Sister Mary Encourages a Donation

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I had a lot of whiskey in me and it was kicking in, making me feel completely uninhibited. My head was floating, yet totally attuned to the pleasure of my body. The veins in my cock were bulging. Nothing in the world mattered beyond what I was doing right now. What I was doing was driving my engorged, rock-hard cock into her ass.

Sister Mary Seraphina had bigger, rounder breasts than I’d imagined the many times I’d jerked off while thinking about her. Under all that black cloth, who could tell what her body was like? But she had a cute, turn-up nose and huge blue eyes. And a pouty lower lip that made me want to slide the head of my cock over it. How had I gotten to the point where I was finding out just how luscious those lips really are?

It was strange how we’d come across each other. I was walking down the street after work and there she was, walking towards me. She was wearing a heavy overcoat, above which her face floated, surrounded by the traditional black and white headpiece. Although I still often fantasized about her, I had not actually seen her in ten years. Yet her face is so lovely that I’d thought about her often, and thought what a waste it was that such a beautiful women had never known the pleasure of fucking. Back when she was my 8th grade teacher, she was a firm disciplinarian. I recall her slapping my hand with ruler when I didn’t submit my homework. Perhaps that was the source of my BDSM tendencies. Sister Mary Seraphina was my wet dream standard of the perfect woman.

Now here she was, in the flesh. Although there were age wrinkles forming at her eyes, she was no less lovely now. My guess was that she was about twenty years older than me, so she was about forty-five years old.

“Sister,” I called out.

“Edward, how good to see you,” she said. She hadn’t seen me since I was an adolescent, yet she recognized me right away. “It’s been so long! You have to tell me how you’ve been. I see your sister sometimes and she tells me that you’ve become quite the big man at your job.”

My cock jerked when she said “big man.” A sense of shame overtook me. How could my cock respond like that? I was truly a wretched creature, depraved by my lustful fantasies.

“Here, Sister, let’s go inside and sit down, if you have time.” I wasn’t thinking. I grabbed her shoulder. It was a cold Chicago February day and I didn’t want her to stand in the cold. I was steering her into the nearest open restaurant. It was a pizza place.

“Yes, Eddie, I have time,” she said. I would have looked pretty silly if she’d said anything else, because by this time we were inside. We took a table. I was tingling with nerves. Now that I’d gotten her to the table, what came next. It wasn’t like I had experience taking nuns on dates! “Will you have a bite to eat, Sister?” I asked her.

“No, dear, I have to watch what I eat,” she said. “And it’s not so long since lunch.”

The waiter came over for order. She said, “I’d like a hot toddy, but make it a double shot.”

My eyes widened a little with surprise. She looked me in the eye and winked one eye at me. “For medicinal purposes,” she said, with a slight grin.

“I’ll have a double whiskey,” I said. I caught her eye. “Also medicinal,” I said. She laughed. That’s when my cock began to stir again. I’m sure I had never heard her laugh when I was her student. She sounded girlish.

She didn’t have another drink, but my next three drinks went by fast as we caught up on the intervening years. She’d been teaching year after year of 8th grade. I’d gone to college, graduated, and now I was making money. She seemed very happy that one of her former pupils had done so well.

After a bit, I proposed that it was time to go. Inwardly, I was thinking of going home and jerking off!

“Yes, Eddie, I really should get along,” she said.

“I’ll get you a cab,” I told her.

“Oh, no, I’ll just walk up to the next transit stop,” she said. But I insisted that I’d pay for a cab, and after a bit of back and forth, she consented. çekmeköy escort Her big eyes looked into mine and she smiled. My cock stirred again, the way it did when I was on a date and was getting signals that we where headed for sex.

We went outside into the biting wind and I flagged a cab. “Which way?” I asked her. “North,” she replied. “Me too! We can share the cab.” We got in.

Despite the precum that was dripping from cock, I never imagined making a move on her. That would be so wrong! I’d just go home, slather lube on my fat rod, and jerk off.

So, as we settled in the back seat of the cab, imagine my shock as she put her hand high up on my thigh. “Eddie,” she said, “I’ve often thought of you. I’m so glad to see you thriving this way.” She squeezed her hand on my thigh.

“Thank you, sister,” I responded. Privately, I was wondering what was happening.

Her hand moved up, and cupped my crotch. “You were always one of my favorites,” she said. She squeezed her hand again. I was feeling a little stupid from the alcohol. Was I just fantasizing that a nun was grabbing my private parts? No, her hand was definitely there.

I felt ashamed as my cock stiffened at the feeling of her hand. She must have felt it growing bigger in my pants, right under her hand! But she did not let on at first.

