Puppy Girl Ch. 05

Big Tits

Sorry for the long wait, you’ll be pleased to know I’m already going on the next chapter. I eat feedback, and I’m very hungry! Thanks to everyone who reads, votes, and comments. I actually just speed read the fifty shades series, can anyone explain to me the buzz about it? It was a great story, but I’ve read a few stories here on Literotica that I’d want to see as movies before Fifty Shades.


I knew it was the dead of the night, even though my small cage had become a windowless box with the fabric draped over it. I could handle being humiliated and degraded by David, when that meant I could get the sex I wanted out of it. But I was left alone, again. I was beyond unhappy. I was done. I know now that there is a part of me that wants to submit, and be controlled, but I was being hurt, ignored, and left feeling dejected. Was that his plan, keep me around as a possession, box me up whenever he was bored with me? And this goddamn tablecloth. My mind was shrieking in agony, I wanted to see something, anything, so badly. I wanted to count down the seconds until I was out of here, but he had to let me go first.

I must have drifted off for a while, because the next thing I knew I was feeling warmth of the light starting to come into the room. I longed to stretch out, to feel the comfort of a soft bed. Just then, there was finally sound, the fumbling of keys at the door, and the sound of it swinging open.

“In you go, hurry up.” I heard David say, distant; he must have still been in the other room. Was there someone else he was talking to?

“Brooke, you still there honey?” As if there was anywhere else I could be. “I have someone I want you to meet, pet.”

The cloth was pulled off the top of me, light flooded into my eyes, and I squinted, realizing there were two figures in front of me. David stood over my cage, looking down at me, smiling as though he was pleased. He was wearing the same clothes as last night, but he didn’t appear to be disheveled at all. I saw in his hand a leather leash, and I followed it to the neck of a brunette girl, she had to be just a few years older than me. She was thin, very tan skin, and she looked to be pretty short. It was hard to tell, she was on all fours, naked, with her eyes lowered to the floor.

“This is Christina,” David said as he motioned toward her, “She used to be my puppy, just like you. She is shy, but very obedient, and will she obey every command I give her.”

I remained still, shocked and dumbfounded. There were others? A flare of jealousy rose, even though I wanted nothing more to do with him. Where did she come from? Does David have all these girls on call? Why is she here? As if he heard my unspoken questions, David began to speak,

“I think you’re wondering what’s going on, little one. I brought her here to show you what it means to be a good puppy. She’s learned, and so will you.”

His words hung in the silent room. Christina hadn’t even stolen a glance; she looked like a mindless robot, waiting for the next command. That couldn’t be me, I hoped that wasn’t me. I swallowed hard, struggling to find my voice,

“David, I…I want to be… done. No more…” I stammered. David gave me a confused look through the bars, before getting close, and squatting, so that we were face to face.

“No.” He said firmly. “You are mine, and I’ve put in too much to just let you walk out the door.”

“Wh-… What?”

“You heard me.” His voice was steely and cold. “You’re not done, because I’m not finished with you. You will feel much differently once you complete what I have in store for you today.”

Was it a threat? I was trying to let him know that I couldn’t continue, this wasn’t a game for me anymore, but I lost my voice again. David leaned in even closer, his voice a whisper,

“You know I punish disobedience. But today is different.” He paused, and for a second, there was a glimmer of hope. “Christina is experienced, you are not. So every time you disobey, she will be punished instead of you. If she acts out, then you will get it.”

He started to smirk as I realized what he meant. I wondered, did she really wanted to be here, or was she a victim? The door of my cage was finally opened, and he motioned for me to crawl out. I was paralyzed, in fear, in disbelief, in pure shock. How could I not have seen who he really was?

“OUT. NOW, Brooke,” David shouted.

True to his word, he brought his palm down hard on Christina’s naked butt, and she cried out, shaking me out of my stupor. She had barely moved though, still in the same place David had put her. David yanked my collar up towards him, moving to clip my leash on. Instinctively, I pulled away, and I looked up at his face, wrought with annoyance and frustration. He released me, turned around, and struck Christina with my leash, like a whip.

“BAD GIRL Brooke. You WILL do as you’re told!” He struck the other girl a couple more times.

“S-s-stop! Please, I’ll görükle escort be better!” I burst.

