The Mechanic_(1)


The Mechanic
Helen opens the door in her, short stain nightgown it shows every shape of her slim body.
She stands back from the doorway the sun light beaming in on her. She smiles as she greets the mechanic.
He has come to get her car that is long over due for it services.
Helen is tall and has long blonde hair stopping at her waist in different lights her hair color changes from an ash blond to a golden blonde. Her legs are trimmed yet muscular and tanned. Her eyes as blue as the sky
She moves back to let the mechanic in.
He introduces him self as Edward he is in his late forties with slight graying hair at the sides. Edward is dressed in his work clothes all thought they are clean you can see that they are well worn. His tight jeans and checkered shirt open at the top she can see the small hairs on his chest he has well worn work boots.
Helen apologies for not being dressed and asks him if he would like coffee while she showers. She quickly makes coffee and heads for the shower.
Helen pulls up the bathroom door but leaves it just ajar, she strips of her clothes and steps in to the shower feeling the warm water run over her body. Taken the soap from the dish she lathers her body starting from her neck working in small circular movement’s works her way down to her breast. Edward can hear, the shower running, and starts to move closer.
To the bathroom .He can see the door open and slips in closer to see her. He watches silently not making a movement he can feel his cock starting to grown feeling it tighten against his jeans his balls start to ache.
Helen is aware that he is there but does not try to cover her self. Moving the soap lower against her smooth tanned skin she runs it across her belly moving down toward her most private parts.
She lifts one leg placing it on the tap running her hands down her inner thigh down towards her feet and back up letting her hands linger just above her cleanly shaven pussy she closes her eyes and leans back so that the water runs down her well formed breast. She turns slightly towards the shower door and leans against the wall changing legs leaning forward she again teases her body with her own hands.
Letting them wonder over her body teasing but not touching her private ladies place. Helen’s breath deepens with each touch she places on her body every nerve starting to respond to her soft touch.
She opens her eyes slightly and can see in the reflection of the mirror Edward standing there watching her his hands wondering to his groin rubbing his hands against his now hardening cock. Helen turns towards the wall leaning her breast against the cold titles and allows the water to run down her back the warm water trickles down her lower back running over her firm buttocks following every contour of her body. Leaning closer and closer in to the titles placing her face against them arching her back towards the water she starts to move her body back and forth her breathing quickens her breast rising and falling hard against the wall.
Helen steps back her buttocks all most on the screen taking the soap she bends over her pussy but a mer inch away from the glass doors. Her pussy lips starting to swell she runs her hands down her legs and back up in a teasing like manner. Turning around once more Sex hikayeleri she can see that Edward’s cock wants to escape his jeans she can see that his chest is rising his breathing hard she likes that she is arousing this man. She continues to tease. Lifting her arms up above her head and places them at the nap of her slender neck. Lifting her breast high her nipples hard and fully erected. Slowly she lets her hands wonder from her neck to her breast taking her nipples in between her fingers squeezing them pulling them. She lets out a slight moan she knows what she is doing is not just turning her on but all so Edward.
Helen steps out of the shower taking her fluffy bath towel rapping it around her body with out drying her self.
Edward moves off quickly as not to be seen returning back to the table where he has left his coffee he tries hard to slow his breathing his cock hard against his jeans his groin aching feeling the need to explode.
Helen walks to her bedroom calling out to Edward that she won’t be long.
She takes her time knowing that Edward would return to where he could see her. She sits down on the bed her long legs stretched out running the soft towel over her skin leaning over so her breast rest on her thighs she moans her body wanting a man.
Edward moves to the bedroom and stands at the door and watches her. Watches as her hands wonder over her still warm skin.
Helen looks up and sees Edward standing there she shyly looks up at him not a word is spoken he enters the room and stands before her. She can see that his cock is hard she lifts her hands to his cock and rubs it gentle she lets out a moan of pleasure feeling his manhood in her hands.
He speaks two words to her. Pants now! She sits up higher and moves her hands to his zipper sliding it down she moved her shaking hands to his button she is so nervous yet excited that she can barley open it.
She looks upwards him her eyes wondering over his body she licks her bottom lip and runs her upper lips against her bottom lip making it moist she quickly lowers her eyes back down she struggles to open his pants with her shaking hands.
Edward reaches down and pulls her hair taught making her moan with pleasure. The pain that she feels is playing with her emotions she does not understand how can she feel pain yet feel so excited so much gratification.
Helen manages to undo Edwards’s pants slipping them down to his ankles she holds them open for him to step out. Running her hands up to his boxers she can feel is enormous man hood waiting to escape their prison.
She looks at the bulging manhood she moans with pleasure moving her hands up to him a she wrap her fingers around his thick cock. Moving her hand up and down his shaft, she brings her self up to her knees. She leans in to him allowing her hair to brush against his hot masculine body, feeling the warmth of his skin on her face parting her moist lips she lick the top of his erect cock.
Helen brings her hands around to his firm buttock and squeezes them tightly pulling him in even closer to her waiting mouth; she feels his body acknowledges her womanly touch.
Eagerly sliding his boxers down wanting him, needing him, hungry for his cock. Helen moans with anticipation she knows that soon she will feel Sikiş hikayeleri his stiff cock enter her body.
