Escapades of Eva Ch. 45


Sir Dan stepped back from Eva, pushing her away from him as he did. She was startled by how roughly he had pushed her and she fell back against the table. He looked at her with a steel hard look of determination on his face. He looked her over for a moment as he grabbed his still hard cock.

“Strip slut,” he ordered. And, as she began to take off the tight short skirt and blouse that Sir had almost pulled off of her, she became a little uneasy under his hard glare. At the same time he pulled off is clothes and put them on top of the table where he had just finger fucked her.

“Hurry whore!” he snapped. She quickly obeyed and once she was naked she put her clothes next to his. Then she turned to face him with her eyes lowered, ready to do as he wished.

When they were both nude he moved a little closer to her and growled, “Kneel and suck my cock bitch,” and before she had even knelt all the way he was on her, shoving his stiff cock into her mouth. He began to fuck her face quickly. It happened so fast that she almost toppled over, and it took her a moment to adjust and establish a steady sucking motion.

She reached up to hold his cock while she sucked and he slapped her hand away. She knew then that she was not to touch him with her hands unless he ordered her to and she whined a little. Then he grabbed her head with both hands and fucked her mouth as fast and deep as he could. He was breathing hard and she sucked as fast as she could, gagging a little every now and then in an effort to keep pace with his pistoning cock.

Then Sir Dan stepped back from her abruptly and looked at her with that hard stare again. She trembled with the rush she felt from his Domination. Even though Sir had never hurt her she did enjoy it when he was rough with her and frightened her a little. She felt herself getting wet.

“On your hands and knees and heel whore,” he demanded as he turned to walk away.

Eva fell forward onto her hands and began to crawl after him. Her long thick hair fell forward to cover her face, but not before she saw him look back at her with that intense expression still on his face. “That’s it slut,” he said, “Crawl to me like the slave hot bitch that you are.”

The wave of humiliation she felt sweep over her almost made her cum. She also felt her pussy lips rubbing against her clit as she crawled after him. She tried hard not to cum with all the sexual stimulation she was feeling, but she began to whimper in her need anyway.

Sir did not look back again until he had reached the other side of the room. Without looking back he snapped, “Stop there bitch.” Eva obeyed.

Sir Dan continued on to a corner of the room where there was a very large, very sturdy wooden chair. It looked almost big enough for two people to sit in and Eva could see where it had been bolted to the floor. The chair sat on a small carpeted area. When Sir reached it he sat down, looking like a naked king with a huge erection holding private court. Eva could not help smiling and she lowered her eyes again.

“Now lay flat on your belly my sweet slut and crawl to me,” he commanded her.

Eva obeyed and she slithered herself to her Sir’s feet on her belly. When she reached him she put porno indir her forehead on his feet. “Now show your Master proper devotion slave,” he murmured.

Eva felt like she could cum any moment, but she restrained herself as she began to lick and kiss Sir’s feet, as she worshipped this man she adored. Holding the sides of each foot with her hands she bathed every inch of his feet with her tongue. When she finished she bent down and took one of his large toes into her soft warm mouth and began to suck on it as if it were Sir’s cock. She could hear him softly moan.

The next thing she knew he had grabbed her hair and was pulling her up toward his lap. Once she was on her knees, without a word, he pushed her head down as he positioned his stiff dick between her lips. She opened her mouth and lowered her head onto him. She whimpered as she began to suck her Sir. She was so hot she was having difficulty holding her orgasm.

She licked and sucked his cock all over. She ran her tongue around and around the head and then down to his balls, which she licked thoroughly as well. She stopped for a moment to place her cheek against his balls. She loved how soft they felt. Then she rubbed her cheek up and down against his hard cock, finally taking it back in her mouth.

She was transfixed with the love she felt as she worshiped his cock. Timidly she reached around and took his cock in one hand as she used the other hand to rub it with the long lovely auburn hair that hung against his lap. Sir moaned loudly, but he did not remove her hand. And then Eva once again sucked the head of his cock into her mouth and began to slide it in and out, occasionally stopping to lick around and around it. Meanwhile she held his hard thick shaft in one hand just tightly enough to keep it rigid.

Finally, she felt his cock jerk and stiffen and then he grabbed her face and pulled her off of him. She couldn’t help pouting a little as she leaned back on her heels, keeping her eyes lowered.

“Come here pet, I want shove my cock up into your sweet cunt.”

Eva stood up and straddled his lap placing one knee to the side of him. And lifting her other leg, while Sir held his cock upright, she positioned her cunt over him. But just as she felt his cock at the opening of her pussy Sir grabbed her hips and pushed down hard, pulling her onto him and shoving himself deep into her cunt. She gasped and cried out.

Then she lowered her other leg to his side and began to bounce up and down on him. Still holding her hips Sir met each bounce with a hard thrust into her belly. “Oh Sir,” she squealed.

“Now Bitch, CUM NOW!” he snapped. And as her hot cum flowed over his cock he continued to meet each bounce with a long hard thrust into her soft little hole. Eva was gasping and moaning passionately with each thrust.

As her orgasm dissipated Sir continued to pump her hard. Then as they set up a new fucking rhythm she began to squeeze his cock as hard as she could with her pussy muscles. Each time he would thrust up she would clamp down with her pussy. Finally, he began to moan with the extra stimulation she was giving him.

“That’s it slut,” he moaned, “Suck my cock with your rokettube cunt.” And, he started to fuck her harder and deeper. To her amazement she felt another orgasm building.

