Him Ch. 03

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~~A special thanks to BDSMBill for his volunteer editing and his encouragement to keep writing.~~

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Liz left Nick’s house still feeling a little lost and dazed, but that was okay. He dropped her off at her car at the bar, and of course there was a note on the windshield. She knew before picking it up what it was going to say. Nick got out and walked to her car and noticed the paper as well.

“What is it Liz?”

“Oh, nothing, probably just a ticket Nick.”

About that time Nick grabbed her, pulling her face to look Him in the eye. “I won’t ask again Liz.” Liz’s tears began to fall as she did not want Him to read the note, but something inside made her hand it over to Nick.


You fucking whore. I see you went and found someone to fuck around with on me. On ME!!! Of all people. After I treated you so well. You piece of shit slut. Fat cunt. I will come by and show you just what I mean about our relationship. You are not allowed to see ANYONE. Period. You better call me by noon today.


Liz was visibly shaken ‘cause she knew Jeff could be violent. He was the state trooper that kept paging her in the bar. Nick reached out and gently slid a thumb over the tears that spilled over the reddened cheeks — knowing the words said had hurt her — knowing she had feelings for this guy and now felt even more insecure about herself.

Nick leaned forward, dragging her flush against His rock hard body, and pressed lips of steel against her soft pliant ones. He nibbled, licked, bit, and sucked on them until she was gasping for air. Liz was wet again already, the note almost forgotten.

“Liz, you are a beautiful woman, with a woman’s sexual desires. Have no shame in them. You are so sexy that just looking at you makes me want to bend you over your car right here and take you as hard as I can,” He said.

Liz blushed again, the tears drying up as her need had increased again, and wondering, “Would she ever see this man again? Would Nick just disappear after taking her to heights she had never been?”

Once more He leaned down, looking into her eyes. “Liz, I want to see you again, and again. I want to see you tonight. I will pick you up at 6pm,” He said.

Liz smiled, gave Him her address and phone number, and off they went in separate cars. Liz fumbled with the keys as the note now stared her in the face once more. What to do…

Liz slid onto the seats a little more carefully than usual. She was sore. Heading home, she entered the house, finding it silent. The message light was blinking, but right now she just wanted to take a hot bath. She ran up the steps to the bathroom. Her fingers twisted the knobs. The water began to flow with a smooth, trickling noise. The temperature was adjusted, the relaxing bath salts added, and Liz undressed and entered the steaming water.

She turned and looked herself over in the mirror. Is it possible this is me? She looked at the flushed skin, the radiant glow of happiness, and the eyes sparkling like raindrops. Crimson lips couldn’t conceal the smile that radiated across her features.

Liz settled down into the water. Having forgotten the flushed ass, an “ouch” permeated the air. She laid back and her thoughts drifted to last night. Hands slowly soaped up the skin, over the large breasts, around the areolas, and down the belly. Liz began to get hot as she felt His hands on her once more, moaning slightly as the cloth slid between her shaved petals. She gave a gasp at the tenderness there, but wanted more as the night replayed over and over.

Fingers began rubbing the clit harder as the other hand tweaked, pulled, and twisted the nipple of first one lovely breast, then the other. Oblivious to everything but the hot water and the thoughts of Nick, the sensations from her hands were consuming her. Liz felt the tight spiral as it started to build, the heat on her ass as she pressed two fingers deep into her slick, well-invoked, overwhelming lust.

Her hips lifted out of the water, pumping furiously fast. Her eyes closed as moan after moan escaped her parted lips. “Oh, god, I wish Nick were here,” screamed in her mind. Suddenly she screamed out as hands grabbed her from the water. All sexual desire turned cold and nothing but fear was left. Liz’s eyes flew open to see Jeff standing there. Looking down she could see His cock as it bulged against His pants. She had never played with herself in front of Him and now He was here.

“Hello Liz, did you have a good time fucking last night? Did the whore take it all?” He said.

“Jeff, stop it. You don’t own me. I can see whom I wish. You are married after all,” Liz shouted back.

Jeff smacked Liz across the face with a “Shut up bitch. Now it’s my turn to be fucked.” Jeff pushed her into the bedroom, where normally she had shared many a night with Him cuddled in His arms. Never having seen this side of Him, she was afraid. He looked at her ass and said “Ohhhh, my bitch likes it rough kuşadası escort now, eh?”

