The Writing Convention

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At 5’6, 110 pounds, with long dishwater blonde hair, and hazel green eyes, I, more often than not, seemed to have a boyfriend throughout most of my high school days. At that time, I was the prototypical athletic type, experimenting with a variety of sports until I settled upon gymnastics. I also experienced some wild sexual adventures which I loved but it wasn’t until I entered college before I discovered my true passion.

As it turned out, that passion was writing. During my free time between studying and partying as an undergrad, I would write short stories. Many of those were assignments in my Literature class but I also found myself writing for enjoyment. My stories covered wide ranges of topics and the more I pushed the envelope, the more I enjoyed it.

During that time, the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James had already been out awhile but the movie hadn’t. My Literature professor often discussed it in class and I had heard some friends of my mother, talk about how erotic it was. I decided to read it and to my surprise, I wasn’t excited. The entire time I was reading, all I could think about was how I could write it better and more erotic. I never finished the first chapter.

I was apprehensive in the beginning so I decided it would be easier just to write about a true high school sexual encounter. As my first story, I really didn’t have to create a tale but rather pull from my own memory and paint a picture of that experience. I found that writing about sex was very cathartic and arousing to me. I submitted the story, it was published and when I began to get feedback, I was hooked.

During the time I wrote erotica, I would also squeeze in some non-erotic anecdotes. Those anecdotes were soon transformed into a small novel in which I sent to several publishers. In spite of many rejections, I would receive complimentary assessments of my writing talents. Of course I wasn’t so naïve to think when I got invited to a writer’s convention over a weekend in Phoenix, that it was probably a money making ploy for that particular publishing company. However, I was only 21 years old and I also believed that I could make some true author connections and build my knowledge, not to mention, enjoy myself at a very nice resort.

The convention was during my holiday break in December so I wanted to see if my boyfriend Shane could go with me but it just wasn’t feasible. He had to stay back and run his business so my next option was to see if a friend would go with me and when the third one’s plans fell through, I thought to myself, “The heck with it. I’m going alone and just relax while learning about writing. I won’t have to worry about someone else’s agenda.” I serviced my jeep, packed my clothes and prepared for the long weekend.

When that Friday arrived, the six hour drive went smoothly and I checked into the resort around 5pm. The room was nice and cozy but the resort was very open and spacious with a large pool, game area, lounge, bar, gift shop and just about anything one could do to relax. It really looked like a 5 star hotel. That evening, all the guests were invited into a large banquet hall for a huge dinner with the famous Arizona author Stephenie Meyer who wrote the Twilight books, as the guest speaker.

She was very interesting and I received a jolt of encouragement just by listening to her speak. After dinner, I headed to the bar and consumed a few drinks while involving myself in stimulating conversation with several people. I was having fun and I slowly began to get tipsy. By then, it was probably close to 10pm and I wanted to go for a swim in the unseasonably warm evening air. I put on my two-piece light blue bathing suit with a triangle bikini bottom. With a drink in one hand and a towel in the other, I slipped on my sandals and headed down to the pool.

The entire pool area was gorgeous with a large flowing waterfall fountain in the middle of it and colored lights keeping everything dimly illuminated. Since it was beginning to get late, only three other people were there. A mature gentleman was sitting in a lawn chair with his laptop and he was pounding away on the keyboard to which I assumed he was writing. There was another older couple relaxing in the corner sitting chairs.

Dropping my towel on the concrete, I slid into the crisp, cool water. It was so refreshing that I pushed off the wall and swam several feet under the clear liquid. I would periodically swim, drink my adult beverage, then kick my head back and relax. My tipsy state was slowly becoming an inebriated state. After swimming for nearly 30 minutes, the couple had vanished into the side door when I popped up out of the water and loudly asked the gentleman, “Hi there. I’m Brittni. Whatcha writing?”

The man looked up above his glowing computer and smiled, “I’m Bill. Nice to meet you. Right now, I’m working on something a little different.”

While dripping, I pranced over to him, leaving little wet footprints from my bare feet so that I could peek over his shoulder, “Hey, what are you working on? I want to see,” travesti porno I playfully asked.

He responded, “Uh, I don’t know. I write a lot of…how should I put this? Stories that contain…sex.”

