive comments from everyone around the table, helped along by cocktails before and two bottles of wine with the grilled salmon. It was nice that it stayed light so late so when Brad and Andy tagged up on Sheila, right on the patio on the long padded couch and then up on the table they just eaten dinner on, Anna had a good view to match all the sounds of sucking and fucking.

Sheila realized Anna had not been exaggerating. Two massive cocks for her Friday night fun was going to be new definition of TGIF. After she was stripped out of her miniskirt and tube top, she had both of the guys suck her tits and pull on her piercings. Then Andy pulled way, easing her down on the patio, and slipping down to throw her legs, still in her Louboutin heels, over his shoulders. He was soon devouring her sopping pussy.

Andy sent her over the edge for her first orgasm as he fucked her with two fingers, playing with her G-Spot, while he sucked on her clit. It was too much, especially as Brad had been sucking and twisting her big nipples the whole time. The trio lay together on the outdoor carpet, looking over at Anna as she clapped and told them they got a 10 from the Russian judge for their opening routine.

After recovering, Sheila rose to her knees and sucked on both guys for a minute to start round two. Sheila soon ended up on her hands and knees sucking on Brad while Andy greased up his dick and her ass. Andy slowly pushed his huge pole into her ass and began to pound her, holding onto her slim hips. The fucking was driving Sheila up and down on Brad’s pole, and it made it better when Andy reached around to play with her clit and pull on its piercing.

Luckily Anna had an outdoor carpet or Sheila later told them she wouldn’t have any skin left on her knees. Sheila was amazed. She pretty much had her biggest anal orgasm ever that night, and also got a full load of protein from Brad, who was very impressed with Sheila’s improving oral skills. She was also hoping, of course, that the guys weren’t done for the night. Lying there exhausted Sheila told Andy to feel free to fuck her ass any time he wanted to. Andy grinned, and told her,

“as long as you will do that muscle trick with your ass, I’m yours forever babe.”

Sheila grinned over at him,

“so, you like my ass milking trick?”

Andy laughed, telling her that only Anna had ever done that ass rippling trick to him. Sheila grinned,

“who do you think taught me that one lover?”

They adjourned moving down to the play room. Sheila was still curious what was behind the locked door, but right then wanted to have some more fun with the guys and their nearly seventeen inches of hard thick cock. She soon got to experience a double penetration for the second time. The nice part is that Brad and Andy were both much bigger and more experienced than the buddies Sheila had picked up right after her post-surgical appointment.

The guys had her mount Andy’s hard dick and then lean forward to kiss him as Brad slid his well-lubricated cock deep in her bowels, getting his turn to fuck her tight ass. The guys soon had her in a well-practiced rhythm, bringing to two screaming orgasms before they filled each of her holes with a huge load of cum. Brad and Sheila collapsed on top of Andy for a minute, too sated to move.

Sheila was really grateful to Anna for the fun, and thanked her for allowing her to hog all the hard meat, while Anna had to settle for getting off with her own fingers and a 10″ vibrator. Anna laughed and told Sheila she had fucked the two guys so many times she was happy to share. Then Anna finished off Sheila for the night pulling the cum from her pussy and then sucking her clit for Sheila’s fourth orgasm. Anna then finished her work, licking Sheila’s ass, taking Brad’s cum deep in her mouth and exchanging it with the exhausted, well fucked Sheila in a long French kiss.

How Much is Too Much?

The next weekend, Brad was off on another buying trip, Anna texted Sheila on Saturday, while she was at the salon, that she really missed Brad. Sheila replied with a smiley emoji, then texting, “so do I”. When then met for lunch after Sheila’s pampering, Anna told the curvy hot black haired Sheila that tonight she was going to show her what a girls’ night out was all about.

Now about ten hours later they were in lower Manhattan, perched high heels that made them almost six feet tall, fishnet thigh highs, and tight, very short, skin tight club dresses, red for Sheila and black for Anna. Sheila’s piercings were very obvious through the tight spandex. Their makeup was heavy and dark, perfect for the club scene, if only Sheila knew what Anna had planned.

The pair went down a dark side street and Anna knocked on an unmarked door. After clearly being looked at on the CC TV, the door opened to a small room. There a woman behind a desk reviewed a membership card that Anna showed her and Sheila was signed in as a guest. She looked over at her older friend and Anna smiled back at her,

“this is a very private club where you can indulge all your whims and fantasies. I thought you were finally ready for it. It can get pretty intense and you needed to be ready physically and emotionally for this place. After your fun with Brad and Andy and how you liked the fetish scene, you’re ready for this, which really isn’t the fetish scene…unless you count lots of huge cocks and being covered in cum.”

Anna took Sheila on a tour, starting on the ground floor, where the action was pretty much one on one or maybe a trio, and working their way up to the 3rd floor, where there was just a couple of big rooms with piles of large thick pads and futons covering the floor, where already there were five to ten men and women fucking in all sorts of combinations. They returned to the ground floor changing room and Anna asked Sheila if she was ok with it and how she wanted to experience the club her first time.

As they pulled on the club’s short satin robes, leaving on their thigh highs and stiletto heels, but removing their thongs, Sheila pulled Anna close, kissing her deeply and smiled,

“don’t judge me, but I’ve had two great cocks with Brad and Andy, and had fun so many times with you and Brad, I want to be on the top floor and get at least ten had cocks, the bigger and thicker the better, to fuck me, doing whatever I tell them to do.”

Anna leaned over and kissed her back hard,

“Baby, that is so awesome, get a couple of drinks in the bar, and let me set all that up.”

Sheila went into the bar set up in one room, she got a martini, but wasn’t really looking for company. However, two younger guys, who were grabbing beers, immediately came over, one behind her and one to her front. They chatted for a few minutes, Sheila loved their robes were open and they had some nice thick cocks, she noticed as she looked at each, that one was cut and one was not. Very quickly the trio were doing more than just sharing a drink.

Soon the guy behind was grinding into her ass to the beat of the music, while massaging her big, sensitive tits. He loved the piercings of course. His buddy was right in front of her and had one hand just about buried in her pussy, relentlessly stroking in and out as he played with her clit piercing and clit. She wasn’t shy either but was using both hands on her partner’s hard cocks, stroking them and then taking the precum off her fingers into her mouth. Sheila quickly came, and was about to get the guys off when Anna reappeared.

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