Ian’s Side of the Story


As I sit here watching her sleep, I am in awe of this creature. Is it possible that I have brought her to her knees?

Layla is an arresting woman.

I’ve known her for some years, at the beginning just a wave across the road in the summers when she came up for a vacation. The last several years she has spent longer periods of time here and at the end of this past summer she decided to make this her permanent home. To say that Layla has an aire of elegance about her would diminish the very definition of the word; she is certainly most assuredly more.

I am an educated man who could easily list adjectives to describe her and there are several that would perfectly fit the bill. Yes, she is intelligent, strikingly attractive and very much an independent woman. Words can describe her, however, to know her is beyond what words can convey.

My darling Layla has shared our recent coming together, in a matter of speaking; she is unusually forthcoming, isn’t she?

Never one to hold to a secret this lovely individual shared her story with me. Being a man, I didn’t quite see it in exactly the way she did.

I thought, wouldn’t it be an unexpected, interesting twist if I were to tell you the story as I see it, in my words, through my eyes?

I’ve been retired now for almost six years. It is true that I was never married. Many of you can understand the demands that are regularly placed on an individual who takes great pride in the business he has nurtured and grown.

I have had my share of relationships with some very enchanting women; there may have been a couple I seriously considered as life partners. In the end, my attentions and obligations were too heavy a burden for the commitment that marriage requires and rightly deserves.

Layla and I have had a friendship; yes that’s a fine description, for many years. Always the consummate lady, I have had the pleasure of her on my arm for several business and personal affairs that were distinctly couple oriented. My family, extended, always enjoyed her company. The business crowd was more often than not taken with her intelligence, and together with her striking good looks and witty tongue, this was always a plus for me.

Layla will be the first to tell you that she is indeed a flirt, of the highest caliber, that’s my personal assessment. Over the years I have secretly looked forward to the sexual banter and suggestive overtone. Let me relate a particular memory for you, I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

On the occasion of my formal retirement, as is traditional, I was the man of the hour at a dinner in my honor. Without a second thought Layla agreed to be my delightful date. I asked her what she would be wearing as I wanted to make sure we didn’t clash, don’t ask me why, I thought it was important.

“Well, I’m sure it’s Black-tie, so I’ll choose something dazzling.”

And dazzle she did.

I arrived to pick her up precisely at 7:30PM, as instructed. Standing at her entry I was eager to see what she had chosen to astound us with. As she opened her door this old boy’s heart skipped a beat or maybe a few.

Women are never happy with their figure, I’ve learned this over the years and it doesn’t matter how many times we tell them otherwise they just plainly refuse to believe it.

Layla will tell you, as she has many times, that she is a “Full Figured Woman”. I’m the first to admit that particular terminology is misrepresented.

As explained to me, if a female is above a size 12 she is considered plus size or full figured. You may think that Layla is an overweight woman, or to put it plainly, fat, I promise you this is not the case.

I’d like to add that I find all women, whatever their figure type, amazing and beautiful. I am drawn to a woman who has curves and breasts and appears to enjoy food, both the preparation and eating of said food. There in front of me was a woman who defines all the words we men use to illustrate a true beauty.

The dress was long and shimmered, it was a dark green. Her hair is very dark auburn and she had it up on one side and down on her neck on the other. I’m not a fashion guru; take my word for it when I tell you this woman was stunning.

“Well, on time and as dashing as ever, come in let’s have a drink to toast your retirement.”

I watched her walk into the living room ahead of me and I was mesmerized. “Layla, you could make a dead man cum I swear to God.”

Never missing a beat she turned and replied.

“It’s what I can do while he’s still alive that may cause him to think he’s about to meet his maker.”

I remember my exact thought and muttered under my breath.

“If fucking you is the last thing I do, kill me.”

And that is just a rather innocent example of how this darling woman has affected me over the years.

Now, let’s move along to the present.

Was I surprised when I picked up the phone and it was Layla, telling me she wanted to spend the afternoon with me? Yes and no.

