Getting to Know Daddy Ch. 01


Riley was sitting on a weathered old bench at the edge of the property. The spot was level and slightly uphill from the main grounds of the estate where the party was in full swing. Her back was turned to the festivities and her eyes were cast down, her face half obscured by the long, silky strands of chestnut brown hair dangling in front of her. She looked up briefly to meet her father’s eyes as he approached, but then back down again almost as soon as he made eye contact.

“I’ve been looking all over for you,” he said as he crossed what was probably once a garden and sat on the bench about an arm’s length from her.

“Sorry. I should’ve let you know where I was going, but I didn’t really know myself. I just found this just by accident.”

“It’s nice up here.”


“Away from all the people.”

“Yeah. Sorry to keep you away from your friends,” she said quietly.

“They’re not my friends. Just business associates. I guess I spend too much time working to have any real friends,” he told her, realizing how pathetic it probably sounded.

“Okay. They all seem to really like you, though.”

“That’s only because I make them lots of money.”

She was still looking down, as if it were painful to look at him. Her spine was ramrod straight and her shoulders squared off, left bare by the ruffled top of her little black dress. The ruffle made her tits look smaller than they were, although they were proportionately round and thick as her entire body. Her legs were bare, too. They were crossed and mostly exposed by the tight hem as it rode close to her hips.

The ripe curves of her body looked very tightly packed into her dress. The moment Chance had seen her wardrobe choice earlier in the company’s hotel suite, his fascination for his daughter reached a new level. Between her subtle makeup and sexy yet elegant dress, along with her outward veil of calm, she immediately came off as being older than eighteen.

“It’s okay, Riley. We can go if you want to. I’m sorry if I made you feel pressured to come. I didn’t mean to.”

“You didn’t.”

“Okay, good.”

“I could tell you’d be disappointed if I hadn’t, though.”

Chance thought a moment. “Not disappointed. Something else. I probably wouldn’t have bothered coming without you, but I didn’t want to influence you,” he said.

“It’s okay, I’m fine. Really. I don’t mind staying. I just felt like walking around a while.”

“Sure.” He nodded, looking at her sideways. Sometimes it was like her skin was talking to him, whispering delicate secrets. “I don’t want this to sound bad, but I guess I wanted to show you off,” he finally admitted.

She looked at him without instantly glancing off the way she usually did. “Why would you want to do that?”

“Lots of reasons.”

“You’d be the first.”

“I find that really hard to believe.”

“Why? I mean, I’m not the kind of thing anyone wants to show off.”

“You just don’t see yourself the way other people do. Especially a proud father.”

“Proud? Really?”

“Very,” he said. “More than you can possibly imagine.”

That brought a smile to her supple lips, even if it didn’t last too long. Still looking at him, her expression turned to one of curiosity mixed with a touch of confusion. It was the longest she’d held eye contact with him since he first picked her up at the airport three weeks before. He could tell she was thinking about something, and he gave her all the time she needed.

“There’s something I want to ask you,” she finally said, looking back at the ground. “But I don’t know if I should.”

Chance sighed. “I hope you know you can always ask me anything. Or talk to me about anything.”

“Easy to say.”


“How do you see me?” she asked after waiting a short while longer.

Chance made an attempt to organize his thoughts before saying anything, but his mind wouldn’t cooperate.

“I’ll just be perfectly straight with you, whether you think I’m nuts or not,” he said after a pause. “I’ve never seen anything like you. Never anything so beautiful or so…so…perfect. You took everything I thought I knew about love and beauty and tossed it in a blender. Just by showing up and saying hello.”

“You’re right,” she said. “You’re nuts.”

She looked down again, but her face was flushed and he could tell her eyes were welling. Chance smiled and let his eyes drift over her legs before looking at the ground like xslot Yeni Giriş she was. The tightness of her short dress made her thighs look plump, shapely and satin-smooth. He’d meant every word he said. She was beautiful, but she was something more than he could explain. He couldn’t explain those recurring urges to feel how soft and smooth she was, or to taste her fine skin and hear the sound of her sighs.

But he couldn’t very well explain that to her, either. She was his daughter, after all, even if he hadn’t known she existed until a month ago. He had no idea what a father was supposed to do or feel like. He was completely lost, but at the same time he couldn’t imagine life without her.

He had only known Riley’s mother briefly. It was a brief fling for a good time only, and Jill, Riley’s mother, had never contacted Chance to tell him she was pregnant. She’d raised Riley on her own, and never told the girl anything about her father until a couple of months ago. Jill had decided to get married, and was cold as ice in telling her own daughter she wasn’t part of her plan to start a new life.

“I’m sorry if I’m difficult,” she told him. “I guess I’m just not used to someone wanting me around.”

There was a strain of defeat in her tone, and Chance’s heart nearly melted. Yet he felt angry at the same time. He kept calm, though, and put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.