His eyes got a darkness that Liz was desperate to get away from. He jerked His clothes off. His hands pushed her onto the bed on her belly. Jeff secured both arms, stretching them so that each was tied to the opposite bed post. He positioned her so that her belly and chest pressed the bed. Her ass was raised high in the air, thighs wide apart.

He saw the red marks on her ass and it just sent Him wild. Liz had never let Him do anything like that before. Liz’s tears fell wildly. She pleaded with Jeff to stop, that it was over. They were done. But Jeff was determined that if they were done, He was getting what He felt He deserved.

His bare hand smacked her ass hard. She screamed in protest. He smacked it over and over again, not like Nick had, but harder. Jeff’s hand slipped between her thighs and felt the dampness, which drove Him to slap harder, over and over until the flesh was purple. Only then did He take His rigid staff and shove it deep into her waiting hole.

Liz couldn’t help being wet. Nick had awakened a passion that just wouldn’t go to sleep for any reason, a passion that seemed to increase from being spanked. This was different, but she was still wet. Jeff slammed into the slick well over and over again. The juices glistened on His hard length. He was buried deep inside her, deeper than ever with this position, and the warmth from her ass brushed His skin.

Jeff pulled out. Liz thought, “Thank god, He is stopping and coming to His senses,” but no, Jeff had other plans. Suddenly she felt the head of His huge cock at the entrance to her ass. “No Jeff, please no!!!”

He lubed up the area and pushed forward. Jeff had never had anal sex and pushed too hard, too fast, and just rended her. Liz screamed out in pain as the thickness stretched her so wide, she tried breathing through the pain. He began pumping furiously. Jeff was lost in the tight ass. Almost cumming as He entered, He entered the ass three times before Liz heard His words, “Oh god, oh fuck, here it comes baby.”

She felt His spasms as load after load of the hot liquid slid into her tight ass. He lay down on top of her and panted. His body relaxed. Jeff pulled out and saw blood.

“Oh god, Liz, you are bleeding. I am sorry, Liz. I love you baby. Please forgive me? I never wanted to hurt you. I just can’t stand seeing you with another guy,” He said. His voice begged as her mind ignored His pleas. Finally He said, “Liz, you better clean yourself up. You’re bleeding.”

Jeff untied her. His mood turned black again. His next words sent chills to her very core. “You can never leave me, Liz. I won’t allow it to happen. Cheat on me again, Liz. Please do it again. Just know that if you do, I will kill the man, every man, any man you ever look at again,” He said.

Jeff left Liz lying there. Her body bled. Her eyes cried. The bruises showed already. Liz knew her ass was ripped, the cheeks purple. Her entire body hurt. Liz was terrified. She had to call Nick, to cancel tonight. She knew Jeff was serious. Liz dialed the phone. Nick answered on the first ring.

“Nick, I have to cancel the date tonight. I am sorry, but I am just not interested,” Liz said hurriedly.

“Liz, that isn’t true and we both know it,” Nick said.

They hung up with the date cancelled and no plans to see each other again, but that night at 6pm the doorbell rang. Liz walked gingerly down the stairs in her robe that covered the marks and the need for a pad on her ass. She opened the door and just about fainted because it was Nick. He had ignored her call and come anyway.

“Nick, please you have to go. You have to go now,” Liz pleaded. She panicked.

“No Liz, I am not leaving you until you tell me what is going on. Now start talking,” Nick demanded.

He grabbed her arm and she flinched. Nick looked puzzled. He pulled her into his arms and she gasped in what appeared to be pain. Nick instructed Liz to drop the robe. Tears welled in her eyes, but He had a certain way about Him that she could not deny His direction. Liz slowly slid the robe off the freckle covered shoulders. At first nothing but bare flesh was revealed. Slowly it worked its way down and still nothing.

Nick told her to turn around, and of course she did. As the robe dropped, the sharp intake of Nick’s breath made Liz know He was repulsed by her. She picked up the robe and ran up the stairs as quick as she could without injuring herself further. Nick was right behind her, blocking the door before she could lock Him out.

“Liz, I did not do this to you. What happened?” He said with concern.

“No Nick, you didn’t do this to me, but because I went out with you the married man I see decided that since I liked it rough He would show me rough.”

“Jesus, look at you,” Nick replied.