” Oh Sir, may I please cum?” she begged.

“No, not yet my little cock sucker.”

She was also getting weak with the intensity of her lust. She was holding onto the sturdy arms of the chair and she began to droop forward onto Sir. Then he stopped thrusting up into her and he held her hips still. He put his arms around her and held her close. Her chest was heaving and as her arms encircled him he grabbed her hair with one hand and pressed her face to him and then he kissed her hard and deep and long.

“Stand up for a moment pet,” he said as he released his hold on her. When she stood up she saw him reach into a bowl of small metallic packets on the end table nearby. She hadn’t noticed that when she was crawling to him.

She stood with her eyes lowered and her hands at her side as she watched him tear the top off of the little packet. Then he squeezed a healthy glob of the lube that was inside onto his stiff cock. He greased the head of his cock generously. Then he looked at Eva with that familiar raised eyebrow and pursed lips.

“Now my little cock sucking slut, I want you to turn around and sit on me again. I want to shove my cock up your ass.” Eva couldn’t help squeezing her knees together with the lust she was feeling, and she heard Sir chuckle as she turned around.

She wasn’t sure how to do this since she had never done it this way before, but Sir guided her expertly. He told her to straddle his closed knees, with her back to him, and bend at the waist a little. He said to put her hands behind her and spread her ass cheeks. When she did he told her to be still and he inserted his lubricated finger into her asshole.

He stuck his finger deep into her while moving it around in circles until his finger slid in and out of her easily. Then he instructed her to squat down onto his cock. He held his hard throbbing cock still as she began to squat. He rubbed it against her little rosebud asshole, and said, “Now whore sit down as carefully as you need to until my cock is all the way into your cock sucking ass.”

Then she obeyed the wishes of her Master as she began to lower herself onto his erection. At first, she was afraid that it would hurt. But as she took it at her own speed she felt her pussy get slick with pleasure with every inch of hard cock that she took into her ass. As she proceeded she began to lift herself up a little and back down again, working her ass up and down on Sir’s cock until he was almost completely inside her.

When his cock was almost all the way in he grabbed her hips and pulled her down shoving his cock the rest of the way into her ass. She cried out with the unexpected pain, but she began to quickly move herself up and down as she grabbed the arms of the chair with her hands. Supporting her weight with her arms and feet she began to fuck her Sir’s cock faster and harder.

She fucked up and down with her ass, taking Sir Dan deeper and deeper into her rectum. His rock hard cock slid easily into her as she fucked back onto him. seks filmi She fucked her Sir harder and harder until she was taking him into her ass with all her weight. Her cunt was so wet and she felt herself begin to drip. “Sir, may I please cum,” she squealed.

“NO pet, not yet,” he responded and then he grabbed her hips and met each bounce with a hard thrust deep into his pretty little slave’s asshole. He shoved his cock up into her over and over as she bounced back against his onslaught, taking him deeper, and deeper into her asshole.

Then he grabbed her hair with one hand and bent her back toward him as he reached around with his other hand and began to rub her clit. She was breathing harder and harder, whimpering and sobbing. She fucked his cock with her ass as hard as she could, loving the sweet pain that enveloped her entire being. And now Sir was fucking deeper too, pounding into her vulnerable little asshole with all his might.

“Sir, please, I don’t know how long I can hold it. Oh please, please Sir,” she cried out.

Sir Dan did not answer her. Instead he wrapped both arms tightly around her waist holding her still on his lap. Shuddering, she supported her weight with her arms the best she could as he fucked and fucked into her ass over and over. He shoved his cock hard into her and she felt as if it would split her in two, but she loved it and held as still as she could taking every inch of him deep into her tight sore ass.

She felt his cock get even harder and as he fucked her again and again she began to squeal, “Sir Please, please. I am begging you Sir please let me cum, please, please, please Sir.”

Then she heard the most beautiful words she knew as he cried out, “CUM NOW BITCH!” and she felt his hot cream filling up her little asshole as her orgasm flooded his balls with hot steamy cum.

“CUM again you whore,” he grunted, “And don’t stop.”

Sir came again, and at the same time, Eva’s dam burst with more hot fluid. He buried his still hard cock into her ass pounding her over and over. Then with a groan he came again, and she came again. He fucked into her hard a few more times and she came twice. Then as he came one last time he impaled her ass as hard as he could. She cried out as the pain made her cum long and hard washing their mingled cum down his balls and under his ass.

Sir still held her tight around the waist as he leaned his face against her hair. His softening cock was still held snugly in Eva’s tight ass as their breathing began to slow. He started to place little kisses on the back of her shoulder and neck. She held his arms with her own and she leaned back into the sweet kisses.

Then suddenly, his soft cock sliding out of her ass, he pushed her onto the floor at his feet. She landed with a thump. He didn’t hurt her but the suddenness of his push made her look up at him in shock.

He stood up and looked down at the slave at his feet with his arms across his chest. Then she realized that he was looking at her with that raised eyebrow again, and that wicked little glance that said he was up to something. She looked at him wide eyed. She couldn’t believe he was ready to play again so soon after the massive orgasm they both just had.

But, as she sat there naked and sprawled awkwardly at his feet her mouth dropped open as she looked up at him. She couldn’t believe he was getting hard again. Then he laughed out loud with glee and motioning for her to follow with a nod of his head he said, “Heel Bitch.”

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