“I want you forever,” he said. “I only wish you’d been with me all along. I’d make sure you’d never spend a single day wondering how much I love you. And I’m sorry if I’m difficult, too. This is all just as new to me so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I can definitely love you with everything I’ve got, though. No matter how bad I might screw up otherwise.”

“Works for me … Dad.”

Chance felt a rush of electricity pass through him. It was the first time she’d called him Dad, and it gave him a feeling he couldn’t begin to describe. What he wasn’t ready for was the way it made his cock flush with heat at the same time. He pulled her a little tighter and kissed her cheek. His lips landed so close to the corner of her mouth he figured it was wrong, but he didn’t care, and she didn’t seem to either. After, she actually rested her head on his shoulder and snuggled in as close as she could. He was looking at those amazing legs of hers again, wishing he could touch them just long enough to see what her skin felt like.

“I thought men were only supposed to show off their wives or girlfriends,” she said. “I didn’t know they did that with their daughters, too.”

“I’m not sure, either,” he said. “But I don’t care. This one does.”

“I’m really nothing special. Why would you even want to show me off?”

“Because you’re mine, first of all. And you are something special. You’re so much more beautiful than you realize. And you’re so smart, everyone here thinks you’re in college.”

They both laughed.

“I wanna hug you really bad right now,” she said. “Can I?”

“Oh my god, babydoll. I’m your father. That means you never have to ask. If you want to, you just do it. Anytime, anywhere.”

Tentatively, as if she were afraid of something going wrong, she put her arms around his body. Chance turned to face her as much as he could from his seat on the bench and put his arms around her in return. She laid her face against his shoulder and they just held each other. After a moment or two, the girl started crying.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” her father asked.

“Nothing. Everything’s perfect. It’s just … I never got hugged by my father before.”

“Oh baby, you’re gonna have to get used to it now because your father is never gonna let you go.”



“Dad? Is it weird that we really hardly even know each other yet, but I feel like I love you more than anyone in the world?”

“Of course not, babydoll. I feel the same way so I guess we can be weird together. Besides, we have a very special bond, you and I.”

“No one ever called me things like that.”

She cried even harder for a moment, and Chance took her face in his hands and wiped away the tears with his thumbs. “I can’t believe how perfect you are,” he said softly as he studied her face. Then, without thinking what he was doing, he kissed her beautiful mouth. It was careful, but it was still a lover’s kiss, and his pulse beat harder when she kissed him back the same way. They held xslot Gir each other even tighter as they kissed, and it wasn’t long before their mouths opened together and their tongues began to explore and twirl together.

Chance’s cock was growing fast, and he kissed the girl even deeper and more hungrily. And no matter how hungrily he kissed her, Riley kissed him back just as hard. He finally gave in to the urge to put his hand on her bare thigh and feel that silky skin. He squeezed the flesh of her shapely leg and she responded by moaning softly into her father’s mouth. She uncrossed her legs and parted them as much as her tight little dress would allow, giving her father’s hand room to explore. He slid his hand slowly up the inside of her thigh, and when his fingers came to the gusset of her panties, he discovered that the material was soaking wet with her juices.

Suddenly, Chance gasped and reared back, looking at his girl with wide eyes yet keeping his hand between her legs.

“I’m sorry, babydoll, so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I’m not. You don’t exactly see me complaining, do you?”

“No, but … “

“You’re not gonna send me away now, are you?”

“Oh, babydoll, how could you ever think that?”

“Cuz maybe now you think I’m a bad girl.”

“No, no. I think you’re perfect. That’s kind of the problem. I just want to make sure I give you the right kind of love, baby.”

Riley gave him an intense gaze as she reached between her legs and pushed her father’s hand even tighter against the soaked material of her panties.

“Can’t you see how bad I need your love, Daddy?”

Chance sighed so deeply it was almost a groan. He couldn’t resist slipping his fingers underneath the little strip of cloth covering his beautiful daughter’s oozing wet pussy. She cooed and bit her bottom lip while he slid his fingers over her smooth, slippery pussy lips. He pulled her body to his as tightly as he could with his other arm, then glanced over her shoulder toward the main grounds where the party was going on. It was easy to see the crowd, but anyone would have to be really searching for them to spot them where they were.

Riley’s eyes hooded over while her father massaged her pussy, gradually sliding one of his fingers into her hole.

“Yes, Daddy, oh please,” she moaned as his finger slipped deeper inside her. “I need you so much. Do you need me, too?”

“I need you more than anything in the world, baby girl,” he told her from the heart. Then he kissed her again. They spent a long time kissing while he slid his finger in and out of her overheated pussy. He could feel she was shaved completely hairless, and his finger curled in search of her g spot with every thrust. When she gasped into his mouth and sucked hard on his tongue he knew he’d found it. At some point, her hand started searching for his cock, now forming a huge bulge in his pants. He couldn’t believe how incredible it felt to have her fondling his cock. He didn’t want it to end, but he couldn’t forget they were still at a garden party with a large group of his business associates.

