Rod Making Movies Pt. 02


Frank is formulating the idea of the new style format he envisages and already has a great idea for a name for the branding. Graflix. He is hoping the idea of the Hybrid Graphic comic panels and live video will take off. It is good that Tom has managed to pull off the casting of Emily. She sounds ideal but there is still going to be some gotcha’s along the way he is sure. He has established a good relationship with the external partner that will manage the graphic artwork based on the storyboards and screenplay scripts Frank will provide. He has managed a good deal with guaranteeing the 5 short movie deal and of course leverages the purchasing clout of the Devereaux organisation. Typical that anything Simone touches has success and Emel is very much in the same vein. Were it not for her family and settling down she may have decided her own venture but Simone does instil loyalty in her staff. They all love her and want to please her.

He thinks about it for a bit. It is entirely unlike him to hand off the recruitment of personnel to others. This is a new venture but he recognises he has to let this hiring be arranged by someone else. His own preferences would have led him down certain directions and hadn’t he he just closed the last part of that former life with the removal of Michelle’s collar?

He still feels the pain of the loss. He recognises that he was still be relying on Sophie too for a while at least. At least this time it is business and Sophie will pretty much do anything for Frank. With the hire of Emily Sophie can use her audition tape plus any other relevant information to get a full and honest personality profile for her. Again he has not yet looked at any of the information gathered during the pre screening and the information gleaned from the questionnaire that Sophie has devised. He is told by Tom that he has also had hidden a secret camera to film the makeshift, not so private changing area for the audition candidates to change. This has the potential to reveal some small iota of personal data potentially about a candidate.

It is Frank’s idea to require the audition candidates to dress as the Amy character which at least would give an indication of how they handled nudity, despite it being very clear that the role requires it. That is not strictly true for the first planned film but in general for the envisaged series it will indeed be essential. Finally his idea to have the scene five self masturbation as part of the audition. Yes full sex is on the cards but rather than the usual actor / actress simulation of a sex scene there was is be no acting of those. Yes full on sex. That was is of the biggest gotcha’s. It is never in the screenplay script but for the necessary changes to the first movie, the Sin City tale, it is going to be bookended meaning the opening and ending will reference what is going on with the reworked opening in particular requiring a different setup given the change in the relationship Amy has with the daddy character.

With the hire of Emily as the character of Amy all three main actors are available for all five films. Tom will play the character of Johnny, Emily is cast as Amy and Frank has the part of Daddy. The first film is based on the Sim City short story “Daddy’s Little Girl” but with a very different outcome. The first thing was to check the copyright issues. It seems the character names are okay but the title he cannot use. Also in the original the relationship between the characters of Amy and Daddy are not explicit. Is this a daddy, daughter fantasy between the two characters or a true incest relationship.

Either way for the planned version the relationship is between Johnny and Daddy so the new title for the short story was “A father and son’s lust for a 2 on 1.” Like the original it has the clear sexual connotation. The character name of Daddy will eve gelen gaziantep escort be changed to Don. The name is appropriate as the Don character is a mob boss and is son a Capo in the revised tale. There is the addition too for the setup that in the initial intro there will to be a series of three girls that become girlfriends at one time of Don but all just being with him for the money. Two of them are brief affairs, the third one is the character of Amy. This sets up the story to be told in a different way.

Given the film is designed to use the graphic novel images mixed with live video showing the same scene as a storyboard and the live representation the first two girl friends will be represented though the tale with the graphic novel panels only leaving Amy as the only flesh and blood actress needed for the equivalent live scenes.

Her personality profile questionnaire, has identified Emily as both strongly submissive but equally highly exhibitionist. Already her personality is highly unusual but ideal not just for the first film but the plans for the series. The intention is to launch Emily as a fresh new talent.

The unusual aspect about the films qualities, is that all the sex scenes will genuinely be acted out. Although this sounded on paper as just filming another series of porn films, the sex scenes would be an element of the whole concept and execution. There was to be the right balance of plot and genuine story telling but when called for the sex scenes all would be realistic.

Of course Emily is not yet aware of this, however she is soon going to be. Her scene five audition gives a good indication that maybe being so exhibitionist, this would not be an issue. There is time enough to find out.

Frank had already outlined the titles and plot ideas for the first 5 films.


