Jessica Seduces Professor Peters


**Hi y’all this is my first story ever so please be nice, but truthful, with me please. I appreciate any and all feedback its how I grow! Now I know that this story is a bit short and I am sorry but I just didn’t see the point in getting half way into a story if nobody is going to read it…so you, the reader, are going to decide for me( yes I know hard to believe isn’t it!) This is where all that feedback comes into play…if you like the story so far and would like to read more about Jessica and Professor Peters then please let me know alright! Thanks Y’all!!**

His shoes clicked as he paced up and down the rows of desks, looking over shoulders and making mental notes about who was cheating and who was not really putting much effort into the exam. Every once in a while he would catch his mind wandering, a senseless kind of wander where your eyes fix on one spot and you feel as if you are sleeping, he jerks himself to and feels someone looking at him. He looks up and locks gazes with Jessica Barnes, a voluptuous brunette with green doe eyes and legs than never end, she gives him one of her killer smiles and glances back down to her exam. His cock stirs and he silently curses his ex for all the shit she has put him through these bayan escort gaziantep last couple of months. Not only has she taken his car, house, and best friend, Alan, but she has also managed to take his social life, causing the uncomfortable feeling in his pants at this very moment.

Jessica saw Professor Peters out of the corner of her eye adjust himself and smiled a secret smile to herself. If only they weren’t in a classroom full of people she would help him with his uncomfortable state of arousal in the most pleasing way she knew possible. Besides it wasn’t as if she was getting any action lately anyways, not with the nasty rumor Carrie Dirksen spread about her and half of the football team. All she really wanted was a nice, big, juicy cock rammed down her throat and a little cream to satisfy the kitty, and Professor Peters looked as if he might be the only man to fit the bill as of right now. Jessica shifted her legs around so that Professor Peters could see up her skirt from where he was standing and almost laughed out loud when she saw Professor Peters peek and then blush and look away. Seducing Professor Peters was going to be a lot more fun than she had cim cif gaziantep escort bayan originally thought.

Professor Wesley Peters, or Wes, was sure glad it was the end of the day. Not just because the college he worked for had a lot of idiots running it but because now he could go home, pop open a beer, and watch his favorite “Debbie Does” movie and control his monster. All that was between him and this reality was the geek, Marcus Ableman, who at this very moment was showing Wes where his lesson plans had errors in them…”you see Professor Peters, the lesson plan states that we are going to be taking an in-depth look at Montaigne yet you told me when this class started that Montaigne was not going to be covered…” blah blah blah…Marcus can sure be a pain in the ass! “Yes, Marcus, I realize that I did in fact say that at the beginning of the semester but the head of the department thought it would be a good idea if…” the click of the door opening distracted both men and they turned their heads to see who was entering the room.

“Oh I am sorry Professor I didn’t realize that you already had an appointment scheduled…I should have called…” cinsel bilgiler said a slightly blushing Jessica.

“Not at all Miss Barnes, Marcus was just leaving. Marcus I just want to remind you that I am the teacher and you are the student so that means I can change the lesson plans every day if I wanted to…I will see you on Monday. Now Miss Barnes what can I help you with?”

“Well,” the door clicked softly closed after a disgruntled Marcus stomped out, “I was just wondering about what you wanted out of our assignment, Freedom Isn’t Free essay? I mean I understand that you want us to have coherent thoughts and back them up with facts but I was wondering why you would want us to write about freedom when you already know what every one of your students are going to write?”

as Jessica is talking Wes starts to picture Jessica tied up on her knees with her ass all pink from his hands….”Professor Peters?…”

“Eh hem uh what I am sorry I spaced out there for a second…wha what did you say?” Jessica smiled a slow knowing smile that sent Wes into a flurried state of arousal,”If she only knew what she was doing to me.” thought Wes.

“I just asked if you could help me with a little problem I have been having?,” came Jessica’s sultry reply,”you see I just can’t seem to get anything right…I think I need to be punished.”

**If you want some more just let me know and if you think its completely horrible then let me know too…I make one suggestion…if you are going to tell me its horrible at least have the decency to let me know what you thought was horrible about it alright! Thanks!!**

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