Gardening with Granddad Ch. 11


Six large pizzas within the hour. Round one of drinks on the way. It was obvious everyone was much more relaxed now that they didn’t have to travel home. The silver tray had been passed again, drinks were in hand. Even though it was evening now the summer heat was still warm and no one made a move to dress. It wasn’t half an hour later when round two was ordered. I loved waiting on these guys and they had given me more than any of them would ever realize.

When I brought the drinks out they were back to joking and talking again and it was a scene from a fantasy movie. I captured every memory for the future. What a hot group of men, Granddad and Steve leading the pack. Then, as scheduled, the doorbell rang and I went to greet the delivery boy, grabbing cash and shorts on the way. As I passed through the living room I realized how fucking stupid the shorts were and tossed them on the couch.

I opened the door and I don’t know who was shocked more – me or the delivery boy!

He was the first to speak, “We’re you expectin this?”

“Pizza yeah,” I replied.

“Must be some party,” he said.

“Not yet, just getting started.”

“Well, sure smells like it’s goin good,” he said taking a whiff of the pot filled air.

I said, “Hold on,” and ran into the kitchen. I grabbed a fat joint matches and ran back to the door. He had set the pizzas down and I lit the joint passing it to him.

He took a long whiff. My guess was he was about 60 and did this in his retirement. Dark complected he towered over me, about 6’4″ salt and pepper military flat top and a thick matching stache.

The man obviously knew how to smoke and dragged back long and deep. I didn’t give a fuck about the pizza.

“I was expecting a delivery boy,” I said to him.

“Yeah well he fucked off tonight and owners do whatever it takes to get through.”

He was the owner of the pizza shop, and here he was at my doorstep.

“Well good thing I guess or else I wouldn’t have been able to treat you to that,” I said taking the joint from him.

“Too bad I can’t join the party.”

“What time you get off man?” I asked.

“Open til 1 kid.”

“Ok, here’s the deal,” I told him, “don’t ring just come around the side to the back I’ll meet you. And don’t worry, there’s lots more of this,” I said handing him back the weed.

“Deal,” he answered taking the wad of cash and leaving.

I took the six pizzas to the deck and opened the boxes. Between the heat, the beer and the weed they devoured all of them in record speed.

Everyone was still naked in their boots only when we moved inside. Silver tray in hand. If my dad could see what was going on he would have died. His crew naked romping through our house smoking dope with his father leading the way.

We had four bedrooms so that meant two guys to a room. Four of the guys were pretty wasted and headed off to crash. That left Mitch, Steve, Granddad and me in the livingroom. It was only 10 o’clock but it had been a heavy hard of drinking and smoking.

As we went down the hallway towards the bedroom I was speechless when Mitch followed Granddad into the master bedroom. They were the first two in line but we had just assumed.

Putting his inked hand on my shoulder Steve said, “Well kid that leaves us, lead the way.”

I was fucking terrified and wanted another round with Granddad but knew that would have to wait. When we got in the room Steve closed the door behind us and locked it. He immediately sat on the side of my bed and started taking his boots off. I followed his lead.

He opened his hand to reveal several more joints and lit one up. Passing it back and forth he said the day certainly had been relaxing and very interesting from his viewpoint.

I took the joint just watching his movements and not knowing what to expect. He laid on the bed on top of the covers naked now that his boots were off. I was mesmerized by his tattoos that covered practically every inch of his very well toned physique. His long sweaty hair, beard and moustache added to the hippy biker look and I had to admit smoking up next to this straight fucker was a big turn on. xslot

I joined him laying on top of the sheets. Even though I had removed my boots my thick stel cock ring still shone from the dimmed light overhead. While I tried no to stare directly I could feel my cock coming to life. Steve lit the second joint as the first was coming to an end.

“I see this stuff has an affect on you too kid,” he said looking right at my growing cock.

“Sorry, yeah I guess it does,” I answered back.

“Nothin to be sorry for especially after what I saw today.”

“Oh yeah um that was well, I’m sorry about that I guess I did go a little too far.”

“No way, it was fucking hot Jimmy, never saw a guy eat my load and drink my piss and let me tell ya to see ya devourin that cock was something wild too.”

“I thought you weren’t into that kind thing,” I said somewhat inquisitively.
“I’m not,” he firmly said, “but I don’t mind feedin ya and why’d ya think I made sure I was behind ya comin down the hall,” he said.

“Oh, I just….” Then his hand reached down and started stroking his cock. It came to life quicker than any meat I had ever seen.

The sight of a tattooed cock fascinated me and I could take my eyes off Steve’s cock. As I watched he got up on his knees and positioned himself directly over my face.

“Boy I am fuckin horned up and there’s no point in wastin this big load of cum,” he grinned.

