The Trouble with Arousal is… Pt. 01

Alex looked up from his computer and made a grab for his cup of coffee, it was stone cold, how long had that been there? He had been at this presentation for four hours now and he needed a break. His eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight coming in through the window to his right. He blinked and rubbed them, smiling as he recalled his wife’s words about not knuckling the tiredness away like that. He stood and wandered over to the CD player, searching through for some more background music. He set the player to play multi-disc so that he didn’t need to worry about changing music for another couple of hours and returned to his seat.

The ‘clip, clip’ in the garden had stopped for a bit and Alex watched as his wife Cassandra bent over at full stretch into the border. Her perfectly shaped bum swayed as she weeded here and there. The brightly coloured, thin cotton material of her summer dress was semi-transparent in the bright light and from this angle it looked to him, like she wasn’t wearing any knickers, as there was no visible panty line. As if to answer his question though, a slight breeze picked up the hem of her dress and tossed it into the air revealing her beautifully crafted bum; yep, he mentally noted, she was wearing a thong of some description. That delightfully left nothing to his imagination.

As she continued to bend, he sat admiring the taut, pear shape before him. At 25, his wife was in her prime. She had long dancer’s legs and whilst they flared into a lovely womanly bum, she certainly didn’t carry any extra weight in that area. Her measurements sprang to mind as he remembered asking her what they were on their first or second date, then saying, “No don’t tell me, let me guess.”

His guess had been a little ‘wide’ of the mark, but then, he had been playing with her. “I’d guess at 37:24:39?” Casi gasped and pretended to give him a slap as if to say ‘what an insult’.

“No, my bum is not that big!” Casi slapped him properly this time for good measure. “My measurements are actually 37:22:36 thank you very much!”

“Well”, Alex replied, “I wasn’t that far out, now was I?”

“Three inches can make all the difference!” Casi flirted.

“Yes”, replied Alex, “that’s what all the men say.” They both laughed at their own little joke of referring to a man’s ‘equipment’ size without actually saying it.

Alex was drawn from his reverie by a knock on the window. His gorgeous wife, looking a little dishevelled from her gardening, but none the less alluring; was leaning on the window ledge, Ataşehir Escort arms crossed. “Do you fancy something hot?” She breathed with a flirtatious inflection that left no room for doubt what she was offering; then she leaned further forward and planted a kiss on the window.

“Please”, he said, “a coffee would be lovely.”

“Hey”, Casi frowned a little disgruntled, “you didn’t ask what I had on offer?” She thrust her breasts forwards jiggling them about as she smiled at him. If he had been in any doubt that she was bra-less, that was now no-longer in question. The top few buttons on her dress were perhaps undone a little too far down for his liking and both ripe firm mounds, clearly ‘pleased to see him’, almost tumbled out from the top of the dress. Her nipples looked enormous through the thin cotton material and bore witness to her level of arousal. Though why she was that aroused, Alex wasn’t certain? She looked down at herself and tutted. “Well it looks like they come with two lumps of sugar too; you naughty girls,” then looking up at Alex, Casi pouted provocatively and said, “how can you refuse?”

Alex smiled but was not playing the game. This presentation had to be done by tomorrow and he knew that there were some hours to put into it yet. But telling his very sexy wife that he was not up for what she was offering was perpetually a difficult thing. “If I may,” he began, “I will just have the coffee. That is not to say that the sugar is not enticing, but I really must be getting on with this work.”

Casi smiled in graceful resignation, “Of course, of course, I was only messing with you. I know that you are busy and that your presentation is important. Besides,” she said with a wicked smile, “the postman will be along soon!” With that she stuck her tongue out and bounded away. Her unfettered breasts bouncing wildly as she skipped out of sight, laughing as she went. Alex reflected on her after she had left. They had been married for two years now, and every waking minute with her was one of pure delight. She was sexy, intelligent, articulate, compassionate and above all, warm and funny. He couldn’t think of anyone else to spend the rest of his life with.