A father and son’s lust for a 2 on 1

yellow star

The Landlord needs paying

The Professor’s price for a pass

The double or quits gamble

The first two are reimagining of two existing tales, one from the graphic novel Sin City, the second from a hentai film featured in the Cool Devices series. The last three will be written by Frank himself. His muse, not that he needed one, would be Emily.

This plan of Frank’s therefore, to have the two on one sexual adventures is the basis for the whole enterprise and Frank’s way of transiting away from the BDSM related relationship with Michelle, Elizabeth and the rest of that period into a focus on group sex in various scenarios with the 3 of the cast actors. The character names and roles will change between stories but the same outcomes of the 2 on 1 sex between the three is the continuing thread. He also will use the same intro line Short Yarns for each film to build on the Graflix umbrella for his new format.

Frank suggests that Tom and Emily will meet a few times. Initially just to get familiar with each other and then get comfortable with the example sex scenes scenarios they will have to act out. One feature of this new idea was that Frank wanted ALL the sex scenes that were to be written acted out for real in the filming.

Now time to look at all the audition footage including the hidden clothes changes of all five. Tom has made it easy by editing and preparing a separate file of combined footage for each of the five candidates.

Frank finally gets a chance to see the competition. He leaves Emily’s disk to last. He sits and drinks a beer looking at the disc one at a time. Tom changes them for him.

It was a good start with that blond Maria. The second Stephanie, I can see why you preferred her, very hot but she would never have worked out. On the day two auditions, well Sarah, say no more. The last girl Priscilla. Hot admittedly but gaziantep eve gelen escort would have been a total nightmare to work with.

So now to see the leading lady Emily Chura. Tom put on Emily’s disk. After it finished Frank remarked.

“Oh my god Tom she is mesmerising.”

“That’s what the cameraman said.”

“We should make his day and tell him he has that role. With you on sound and electronics we have the perfect small budget crew I am looking for. I sent the disc to Sophie, an old friend. She is excellent at profiling. She has just told me that she is pretty sure Emily may be a nymphomaniac.”

“Really!” Said Tom. “Oh wow!”.

I have finished the screen play script for A father and son’s lust for a 2 on 1. Take a look. The AmCO studios guys have been excellent. They have contributed so much more than just the graphic images.

I have the studio booked for a week. It should be enough time. Filming starts next week. I sent Emily the screen play and had a chat about the full sex scene angle.”

“Oh really. What we going to do if she is not up for it?”

“I have a plan B. A contingency. Though I really do not want to rely on it.”

Just then the phone rang.

“Hi Frank! It’s me Emily!”

“Hey, hey. Emily. I have Tom with me. Let me put you on speaker phone.”

“Hi Emily. Frank and I have just watched your audition tape!”

“Oh cool. I am still on such a high.”

“Excellent” Tom says. “I can’t wait to work with you.”

“Me too! Do we know who landed the part of Don?”

“Ha ha Emily. He is here. Frank will play the part of Don.”

“Hi Emily! Did you get a chance to read the finished script.”

“Frank loved it! That’s why I called.”

“Oh. I guess you want to change something?”

“No Frank far from it. I was wondering who would play the part of Don. But if it’s you that is awesome. I love how you write. Really excited to see what you come up for me and Tom.”

“Great Emily. I will direct it as well. With you and Tom on board and I have the studio time booked and the graphic company already working on it. I admit I was a little nervous about how you might react but if you are raring to go then I will send details for the start of filming. I am happy too to provide a room for you here on the estate so the three of us can share some great evenings together.”

“Sounds wonderful Frank and I will let you in to a little secret. I have always had a thing for an older man.”

“Beautiful Emily. Look forward to seeing you in the studio. I will be directing too so will try and not be too demanding but I am very clear about how I want this performed. Keep doing what you do best and I we will make great films together sweetheart. Bye!”

“It’s on son! Green to go. Fancy a drink to celebrate?”

“Of course.” Frank poured 2 glasses of 18 year old MacAllan and clinked glasses with Tom.


Three weeks later the filming and editing of the graphic parts and the counterparts of the live video were edited. Frank fine tuned every single scene so it provided as close to a vision as he had in his head.

Frank, Tom and Emily sat to watch the completed short story yarn A father and son’s lust for a 2 on 1.