Nick went to the store, returning with some creams and lotions. He smoothed the soothing cream into the welts on her ass, making sure to kuşadası escort bayan coat the area well with the goop. He then treated the ripped hole with another type of cream that actually made it feel a lot better. The burning stopped, and Liz began to feel somewhat better. Nick went down to the kitchen and fixed them both some dinner, bringing it back up. They ate in silence.

Nick pulled her into His arms, kissing her gently and tenderly. Liz started to cry again as he held her tightly. She fell asleep in his arms, not waking until late the next morning. Nick was still there holding her. She looked up, saw Him awake, and smiled at Him. She knew it was over with Jeff and she was going to have to learn to trust Nick. He seemed too good to be true, but she refused to think that way.

“Liz, once you heal I will take you back to that place of pleasure you enjoyed so much. Until then, my arms, my touch, and my kisses will have to be enough,” He said.

Liz clung to Him and basked in His care for the next few days. Finally, she was healed. During this time Jeff had called a couple of times. Nick answered the phone each time. He told Jeff He had evidence of Jeff’s violent nature, and that if He ever came around Liz again He would be locked up. Liz prayed that would be the end of Jeff but she was so unsure. He was very persistent. He would probably interfere again before everything ended for good.

Nick told Liz to get ready for a night out. He was taking her to the bar where they met. Her friends had called and were going to be there. He kissed her, catching her lip between His teeth, applying some pressure as His hands roamed to her ass. Cupping the plush flesh, he squeezed it until she ached for Him. Nick broke the kiss and said He would return by 8pm.

Liz took a quick shower. She did her hair, making sure it shined and looked the best it ever had. Her face once again was a radiant glow. She walked with ease to the closet. Fingers pulled out a forest green shirt that was sheer, so one could see the bra she chose beneath it once it was on. She picked out a lighter green bra to wear, and a pair of black jeans. As she pulled the thigh-high hose over the smooth flesh, the mirror revealed the material sculpting her calf, coming up over her knee to rest just below her shaved petals.

Liz pulled on her jeans, feeling them slide over the thigh-highs and the dark green thong. The material kissed the succulent flesh beneath. It sent shivers of heat to her hot, wet pussy. Liz added the bra, and then the shirt. Her trembling fingers applied a light amount of make-up. She made sure to accent the deep emerald eyes.

Liz grabbed her coat and headed downstairs, checked her appearance in the mirror again, and waited for Nick. Nick showed up, and when she opened the door her breath caught. Nick was dressed deviously handsome. She didn’t want to leave the house. She just wanted to stay there and explore the delights He had promised were coming.

“You look great, Liz. I could almost forget going out, but not quite,” He said.

Liz blushed, thanked Him, and followed the handsome form out to the car after the front door was secured.

Liz slid over the leather seat of His car and inhaled the Halston cologne He wore. Liz felt the ache between her thighs and the wetness that had dampened her thong. She wondered if He could smell it over her Eternity perfume. He smiled as He settled on the seat beside her. As he drove to the club, talk was light — nothing serious as his hand gripped hers in a light hold.

His thumb rubbed over the top of her hand. She smiled as shivers ran up and down her spine at His touch. Liz anticipated later tonight, clad ass tingling lightly at the thought of His hands there.

They entered the club. Liz’s cheeks were flushed from the ride over. Her friends asked questions as they had not heard from her in over a week or more. Her best friend even wondered what was going on. Liz asked Nick if she could go to the bathroom with Lori. Of course He said “yes,” but she asked anyway.

Again her friend was like, “What is up with all this permission stuff?” Liz gave her a short explanation of what had been happening, and what happened with Jeff. Lori was just in shock as she hugged Liz tightly, saying how sorry she was for all of this mess. They left the bathroom with her friend knowing just how happy she was with Nick.

Nick had a booth for them, and he stood up, which allowed her to slide in beside him. His lips touched hers briefly in the softest of kisses. Liz began to ignite. Her thoughts for days now had been His touch and the heights He carried her to in His arms — delicious thoughts of decadence and naughtiness.

Her thoughts let her be a sexual being that had repressed her desires for far too long. They sat until the music began playing something sexy and sensual. He pulled her out of the booth to the dark dance floor. Nick wrapped Liz within His arms, which began to build the fire that would threaten to consume escort kuşadası her by night’s end. His body ground against hers to the rhythm of decadence.