When sumo web tools she moved to the mountains permanently, she had more time on her hands. For a short while she did some redecorating and some remodeling and that kept her busy.

This adorable character and I say that in the most adoring way, when she has nothing to occupy her mind she creates.

I had talked with her earlier in the week and she mentioned she just might spend the holiday at home. When it started snowing and she found herself bored, yes bored stiff, she created a scenario that would engage her thoughts and make better use of her time.

The phone call was a bit unexpected, but a welcomed change to an otherwise monotonous day. I always enjoy her company so I was quite happy knowing she would be here to turn my daylight hours into a fun and engaging contest of wits.

There is something to be said in regards to the challenges one faces when in Layla’s company. Conversing with a woman that is bright and intuitive is always a challenge. The truth is she does something to me, Layla forces me to think.

There is almost never an easy answer to anything. Seeing her running up the path to my door I admit it, I was excited. When I opened the door and saw her smile she brought to me an instant feeling of joy.

“Hello wild woman, why were you running in the snow you could have easily fallen, hurry now the cold is getting in.”

“It is so good to see you Ian, give me a minute to get out of these things and you can give me a proper welcome.”

A proper welcome, indeed, I take every opportunity to put my arms around this woman, she just feels so damn good.

I reached around Layla’s body to help her off with the coat and when I grabbed for the front I couldn’t help but feel her sweet breasts, as I said, every opportunity.

Layla smells like a fresh baked orange spiced muffin coming out of the oven, how’s that for a description, tasty to say the least.

I opened my arms for a hug and she slipped right into them, hugging me as I kissed her cheek. The cold still on her skin all I could think of was how refreshing she is.

“This is a very nice surprise, I’m glad you called, I had nothing much to do today and now I’ll be entertained for the afternoon by the lovely Layla.”

“Ahhh, is it entertainment you seek dear Sir, well let me see what I can do about that.”

“Go on in, I have a nice fire going, I’ll get us some refreshments and join you in a few minutes.”

I watched her walk into the great room and admired her body. I remember her telling me at some time that her father made her walk around with a book on her head so she would have good posture, it definitely worked.

She walks with a very easy slow step, her body moves like a well oiled machine, everything in perfect time. I’m sure she’ll appreciate being compared to a machine. I couldn’t help but focus on her legs and ass, just delicious.

Before I could pour the mulled cider I made she had already put on some music. I don’t recall very many times that there isn’t music playing when she’s around.

In the warmer months, with the windows open, you can hear the sound of music coming from her home filling the air. If I had to tell you what she enjoys I’d have to say, anything. The torch singers, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, and Billie Holiday are mixed with Celtic inspired tunes along with anything from Broadway. I’d say she’s an old soul who finds peace and tranquility in music.

On several occasions I have had the pleasure of holding her in my arms as we danced. The movement of her body and her understanding of how the beat creates timing and what music is meant to do is uncanny.

I’ve often suspected that she had knowledge of my seeing her float through her home dancing and moving to the music I could hear. There was a particular evening just after dusk that I will never forget.

It must have been just about eight thirty, the air was cool and Layla’s windows were open. The minimal light, emanating from the house was only enhanced by the candles I could see burning.

I was drawn to the sound of sultry sensual music and looking out across the road I saw her, naked, with her arms wrapped around her, swaying to the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald.

I was mesmerized and couldn’t take my eyes off her body. The glow on her skin, the swell of her breasts and hips was to put it plainly, erotic and so sexually alluring.

I am an avid stargazer; I have an extraordinary telescope that I use to take in the night brilliance.

I positioned my lens directly at Layla. With a few adjustments I could easily see the stiffness in her nipples and the curvature of her thighs meeting that beautiful mound between her shapely legs.

I watched intently as she encouraged her body to move as if she was making love. Yes, the lights in my home were off, I didn’t want her to see me. As most men, I admit to having some very strong voyeuristic tendencies. The good fortune sumowebtools of being in the position to observe a striking woman, I’d be a fool not to.

I have already told you that Layla is a consummate flirt, she is also an opportunist.

