My Name is Anna

My name is Anna. I am a twin sister to Nikki. We are from the Czech Republic. My sister recently moved into an apartment opposite a lovely girl called Jane. Nikki and Jane have had several conversations and got on really well, it is clear they really fancy each other.

Jane is a Sales Exec and has been away on business for a few days. She telephoned Nikki and arranged to cook dinner on Saturday evening with Nikki to stay over. The problem is Nikki is in a relationship she does not want to endanger. so I agreed to take Nikki’s place pretending to be her. However, Nikki and are opposites personality-wise. We are identical in looks, both 5’11, long blond hair, blue eyes, 36c,25, 36. She is outgoing, confident, I am shy, lack confidence and am submissive.


I rang Jane’s doorbell, my stomach churning. Jane opened the door she is gorgeous 5’9, 34b, 24, 36, blond hair in a pony, blue/green eyes, toned and firm from the gym she visits 3/4 times weekly. She was wearing a tee, no bra, with a bare midriff and a rus escort micro mini skirt in black. Her long legs seemed to go on forever.

I wore a summer dress thigh length with two shoulder straps.

Jane hugged me and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Darling you look gorgeous. I am so pleased to get to know you at last Nikki. You said my pussy will be dripping all night.”

She giggled.

“Come in wine is poured.”

She gave me another kiss, I smiled shyly.

“Oh gosh, she is so beautiful, really stunning.”

I thought. Nikki had told me Jane is 25, we are 28. We sat next to each other on the sofa. Our clothes had ridden up showing plenty of legs and thighs. I had to admit we were both sexy.

Over dinner Jane kept the conversation going, but, when she asked if I had met certain other people in various apartments I did not have a clue and just made non-committal replies. We finished dinner which was delicious.Jane poured us each a large Margarita and we were both back in the lounge on the sofa.

“Nikki, is everything OK?”

“Of course Jane.”

“It’s just you don’t seem to be yourself, I would almost think you are shy but I know that is so unlike you, are you comfortable being here with me? I thought we had the hots for each other? If you have had a change of heart please say so.”

My heart went out to her I just could not deceive her any longer. I told her everything, how we had pulled an April Fool on her. At first, she looked furious then burst out laughing.

“So you are submissive. Well I am not a dominatrix but let’s see how the evening pans out.”

She grabbed my hands pulling me to the middle of the room.

“I want to look at your body, so I will undress you, no talking or touching me understand?”

“I nodded.”

Jane slipped my shoulder straps off letting my dress fall to the floor.

“Put it on the sofa BITCH.”

I obeyed. Jane walked behind me. She slowly licked the back of my neck then ukraynalı escort all the way down to my panties, raking her nails as she went.

I trembled, so aroused. She hooked her fingers into mt panties yanking them down.

She removed my bra and handed it to me.

“Put this and your panties with your dress.”

I bent over.


I bit my lip to prevent from crying out.

When I returned.

“Bend over whore.”

Jane pulled my ass cheeks wide exposing my ass and pussy. She inserted a finger in my ass and two in my pussy and began to fuck both. I was desperate to cum. She withdrew her fingers and faced me

sucking the fingers from my cunt.

“Lick this finger slut.”

I licked, smelling the aroma from my ass and cleaned the finger.

“Do you want to cum?”

I nodded.

“Not until you have permission slut.”

Jane then BIT each nipple and thrust 3 fingers into my cunt. She fucked me vigorously. I thought if I don’t cum I will pass out. She curled

her fingers and found my g-spot.

“Cum now whore.”

My cunt spasmed as I gushed with a massive orgasm.

“I will have to punish you with a spanking for your deception.”

I think the evening promises to be spectacular.

Girl Honey.

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