I reached down and started stroking my own hard cock. I watched as Steve worked himself into a frenzy and started moving my face towards his growing manhood. I didn’t want to miss one drop of this stud’s cream.

He lit a third joint and continued to jerk his cock over me. I was maybe three inches away from his meat and could smell the day’s sweat from his cock. He was inhaling deep and his eyes were closed.

I moved my mouth up so that it was directly below the monstrous head of his cock. Then I saw him look down. He was already dripping precum and I had tasted what was going to be mine within minutes. I wanted his load bad, for the second time.

Steve’s eyes looked wild. I didn’t know what he might do. It was one thing to lick his cum off the floor, it was another thing to be brushing my lips against his cock head.

His hands grabbed the back off my head pulling my long greasy hair.

“You fucking little cock sucker let’s see if you can give it as good as some bitch,” he yelled.

With that his cock was down my throat and he was riding my face like an untamed bull. I had never been so aggressively face fucked and was determined not to gag on this meat that I had admired all day.

‘ yeah you fuckin little faggot, you thought your grandpa’s cock wa somethin you ain’t had nothing yet boy,” he continued ramming it against the back of my throat.

I was rock hard and allI could see was his inked stomach in front of my eyes. I had never serviced a straight fucker before and knowing the rest of the crew was in the hosue made me go down further than I had ever dreamt I could on a cock.

He kept grabbing and pulling at my hair, “that’s it fag boy get down on my cock like a hungry little bitch,” he screamed, “show me what it’s like to have a gay boy give me a blow job,” he laughed.

Obviously he was getting into this scene as he wildly pumped my face never letting me come up for air. I didn’t know how long I could last but I was determined to give him a sucking he’d long remember.

“Yeah baby that’s it, nothing like your grandpa’s old cock is it. Nice straight piece a cock fuckin you like you need it boy isn’t it,” he asked. I nodded my head taking his meat like a hungry boy pig.

I wondered if the others could hear anything. I wondered if Granddad could. And then my thoughts went right back to this mad beast riding my face. He had promised me cum and piss but had not mentioned this. I knew he was stoned and didn’t care. I was still servicing this incredible woman fucker and he was mine for the night!

Then his fingers dug into my back. I knew he was close. He pushed me harded then ever onto his cock. He began thrusting madly and moaning,” you fucking disgusting little xslot Giriş whore coming onto me.”

I swallowed and breathed hard. Then he started. His cum gushed hard down my throat. He pulled out slightly and it hit the back of my mouth and throat over and over and over. No man had ever cum that much inside me. My mouth was full. My throat was lubed. This was what every fucking cock should be like.

I took every drop of his man cream. I kept sucking his cock until it was run dry. He just looked at me grinning like a fed beast.

“Jesus you motherfucker if you say one word about this I’ll fuckin kill you, you got that,” he said.

“Yeah got that,” I replied.

“And one word to anyone means you’ll never taste that again.”

I was shocked.

“Yeah you heard right. No wonder the old man likes the mouth boy.”

“Oh but I thought….”

“I do the thinking boy.” And with that he laid back down on the bed and seconds later I heard his breathing grow deep. He was asleep. I had just satisfied the most unlikely member of the crew. It was just gone midnight and I could still taste the bitterness of his man load deep inside me.

My head was spinning from what had just happened and I smiled to myself thinking about what a hot cocksucker I was becoming. Granddad, Ron, and now Steve. The first four weeks of my summer had been amazing. And, it was only half over.
After resting for 20 minutes and making sure Steve was asleep I got up to be sure I’d be ready for my after hours guest – the pizza man.

There were still a couple of joints on the tray, which I knew would please him and lots of cold beer in the fridge. I was exhausted but this giant Italian was too hot to pass up and besides I don’t think he knew what was in store for him.

I heard his car drive up and I grabbed the tray and beer and met him on the back deck. I suggested we move to the side patio so we wouldn’t wake anyone up.

It was still hot and humid and he took a beer and joint readily.

“So, where’s all your party friends?” he asked.

“They crashed a while ago, we had been partying all day and they couldn’t take anymore,” I told him.

“I thought you kids could go all night,” he laughed.

“Yeah well I guess you’re stuck with me,” I replied, laughing back.

We passed the joint back and forth and immediately lit a second bigger one. I thought this man was about 6’2″ originally but on second go he was at least 4 inches taller than me. He had dark features and resembled an older and Italian version of a Marlboro Man. We talked about his work, my summer and his night.

“I have to tell ya, I’ve had some interesting calls but you top the list boy,” he said.

“Oh yeah, how’s that?”

“No one’s ever come to the door in workboots, a cock ring and a smile before,” he said.