“And so glad to see what a fine man you’ve grown to be!” she said. It was almost a squeal.

Was it my imagination, or was Sister starting to talk in a little-girl’s voice? It seemed to me that her pitch was rising. My cock twitched again.

“Eddie,” she said, in her newly young voice, “do you have to be somewhere right away?” She squeezed her hand once more. She certainly could tell that I was aroused! “I haven’t seen you in ages, and hate to break it off so soon. Hearing about your exploits from your sister is not the same as hearing it from you.”

“No, Sister Mary, I have nothing going on,” I said. I hoped I didn’t sound as confused as I felt. “I have a little more time.

“So where’s your place, since you said we’re headed in the same direction?” she asked. She took her hand off my crotch and ran it up and down the rosary that hung around her neck.

I told the cab driver to change our destination, and gave him my address. We chatted about nothing very much in the cab for the rest of the short ride. She tried to get me to talk about my dating life. I guess my sister had told her about the parade of girls I’d dated, then dropped when it started to seem serious. I felt a little embarrassed talking about it, but Sister seemed interested. It probably sounded like an innocent conversation to the cab driver.

A few minutes later, we were at my condo, with a view of the lake. Once we were up 10 flights in the elevator and inside my front door, she asked for another “medicinal” drink. While I was in the kitchen getting it, I felt a certain amount of shame about my mounting arousal. Back in the restaurant, when she was going on about her work as teacher, all I was thinking was how her fat, red lips were perfect for sucking on my cock. I kept eyeing her chest. Under that concealing fabric, just how big were her breasts? Hell, I’d never seen her hair! From her eyebrows, red. I took a big swig from the bottle of whiskey.

“So, Eddie, no steady girlfriend right now?” she asked me when I came out of the kitchen. “No one to slap you with a ruler when you get out of line?” She laughed again. I was like the sound of tinkling bells. “Excuse me while I use the bathroom,” she said. “Is it down the hall?”

“Yes,” I answered. As she stood and walked past me, I realized that she’d left her sensible black shoes behind. She’d taken them off while I was in the kitchen. As she walked by, I also realized that I towered over her now. She couldn’t have been more than five feet tall.

I sat down on the sofa. I was aware of the faint smell of lilacs. She always smelled like that. It must have been the kind of soap she used. I closed my eyes and tried to picture cevizli escort her in front of a class of unruly 8th graders, most of whom were bigger than she was. Yet she had a way about her that put her in command. I felt that way now. She was the one deciding what I was doing.

I looked up when I heard the bathroom door open. I guess I’d been listening for the sound of the toilet flushing, but that hadn’t happened. My jaw dropped when I looked up and Sister Mary was coming out of the bathroom in my terrycloth bathrobe. Her headpiece was gone, and she was pulling hair barrettes from a glorious sunburst of short red hair. Then she shook her head from side to side, as if suddenly set free. Seeing her full face for the first time was a delightful shock. She reminded me of Jennifer Love Hewitt. My next shock was seeing the robe was untied, and from the streak of pink flesh that showed through the gap down the front, she appeared to be completely naked except for the loose robe.

“All right, Edward,” she said in a firm voice. “You were rising to the occasion in the taxicab. It’s time for you to do it again.”

“Believe me, Sister Mary,” I stammered. “I am.”

“Then here’s the reward you’ve been deserving for being such a good boy,” she said, reverting the younger, less bossy voice.

She walked up me and reached up and cupped her hand on the back of my neck, then pulled my face toward hers. Our lips came together and she thrust her hot little tongue between my lips. I pushed my tongue back against hers and into her mouth. But I felt self-conscious. Where was I supposed to put my hands? Was I supposed to take the lead? Or was she taking that part?

She seemed to understand what I was thinking. “Be a big boy for me, Eddie,” she advised. “It’s not my first time, and I’m not embarrassed. I like to reward all of my star pupils after they’ve made something of themselves. The only rule is that my vagina is not for you. I’ll show you.

Without further hesitation or any direction from me, she dropped to her knees, putting her mouth at the level of my crotch. She reached up grabbed my belt buckle, undid the buckle, then reached behind me and grabbed the waist of my pants with both of her hands. She pulled down, and pulled my pants down over my ass and to my knees. The bulge and the wet stain on the front of my underwear were inches from her smiling mouth. She took the waistband of my white briefs and pulled them down, too. My cock stood straight at attention, without hindrance. She wrapped one of her tiny hands around the base of the shaft and cupped my testicles with the other. Directing my cock so that it stood straight out, she moved her mouth forward and licked its tip with her pink tongue. I oozed with pre-cum, and she licked it from the tip as it trickled out. “How delightful,” she said, and then without pausing for an answer, she pushed her mouth forward again and popped the cockhead over her lips and into her moist hot little mouth. I felt suction, and the licking of her tongue. She let go of my penis and grabbed both of my ass cheeks, drawing my body toward her head so that my cock plunged deep into her mouth. She pulled off only long enough to instruct me, “Don’t be shy, Eddie. Show me that I wasn’t wrong to invite myself up here.”