She lost herself in the erotic feelings and responded with abandon. Her friends were at the bar and saw them, and even Lori was shocked. The two of them were so into each other that they were oblivious to everything and everyone except themselves and their sexuality.

Liz lost herself in the erotic music. She allowed Nick to lead her where He willed and touch her as He wanted. Finally the dance ended. Liz’s face was flushed and her nipples were rock hard and visible through the sheer blouse. The couple left the dance floor hand and hand. Nick decided it was time to go. Liz said goodbye to her shocked friends, all of whom could not believe her sudden change.

Out the door they went, rushing to the car. Once inside, Nick leaned over and kissed Liz thoroughly. He guided her hand to His wooden hardness. Liz squeezed her thighs together tight, trying with each squeeze to relieve the ache there. Tongues warmed over tongues as her hand massaged Him through His jeans. Liz moaned into His mouth as His hand began to unbutton the sheer material that had teased Him all night, pulling the shirt off. Seeing that dark green against that so pale flesh had further incited Him.

Nick had been waiting, wanting to be sure Liz was healed and ready to further their play. Her nipples and body against Him on the dance floor told Him she was ready. He would take it easy again this time, nothing too intense, but He would put her in that space again. She lusted for it and He could tell. Her hand rubbed more urgently, as if massaging His cock would make her get off faster.

He broke off the kiss and whispered very softly for her to open her thighs. She was not to close them, clench them, or do any other movement that would relieve the tension building in that hot little clit. Liz’s bright eyes popped open as His whisper reached to the very core of her sex. She opened her thighs and realized just how tightly she had been squeezing them. Nick moved her hand from His crotch, started the car, and drove towards His house.

He watched her closely as she sat against the leather seat. Liz’s thighs parted widely. There was no blouse, just the dark bra that covered lush flesh beneath. Nick stopped a moment and kissed her again. Fingers felt for the clasp of the bra, removing it completely with one, fluid motion. Nick smiled as He watched Liz’s blush suffuse those lovely cheeks. His hands covered the ivory globes, tweaking and teasing the rocks of flesh. He leaned down gently and kissed each one.

Liz’s hands automatically moved to His head. Her back arched, trying to push more of the bare flesh into His hot mouth. Nick slowly removed her hands and returned to driving.

Nick pulled the car into the driveway. Liz’s thoughts were running rampant as memories of the last time at this house consumed her. She had never sat half naked in a car before. She was beet red with embarrassment, but it was for Nick, and something told her to take it and go with the flow. He opened her door and helped her out, unlocking the front door and leading her straight to the bedroom.

Neither seemed able to wait. Both wanted the other badly. Liz stopped at the door of the bedroom, emerald eyes once again drinking in the things that hung along the walls, dropped from the ceilings, and rested on the floor. It made her uneasy, her imagination too virginal to even comprehend the pleasure that would be revealed from those various items.

Nick lay upon the bed covers. He looked at Liz as she stood there so doe-eyed it was almost comical. He asked her if she trusted Him and she immediately said “yes,” but would that trust go far enough for Him to lead her down this beautiful path of dominance and submission, discovering fetishes she probably had never heard of yet, let alone ever participated in, but soon she would. Liz stood there with just her jeans and boots on, bra and shirt long gone in the car.

Nick instructed Liz to remove her jeans and put them on the black chair near the bathroom. Liz slowly unbuttoned the jeans. She attempted to tease Him as her fingers shook from nerves, but her body was on fire and all she wanted was to feel Him inside her, pushing her over the edge like the last time. Liz removed the boots, and then the jeans finally were off. Soft hands placed both items on the chair. Nick’s tongue slipped out slowly and slid over His bottom lip.

Liz walked towards Him in nothing but black thigh high hose. Nick told her to stop. He instructed her that to come to Him she must ask, that it was a privilege to be in His bed. Liz faltered, and apologized profusely, explained she didn’t know or understand. Nick’s voice was a “shhhhhhh” as He crooked His finger, instructing her to the bed. She crawled upon the bed and knelt there.

Liz had no idea exactly what she was doing. It was just a natural feeling to kneel there before Him. His hand reached out, grabbed a huge handful of flame colored curls, and pulled her hard against Him. Lips met, tongues danced, and His hands filled with the luscious globes of flesh. He pulled on the nipples and elicited moan after moan from the supplicant Liz. He loved how she responded in His arms.

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