My eyes widened, “Get out of here! No way! You write erotica? That is so ironic because I have been writing it for a while myself.”

We began to talk and share our stories about what prompted us to start writing erotica. We also spoke about our lives and he told me about his lovely wife Linda who was there with him but retired to her room early due to a headache. The happy couple was not only there for the writer’s convention but were celebrating his 50th birthday. Bill was from Arizona and worked a dream job at a museum which afforded him time to write when the work was finished. He was older but handsome and had an easy quality about him. He used the word “vanilla” but I could tell he was much more than that. I would use the word, “charismatic,” to describe Bill.

He asked, “You ever publish your work on any online sites?”

I smiled, “Yes a few. I have used a few of them but Literotica is my favorites because of the feedback for each story.”

Bill paused for a second with a stunned look in his eye, “You wouldn’t happen to be Brittni4u on there would you?”

I just about choked, “Now you’re messing with me aren’t you? I am! What is your name on there?”

When he told me that his name was Fountainpen67, I just about flipped, “You have left comments on my stories! I love your “Mom’s Big Bed” series. I have masturbated to them.”

Bill shuddered for a second and joked, “Too bad I wasn’t there to see that. While we are confessing, I have jerked off to so many of your stories. You are one of my favorite authors.”

I blushed, “Thank you. That is so sweet of you to say. That is the ultimate compliment when a guy can pull his cock out and jerk it to my stories, especially the ones that are true experiences. Wow, it is such a small world.”

Just knowing I was speaking to a mature guy whose work I respected, turned me on. Adding to my arousal, I blamed my alcohol consumption, the fact I was swimming because the chorine smell makes me horny, and I was connecting with that attractive man, almost 30 years older than me.

He slowly lifted the laptop lid and smiled, “Guess what I’m working on? You can be the first to read it.”

I was elated when I saw that it was the next chapter of “Mom’s Big Bed.” Bill slid back and spread his legs to allow me to sit down between them like a daughter on her father’s lap. By then, my bare back and bikini covered bottom were nearly dry so I wasn’t worried when he pressed up against them. As I read on, I felt my pussy start to get moist. I really wanted to rub it but was worried I would be seen from an onlooker’s window. As I became more aroused, my guard came down and I purposely shifted back to feel Bill’s erection pressing against the inside of his shorts.

When I finished the last sentence, I looked around the dimly lit pool area and whispered to Bill, “That was great. I’m so wet. Feel me.”

Bill was shocked at my request, “Uh…Uh…hon…it’s not that I don’t want to. You see…I’m…I’m here with my wife and I’m happily married.”

I stood up, positioned myself to his side before responding, “I know silly and I have a boyfriend but I’m not asking you to marry me. I want you to feel how wet my pussy is right now.”

His eyes just about came out of his head when I pulled the think bikini bottom to the side, exposing my smooth vaginal lips. Bill looked around, hesitated before reaching his hand out.

When his middle finger slid inside my gash, he gasped, “Oh my, that is wet. You weren’t’ kidding. You are very tight also.”

I took hold of his wrist with both my hands and began to use it like a dildo when I manually slid his finger in and out of me, “There we go. That feels amazing. Put another one in.”

With his arm extended between my legs, Bill added a second finger so that I could feel more girth, “How is that hon?”

“Maybe just one more,” I requested. When that third finger was added, I cooed, “Ahhhh, there it is!” My juices were coagulating over this three digits and soon we could both hear the sloshing sound of me using his fingers to fuck myself.

I would slow down, then grind them into my pussy. During one point, I was actually imagining I was using an inanimate object to masturbate in the nighttime cool air. Fantasizing about someone watching was no longer a hindrance but a catalyst. Bill was allowing me to satisfy myself as I saw fit. He would add a little wiggle to some of the thrusts until I neared orgasm.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum. Stay just like that,” I directed Bill while using his wrist and fingers. “Here it comes! Oh, there….Ooooooooooo, yesssss. Aughhhh, yesssss!”

I stopped masturbating to feel the last few twitches of my vagina. My pussy was now soaked and those juices had worked their way up over Bill’s entire hand. When I pulled it out, I could güzel porno see it was damp. I lifted his hand to my face, slid those same fingers into my mouth and sucked like I was giving them a blowjob. I loved how my fluid tasted. Pulling his fingers out of my mouth, I stuck them into Bill’s. He hungrily lapped my taste off his own hand.