David regarded me quickly, obviously unhappy. Looking into my eyes the entire time, he whipped Christina again, harder. She cried out again, and as I turned, I saw the tears slowly running down her cheeks.

“My puppies do not speak unless spoken to, and they refer to me as ‘Master’ or ‘Sir’, understood?”

For emphasis, he whipped her again, hard. Wave after wave of guilt crashed into me, and I felt a few tears welling up. I nodded solemnly at David, deliberately raising up and exposing my collared neck to him. I think he was pleased, I could sense a smug grin on his face. I thought I could tell David I was done, and he would let me go, but now it was different. This poor girl was going to get beaten if I didn’t shape up, I felt so sorry for her. As David grabbed both of us by the leash, I tried to catch her eye, show her my apologetic look, but her eyes remained ever-glued to the floor.

As we walked on fours behind him, I felt afraid. What was this girl like before she had met David? How did she become this mindless, obedient, sex slave, and was he trying to make me the same? David interrupted my thoughts,

“Brooke, it seems to me you don’t fully understand the benefit of belonging to me…” Other than being a naked play-thing? “On the bed, lie on your back, now.”

His command was edgy, and remembering the pain I caused Christina, I quickly obeyed. I hopped up, rolled on to my back, staring straight at the ceiling, feeling extremely aware of my nakedness again. Roughly, David grabbed both my arms bringing them above my head. He smoothly closed leather cuffs around my wrists, binding me to the headboard.

“Spread your legs. Wide.”

I obeyed, and I blushed a deep shade of red as I felt myself being very lewdly displayed. David moved around the bed, and I watched him as he quickly secured my ankles to the corners with rope. Was he going to take me like this? I knew I didn’t want him, but my body had been betraying me all weekend, I needed to make a stand here. Somehow.

I mentally prepared myself for him on top of me, closing my eyes tightly as I waited for him to join me. After a minute, I could feel another body on the bed. I winced, and tensed up, as I could feel him stepping closer and closer to me. The first thing I felt was tongue tracing up my thigh, finding a path until it pushed against my sex. I arched my back involuntarily, gasping as electricity surged through my body. His hands gripped my hips as David started to work his tongue into my pussy, licking and dragging it slowly. Suddenly I heard his voice next to my ear,

“I know you will fight it, but imagine all the pleasure you could feel if you would only submit to me…” he whispered.

My eyes shot opened, and as I looked down, Christina’s head, not David’s, was between my legs, dutifully eating me out. I closed my eyes again, my head spinning. I had never been attracted to girls, but my god, she was so good! I wriggled and writhed but my bonds left me immobile, and it was painful to struggle. Still, I tensed my body as hard as I could, trying to fight the pleasure that was invading my body. I felt a masculine hand on my belly, moving around my chest. David grabbed one of my breasts, giving it a firm squeeze, his thumb running over my nipple, tweaking it a little, before repeating the treatment on my other.

It was here, my urge, my uncontrollable lust. I silently cursed my body’s betrayal. How could I be so easy, I was weak… and powerless. I finally relaxed, sighing loudly. I arched my back again, moaning as Christina moved deeper, her fingers toying with my sensitive clit. I was silenced by David’s lips crashing down on mine, his tongue invading my mouth. I started to shudder, and David pulled up, staring right into my eyes.

“You’re close, pet. Don’t fight it, you’re going to cum for me, right here, right now.”

‘No!’ I thought to myself. ‘I can’t let it be this easy! I can’t… I can’t…’ But as if on cue, David grabbed both my boobs, kneading them, playing with the sensitive nubs. The sensation was enough to send me over the edge, and my mind was a cloud of bursting orgasmic bubbles. My eyes rolled back in my head, and I shook violently as my unwanted climax conquered me body.

As I came to, I was free from my bonds. Christina was sitting up on the bed, her face totally unreadable. Did she like doing that to me, did she hate it? Do I turn her on, is she even a lesbian? My silent deliberation was cut short again however,

“Switch places, now.” David barked. “You’re going to return the favor Brooke,”

I froze. Did… did he actually expect me to pleasure another woman? One look on his commanding, dominant face was all I needed to tell me yes. Christina had already crawled around me, waiting for me to move. I rose, moving out of her way. David pushed me aside as he copied the bonds that bursa escort bayan were used on me, Christina’s wrists tied above her, and her legs spread apart and secured.