The screen started with a pink screen with the Logo Graflix in white block letters with the font that had been designed by the Studio working on the graphic. The logo spins horizontally as the custom sound associated with the logo and with each turn a brief flash of a still graphic image from the film alternated with a live action shot. The sequence is generated from 6 random graphic comic images and the equivalent live action stills. Because it flashes up what the viewers will see it grabs attention and reinforces the Graflix concept.

The next gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan screen shows the text a FKE Enterprises production white text on a black background using another custom font for the graphics.

The credit screen shows in sequence, white text on pink background.

Starring Emily Chura as Amy. There is a graphic of Amy in the red camisole.

Tom James as Johnny again with a graphic of his character.

Frank King as Don again with a graphic.

Directed by Frank King.

Graphics by AmCO studios

Produced by FKE Enterprises.

The title screen shows.

White lettering on a pink background.

A father and son’s lust for a 2 on 1. A Graflix Short Yarn.

There is a graphic image of Johnny. A thought bubble.

“I am a forty year old Capo. But I have never been with a woman. Think about Amy.

A bubble opens with an image of Amy with the caption “Oh Jonny, your so sweet”.

Think About Amy. Amy, sweet beautiful Amy, the love of my life.

Live action shot of Amy and Johnny together.

The next image shows the comic panel with Don sitting behind a big expensive desk.

Johnny is standing looking at Don.

“Everything I have will be yours son. I will share everything with you. Everything.”

Live action of that scene.

The next few panels show Don with a sequence of girlfriends. First Marcia. The image shows Marcia flirting with Don. Overtly sexually. She looks with disdain at Johnny. Let’s have fun Donny. She puts her hand down the front of his trousers. Looks at Johnny smiling.

The next sequence of panels is with the second girlfriend Krystal. Krystal is all about spending money, Don’s money. The final series of panels introduces Amy. There is a serious of panel’s showing Don with Amy but increasingly she has eyes for Johnny. Jonny and Amy start a relationship unbeknown to Don.

Live Action Johnny and Amy having sex.

Next panel. Don with Amy.

“You belong to me Amy. I don’t like other men’s eyes on you. They come on to you. Show them this. They have sex. Amy holding the gun.

Live action scene. Sex on the bed. Amy holding the gun.

Next panel. Don Amy and Johnny.

“Don I want to Marry Amy.”

“I suspected she was cheating on me. But with you? Forget it boy, she’s mine! You’ll never touch her again.” I intend to Marry her Don.

“Over my dead body son.”

Live action of that scene.

Panel Don. ‘Amy does what I say. She told you what I wanted her to tell you.”

Panel Amy. “It’s over Jonny. This is goodbye. It’s Don. He scares me. He said he will ruin me. I will have nothing.”

“We can elope.”

“Elope ….. and live on what you can earn? He will cut you out of his will. No, Johnny. If you truly love me, there is only one way. Look in the bureau.

Johnny opens the bureau. Takes out the gun

Live action of that scene.

Panel Johnny. “Ohhh yeah! I heard every word! And that’s why you are going to die.

Don. “You don’t have the nerve!”

Jonnhy fires two bullet’s Don goes down. Come on Amy. We are getting out of here.

Live action of that scene.

Panel Johnny and Amy checking into a hotel. Johnny and Amy strip and have sex on the bed.

The door opens. Don walks in.

“You started without me son?” Amy looks shocked.

“You see Amy. Don told me Everything I have will be yours son. I will share everything with you. Everything. I never fancied any of his other girlfriend’s. But you I like.

The comic panel shows a sequence of scenes. They have their scene with Amy. Don Anal while Johnny makes Amy give him head. Amy on the bed face down while Johnny fucks her ass and Don makes Amy suck. Don and Johnny with a double penetration of Amy on the bed. FIN

Live action of that scene.


Credits roll.

Introducing Emily Chura as Amy.

Tom James as Johnny

Frank King as Don.

Directed by Frank King.

Graphics by AmCO studios

Produced by FKE Enterprises.

Ending with the Logo Graflix in white block letters against a pink background.


Emily Chura starring in A father and son’s lust for a 2 on 1

The last Three 2 on 1 scenes from FKE Graflix movie. Graphic poster.

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