“Well, it could have been less,” I joked.

“Looks like it is,” he joked back at me.

I laughed and said that I didn’t see anyone complaining. His response was, “only complaint is I haven’t been asked to join you.”

With that he lifted his polo shirt over his head. The reaction from my cock was instant. He was not muscled but firm and the only hair was a mass stretched across his chest which was barrel shaped and had huge dark nipples. I was sure my mouth was hanging open.

He kicked off his sneakers and undid his jeans. When he stood back up he sported taunt white calvins that fight within an inch of his life. Then he peeled them off in one swift move.

If height and cock width have anything to do with one another this guy proved it correct. I had seen longer cocks but Jesus this one was thicker than the beer can I was holding. I couldn’t even imagine it’s width. Probably about 8 inches long I wondered how he ever fucked a woman without killing her.

“Something wrong?” he asked.

“No no I just have never,” I stammered.

“Yeah yeah never seen one this thick,” he answered.

“Been a problem for me for years, but gotten used to takin care of it myself,” he said, “me and my hand are great friends.”

He was feeling no pain from the two joints and two beer and my cock was reacting xslot Güncel Giriş to his size.

“Man do you always have to take care of yourself, or does it ever see any action?” I questioned.

“You tell me young man.”

He stood and his cock was at equal height with my face. I reached for it and started to stroke it. It just grow and expanded in my hand. My hand wouldn’t even fit around his cock. It was magnificent.

I began to lick the head while I stroked it from the base. He was moaning and obviously enjoying the plesasure. I had brought Granddad’s poppers and stopped for a moment to inhale deeply several times. He took them from me and began feeding on the bottle with no break.

I opened my mouth and took the head of his meat inside me. I had never been stretched that far open. I knew then I could never take the whole thing. With about five inches in my mouth I had reached capacity. He just kept thrusting forward and was enjoying even this much attention. I couldn’t believe I had scooped this massive cocked stud for my late hour pleasure.

His hands reached under my armpits and he lifted me off my chair.

“You need to get on your hands and knees fella,” he commanded.

My mouth dropped and he turned me around not waiting for my response.

His cock glistened with precum and my ass was wet with sweat. Then I felt it. His beer can was at my pink butt hole. He was about to rip me in two!

His hands grabbed at my shoulders. He passed me the bottle and I took three very deep breaths. He gently rocked against me. I passed him the bottle and began to rock backwards responding to his mounting pressure.

He inhaled deeply over and over. I felt his hand between my hole and his cock as he kept forcing it against me harder and harder until finally my asshole opened and allowed the head of his meat to impale me.

I started to black out. The pain was severe and I had never felt anything that big probe me before. Ron had been huge but the thickness of this delivery man’s cock was in a class of its own.

I started to relax but every time he inched in further I grew tense. I could hear him inhaling poppers and I knew he would be fully satisfied at any cost. I glanced around and the sight of this towering Italian godfather sent me over the edge. I reached around and grabbed each side of my ass. Spreading it apart I rammed hard against his cock. IT WENT IN. Every inch all the way went deep inside me.

The walls of my boy pussy were being fucked like no man had ever fucked me before. The insides of my ass had been deeply fucked but the width of this cock opened me like the whore I was meant to be.

I rammed and rammed against his thick hard cock.

“Jesus you fucking little freak, no one has opened like that for my cock,” he moaned, “baby you know how to take cock up that pussy.”

He was grabbing my shoulders and riding my ass like a bronco. And I was going right along with every move being ripped open like a hungry slut.

I kept seeing stars and going dizzy but the affects of this monster cock made me spread and ride harder than ever before. This guy kept ramming inside me until finally I felt his cock stiffen like wood.

“You motherfucker,” was all I remember hearing.

Then I felt it. His cock had grown to full capacity and he was seeding my ass with gobs of hot thick Italian cum. And I was devouring every spurt like I had never had cream before. I didn’t think I’d ever walk again but was in ecstasy watching this huge fucker use my young ass.

When he finished he pulled out quickly and the cold air hit the insides of my ass.
“Fuck,” I screamed as he pulled out and my tight ass collapsed.

He smacked my used ass grabbing his underwear and getting dressed, “that is one fucking tight cunt fella,” he said.

“O man that is one piece of meat you have,” I smiled.

“Yeah, I hope my delivery boy is off a lot,” he laughed pulling his shirt back on.

“Really,” I asked.

“Yeah baby you got one hole I want to fuck again whenever I can get away from work or the wife.”

Jesus this fucker was married and had just seeded my ass. I hoped it wouldn’t be too long before our next session. He reached to shake my hand then disappeared into the dark.

I was relaxing on the lounger when I realized Steve was standing at the corner of the house – he had seen the entire thing!

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