He had obviously been day-dreaming for a while as the soft kiss on the back of his neck and the pleasant smell of his wife’s perfume filled the room. He spun his chair around to be confronted and quite honestly confounded by what can only be described as a vision of beauty. Casi’s strawberry blonde hair had been pushed over Acıbadem Escort one shoulder and as she bent forwards it fell in front of her, catching the sunlight from the window and immediately appearing to burst into flames. The dazzling effect made the red in her hair even more vivid and held his glance, drawing his eyes towards her chest, which he happily complied with. Her firm orbs hung beneath her, enhancing her cleavage and drawing him further and further in. As she leaned in closer to pass him the hot coffee, Casi put a hand on his thigh mid-way between his knee and hip. With moist, smiling lips she whispered to him, “Were you just looking at my breasts you naughty boy, I thought you wanted to get on with your work?”

Before he replied, his eyes quickly flicked back down to look again, it was almost an instinctive thing, like when you were small and your mother would tell you to avert your eyes at a scary part in a movie. It just made you look all the more. Well this little trick that Casi now played on Alex worked too. He noticed that her nipples had grown larger and firmer as she was obviously getting more aroused. “You know that, aside from the rest of your body,” he said with a smile, “they are my favourite part!”

“Meaning you count all of me as your favourite part?” She said with evident pleasure. “Well kind sir that is the correct answer.” As his hands were now occupied with the hot coffee, she took her chance and putting her other hand to his other thigh, ran them slowly up to his bulging crotch. “Now if only I can entice you out to play.” She said to his nether regions rather than to him. But Alex now recovered and grabbed both of her hands before his self-control completely collapsed.

“I’m sorry sweetie, but I really have to be getting on.” He pulled on her arms and planted a long probing kiss on her mouth, her hair caressing the side of his face. “I’ll make it up to you I promise.” He said already turning around in the chair. “I promise.”

Casi understood, of course she did, but that did not make her any the less frustrated. She turned her back and repeated, “As I said, no worries, the postman will be here soon!” With that, she left the room, leaving him wondering if he had really upset her this time. That had truly not been his intention. He just wanted to get this bloody thing finished.

Twenty minutes had elapsed and he heard Casi talking in the front garden. He looked up and true to her word, saw the postman there smiling and chatting. Alex had no doubt İstanbul Escort that the view the postman was getting was similar to what he had seen earlier, because Casi was once more bent over in the bed, leaning on a fork and was no doubt showing the postman the same delights. He tried to hear what they were talking about, but no sooner had he opened the window a bit more, than the postman continued up the driveway and gave Alex a cheery wave on his way to their front door. Alex looked across at Casi and found her staring at him. As their eyes met, she stuck her tongue out and then smiling went back to her bedding. Alex rubbed his face with both hands and said “Women, they are such a beautiful distraction!”

Before he had noticed it, the hot summer day had whispered its goodbyes through the window and had given way to the onset of a cooler evening. Alex sat back in his chair believing that he had done enough to please the Board and particularly the MD at tomorrow’s meeting. He stood and stretched, realising that he had not really moved for some hours; something that he would never advocate normally. He looked out of the window, but could not see his wife anywhere. Wandering about the house he headed to the kitchen and found her there preparing the evening meal. He slowly wrapped his arms about her and pulled her bum into him. She felt warm and firm in all the right places and soft and pliable in all the other right places. He congratulated himself again on securing such a wonderful woman but reminded himself that that was only half the battle; he needed to do many more things to keep her too.

Casi span around in his arms and planting a soft kiss on his lips said, “Have you finished now? Is all of it done?”

“Yep,” he said proudly, “I have managed to pull it all together, despite only being given two days in which to do it. There’s a lot of information and research that goes into a report like that. I can’t just generalise either, I really need to give them something cold and hard to chew on.”

“Talking of which,” Casi said wickedly, “though not so much the ‘cold’ bit; I’m looking forward to being given something ‘hard’ to chew on too!”

Alex pulled away smiling, “You really are incorrigible. One might believe that you think about nothing more than sex! I hope you don’t talk to all the men you meet in the same way?”

“Of course not,” Casi smiled again, “only you, oh and the postman, oh better include the milkman and the telephone engineer and.. aow!”

Alex smacked her on the bottom and walking off to get them both a drink said, “Keep that up missy and you’ll get more of that later!”

“And the washing machine repai…” Casi skipped away as Alex came rushing back with his hand playfully extended ready to smack her beautiful rounded bum again.

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