I have long believed that she knew there were those times that I could see her, she was fully aware of my telescope, I think she played to it.

The lovely lady sat down in a chair facing the window. I watched her hand move down her body, feeling her breasts, pinching her nipples, first one, and then the other. When she lifted one beautiful leg over the arm of the chair, I could feel the anticipation growing, as well as the stiffness in my cock. With a slow teasing movement she brought her finger to her mouth, slipping it inside, wetting it I think, and then down to her pussy. This little minx was about to put on a little show for me, yes, I’m sure she knew I was watching.

I directed my lens downward and could easily see the movements of her fingers, separating those pouting lips and revealing her taut and proud clitoris. Round and round she played, slipping down lower for more wetness. Within minutes I was gifted a picture of her magnificent orgasm.

As she squirmed around in the chair, enjoying it, I saw her smile; I was convinced she was in fact smiling at being watched. After a short time she got up, walked to the window and blew out the candle, the show was over.

A few days later we met in the market and she coyly asked,

“How is the stargazing going, seen anything unusual?”

I was completely taken off guard and fumbles for an answer. As she walked away I smiled to myself and realized I had been found out. There would be many more such occasions in the future.

“Here we are, just a bite before lunch, help yourself Layla. I put a touch of the pure in our cider so enjoy.”

I handed her a mug and watched as she pursued her lips to blow over the steaming elixir, what a mouth.

“Ummm, this is scrumptious and hot, just the way I like my men.”

As I said, always the flirt.

“So, it’s nice to have company, I had nothing to look forward to today and you have certainly brightened my otherwise dull and unexciting expectations. Are you staying in town for the holidays?

“Ian, there comes a point when you just have to make things happen. My family is spread out all over the place, my sister and her hubby are now grandparents and their presence is a requirement on Christmas morning to see the little ones rip open all that Santa has left under the tree. I decided to stay in town, my first Christmas in the house in many years. I was looking out my window, marveling at the snowflakes and saw your chimney sending smoke signals “I’m home alone” so I decided what better than to fill up a basket of cookies and invite myself over.”

“That was just the message I was sending, I hoped you’d get it.”

We both laughed, and talked about the neighbors, the new mistresses, the yard boys who spent a few extra hours gathering more than leaves and the general goings on in town.

“It’s time for lunch dear lady, shall we?”

Layla jumped up and with a big smile she leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. In a flash she was walking into the kitchen and wiggling her ass as if to say “Come and get it”. Maybe this was going to be a very enjoyable lunch in more ways than one.

I’ll skip the usual conversation and jump ahead. “Just an observation, why no man in your life?”

I was more than curious, this was something I really wondered about, so why not cut to the chase.

“Well that came out of nowhere, give me a second to catch my breath.”

It isn’t easy to surprise her, catch her off guard, or leave her speechless, evidently I did just that, I smiled triumphantly, secretly enjoying her momentary loss of control.

“Well, okay, why no man in my life. Simple answer, I haven’t found someone who can handle me.”

It was obvious she was very much a hand full, in more ways than one.

“Ian, you and I have had many intimate conversations, I’ve told you some things that I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone else. Hell, I’ll take the bait, what do you want to know?”

So, this was a willing to discuss it Layla, I jumped at the chance to get the details she always intimated at but never quite revealed.

“There should be a man in your life, why isn’t there, simple question.”

“I’ll give you the simple answer, because I haven’t found the right one.”

“Okay, this is going to be harder than I thought. What kind of man are you looking for?”

The look on her face was telling me she was in a momentary struggle. This was her chance to cut to the chase and lay it all out or retreat and live to fight another day. With a sly smile I knew she had decided this was the day.

“I’m attracted to older men, the truth is, if he’s under say seventy two, I don’t even put him on my list of possibilities. I told you some of reasons but the only truth is that younger men don’t excite me sexually.”

I had always suspected this was the case.

It’s nothing I can change, it’s just there. My first lover was a man very, very much older and you could say he spoiled me.”

Whoever this man was he did do one thing that’s undeniable, he very much molded and shaped who she is.