I gladly followed her command and started pumping her mouth with my hard tool. Although I was leaking pre-cum, she sucked it down her throat without hesitation. I was so excited that I would have unloaded down her throat after a few more strokes except that she pulled back her head, pinched the base of my member strongly with her hand, and looked up at me. Her lips were gleaming. Her eyes widened. “Is this how you want to finish, Edward? Nothing but my mouth?” she asked, a trace of disappointment in her voice.

“I thought you told me you were off limits for real sex,” I protested.

“Not at all. I told you one place was off limits,” she replied. “Or don’t you like variety when a woman offers herself?”

I hadn’t imagined erenköy escort that she was offering me what she really was offering me. I chuckled with delight.

Sister Mary stood up and reached her hand into the right pocket of my robe. She pulled out a small tube of Vaseline. It wasn’t something I kept in my bathroom, so she must have brought it with her. She handed it to me, turned her back to me, and walked over to my kitchen table. Facing away from me, she shook her shoulders and let the robe slide down her back. It fell into a puddle on the floor behind her. She was naked. She was a small, lean woman with a well-toned ass. Her skin was the whitest I’d ever encountered in a woman, as if it had never been exposed to sunlight. She leaned forward, resting her chest on the kitchen table.

She moved her feet apart. Her smooth ass was fully exposed to me.

I pulled the cap from the tube, cupped my other hand under my hard meat, and squirted a liberal dose of the thick goop over the head of my tool. I smeared it around the circumference with my free hand and then approached the waiting woman. I stopped thinking of her as Sister Mary for a moment. Mary was just a really hot date who wanted me to fuck her ass. She reached back with her hands and spread her buttocks, fully exposing the crack of her ass to me. Her puckered asshole looked miniscule.

“Oh! Heavens!” I said as the knob of my cock met the resistance of her tiny hole and then slide the first inch into her.

“Yes, Eddie, this is what good boys get in heaven, whenever they want it,” said Sister Mary.

With that encouragement, I pushed very slowly but very firmly, feeling the hole yielding to my pressure as I pushed. I still have the tube of lube in one hand. When my cock had made it three inches into her, I pulled back out and squirted more of it over my throbbing red rod. I rubbed it around with the palm of my hand, then put the head against her hole again.

“You must be about ready to explode, Eddie,” she told me. “I’m very proud of you to keep going. Now hurry up and get it in there all the way before you shoot it off.”

With that encouragement, I quit trying to be gentle. Her asshole was gaping open, rimmed with gleaming lubricant, and I drove my missile to its target. The first two inches gave me no real resistance beyond the delightful even pressure on all sides as I pushed in. But she started to moan loudly as the next five inches required me to push her open with steady force. I paused when I was fully into her.

“I can feel you throbbing, Eddie” she encouraged me. “Don’t hold it back. Show me what a big man you’ve become.”

I started to pump with long, even strokes. Sister Mary moaned each time I pushed my meat back into her ass.

“Eddie,” she said, “I’ll be thinking of you doing this every time I see your sister at mass.”

“And I’ll be thinking of it every time I see a church,” I answered. “Oh my GOD!” Massive pulses of orgasm flowed slowly along the length of my tool.

She must have felt the jerking of my cock, because she encouraged me, saying, “There it is, Eddie; be my good boy and pump all of it into me!”

I held very still as I felt the next two waves of come spurting down the length of my tube, letting her tightness amplify the sensations. When my cock stopped jerking I sighed deeply, with evident pleasure. I leaned forward and planted kisses in the middle of her back. It made her shiver.

My cock started to relax and the tight resistance started to ease it out of her. As she felt this, she pushed herself up from the table, a motion that forced my tool from her entirely. “You sit and rest,” she told me, heading for the bathroom.

I was surprised at how quickly she was dressed again, headpiece and all, read hair vanished, and she was sitting on the sofa pulling on her shoes. She had left my robe in a heap on the floor and I’d put it one. She came over to me and, reaching up, pulled my head toward hers. I thought she was going to kiss my lips, but she merely put one peck of a kiss on my forehead.

“Thank you, Eddie. If I see you on the donor’s list at next month’s fund drive for the new school cafeteria, I’ll be back again to thank you in person.”

“I look forward to that, Sister Mary,” I assured her.

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