Bill grabbed me by my arms, pressing them into my body before physically manipulating me until I sat down on the lawn chair. I was in my previous seat, only now I was now facing him. He became the aggressor and put one hand on the back of my shoulder, and stuffed a finger into my eager pussy with the other hand. His palm was up and he only used the middle finger but it was in as deep as possible. Bill leaned forward for better leverage and started finger fucking my hole with great ferocity.

My pussy twitched more as it accepted the vigorous pumping. His face was only a few inches from mine. He unclenched his jaws and planted a huge kiss on my mouth. I let out a scream inside his lips before quaking to an amazing orgasm! When I started cumming, the sloshing never ceased as Bill was on a mission. He wanted me to have a multiple and within a minute after my first one, the second one hit me like a ton of bricks. I squirted on his stomach and crotch while Bill stopped thrusting his digit and let me enjoy my climax.

Even after he pulled his finger out, my pussy continued spasming. I felt bad that the front of his pants looked like he peed himself but I figured he wouldn’t be overly upset. I situated my bikini bottom to cover my vagina as I stood up. Bill’s smile quickly turned to shock when I tapped the lawn chair’s back, causing it to slip from its notch and fall down until the entire chair was laying down flat. It was my turn to position him when I gripped both his shoulders and pulled until he was also lying down flat on his back.

When I saw his straining bulge trying to poke through his damp trunks, I began to rub it from the outside while chuckling, “What do we have here? Something is very hard and needs me to take care of it.”

“I don’t know about that, my wife is in…” said the reluctant Bill before I cut him off, “Shhhhh. You just need to relax and let Brittni make it all better,” I interrupted while I tugged his trunks down.

Out sprung his 6 inch cock which by that time, was leaking profusely. Using both his precum and a large quantity of my spit, I stood off to his side and stroked his hard-on with my right hand.

I cooed while I continued to look around for people showing up, “There you go. I’m going to return the favor. Doesn’t that feel so good?”

Bill groaned, “Ohhh, yes it does hon. We really should…stop.”

I laughed, “I don’t think so,” before spotting a bottle of suntan lotion someone had left on a small table.

I stopped, went over and took the tropical blend ointment back to where Bill was lying with his cock on top of his shirt. I squirted a huge glob of the wonderfully smelling lotion all over his dick. It was so greasy, he was the one now making the sloshing sound with every stroke of my hand. He gurgled in pleasure when my warm hand pumped his rod a little faster.

With his shorts only down a few inches past his balls and his shirt in the way, I pulled it up to his chest, offering my encouragement, “I want you to shoot it all over your belly and chest. I want to see how far you can do it.”

Bill dug his heels between the chair’s straps, lifted his ass up and grunted, “Ughhaughhh! Yea! Aughhhh!”

His cock was spurting a large dose of cum all over my intended target. The first shot did land in his chest hairs which I found very sexy but the largest mess was coagulated on his stomach. Mixed with the white lotion, my hand was covered in a tacky paste. I kept jacking him off, even after the shooting stopped.

Bill put his hand down to stop mine because of over sensitivity and smiled through his gasp, “Oh my. That felt great! You are such a wicked girl, you know that don’t you?”

After wiping my hand, I then used the beach towel to clean his slime off him. Tossing the towel in the bin, I giggled, “I hope to see you tomorrow. Don’t forget to pull your pants up.”

I walked to my room, showered, and changed into night clothes which were basically my black Raider jersey, panties, and ankle socks. I read two more of Fountainpen67’s stories before I slept soundly and when I awoke, I immediately thought about my public tryst with that 50 year old stranger and could think of nothing more than doing it again. After the day’s itinerary had been followed with two interesting guest speakers and a writing class, I was horny for more play with Bill.

Between the gift shop and the lounge area was a little hallway with a small custodial closet located directly in the middle. After persuading Rico, the man on duty, to let me borrow the key for a little while, I was hoping my plan would come together. I hung out, sitting in the lounge area, drinking a few daiquiris, playing on my phone for anal porno over an hour before I spotted Bill and his wife coming down the steps.