“Layla, you’ve been the topic of conversation amongst the older gentlemen in this community on more than several occasions. I’d like to assure that always in the most respectable way. There isn’t one available man who wouldn’t give just about anything he owned to be in your company. I’ve often thought about the possibility of a more personal, intimate relationship with you.”

Now the moment I had to have, I had to let her know I understood the pleasure she took in driving men crazy.

“I know you’re a flirt and I know you take pleasure in the way men look at you; I suspect you revel in the knowledge.”

“Ian, what woman doesn’t like the stare of a man, if you think otherwise, trust me, it’s not true. You’ve no doubt heard that women dress for other women, that may be so, on some level, but for me, I dress for men. I love walking into a room and feel their eyes follow me, wondering what I feel like, how my body would move under them, what drives me mad and how I could beguile them.”

This was a very different Layla, she wasn’t flirting instead she was stating her case.

“I want a strong willed man, a man who can take control and leave me wanting more, breathless and satisfied are you applying for the position Mr. Wilson?”

This was the Layla who excited me, the take no prisoners, show no mercy, dare you to try and tame me Layla, it was now or never, I didn’t know if I would be given another opportunity so I decided to take my chances.

“Ummm, why don’t you go in by the fire and give me a few minutes while I clean up here.”

The smile and the spark in her eyes was beckoning, catch me if you dare. Just to insure that we were on the same page, she came close to me, put her arms around my neck and barely let her lips whisper across mine. Leaning into me I could feel her firm breasts pressing against my chest in a tease, tempting me. When she pulled away, her hands glided down over my chest and onto her hips. Smiling she turned and sauntered into the great room.

I had to get my wits about me.

This was becoming more than an afternoon visit. Although she was a handful, for sure, she really didn’t know who she was challenging.

My lovely Layla didn’t know I had secrets of my own. I went about my task of straightening up and thought carefully as to what my next move would be, should be.

Now we were in a battle of power, and each wanted nothing more than to be victorious. The music changed, now it was setting a trap. My black widow was beginning to weave her web, confident that she would entangle me and render me helpless.

I walked into the great room and there she was, standing in the middle of the room, the fire glowing around her, swaying, undulating with the heavy beat. It was now or never, once I reached for her the match would begin.

As I put my hands on her waist and pulled her into me, she presented no resistance. I whispered softly into her ear just what my intentions were.

“Layla, I’ll give you everything you want. You’ll beg me to fuck you; you’ll plead for that moment when all you want is to feel me deep inside you. I want you, and I’ll take you, in my time, in my way. I’ve spent many a night wondering how you’d feel, what you smell like, are your nipples pink or rose colored, how do you like them kissed, sucked, touched. I’m no teenager, this won’t be a fast furious fuck, I’ll take my time and take you so close to the edge and never let you fall over until I’m ready to let you go. I suspect here’s nothing that excites you more than a strong confident man making love to you. Once we begin there’ll be no way to stop. In the end there won’t be one inch of you that I don’t know, that I haven’t tasted. You can stop right now, walk away and we will never speak about this again.”

Her silence told me I needed to make this as clear is I could, now.

“I promise you this, if you stay, I’ll show you who I truly am, I’ll leave no unanswered questions in your mind and you’ll see that the man you think I am isn’t the man I can and will be. It’s all up to you, stay and we start, walk away and this never happened, do you understand me?”

I could hear the change in her breathing; she was burning, full of unbridled lust and abandonment. As I pulled her closer to me I felt her tremble, it wasn’t fear it was pure anticipation.

Layla rested her head on my chest and gave me her answer, never uttering a single word.

I kissed her neck, she was soft and warm. Pulling her hair back, revealing that spot on her shoulder that begs to be licked. As I swept my tongue across her flesh and she moaned, I only wanted to taste her. Biting her, sucking her skin into my mouth I marveled at her sweetness, how smooth her skin was.

“Yesss bite me, I love the pain, and it hurts so nice.”

“I know you like the pain, but it’s not pain is it, its pleasure isn’t Layla?”

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