He broke the kiss and pulled his finger out of her pussy. “We should go back before they notice we’ve disappeared,” he told her.

“Yeah. I guess you’re right.” Her disappointment was all over her face.

“Not just yet,” he said with a subtle smile.

Glancing back toward the main grounds, Chance slid off the bench and got down on the grass between his daughter’s thick, smooth thighs. Looking up at her face, he pushed her legs open wide, forcing the hem of her dress to ride up higher on her hips and expose the honey-soaked crotch of her panties. Leaning in close, he pulled her panties out of the way and began planting kisses over her silky smooth pussy mound.

The scent of the girl’s excited slit was filling her father’s senses and making his head spin. He was amazed to discover that the softest, silkiest skin he ever kissed was his own daughter’s smooth, hairless mound. He was now hopelessly in love with Riley’s thighs and pussy, and he eagerly began running his tongue up and down her pussy lips while they flushed and separated.

Riley was breathing hard and now leaning back on her hands while she pushed her ass further forward on the bench, eager to let her loving father make love to her excited hole.

“Daddy, oh god, Daddy, yes,” she moaned.

Chance peeled her pussy lips apart and lashed her xslot Sitesi swollen clit with his tongue while he slipped his finger back into her hole again. He kept curling up to rub at her g spot as he licked her clit tirelessly. Her juices were flowing free and heavy. She was so sweet and tangy he could’ve spent hours with his face between her luscious thighs.

After a few minutes, Riley started grinding hard at her father’s face, her body tensing while she moaned and gasped.

“Daddy, fuck, you’re making me cum!” she cried.

Chance kept licking and stroking her hole until her climax started to subside. He capped it off with a loving kiss on her bare mound, and then he stood up, his ragingly hard cock bulging his pants. Riley looked at her father’s enormous bulge, then up at his face with glassy eyes. He leaned over and kissed her beautiful mouth, letting her taste her own juices all over his lips.

After, he just stood there admiring her while she tentatively reached for the cock bulge in his pants and started rubbing his shaft.

“Babydoll, I really better calm down so we can get back to the party.”

“Not just yet,” she said, repeating his own words with sly grin. “I can help you if you want. Just like you helped me.”

He scanned the area, realizing they could be spotted from a distance, but no one was paying any attention.

Riley started unzipping her father’s pants, instantly bringing his attention back to her. Her dress was still up around her hips, revealing her pussy slit with the crotch of her panties still in a bunch along the side. Chance couldn’t help but groan weakly as the girl reached into his pants and liberated the long, hard cock trapped inside. Her hands were a bit clumsy, but he couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her hands explore his throbbing shaft.

She was gazing at his cock like it was the first one she’d ever seen. Finally she looked back at his face and said, “Daddy? Don’t you want me to suck your cock?”

Chance nearly melted right where he was standing. And before he had a chance to reply, his daughter leaned forward and started kissing and licking all over the shaft of his hard on while she gripped it in her hand. She soon took him into her mouth and started sucking, working half of his shank with her mouth and the other with her hand.

Riley sucked her father’s cock as if she’d only seen it done in videos before, but Chance was in paradise as the girl made it clear that she loved every second of what she was doing. He lost track of how many times he told her how beautiful she was, and how amazing her mouth looked with her lips circled around his shaft.

His precious girl didn’t reply. She just kept sucking and stroking her father’s cock, her skill and confidence building steadily while she brought him closer and closer to the edge.

“Fuck, babydoll, Daddy’s gonna cum,” he finally groaned, losing any hope of holding back.

Riley gasped excitedly as the first spurts of her father’s cum poured into her beautiful mouth. She sucked him even more hungrily, taking every spurt of his cream into her mouth, and she kept sucking until his hardness started to subside. Chance nearly had to push his daughter off his spent dick.

Her eyes were gleaming when she looked up at him. He was still too much in awe to speak yet. Putting his cock back in his pants, he took a moment to scan the area again. The party was going on as if nothing happened.

Riley reached between her legs and pulled her wet panties back into place, then stood up and smoothed the bottom of her dress back over her sumptuously round hips. She looked shy again, but she wasn’t avoiding her father’s eyes anymore. If anything, Chance could tell she was looking for love and approval. He took her by the arms and pulled her into a hug, kissing her with more love than he’d ever kissed anyone.

“I love you, babydoll,” he told her. “More than anything or anyone.”

“Oh Dad, I love you so much. I feel so happy now.”

They hugged each other tightly, until Chance told her they really ought to get back to the party.

“We can make an excuse to leave, though,” he added.

As they walked back down to the party, Chance put his arm around his beautiful daughter’s waist and held her close. He didn’t care how it would look to anyone else, and Riley was so happy she snuggled up to his side as close as she could. No one really thought too much about it, though. But before they got close enough for anyone to overhear, he told the girl he couldn’t wait to be alone with her.

Riley stopped him just long enough to lean to his ear and whisper: “Now that we’re together, and I know you really love and want me … I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore, Daddy.”

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