David must have noticed my apprehension, and he smiled, “What’s the matter pup? Don’t you like your new friend?” he teased. “Don’t tell me you’ve never eaten pussy before?”

I shook my head no.

“Well trust me, its not that hard.” David grabbed a handful of my hair, and positioned me between the bound girl’s legs. I’d never seen another girl’s vagina, not this close. She was totally bare, and I could make out that she was starting to get a little wet already. I leaned down, examining it closely, still unsure of what to do. David was obviously through waiting, he gave me a slap on the butt cheek, and I was pushed forward, my lips making contact with her opening.

She let out a soft sigh at the contact, and experimentally, I let my tongue come out, gently touching the outside of her pussy, testing the taste. It wasn’t bad, so I continued, lost in the moment. I had come down from my earlier orgasm, and yet my heart was beating so fast. I was nervous, excited, scared, worried, a flurry of emotions going through my head. I must have slowed down or stopped, because Christina whimpered, wriggling her hips as my head sat between her thighs.

I felt David’s hand grab my ass, holding on and squeezing.

“Come on, give her more pet. After all, she did it for you,” he taunted. He pushed my body forward, and still couldn’t bring myself to pleasure her with all the vigor she had used on me.

“Fine. If she doesn’t cum in 5 minutes, someone’s getting punished, HARD.”

I looked back at David incredulously; surely this had to be unreasonable of him?

He started at me for a moment, than said shortly, “Four minutes, forty-five seconds.” Christina whimpered again, and I turned, staring at her. She returned my gaze for the first time today, her eyes were pleading, scared and desperate. I swallowed, and started to lick. I had no idea what I was doing, but I tried to mimic what others had done to me. I swirled my tongue fast around her lower lips, and her groan helped me know I was doing a good job. I brought my hands up, petting her thighs, trying anything I could think of to be pleasurable to her. I pressed deeper, and inhaled sharply, her scent was fierce. I pressed my tongue, pushing past the pink folds of flesh, and Christina shivered. I did my best to imitate having sex, bobbing my head back and forth, thrusting my flexed tongue in and out. Every so often I would look up, trying to study her face, but her eyes were closed, biting her lip.

“Hurry up, she’s almost out of time…” David said threateningly.

I reached underneath her, squeezing her butt, kissing, suckling, and tonguing as fast as possible. I sucked on her clit, all my inhibitions gone, only trying to beat the clock. David spoke again,

“That’s it, you’re out of t—”


Christina shrieked loudly, and without any other warning, her warm juices started rushing out, on to my tongue, face, and running off her legs. I stood motionless, did I just do that? David tugged my leash back, pointing my face up as he examined it. Christina’s release was still on my face, and with two fingers, he wiped some off, then pressed them into my mouth, making me suck them, taking in her taste.

“Barely, but you made it, I’m proud of both of you.” He stroked my cheek tenderly. God, how could he be so bipolar, first he’s hitting us, now he’s comforting me? David grabbed my waist, and with impressive strength, he moved me, and laid me right on top of the still-cuffed Christina.

“I think you both earned a reward… so try to enjoy it.”

David, with a never-ending supply of tying-up equipment, produced more rope. He positioned my body so I was directly on top of the smaller girl, face down, my face only inches away from hers. Quickly he tied my arms above me, alongside hers, and then I heard the sound of his clothes coming off, and hitting the floor.

No. No. No, I couldn’t enjoy this. He just forced me to go to third base with a helpless stranger, and now he was going to fuck me for it? Fuck us for it? I willed my body to shut down, to stop feeling, but it seemed that every time I was bound and immobile, the sensations were heightened all the more. I felt his presence behind us, I bit my lip, and looked ahead of me and Christina. Her expression shocked me; it wasn’t one of fear, shyness, or even lust. It was just… acceptance. I felt hands on my hips, and he ground himself forward, but it must have been her that he was entering. Her eyes rolled back, her jaw went slack, and I could only stare at her face. David bumped into me with every thrust, and Christina started making high pitched, soft cries when he picked up the pace. Without warning, he grabbed my hips harder, and then his cock was buried inside me. I cried out, the feeling of bursa escort fullness was overwhelming. David was merciless, his hips banged into mine as he pushed himself all the way inside my well-lubricated pussy.