Edward places his hands around the nap of her neck taking hold of her hair and pulls it firmly upwards making her whimper, with the hold that he has on her she has no option but to stand to face him. Their eyes lock on to each other. A long pause passes between them he roughly pulls her body in to him placing his open mouth on hers, forcing his tongue in to her parted lips he bites down on her bottom lips pulling it out wards. She lets out a small moan closing her eyes lost in the moment. He runs his hands down her back, feeling her soft tender skin. Feeling every contour of her body her muscles quivering as he lightly touches her buttocks letting his middle finders run down between the crevasse of her buttocks his finger tip reaching her rear entrance slowly he applies a small amount of pressure inserting his finger even deeper into her. She leans in to him laying her head against his chest, she can feel his chest expanding and contracting with every breath that he takes. Helen lifts her right leg up so that he can gain a better entry lifting her leg so that it now rests on his hips his hard cock pushing up against her belly.
Edward brings his hand around to her leg feeling the full length of her muscular thighs; she lowers her leg to the floor he places his hand firmly on the small of her back bringing his other hand up to her chin.
Helen leans back wards her hair falling behind her, she closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath she can smell her own body at its ready-ness for his cock.
Edward lets his fingers dance softly on her skin moving over her firm breast.
He licks his finger tips and brings them down to her hard nipples in a circular movement he traces the out line of her breast teasing her body every nerve in her pushing its way up to the surface of her skin.
Turning her around so that he can lay her back on the bed slowly he lowers her as he continues to caress her body.
He lays her on the bed her legs bent up and slightly apart with his hands he opens her legs even wider.
Edward moans with pleasure as he opens her up he brings his tongue down on to her pussy and licks her lips the tip of his tongue just at the opening.
She arches her back eagerly wanting his tongue to enter her he pulls back so that she can not have what she so desperately wants, she lets out a small sigh and lays back on the bed waiting for his touch.
Edward pushes his mouth against her swollen pussy lips and sucks firmly pulling, them towards him as he releases her lips he slips in his tongue caressing her swollen clit.
She gasps for breath as he expertly works on her pussy. Never has she felt so much pleasure on her body as what she feels now.
Edward leans back on his knees and admires Helen’s pussy he can see the wetness of her juices mixed in with his own mouth juices.
The wetness shimmering on her open swollen lips he places his hand on to her pussy and rubs letting, his finger slightly touches her opening. He quickly slides a finger deep inside her making her arch her back suddenly she moans loud she so desperately wants him. She feels her body quiver uncontrollably
Feeling the urge to let her body explode Erotik hikaye in to an orgasm.
His fingers exploring every inch of her deepest parts feeling the wetness inside of her hearing her moan with desire.
His other hand caresses her buttocks he licks his finger and places it on her bottom hole pushing his wetness on to her.
Helen’s bottom reacts to the sudden intrusion her bottom tightening as he works his fingers in to her, she moves her bottom slightly as to help him enter her.
She feels an sensation that she has never felt before, she feels the body climax to the point where she wants to scream.
Edward watches her body respond to his touch he knows that she is at climax point he suddenly withdraws from her, making her cry out suddenly her body needing to orgasm.
He stands and looks at the wanting woman that lies on the bed. He takes her hand and pulls her up so that she sits with her face even with his hard cock. She can see the pre cum glistening on the top of his hard erect cock.
She licks her fingertip and runs it around his cock teasing him, his cock twitches with her touch standing hard against his belly. Leaning forward she places her mouth, over the head and sucks eager at him. Her tongue flickering over the head as she moves deeper on to him taking him all in to her mouth sucking him, his hands reach for her hair taking hold of it in his hands he winds it up tight against her head. Placing his free hand on the side of her cheek he caresses her. Moaning with every movement of her delicate mouth.
She reaches for his buttocks and pulls him in to her taking every inch of his hard cock deep in to her mouth, she closes her eyes and moans with sheer pleasure. Edward can not stand it any longer feeling the natural need to take the woman.
He pulls away and takes hold of her pulling her up to his mouth they kiss passionately deep and long her turns her around so that she leans against his body, she moves her body tight against him his arms around her waist kissing her neck she moans. He slowly walks her forward to the bed and pushes her gently forcing her to kneel on the bed.
She kneels on her hands and knees on the large bed her breast swaying softly her golden hair hanging down one side of her face and spools out on the sheets.

Helen’s body in the right, position for a man to enter her from behind her perfectly round buttock up in the air calling him to take her. Her pussy lips so swollen her clit aching for him to take her. He slides in behind her teasing her pussy with his cock, inch by inch he enters her, she cry’s out with pleasure this is what she wanted her need to be meet her body to be pleasured beyond belief.
She thrusts her buttock back on to him taking his cock as far as she can in to her wet pussy.
She can hardly breath her heart beating hard against her chest a small tear forms at the corner of her eye her whole body shaking.
Helen feels her orgasm building to the deepest high that she has ever felt before, she cries out a wild cry as she orgasm it is so tens that she feels that she is about to black out. So full of lust, need and want that she cries.
She hears him calling her Helen Helen
She shakes her head not being able to respond to his calling
Helen wake up Helen I’m off now.
She opens her eyes and rubs the sleep out of them shaking her head. Her husband is standing beside the bed looking down at her.
Helen don’t forget that the car is to be picked up this morning.

The End.

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