With my long hair in a ponytail and wearing white short shorts, a tank, and flip flops, I scurried to the closet with a loud clap, clap, clap, clap sound emitting from the shoes smacking my bare feet. I unlocked the door, stepped inside and left it cracked, waiting for Bill like a trapdoor spider awaits its prey.

His wife wondered into the gift shop, looking around while Bill stayed in the lounge watching something on the large television. When he began to walk towards the gift shop, I made my move, swung the door open and grabbed Bill, before pulling him into the closet. Momentarily, he was startled and had no idea what was happening until I flipped the light on.

As the small room was now illuminated, Bill could see the smile on my face before asking, “What in the world? You scared me.”

I whispered, “I’m sorry. I just needed to see you. I was wanting to thank you properly for a great experience last night.”

He was antsy when he replied, “Honey, my wife is just in that room outside this door. She is going to be looking for me any minute.”

For the second time in less than twenty four hours, I shushed him, “Shhhhhh, it’s ok. Good thing this will only take a minute.”

I slowly sank to my knees in front of him with the strong smell of cleaning agents present in the confined room. I unzipped his khaki shorts and pulled out his stiffening cock.

I whispered, “There he is,” then looked up at Bill before smiling, “You enjoy this, cause I know I will.”

I gobbled his protruding erection with my lips, causing Bill to nearly step back when he felt my warm mouth. I could taste vagina all over it. He let out a long, quiet sigh as I began to suck his dick. I gently tickled the shaft with my finger nails every time my mouth slid off it. He was grunting intermittently, non-verbally telling me he liked the head I was giving him. I continued to look up with sexy eye contact the entire time.

His 6 incher didn’t stand a chance against my wet, warm orifice and within a few minutes, he lurched his hips forward as he shot his thick cum into the back of my throat before it pooled on my tongue. I loved every throb of that veiny shaft as it filled my mouth. When he was finished ejaculating, he coughed in sexual bliss. I slowly pulled my mouth off his deflating cock and swallowed his salty load before zipping up his shorts, standing and dusting off my reddened knees.

Bill sighed deeply, “Wow, Britt. I don’t know where you learned it but you suck cock like a pro. That was incredible but I’ve gotta get out of here before my wife kills me. By the way, how did you get use of this closet?”

I laughed while licking my lips, “Let’s just say, this isn’t the first blowjob I’ve given today.”

He shook his head, “With skills like that, I can see why.”

I asked, “Was I mistaken or did I taste pussy all over your cock?”

He nodded, “Yes you did. All night, I kept thinking about what we did out by the pool so I woke up with a raging hard-on. After my shower, Linda and I made love before the first speaker session.”

I interjected with a snicker, “You came a lot just now. That is very good for your third time in less than 24 hours.”

He smiled, “Actually it was only my second time. While Linda and I were doing it, I made her orgasm twice and before I had mine, I got a cramp in my thigh and had to stop.”

I laughed jokingly, “I guess it was a good thing I came along to finish the job.”

Knowing he had to leave, I handed him one of my room key cards and said, “I don’t know if you will get a chance to come up to my room but take this just in case you do. It’s room 455.”

Without saying a word, Bill took the card, slipped it in his pocket before sliding out of the door. On the other side, I could hear his wife ask him, “Where did you go? Why is your face all red and flushed?”

He stumbled through his answer, “Uh…I was…was feeling nauseous and thought that was a bathroom. I think I might need to go lie down.”

As I put my ear against the door, I said to myself, “Nice save, Bill.”

His wife responded, “Oh…ok, if you need to. I will be up in a minute. I wanted to show you this over here.”

I waited several minutes before leaving the closet and returned the key back to the smiling Rico. I stayed down in the lounge, mingling and flirting with others. It was a great evening. Eventually, I went back to my room and repeated my performance of the previous night with a nice hot shower before putting on my jersey, fresh white panties and ankle socks.

I watched the discovery channel and figured Bill could not get free for the evening. With checkout the next morning at 10am before everyone was to meet for breakfast and a signing session from another famous author, I decided to pack up most of my clothes. I fell asleep only to wake up at 3am to pee.

Since I was alone, I never bothered to shut the bathroom door when my tugged my panties down to my knees and sat on the higher toilet with my white sock covered tip toes barely touching the floor. As my flow began to stream down to the water, I could hear my door click, then the door knob turn and see Bill’s head peek into the room.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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