David kept this pattern: he would take me for a while, and then switch to the other helpless girl beneath him. I didn’t know what was worse, the hard fucking he gave me as I was powerless to resist, or having to watch Christina endure the same treatment inches from me. And just as I had for the past few days, my body responded. Unwanted pleasure rocked the core of my being, and it seemed just before I could recover, David’s length was back inside. His thrusting became more erratic, and sharing a glance with Christina, we could tell he was close.

We must have been right, David quickly hopped off the bed, and came to the side.

“Grnngh, turn to me girls,” he ordered with labored breath.

It was hard to both look sideways at him, we lay cheek touching cheek, watching David pump himself, his cock aimed right at our faces. He groaned loudly, and I closed my eyes, feeling his cum hit my face, it ran down my jaw line, my nose, and I was sure there was some in my hair. David let out a strong sigh of relief, and I peeked my eye open; I guess he was spent, too.

“Kiss.” He ordered, and again, my mind froze and went blank. “Clean each other up.” I turned to Christina, looking for some sign of what to do, how to react, but she was already leaning forward, and she took a long lick across my cheek, and David’s cum was on her tongue as she leaned back. I stood immobile, how could this girl obey him so blindly? As if she was answering, her lips met mine, and she softly kissed me, her tongue sliding around my face. She leaned back, and I realized that she was giving me access to do the same to her. My face went red again, as I reluctantly obeyed, slowly taking the mess off her face with my tongue. I leaned down for a quick kiss, hoping for some sort of reassuring smile, or anything, as I did. There was only her lips meeting mine, and she closed her eyes, I hoped she wasn’t enjoying this, too!

“Hmmmm, it’s good to see you two getting along so well…” David taunted as he untied us from the bed. Every muscle was jelly, but I still managed to slink off of Christina. I felt her curl, and guilt came over me again. I had done everything with this girl, and I still had yet to speak a word to her.

“Clean yourselves quickly in the bathroom, then come out, and eat.” David’s orders were still crisp, but he was at least in a better mood. I might be able to get out of here without any more pain. David left the room, and Christina sat up, started walking to the bathroom (on two feet!). Without the sexually charged atmosphere, I covered myself, following her into the adjacent bathroom. She seemed detached, almost emotionless as she turned the shower on. I wanted to reach out to her, tell her I felt her agony.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t hav-” I was silenced by her finger on my lips. She shook her head.

No? What did that mean? No, we can’t talk? No, I shouldn’t feel guilty? She tugged my arm, leading me into the shower. At first I thought she was going to join me, but she waited at the sink. I closed my eyes, and let the water run over me. I felt so dirty, so used, like a toy, or a piece of clothing, and now I was going through the laundry. I leaned my head and stared at the wall, lost in thought.

The shower door opened, “Psst, hurry. We can’t make Master wait.”

I turned around, I guess I was clean enough so I stepped out, but I was dumbfounded. She took my place in the shower, and she hurriedly rubbed the water and soap over her body. I must have looked like I was ogling her, but I didn’t care. Was she really that brainwashed? David wasn’t even here, yet she followed his rules, and still feared his wrath. I was absolutely perplexed, and then terrified. The past hour (or more, I don’t even know) was filled with sex, kinky, rough sex, and I participated, enthusiastically. Was that how he got to her, was that how he was getting to me? I still haven’t managed to hold back my desire, and at every pass I’ve tried.

Christina only took a few minutes, and she was out. She handed me a towel, and we dried off quickly. Without a word, she took the towel from me, did her hair in a ponytail, before doing the same to mine. She opened the bathroom door, and dropped to all fours, and headed out into the main area. I was still dumbstruck, but distant clinking snapped me out of it. I ran a couple steps before dropping to my knees as well. I suddenly felt very self-aware. When did the last shred of pride leave me? I dropped to walking on my fours, just because that was what I was ordered to do. Maybe I was losing my willpower…

A bowl of hot food was slid in front of me, jarring me from my thoughts. Christina was already bent over on the other side of David, taking graceful bites as she leaned her head into it. I did the same. The food wasn’t bad, but it was tasteless to me. I still felt exhausted, even with the short reprieve I had in the shower. I longed to stretch out, to have clothes on, this was just too much. But I would hurt Christina if I didn’t go along with it all; I had no choice.

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