Going back to her

Big Dick

A couple days after having had my first experience with her, I couldn’t get the memory of that night out of my head. The weekend felt like it lasted forever and for the first time ever, I couldn’t wait for Monday to come. When I finally came back to the office on Monday I was unpleasantly surprised with the news the CEO would be visiting today and we would be having dinner together. So as I sat through meetings and bullshit presentations all I could imagine was that beautiful pink headed cock sliding in and out of my mouth, watching her eyes close as she shot her salty load into my throat. Her smile as I choked on that load and had her jizz dripping out of my mouth as my eyes watered and feeling her tongue lick her own jizz off my face as she eventually kissed me with her mouth covered in her love juice. My twitching cock kept me seated the entire day as I entertained the big boss, listening to him compliment the company and ask how my wife and kids were. I was so tempted to say they were great but not as good as the fat assed shemale that I had raw dogged last week and was trying to get rid of him to go suck her balls dry.

The rest of the day went by like molasses in winter, and to make matters worse dinner would be late and alcohol filled. We made it to the restaurant around 8 and the onslaught of food and wine began. I tried to keep it as light as possible on the off chance I would be able to make it out in time to call her again, but I didn’t even know if she was working. By the time we had drank and ate I excused myself to the restroom and sent her a text asking if she was available. I returned to the table in time to see the bill paid and everyone start to leave when my phone buzzed. My heart fluttered and I nervously reached for the phone. The text simply said yes and that was enough to excite me. I texted my wife letting her know dinner was running long and Sex hikayeleri we would probably have drinks out as was fairly normal in my field. I felt a slight guilt when she just said be safe and I love you, but my hormones were running as high as a teenager.

I texted the escort asking if it was the same motel and received the same one word response. I raced towards there and once I was close I called. The familiar voice just told me to park in the same place as before but the room was 7 instead of 10. I anxiously knocked on the door and was greeted by her smile again. She walked back and sat on the bed, looked at me and said well now that the cats out the bag you’re not gonna act weird at first huh. I walked over and kissed her running my hands across the front of her tight dress, caressing the sleeping giant I once again hoped to enjoy. Foreplay was minimal and I stripped off as fast as I’d ever done. She did the same, this time facing me as her dick came into view. She turned around and bent over allowing me to see her beautiful ass in display. I wasted no time and pressed my hard cock to it, sliding it up and down her cheeks. She lubed her hand and stroked my dick to get it nice and slippery, then she took the remaining lube and ran it over her right puckered hole. She guided me in again, no condom straight into the pits of her glory. My dick felt like it was getting harder and harder with each stroke. She moaned squeaked with delight as our balls would slap together with every stroke. After a few minutes I pulled out and laid her on her back, guiding my dick back to her asshole. It was the first time I would see her dick as I was fucking her. I went back in and started to whack her off as I fucked her right hole. When she looked like she was ready to cum I pulled out of her ass and hungrily wrapped my lips around her mushrooming head once again Sikiş hikayeleri feeling the ropes of cum coat my mouth. I savored the taste this time enjoying every second of it. She returned the favor, sucking my dick that had just been buried in her bowels until I released a river of jizz in her mouth. After settling down we spoke a bit more and she would look at me like I was the only person in the world. She talked about her youth and growing up with certain feelings. She bragged about her tits and how tight her ass was and how no pussy could compare. We laughed for a while and she told me to once again cuddle with her. I knew that once I got close to her my cock would come right back to life, it was like magnetism, an inevitable force or attraction. I laid behind her, my dick nestled right between those beautiful cheeks as my hand slowly played with her soft member. My hard on and manipulation seemed to work as her dick started to come back to life. We kissed passionately and I told her that maybe I should use a condom while fucking her again. She smiled and said I should. I was the only guy she let fuck her without one and it was for some weird reason she couldn’t understand. As my dick hardened more I felt the head touch her hole, I smiled and said maybe next time and once again I slid my raw dick up that tight ass. She told me to hold still and she rocked her body back and forth squeezing her sphincter and milking my cock. I blew my load so fast I apologized saying it was too good for me to handle. She smiled and said baby that’s my job, to be the best you’ll ever have. As she got up to clean out her leaky asshole I pulled her back and started liking it clean again. Then I took the lube and poured it over her dick, looking up I said I’m ready.

She took my hand and said if that’s what I wanted she would do it, I got on fours and told her that I Erotik hikaye was all hers. She asked if I wanted her to use a condom and I laughed and said, maybe next time. She lived her fingers and slowly started one finger at a time listening my virgin ass. I’d done slight play before, maybe a finger from a girl blowing me but I knew what was coming was completely different. My throat dried up and heart sped up in anticipation. She finally withdrew the three fingers she’d massaged into me and now I was ready. I felt the hot tip of her cock slowly push against me. I relaxed and felt as little by little it broke through my sphincter. The pain was sharp and constant but the adrenaline kept me hornier than ever just wanting to slam back into it. Ike a pronshe slid completely inside me, pausing to allow my to adjust to her girth and length. She then started slowly sliding in and out, adding a half inch to her stroke after every 5 or so pumps. Pretty soon she was going from head to balls, sliding that cock in and out of me. The pressure in my prostate gave me an instant hard on even though I’d just nut. My eyes were glossednover with joy and I arched my back and moved with her matching her rhythmic as she fucked me deep. Then I felt the most amazing feeling as her cock started trembling and I felt the warmth of her cum coat my insides. The feeling alone made my cock spurt a small load over the bed. She was about to pull out but I pleaded for her to leave it in a bit longer so I could savor the feeling. Finally she popped her head out and the sting of my raw asshole combined with the emptiness of my ass made me miss her cock in me already. I felt my asshole leak and asked for a wipe. She handed one over and gave me a kiss in the process. I got dressed again and watched her as she walked to the shower. She asked me if I wanted to join her but I knew that any invitation would end with one of us getting fucked and I was too tired to continue. I kissed her again and walked out after leaving her donation in the dresser. I drove home hoping to sleep and continue reminiscing on my first time.

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